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An affair = lust love & heartache

Novel By: kfur

An affair thats starts with just pur lust ends with love, But will it be a happy ending for all involved??? View table of contents...


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Chapter 1

Rick was 29 married with 2 kids, funny and really good looking a few years older than me but so attractive. He was the clown on the course the one who
made everybody laugh. I had met him breifly a few years ago at a works do and remembered he had been the life and soul of the party then too. I realised
it was wrong to fancy him or have any sort of attraction to him as he seemed a very happily married family guy, But like everything looks can be decieving.
The course was 5 weeks long and on an evening ther wasnt much to do so we all used to meet up for a few pints as the weeks went on i got to know rick better
and realised he wasnt as happy i as i had assumed he told me all about his 2 kids who he adored with all his heart and how he had had them young and married young.
We flirted inocently at firts until on the 5th week we had a big night out planned everyone on the course headed out. We were silly drunk doing shots all night, people had started to notice
our flirting and had made comment but we were all to drunk to really care he was a flirt anyway with most girls but his told me it was different with me.
I wanted to go home and i told him so "give me 2 secs ill get you outside" so i got muy coat from the cloakroom and stood outside waiting for him he came out i noticed then that he was dressed a bit like a pop star and mocked him for it he loved it any type of attention he loved. It was awkward for a while both of us not really knowing what to say as we walked the long walk to the taxi rank. I was unsure i had never felt like this towards anyone who was married and kept telling myself he was just being a gentlemen and making sure in my drunken
state i got home ok.

When we were approaching the taxi rank he said wait there 2 secs please i need to run up this alley way for a pee. So patiently i waited he shouted kirsty can you come her please i have hurt myself. I ran up the alley in my drunken state not knowing what i would find when out of this side entrance he grabbed me i screamed then laughed when i noticed it was him.Someone had to make a move he said I had butterflies like god knows what i couldnt believe this was happening i felt like a naughty school girl who would surely get told off for this in the morning.Then he kissed me the most gentle, sensual kiss of my life his tounge knew excatly what to do not too much not not enough hiss kiss was perfect. I was allready wet before he could slip
his hands down my pants he pulled away and gave me a cheeky smile, shall we go he said i nodded to speachless to talk i knew i shouldnt be doing this but somehow that added to the excitment. We ran to the taxi like 2 teenagers giggling, god knows what that taxi driver thought as soon as we got in the cab we were kissing again the kiss was more intense this time as we both could not wait to get back
When we got out the taxi we walked very quickly not holding hands or anything just incase anyone saw we were still giggling a mixture of the alcohal consumed earlier and the nerves on my part i think.

As soon as we got in his hotel room i sat on the bed and he poured me a drink from his mini bar, vodka and lemonade i drank it really quickly and as soon as i placed the drink down there was a hand going through my hair ever so gentlyi turned to face him, god he was georgeous, he leaned in and there was that soft kiss from earlier but it didnt stay soft for long,he worked his way down to my breast undoing the buttons on my top slowly and then grabbing them an massaging them firmly "he swore oh fuck they are awsome" i cant say i wasnt flattered i rubbed my had under his top his torso was firm
well defined. his kisses moved he started to go down my neck and gently pushed my head back so my back was arched. He kissed my breasts and i couldnt wait wait for the rest i started to undo his belt when i could see the bulge, i knew he was as excited as me. He stood up as he did so i suddenly realised how i was already half naked i hadnt even noticed him take my top all the way off nevermind my bra. i admired the view as he took off his jeans, i was not disapoint he was huge not only long but it looked thick too. and he was wide AWAKE!.He made his way back over to the bed pushing me down on to my back
he kissed me again oh god i was so eager to have him in in me he knew it too. he gently made his way down my body kissing my neck breasts and down towards my belly he stopped only to take off my trousers and pants which he seemed to do in one swift movement
then he kept kissing down till he was sucking hard on my clit. i squirmed and moaned with the pleasure he was amazing im not even normally a fan of oral but oh my this was amazing. In between licking my clit and pushing his fingers in and out of me.
kissing the very top of my thighs. he seamed to like when i came he moved slowly back up towards my face when he kissed me i could taste myself on his lips he had a cheeky smile like he was pleased with himself for making me cum. He lifted up my
leg and pushed himself into me it felt just as big as i had imagined he commented on how tight i was and he started slow and hard puonding every inch into me. Then he spun me around on all all fours and entered me from behind i could see us both in the mirror and so could he as we both faced it watching what the other was doing he grapped my breast and started to caress them as he started to get faster and harder i reached back and played with his balls he started to moan
this possition because of his size was painfull but not unbreable, he noticed i was in pain and quickly spun me around again, he sat at the edge of the bed while i straddled him i couldnt remeber when i had sex this good and the kissing was still amazing throughout he would sometimes nibble on my hear and swear so i knew he was enjoying himsefl just as much as me i rode him hard while squeazing every mucle i had to make everything tighter
I started to moan louder and louder and i felt him go in and out i came again and had to stop for a second he was still so hard i almost felt bad i made my way to my knees
leaving him sat on the edge of the bed. I strted to lick the tip of his huge cock finding myself turned on so much by doing it was not long before he had his hands wrapped in my hair forcing my head down further i didnt care
i was loving it. he moaned really loud then juddered then emptied himself into my mouth. i looked up at him once he had finished and i had swallowed everything.
4 weeks i have wanted to do that for he said hope you enjoyed that as me he said with that adorable cheeky smile. Of course i said then we hugged for what seemed only ten minutes before an alarm went off and it
was time to get up last day of the course i said. I know im gutted he replied as i left to run back to my own room to get dressed for work.

When i got to my room i was smilling because last night had been just amazing but by the time i got out the shower reality had kicked in at 4oclock today the course was finished he would be going home to someone else. I had known this all along so why did i feel lke such an idiot, I took a deep breath and decided i would take it for what it was just one really good night that would never happen again.


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