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Novel By: BeautfulPixiePrincess

Honestly, its not done. There is still ALOT of work to do... I uploaded to get your opinion on it...
Is it worth finishing or?
Any suggestions for titles? View table of contents...



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*******The Move********
Alexis used to be the center of attention, the one the spotlight was always on. But when she moved the spotlight dimmed down to pretty much nothing. Leaving all her friends behind, leaving the place where she grew up. She never wanted to move but her parents insisted it was for the best, things were about to get ugly in this town. After three weeks of packing they were finally on their way, leaving the place that would soon be a prison, Alexis didn't know what was sgoing to happen or how bad it was going to be but she felt horrible leaving her friends behind. She wished she could've warned them but her parents told her not to, it would be the end of them. When her friends asked why she was moving she looked directly into their faces and lied, saying her grandma was sick and needed us to take care of her, but never worry I will be back; another lie. Alexis held back her tears, not wanting her parents to see what they've caused. Sitting beside her was her older sister Allison, reaching over Allison took her hand. Alexis gave a weak smile and faced the window. Finally allowing her tears fall, silently crying. It took four days to get to where they were going. By then their old town was taken over by the Government, no one was allowed to leave, they had no freedom anymore. Alexis listened to the radio more frequently after hearing about the invasion; she couldn't stop the tears anymore. A part of her thanked her parents but the other part wishes she was there with her friends, that part of her was more dominate. Ally saw the tears in her sister's eyes; she didn't understand why she was crying. Yes her friends we're there but they were safe and that's what matters the most. Everyone knew Alex had the biggest heart in the family; it was a weakness in everyone's eyes but her own. They entered a little town it was empty but something about it made Alex feel safe. Her dad pulled up to a huge Victorian house, this was their new home. By the time they got there the packers already unloaded everything, everything was where it belonged. Alex ran out the door and kept running, she didn't know where she was or where she was going but she did know this place could never be a home; her home is millions of miles away. Her home is being controlled; her friends have become his prisoners. She slowed down; when she looked around her she saw nothing but water, beautiful water. The site was so breathtaking.
"Excuse me, but are you the girl who just moved into that Victorian Mansion?" A dark husky voice asked. Alexis slowly turned around so she could get a look of who she was speaking to. In front of her stood a beautiful man, he was tall with beautiful brown eyes and black hair.
"Yes, I am." Was all she could say. He stood there staring at her, admiring her beauty. Unable to read her, or begin to understand who is was or where she came from and why did she move; obviously she wasn't happy.
"I don't mean to be a pain but where are you from?"
"Oh." He said then walked towards the water. Alex watched him; he looks like he wants to be anywhere but here. Why would he stay in a town that he hated? It just didn't make sense. She wanted to ask him but figured it wasn't her business. Forgetting the beautiful mysterious man she thought of her friends and prayed they were okay. She desperately wanted to go back and save them but knew it would be stupid and risky.
"Are you okay?" the man asked.
She didn't even realize she was crying, looking away from the man standing in front of her.
"No I'm not okay."
"Can I ask what's wrong?"
"I-I got to go."
Before the man could ask anymore she bolted, running as fast as she could back to the mansion. When she got through the doors her family stood in the living room staring at her with hate. She couldn't explain nor did she plan to, running up to her room she began crying and screaming. Throwing her shit across her room, packing her bag; she was going back home she didn't care about what would happen to her she just needed to be there. When she turns to leave her mom was standing in the door way. Alex saw fear in her moms eyes, not hate or angry but fear. Without a word she pushed past her mom and headed for the door. But her dad stopped her before she could even make it that far; trying to get out of his grasp she cried out loud. Her father tightened his grip making her scream louder, her dad threw her across the room and told her to go to her room before he kills her.
************************ The Truth ***********************************
It's been two months since Alexis and her family has moved. She attended school daily but that was all she would do. Her life has become nothing. She refused to talk; she refused to be in crowds. Alone was all she wanted, she laid on her bed listening to the news on the invasion in Ireland; everyday it got worse; people were now being killed and taken hostage. The word was there will be a war; the end of Ireland. Her eyes were bloodshot from crying everyday; her heart was broken, she has tried her hardest to escape many of times but always got caught. With every attempt her dad would beat her until she could barely breathe; at one point she was admitted into the hospital from one of her dad's beatings. No one cared about her but she didn't care. She liked being invisible, unknown. She finally figured it all out, she was on an island, no one would find them, and they were safe; no one knew this place even existed. Walking along the beach she heard a sound, it was that man who she met her first day.
"Do you mind if I join you?" he asked.
"I guess not," she replied.
He sat down beside her and stared straight ahead.
"Are you okay? You've been coming here for two months, you never talk to anyone."
"It's a long story and I find being alone comforting."
"I have time."
She looked over to him and smiled.
"I'm Ryan by the way"
"I'm Alex. My home, well old home has been taken over by the Government or so they say but I don't know. My dad found out so he made us move so we didn't get caught in it. I left all of my friends and family to defend themselves, I feel so horrible. Who knows if their even alive anymore? Four days after we left things got bad, no one could escape and if they did they disappeared. I hate this place because it means freedom. I`d rather be imprisoned and be with my friends then be safe with my parents. I`ve tried to leave this place so many times but I can never get out of my house without my dad beating me. He says I can`t leave or I'll be dead. I need to help them, I can`t stay here and pretend that my friends are happy. "
"Shit. Well I`m sorry; so what are you planning to do? "
"I don't know. "
He sat there for a minute then grabbed her hand. He took her to a small little shack, locking the door behind him.
"If I get caught you owe me, "he said with a cute smile.
"Where are we exactly. "
"This is where your escape will be located. In here holds every key to the boats needed to get off the island. "
"But how am I supposed to drive a boat, I don't even know how to drive. "
"Which is why I`m coming with you; you're not the only one who has loved ones there. "
She smiled. Finally someone who understands, with him I will get home and save those I love. He glanced over to her, seeing tears in her eyes he opened his arms. She ran into them, telling her everything will be okay, we`re going to get them to safety. Pulling away she looked up at him and kissed him. The kiss was long and passionate. Clearing off the table he lifted Alexis on the table laying her down. Kissing her passionately, tracing her body with his hands. His hands stopped at the bottom of her shirt, lifting it over her head. She takes his shirt off; looking in his eyes she touches her lips to his. Alexis promised to never have sex unless it meant something and she felt this was the perfect time with the perfect man. Ryan slowly undid her pants, sliding them off. Letting his hands wonder up her thighs. He smiled at her before he took off his own pants. Their bodies touching, sweat covered his forehead, body shaking and enjoying every minute of it. She moaned quietly at first but the faster he went the louder the moans got. When they had finished he laid down beside her, opening his arms for her to lay in. The windows of the shack were fogged up from the heat of their heavy breathing. Alex kissed him before getting up and getting dressed.
"I should probably get going before my parent's think I ran away." She said.
"Meet me here tomorrow, we'll leave right away."
She quickly kissed his lips before leaving. She ran all the way home, when she got through the doors her dad was standing right before her. She smiled and gave him a hug.
"I love you daddy," She said.
Catching her dad off guard, he held his daughter close to him. Tears fell down his cheeks; he hasn't held his daughter since the day he announced that they were moving.
"I love you to baby girl."
Alex pulled away, looked up at her dad and kissed his cheek.
She headed straight to her room, collapsing on her bed. She fell asleep immediately. The moment she woke up she started packing her shit. Getting ready to leave, she would miss her family but she knows this is what has to be done. Once she got her bag packed she dropped it out her window. After her shower she went down to the kitchen where her family was.
"Good Morning everyone" she said, giving her dad a kiss on the cheek. Her dad looked up from his book and smiled at her.
"Good morning sweetheart."
Allison looked at her sister, not knowing what to think she walked over and felt her sister's forehead.
"What's with you?" Ally asked.
"Nothing, I'm actually starting to like this place. I met someone, he's really great. We spent all yesterday at the beach." She replied.
"You met a guy?"
"Yes Allison, I met a guy. His name is Ryan."
"Well then." Allison stormed out of the kitchen.
"Hey dad would it be okay if I go to the beach with Ryan today?"
"Of course baby, as long as it makes you happy."
She gave her dad a big hug, and kissed his cheek. "I love you daddy," She whispered into his ear. "Love you too Alex." He whispered back.
She walked over to where her mom was standing.
"Mom, I know I have been a bitch to deal with and I really am sorry. I just didn't know how to react with what's going on in Ireland. But now I truly thank you guys, I could have been killed. Please don't be mad anymore, I truly have changed," Alexis said.
"Oh baby, I'm not mad anymore. I wasn't really mad, just a little hurt that you never really understood." Her mom grabbed her by the hand, leading her up the stairs and into Alexis's room.
"Alex, what the hell is going on? And don't lie, please."
"You wouldn't understand. The moment I tell you it'd be over."
"What are you talking about baby?"
"How much do you like it here mom? And be honest."
Before answering the question her mom closed the door and locked it. She slid to the floor.
"I hate it here. My mom is still in Ireland, I miss her like crazy. You're not the only one who wants to go back baby but we have no way getting out of here."
"What if I told you there was a way?"
"I would say pack your shit and let's get out the fuck out of here."
"Go pack then. Throw your bag out my window, when we go back downstairs I will ask you to drive me down to the beach that way dad won't suspect a thing."
As she waited for her mom, she decided to put on her bikini top and a pair of short shorts. Her mom rushed in with a duffel bag. Opening the window she threw it out and grabbed her daughter by the hand. When they reached the kitchen doors her mom began shaking.
"Mom it's going to be okay, just play along." Alex whispered.
Alexis entered the room with her mom right behind her.
"Baby I thought you were heading out to the beach?" her dad asked.
"I am, I just couldn't decide on what bikini to wear."
"Oh, "he said before turning back to his newspaper.
"Mom, would you mind driving me to the beach; I'm already late as it is."
"Of course baby, just let me go get my keys."
They walked out the door; Alex quickly ran and got the bags, throwing them into the back. She took the sit in the front. Her mom got in and began the car. The drive there was silent, her mom was still shaking.
"Mom, it's going to be okay. I promise." Alexis said when they parked.
"Let's do this before I change my mind."
They quickly walked to the little shack where Ryan stood. Quickly kissing him she introduced the two. Ryan grabbed the bags and led them down to a beautiful yacht.
"This is what we're using?" Alexis asked.
"Yes; it's the only way people won't suspect anything."
The four day trip was quiet, no one really said anything; the radio was always on, listening to the updates on the overtake of Ireland. The government has finally become a fascist leader. Not knowing what was ahead. Alexis made up plans in her head on how they were going to get in. Once the yacht finally hit shore, there was a vehicle waiting for them.
"I made a call for someone to meet us. This will be our only way in." Her mother said.
The three of them got into the black sedan. Praying for the best outcome, Alex hoped her friends were okay and still alive. She sat in between Ryan and her mother clenching both of their hands. Her fear increased every time they got closer. The car pulled up to a huge gate, the driver spoke quietly to the guard before pulling forward. Looking out the window there was no big changes done to the city except for one. There was a huge building made out of glass, it's where the Government and his little workers lived. The car finally came to a complete stop; they all got out of the car and grabbed their bags. The door to the house opened and her grandma came out of the shadows. Looking around her grandma ushered them in. before closing the door she waved to the driver. Locking the door behind her; she closed all her blinds so no one could look in.
"Grandma, I've missed you so much, "Alexis said. Giving her grandmother a hug, neither of them could stop the tears from coming.
"Ó Leah, mo aingeal milis. Mé chaill tú an méid sin. Mora riamh más rud é go bhfuair mé chun tú féin nó do mháthair riamh arís ba mhaith liom mé féin a mharú. Is breá liom tú leanbh milis de mo"
"Is breá liom a thabhairt duit?"
"Lacey, my beautiful daughter. I love you so much; I am glad you came back for me." Grandmother said.
"Mother, I could never leave you to die, I just never knew we could escape. But Alex found a way." Lacey said.
"Mom, It wasn't me who found a way out; it was Ryan." Looking at her grandma."Grandma this is Ryan. Ryan this is my grandmother Elena."
"It is a plessure to meet you Elena." Ryan said.
"Ryan, you are the reason my baby girls are back with me. Thank you, you are always welcome in my house."
"My mother is here as well. I left a year before all the damn chaos. Ever since the day my mother called telling me Ireland was going to hell I knew I needed to find a way out. I couldn't do it alone, when I met Alexis she was guarded and never talked but even then i would always watch her, i needed to know if she'd be okay and when she finally opened up to me I knew she'd be up for my plan, but what i didn't plan was me actually caring for her. She is the real hero here."
"Ryan follow me. We'll sleep tonight and plan tomorrow. Goodnight mother, goodnight grandma. We'll see you in the morning."
"Goodnight baby, We love you." Her mother said.
"I love you guys to."
"Goodnight Ryan,"Her grandmother said.
"Goodnight ladies." Ryan replied.
Once they were in the bedroom, Ryan pulled Alexis close and kissed her.
"What did your grandmother say exactly?"
"Don't you know how to speak Irish?"
"Not really."
"Well my grandmother said: Oh baby, my sweet angel. I've missed you so much. I swore if I never got to see you or your mother ever again I would kill myself. I love you sweet child of mine. And I said: I love you to."
"Would she really kill herself?"
"I don't know, I would hope not, but let's not talk about that."
She grabbed him by the hand and led him to the bed. Laying down Alex cuddled up close to him, tears streaked down her face. She wasn't looking forward to what was ahead of them tomorrow.
Alex woke up to random voices followed by a high pitch scream.
"Baby, wake up. Hurry we have to get out of here. NOW!" Ryan said.
She didn't even have time to get dressed, looking around for an escape; they needed to get out. The sounds of footsteps were getting louder and louder. She ran to the window, they were pretty far up but it was the only way out. Quietly opening the window, Alexis climbed out. Going down as carefully as she could, her feet touched the ground. She hid behind the bushes until Ryan came down. Once he was safely down she grabbed him by the hand, running down the alleyway behind the house. She knew exactly where she was going to go; grabbing the key from around her neck she ran to the door of a huge old styled house. Quickly unlocking the door, she and Ryan rushed in. Locking the door behind them, she made her way to a door with a lock on it.
"Fuck!" she cursed.
"Alex what's wrong?"
"This is the one place no one will look, we made ourselves a hiding place just in case anyone tried coming for us. I know the key is somewhere around here."
She began looking around the house; it was nowhere to be found. Alexis ran up to her parent's old room, opened the drawer to the night table that used to be her dads. The emergency phone was still here. She picked it up and dialed a number.
"Hello?" the voice on the other end said.
"Dad, I need your help."
"Alex, where are you? Is your mom with you? Are you guys okay?"
"We're in Ireland, Mom was with us. Ryan and I are okay but I don't know about mom or grandma."
"Why the hell did you go back? I told you not too!"
"Dad, stop! I know but we needed to help the people here. I know your mad but deep down I know you want to be here helping, and you can you just have to be smart about it. But that's not why I called. Where is the key to open up our safe zone?"
"I will be there as soon as I can. It's in the bathroom by your room; it's in the mirror. Look for a red bottle, it's in there."
"Okay dad. Please hurry. I think mom is in serious trouble."
"I will baby, I promise. Love you, stay strong. The safe zone will lead you to your friend's houses. Good luck."
"Love you to, and be careful dad. Oh and to get out follow the beach west until you come across a little shack, there's a key in the old mail slot. Make sure you get a yacht. Goodbye father."
She hung up the phone, ran up stairs. Opened the mirror looking for the red pill bottle, there is like 20 different red bottles. She took the one that sat on the bottom shelf. Opening it she found the key. She hurried back down to where Ryan is, quickly unlocking the door. She pushed Ryan in and closed the door. Alexis found a little door opened it and crawled inside followed by Ryan.
"Where are we going?"
"This will lead us to my friends, we'll get them to safety then we'll go get your mom."
"Let's get going then."
They crawled for what seemed like forever until they came across a big dip.
"Be careful Ryan, my dad built this he told me to watch out. The fall is longer than what it seems."
"Let me go first babe, I'll be able to catch you."
She didn't argue, she allowed him to crawl over her. Kissing her lips once more before he jumped down
"Ryan, are you okay?"
"I'm fine. Jump baby."
Alex closed her eyes and counted to three then jumped, she landed right into the arms of the man she is falling crazy in love with.
He grabbed her by the hand, leading them down the dark path. They walked for a while, her feet were getting sore and she was getting thirsty. But she kept pushing forward. Finally they came across a small faint light.
"Whose house is this?"
"Um, I think its Aria's. I'll call here."


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