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Vampiric Dreams

Novel By: britny8987

Alraenya dreams of a vampiric boy, but are they just dreams? View table of contents...


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My eyes fluttered open, revealing the inky darkness of my room. I blinked, sightless due to the lack of light. And then, there it was. A soft, feather-light caress of my cheek. "Hello?" A stupid thing to say in the middle of the night.

Especially when you're all alone in your room. I felt the awareness of my body slowly begin to return, yet everything still felt numb. Are you alone? The thought was foreign, and sudden. That's crazy. A thought is a thought. I twitched my fingers, the soft blanket rustling with the slow movement. I blinked again, the black began to clarify into outlines. Shock, and, as always with the vivid dream, fear shot through me.

A pale face stared down at me. Twin embers burned into my soul, the eyes of the gorgeous nightmare hovering over me. A pallid hand stroked my cheek with a feather-light touch. Sleep. His voice was a thought in my mind. My body went rigid, as he lowered his lips to my bare neck. Sleep, and forget. His hand held my head, his fingers clenched in my hair. The dizziness of sleep began to make my mind swim with a whirlwind of unintelligible thoughts.

I felt his lips part against my skin, and the light scrape of fangs. Sleep little Alraenya. Pain seared throughout my body as his fangs pierced my skin. Before I could cry out, a wave of exhaustion swept over me, and everything faded back into the rhythm of sleep.

"Wake up! Alraenya, we're gonna be late for school! Come on girl, get your little ass out of bed!" My eyes snapped open at the sound of my best friend Tarrah's voice.

She was standing in my doorway, all decked out and ready for school. "I'm up, I'm up. Just give mea minute." I grumbled, slowly sitting up. "I had another nightmare."

She frowned, Tarrah was the only person I ever tell my nightmares to. "I'm kinda getting worried, Raeny. Was it the same?"

I nodded, rubbing the sleep from my tired brown eyes. "Yea, except this time it was a little clearer." I stood up and stretched before walking to my vanity.

I heard her sigh, a sign that she was displeased with my sketchy answer. I ignored her, and sat down. The mirror showed me what I already knew. My black hair was brushed smooth, slightly wavey and curly. Before I started having the dreams, my hair had always been messy and utterly unruly when woke. But how could having a dream change your hair? The thought was absurd. I ran a brush through it, despite the fact that it was completely tangle free. I could feel Tarrah's blue eyes on me like an itchy feeling on the back of my neck. "And that would mean?" She pressed.

I sighed, "I could see more than just his eyes."

She gagged, no doubt thinking of something perverted. I turned to her angrily. "I saw his hair, Tarrah. Stop being immature." She blinked, her mouth forming an "O" of realization.

I rolled my eyes at her, and turned back to the mirror. I looked at my own reflection, the tan, unblemished skin, the dark circles under my eyes, the full lips, large brown eyes, and somewhat prominent nose. I scowled at myself, "I hate the way I look."

Tarrah laughed, "You're totally hot. All the other girls are jealous, hell, I'm jealous. And I'm a blonde." I could see her smiling at me in the mirror.

I couldn't help but smile back. That was true. A lot of the other girls of Nighthill High did seem a little jealous of me. And yea, the curves probably were the cause for the envy, but unlike Tarrah, I don't put them to good use. She was always stealing someones boyfriend. "Thanks Tarrah, and you know you're not jealous."

She gave me a skeptical look. "You'rea size eight jeans, reasonably thin, and you wear a double D, whats not to envy?"

I rolled my eyes, " I am not having this argument today. Let me get dressed, and we can head out."

"I'll pick em out!!!" She happily ran to my dresser and began rummagng through my clothes.

I laughed, using the time to apply my usual makeup, eyeliner. Once I was finished, my golden brown eyes seemed to glow behind the black. I smiled and nodded approvingly. "Here! Wear this!" She held out a frilly black skirt, lacey spaghetti string tank, fish net pantyhose, and my heeled black leather boots.

I blinked, surprized by the choice of apparell. Tarrah hates black. "What's up with you actually trying to let me wear my favorite colour?"

She smiled innocently, "Nothing. Now put these on while I go find your lacey gloves, you know tthe ones that go to your elbows? Where did you put them?"

I gave her a bemused smile, tilting my head to my jewlry box, as I took the clothes. I dressed quickly, and she handed me the gloves as we left my room, and headed out the door. She ushered me in the black Toyota Supra, andIn less than ten minutes we arrived at the already crowded school parking lot. As she parked and we got out, a black motorcycle roared into the parking lot. My eyes locked on its driver, a pale, black haired guy with striking black eyes. He pulled up beside us, and cut the engine. He stepped off, his whiteplaid buttonup shirt open to reveal a white undershirt that fell nicely over his blue jeans. He swung off the bike, and our eyes locked. He gave me a dazzling smile. "I'm not late am I?" His voice was thick with a british accent that set my heart racing.

"No, but you will be if you keep looking so damn hot." Tarrah's flirtatious comment barely even reached my ears.

He didn't look at her, instead he continued to stare into my eyes. "The name's Victor." He held out a pale hand, smiling gorgeously.

I took it, a little surprized by his obvious interest in me. Instead of shaking my hand, he drew it to his lips, and planted a soft kiss on my knuckles. Heat rushed to my face as I blushed. I could hear Tarrah grumbling beside me, but couldn't look away from his black eyes. They held me, my entire body was frozen in place. I scarcely breathed. "Alraenya." He whispered my name.

My mouth fell agape, as shock washed through me.

I blinked, not entirely sure I had heard him correctly. Until he repeated my name. "Snap out of it Raeny." Tarrah's voice jarred me from my stupor.

He smiled at me, " You want to show me around?" He asked in that clean accent.

I composed myself, thinking he had somehow known my name some other way than what my mind was screaming at me. "Yea, sure." I forced a smile, and led him into the huge highschool.

Tarrah made an agitated sound from beside me as we led him down the hallways, pointing out all the different classrooms. He listened and gave the occasional tilted nod of his head to indicate that he understood. As we walked down the crowded halls, I couldn't help but watch him from the corner of my eye. He moved with a fluid grace I had never seen before, and his eyes constantly scanned the faces of those around us. Then our eyes met, and I quickly turned my head, the blood rushing to my cheeks as I blushed. Yet I could still feel his gaze on me, like a cold breeze brushing my cheek. 'Or a feather light caress.' I stopped, shocked by the thought of it. "Are you okay? Alraenya?" His face filled up my vision, and all thoughts of my nightmarish dreams dispersed, as I was preoccupied with his perfect features.

I blinked, blushing an even darker shade of red. "Uhm, yea. I'm fine. Just remembered that I left the light in my room on." I lied, the excuse insanely pathetic.

He arched a brow and gave a somewhat disbelieving nod. We continued on to our first class, which oddly enough, we all shared. "Who would have guessed a hotty like you would have biology with girls like Raeny?" Tarrah asked, smiling her prettiest, and batting her mascara enhanced eyelashes.

Victor frowned at her. "I'm sure that no girl is like Alraenya. She seems very unique if you ask me." He glanced at me, black eyes glowing.

Tarrah was clearly unhappy about the remark. She frowned, and went back to her worksheet, obviously not giving up, but giving it a rest for a while. I meanwhile tried to ignore the fact that my best friend had pretty much just insulted me. 'Can I not even have one guy?' I asked myself as I laid down my pencil, already done with the easy worksheet. I sighed, and glanced at Victor, he too was done, and staring at me with a quirk to his lush lips. I blushed again, and bowed my head, letting my black hair curtain my face. 'Why is he so interested in me? Maybe he likes me?' A happy thought, but I smashed it instantly. No guy ever liked me. They just wanted help with this or that. So therefore it was no use for me to even hope that just maybe he might like me. 'But you could always just ask. You never know. And it does seem that way. You never give a guy a chance. Maybe you should actually try to flirt?' That little voice in my head began to try to convince me that there was a possibility of 'he and I'. I tried to ignore it, but the more I thought about it, the better it sounded, as was typical of this sort of thing.

"Psst. Alraenya." I looked at Victor through my hair. "That's better, I can see your beautiful eyes." He smiled at me.

I looked down, avoiding his gaze. "Uhm, thanks."

"You really shouldn't hide your face all the time. I'm sure your boyfriend doesn't appreciate it." His comment made me smile, 'Oh how funny'.

"I don't have a boyfriend." I looked at him again, my eyes locking with his.

A pale hand brushed my black hair from my face, holding it at my temple. "Would you like one?" His eyes shimmered with an innerlight that held me, captivated, and stunned.

"I don't even know you," I stumbled to find something sensible to say. "We just met. And hell I don't even know if-" He placed a cool finger to my lips, silencing me.

"I really like you. And I would like to get to know you. I find that I'm drawn to you. I have a feeling that you are too." His finger traced my lips. "Just give me a chance." His husky voice stirred a memory from my dream, and I heard that voice, so much like his, telling me to sleep...

I swallowed, suddenly being overwhelmed by the urge to kiss him. I had never felt anything like it before. Not that I was an innocent, oh no. I had lost my virginity, but never had I felt anything remotely like -this-. I found myself subconciously nodding, and he smiled, pulling away. Tarrah stared at us, dumbfounded. I blushed. "Does that mean that you two are going out? Seriously?" She asked skeptically.

Victor smiled at her for a moment. "Yea. That doesn't bother you, does it?" He gave her a full smile, and she smiled back, obviously smitten.

"No." She giggled.

"Are you okay? Tarrah?" I looked at her, Victor turned to me, and she snapped out of it.

That made me pause. 'Why would him looking away cause her to revert back to her usual self? Why would him looking at her change her anyway?!' God this was confusing, not ot mention odd. 'It was peobably her momentarily freaking out because it's true.' That made me think too. I had a boyfriend. Me! A boyfriend! I couldn't help but smile, and found that Victor was smiling back. "Yea, I was just surprized. You guys don't even know each other! I mean, you just met, what, an hour ago?"

An aquaintance of mine, not a very nice one, leaned over, exposing a good portion of her chest, and gave Victor a candid smile. This was Kara, the captain of the cheerleaders. And she was used to getting her way, by using her deceit, charm, and overall that horrible miniskirt. To make the team you had to be a blonde, and you couldn't weigh more than one hundred fifty. What was more, she was already homng in on Victor. Probably ready to have him drooling over her like the rest of the dumb sex-loving guys of our highschool. "Hey there. I heard you wanna hook up with Raeny, why don't you get yourself a girl whos not afraid of the dark?" She said in that alluring voice some girls just have, andsmiled, exposing white teeth,

Victor laughed."And what? Date a girl who lets the little cleavage she has dangle in guys faces? No thank you. There's nothing wrong with being afraid of a little darkness." He smiled as her smile turned to a snarl of anger and disgust.

"Go fuck the little bookworm then! If you can get her to sleep with you. I bet she's a les." She turned away, flipping her bleach blonde hair dramatically.

My teeth were clenched so hard, that my jaw began to ache. I relaxed, and took a deep, slow breath. "Bitch." I said as I exhaled.

Tarrah was staring at Victor, obviously surprized. I had to admit, I was surprized too. No guy ever told Kara no. And no one ever said THAT to her. Victor turned his seductive black eyes on me. "Does she always treat you like that?" He watched me, waiting for an answer.

I fiddled with my hair. "If always means as long as I'm breathing." I studied my hair, examining the split ends.

'I need to get it trimmed.' I mused. I finally got the guts to look up at him, he was looking at me head tilted to the side, and nodding consideringly. "I'll keep that in mind."

His black eyes were still focused on me, and I found that I couldn't look away from them. Neither could I speak, all I could do was look in his eyes. "Alright class. The bell is about to ring, please turn in your papers." The teachers dull voice intruded on our concentration, and I managed to break away.

"Let me take your paper." I said, holding out a hand for his.

He smiled, and instead took mine, moving away too fast for me to grab it back. As he walked up to the desk, Kara leaned towardsme again, a wry smile planted on her face. "He'll be sleeping with me before he even kisses your sorry little ass." She flipped her hair and winked at Victor, who ignored her, as he sat back down.

"Alraenya." He said my name, and I turned to him.

My eyes widened as our lips met, and then parted. He gave me the most evil smile I had ever seen, and I wanted to melt. I heard a gasp from Kara, and giggled to myself. The bell rang, and he reluctantly moved to get his stuff. Tarrah just looked at us, her mouth open in shock. Kara stomped out of the room, followed by a group of boys and her usual clique.

The rest of the day went along quite fine, as it turned out, he had all the same classes as me. Now I sat in my sixth period class, staring at the clock, begging for school to be over. As soon as I turned away from it, the bell rang. "Yaay." I murmured to myself, and quickly gathered my stuff.

Victor walked me to Tarrah's car, where she was already waiting for me. "Took you long enough." She muttered, leaning against the door.

I gave her an apologetic smile, and looked back to Victor, the smile faded from my lips at the look in his black eyes. "Till tomorrow." He held my chin,keeping me still, and tilted my face to him.

Our lips met, and an explosion of desire whirled through me, threatening to overwhelm my senses. His hand stroked down my chin, and to a sensitive spot on my neck, one that spilled memories of cold, sharp fangs, and a feather light touch. He pulled away, smiling at me, got on his bike, and in three minutes was gone. "Oh my god!!!" Tarrah exclaimed, looking in the direction he had disappeared. "Was he hot or what?And you're his girlfriend!!! I can't believe this! You should have invited hin over to your house." She looked at me.

Her smile began to fade, "Is something wrong? You look a little pale."

I shook my head."It's nothing." 'What is wrong with me?'

That night I had another dream, this one much more realistic and horrifying then any before.... I opened my eyes to nothing but inky darkness, and an immense cold that surrounded me. I shivered. Where was my blanket? More importantly where were my clothes? I felt completely exposed in the icy darkness. And then something touched me, a feather light carress of my cheek. A harsh shiver wracked my body. "Hello?"

His voice, that melodious, dark sound, whispered in my ear for the first time, "Sleep." He breathed softly. "Sleep and dream, dream and forget." His words lulled me into an almost sedated state.

I felt his cold, soft lips on my neck, his hand lifted and tilted my head back, and I could feel his cold, hard chest press against my breasts, the closeness of our bodies sending a trill of fear down my spine. Mixed with the fear was an edge of fierce desire, a burning ache longing for the scrape of his fangs on my neck. His hand fisted in my hair, and he pinned me down, his warm, wet tongue gliding over the super-sensitive skin of my neck. "Sleep...." His fangs pierced my neck, and his hand clamped over my mouth, muffling the cry of pain and ecstasy that escaped my lips.

My body pressed up against his, in fear and pain, I tried to push him off of me. His hand tightened in my hair, and his other pinned my hands above my head. With him straddling my waist, I was completely vulnerable. Don't fight me, my love. His voice echoed in my mind, pacifying me. I no longer struggled against him, focusing on the blissful sensation of his lips on my neck. He gently sucked the blood from my wound, cradling my head. His tongue slowly lapped at the tender cuts, closing them. He held my cheeks in his hands, and his blood red eyes appeared before my face. "Sleep Alraenya, sleep..." His lips pressed against my forehead, in a feather light touch, and blackness permeated my senses....

"Jeez Raeny! What is up with you and sleeping in?" Tarrah's highpitched voice startled me from my netherworld of sleep.

I jerked up, the silken red sheet bound tightly around my nakedbody, whereas when I had gone to bed it had been in the closet. I frowned down at it, perplexed. "Come on sleepy head, get out of bed." Tarrah sing songed.

I yawned, and pulled myself up, sheet and all. She laughed, "I thought you hated that sheet because it's the color of blood?"

I just licked my lips, and hurriedly pulled out a skintight, low-cut, tank top style black gothic ripped dress. I pulled out a matching pair of lacy undergarments, while Tarrah disappeared into my closet. She promptly returned with a pair of black stillettos, she tossed them at me, "Put those on." I nodded, and did so obligingly.

I looked at her, and did a doubletake. "What the hell?"

She smiled at me and twirled around in her plaid miniskirt. She looked like a girl out of a Japanese school. Minus the heritage. "Since when do you do outfits like that?" I muttered, brushing my hair.

She just laughed, and took the brush from me. I relaxed under her hands, she was much better at being gentle with the damn thing. When she finished she gave me a slap on my bottom, "Go brush your teeth."

I rolled my eyes. After I was completely ready we headed to the front door. I opened it, and gasped. Victor smiled down at me, giving me a wink. "Well....." Tarrah muttered behind me.

Victor turned his smile on her for a moment, and I was sure that she was melting under his gaze. "I hope you don't mind if I take her off your hands?" He inquired in a silky tone.

"I-I. Yea." She stuttered.

He lifted a brow, bemused. "So you do mind?"

He chuckled, she must have answered without a verbal response. He put a strong arm around me, and began to lead me out the door. "We'll see you at school, Tarrah." He called over his shoulder as he led me to his bike.

I stared at it uncertainly, stopping in my tracks.He looked at me, seeing or sensing my fear. He gave me a reassuring smile. "It'll be okay. Come on."

After about five minutes he finally got me on the bike, and before I had any time for second thoughts he took off. "Holy shit!!!!" I yelled aswe rocketed out of my driveway.

He laughed, "Just hold on tight."

In less than ten minutes we were at school, coming to a gentle stop in a parking spot. Due to the black helmet that he had placed on my head, my hair was not that bad. He helped me off, and held me close so that my unsteady legs didn't fail on me. I finally regained my balance, and straightened myself in his strong arms. "You can let go now." I murmured, suddenly aware of just how close we were.

His grip on me tightened, and his black eyes looked down at me kindly. "I know," He leaned down, mere centimeters between our faces, "But I don't want to."

He held me closer, my hips pressing against his thighs, and our noses almost touching within such a close proximity. I could barelyhear my heavy breaths due to the fact that my heart was pounding loudly in my ears. His eyes looked deep into my soul, and I felt him move closer. Anticipation shot through me, causing my body to flood with wild energy begging for his touch. His hand came up to my cheek, his soft touch on my cheek once again invoking memories of a feather light touch. A shiver shook me, andI closed my eyes. His lips pressed against mine, gentle and insistant. the kiss was soft, and almost innocent save for his tongue probing my lips, begging entrance. His hand fisted in my hair, and his lips became more forceful, demanding. Our bodies came together tightly, and my mind was flooded with a wild heat that threatened to permeate my senses as I kissed him back, lashing his tongue with my own. Energy spilled into my blood and pounded to my groin, just below where I could feel the hardness of his own arousal.

Suddenly he became gentler, and his lips moved down my jaw, tracing an erotic path to my neck. Shudders of fear and delight wracked my body as his tongue found the tender skin of the vampire's bite. A low moan escaped me, and my knees gave out, yet still he held me, and his lips carressed my injured neck. White hot energy flowed from his touch, flowing down my body and gathering in my groin. My insides tightened with want as his teeth brushed my sensitive flesh. "Victor." I gasped as he sucked on my skin.

He suddenly pulled away, holding me at arms length, and staring into my eyes with something like fear. "Are you okay?" His voice was anxious, but hard.

I nodded, although the world spun around me, and his hands were the only thing keeping me from tumbling to the ground. 'A vampire. That's what's been haunting my dreams, but then, why is there a mark?' My hand involuntarily went to my neck, softly touching the tender area that Victor's lips had been making tingle. It stung slightly with a dull, throbbing pain. I looked up at Victor who was staring at my neck with an almost feral glint in his eyes. "Shit," He cursed looking back into my eyes, " I gave you a hicky."

'O' I mouthed, nodding complacently. He pulled me close and hugged me tight. He exhaled, his breath brushing the hicky, and a tingle ran through me. Was this a coincidence?

He led me inside after allowing me to catch my breath. When we reached the door he held it open for me and insisted that I go through before him. Something I found sweet, but made me shy. I wasn't used to his courtesy, nor the way he stuck up for me. As we walked through the halls, I could hear all of the usual gossip that seemed to surround me. As always I ignored it, but Victor was suddenly no longer by my side, and I turned to find him standing infront of Kara and her usual group of black mailing, back stabbingbitches. I hesitantly took a step closer, examining Kara's frightful face. Her girls were huddled behind her like mice faced with a hungry cat. Victor's face was hidden from my eyes, but I suspected that he wasn't happy. "That was very rude." He crossed his arm over his well muscled chest. "I don't understand why you would be saying such horrid things about somone you barely even know. It isn't right for you to be so judgmental, now is it?" His tone made them shiver.

Kara set her jaw, and looked away from him angrily. "What? Did she let you sleep with her? I wouldn't be surprized, " She looked at me and gave me a malicous grin, "you horny little bitch ass whore."

Smack! I blinked, not believing my eyes. Kara was holding her face in her hands, and Victor tapping his foot. What had happened? I soon got my answer. "You. You! You slapped me! You insolent-" She didn't get any farther, Victor had her pinned against the lockers, and she was obviously petrified.

Her blue eyes were wide with shock, and I couldn't help but relish the fear on her face. Her 'friends' had disappeared, they probably fled when Victor had slapped Kara. "Apologize." He growled, and I could see that her eyes were locked on his, fear holding them in place.

I shivered at the anger that saturated his beautiful voice. She struggled obviously to say something. "I'm s-s-sorry." She finally managed to choke out.

Victor released her, and she crumpled to the cold, hard floor in a frightened heap. Without another word he turned on his heel, and took me by the hand, leading me away. Before we were out of earshot I heard her broken whimper. The scene that had unfolded that morning stayed with me throughout the day. At lunch Tarrah had made it a point to interrogate Victor about it. His reply was simple,"She needed to be put in her place." THe coldness with which he had said it placed a sliver of fear deep inside of me.

After school let out, Victor once again accompanied me outside. As we approached his bike, I forced a question that had been bugging me out of my mouth, "How did you find out where I live?"

He didn't look at me, but I saw a corner of his mouth tug up slightly. "Tarrah."

I frowned at his confusing answer. He had been with both of us all day yesterday, but never away from me. "How?"

"I called her." His smile widened.

That startled me. "Since when did you have her number?"

"She slipped me a note yesterday. It had her number in it. She thought that I might want to date her. But I called her and asked for your address, I think she thought I was kidding. " He stopped, and looked me in the eye. "But I wasn't. That's why she was surprized that I showed up this morning."

His dark eyes stared intently down at me, and I had the sudden urge to kiss him again. I shook myself, I wasn't about to start that again. "Oh."

He leaned down, his eyes sparkling seductively. To my surprize, I stepped back. His reaction was instant, and he pulled away, looking confused. But the confusion was gone just as suddenly as it came and he regained his composure. Without another look at me, he laced his fingers through mine, and led me to his bike. I worried that I had upset him, but didn't let it bug me as we started the exhilirating ride home.

When we arrived at my house, he followed me inside. I tried to ignore the fact that he was in my house, and went about my usual chores, starting with the laundry. "So, where are your parents?" He asked, leaning against the laundry room door frame.

"On a business trip. They work together." I poured the soap into the little bin, and started piling in the clothes.


I hurriedly finished shoving clothes into the washer, and closed the lid, starting it. I turned, and found that he was quite a bit closer than before. As in, he was mere inches away. I felt my cheeks redden as his pale hand brushed my wavy black hair from my face. He leaned towards me, black eyes staring seductively into my soul. "When will they be back?" His voice held a sliver of his intentions as he got closer.

I swallowed, my heart was pounding fast. As he leaned in closer, I felt my body tremble as his sweet-smelling breath washed over my face. Burning desire raced to my core, sending tingles of heat to my neck. He traced my lips with his thumb as he tilted my head up. "They'llbe gone until next month." I forced the words from my mouth.

A small, seductive smile pulled at his lips, and he tilted my head farther up, so that our noses almost brushed. "Good." He pressed his lips to mine, and I closed my eyes, enjoying the throbbing energy that flowed into me through his touch.

In the next instant I felt his arms around my waist and he picked me up, setting me down on the washer. He pulled away from our fiery kiss, and looked me in the eye before sliding a hand under my shirt. As his skin touched mine, raw, wild energy began to pulse from my neck, washing through my body. I nearly moaned at the desire he instilled within me. His lips found mine once more, and he kissed me hungrily. His hand began to move up my side as he pushed his salty-sweet tongue into my mouth, this time a low moan did escape me. His long, cold fingers snaked under my bra, finding their way to my heaving breast. I inhaled sharply and kissed him harder as his thumb stroked the sensitive area of my chest. He suddenly began kissing down my jaw, leaving a trail of flame on my skin as he made his way to the sore spot on my neck. His teeth brushed the sensitive area, and my breathing grew ragged astingles of heat coursed through me. I felt his teeth sharpen on my skin, scraping it with all too much familiarity.

"Holy shit!" Tarrah's voice interrupted us suddenly.


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