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Anna's Attic

Novel By: R A B Bradbury

is a novel about a young girl who tries to break away from her rich parents to live her own life. She moves into her new home but little does she know there is something sinister lurking in the attic. A graphic tale of mental and physical torture, murder and fear.

Note : I do NOT own the rights to the image used for the cover picture. All rights are reserved by the owner. I got the Picture from Google. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 26, 2013    Reads: 402    Comments: 38    Likes: 12   

Anna sighed and heaved herself off a box to sort out the mess. She had moved out of her parents' house, after they decided she was incapable of looking after herself. She would prove them wrong.

The movers had been careless. Despite each one being clearly labelled, none of the boxes had made it to the rooms they were intended for. What wasn't in here, was piled haphazardly in the hallway, making it almost impossible to reach the stairs.

Anna set to grouping the boxes together according to the rooms they needed to get to, and after a long morning had five piles of boxes waiting to be moved. After the effort of lifting and moving the heavy boxes, Anna was tired and thirsty. Sweat had soaked through her tight, baby blue t-shirt and she couldn't wait for a shower.

No time for that now, she needed to get her boxed life unpacked, she hadn't realised how heavy her belongings were and wished she had some help.

She was thankful the movers had at least got the big furniture into the relevant rooms, she didn't think she could move that by herself and she'd have to, everyone else was sitting by there phones waiting to hear she had given up and gone home.

Anna started with the bedroom, she went upstairs pushed her double bed and her drawers into place, the house had been decorated last week, as a moving in present from her father, so all she needed to do was unpack and she'd be fine.She took a look around her new room. It was large and airy, painted in a light cream colour to really open it up. It was fine, her mother had once again out done herself with the decorating plan.

Her suitcases were piled up in the doorway waiting to be unpacked. She reached for the hold-all her mother had given to her which she knew held her bedding, and made her bed. Once she had her bed made, she dumped the remaining three cases onto the bed and began the task of putting her clothes away.

The suitcases would have to go into the attic, until she needed them again. In the upstairs hall, she stood below the 'hatch' to the top floor trying not to imagine how dusty and dirty it would be up there. The door was bare, except for a small keyhole. Odd, Anna thought, what kind of loft space locks with a key? As she examined her keyring, she realised she did not have the key that fit that small keyhole. She sighed and decided to store the cases in the bottom of the wardrobe, until she had spoken to the estate agent or a locksmith, to open the little door.

After she had her bedroom unpacked, it almost looked like her old room, she took a break, unpacking was thirsty work! While sitting on the bed with a bottle of water she had brought along, she thought she heard someone walking around the upstairs. Frightened, she poked her head out of the bedroom door, only the empty hallway and the closed bathroom door. She shook her head, Don't be silly, she thought, no-one's here but me. All the same she decided to unpack the kitchen before the bathroom.

The kitchen was fewer boxes than the other rooms, She had bought the bare essentials, so after she had unpacked the matching kettle and toaster set, set up the coffee machine and blender, she put her drawer divider in a top drawer and sorted her utensils and with that, was finished. She was glad her father had thought to have her fridge-freezer delivered and plugged in last week when the decorators were in, it was ready to go.

The kitchen was a good size, not big enough to get lost searching for utensils, but large enough to accommodate a few helpers. It would be perfect when she finally got her house-warming party organised.

Bathroom and living room unpacked she only had one box left to unpack. It was labelled 'Miscellaneous' and she knew it contained the small decorative items she bought to make the house more personal and home-like.

Without the other boxes in the room, she could finally see the sofa and chair her father had ordered. He had been here when they had been delivered and had already organized this room, with the coffee table and television stand.

Anna was happy she had such kind and concerned parents, they had been a huge help during this move and she knew she would never have achieved this without them. Her father had found the house, and had all the major furniture delivered. Her mother meanwhile had organised the whole house's decoration, from planning to completion. All that had been left for Anna was the unpacking.

At last, after she had unpacked her small statues and ornaments, picture frames and other personal effects for her home, she marvelled at how she had done it. It was no longer an empty shell, she had stamped her personality on it, made it hers.

She sat on her new sofa with a pen and paper to write her first shopping list. This was what she had been dreading, Anna had never been food shopping before, her mother had done all of that, and while she had been excitedly shopping for the little things to make her home nice, she supposed she had assumed her mother would arrange her shopping somehow.

Feeling small and a bit silly, she started to look for her phone to call her mother. She was going to ask for a shopping list, so she didn't forget anything when she went to the store. As Anna stepped into the doorway, still in search of her phone, she saw a shadow move quickly across the hallway upstairs, looking up, she called out 'Hey, it's not funny trying to scare me!' Silence. She climbed the stairs slowly, looking intently at the empty space that was her hallway.

After looking around and finding nothing, not a single thing out of place, she decided she was just nervous and her imagination was running away with her. She called her mum for that shopping list. An hour later she was carefully locking her door and driving to the supermarket.


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