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I want him to rape me

Miscellaneous By: IceBreaker

Tags: Rape, Lust, Sex, Rough

there's an actor that i want to fuck

Submitted:Dec 26, 2011    Reads: 17,197    Comments: 32    Likes: 15   

Author's Note: So... deep down inside..i know that im a sick person. A very sick person for writing something like this. This is the way i feel for a certain actor. Its weird and i should never want someone to rape me. But this actor........he makes me want it. If you're sensitive when it comes to rape or have experienced it before.....i apologize and I suggest you don't read it. You will all probably think my choice is stupid. I mean any choice is but.....this guy....in everything he plays in.....I fucking love him and I want him.

Rape me........

I want to see you...upset and angry. I want to be in a closet alone and you walk in and shut the door behind you. I want you to force me down onto the floor on my back. I want you to tear my clothes from my body and unbutton your pants. And I want to feel you inside of me. You cover my mouth with your hand and you slide your big warm cock inside of my tight wet pussy. The feeling is amazing even though you're fucking me rough and hard. I close my eyes and scream in pleasure. But no one can hear. And I'm thankful they can't. You moan in my ear as your thrust become faster and harder. I'm in a mix between pain and pleasure. I want you to hold me down and force your tongue into my mouth. I want it to hurt. I want you to hurt me. So bad. I've been needing this and you're giving it to me. I want to have your baby. I want your everything. I feel my walls tighten and that tickling feeling appearing. You grab my legs and wrap them around your waist and force yourself in deeper. Yes. It hurts but damn.........it was so good. My hands dig into the wooden floor beneath me. I want you to cum in me. Please cum inside of me. Don't pull out. I feel you cum. I can feel the warm gooey stuff fill me up. I gasped as more tears run down. You stare at me and keep going and I suddenly felt myself cum. I can barely talk as I felt my release. I was breathing hard as you lean down into my ear and whisper 'don't tell anyone' In my ear. My legs unwrap from around your waist and rest down on the sides of you. You stand up and pull your boxers and jeans up while still looking down at my naked body. You walk out without another word and close the door behind you.


Author's Note: Rape is sick and wanting it is sicker but I can't help the way I feel. So.....oh well.

Oh and also....people.. don't leave comments saying 'who would want to get raped?That's nasty'

Some people have dark fantasies and it's one of mine so if you don't like it......fuck off.

xoxoxoxoxoxox Icebreaker


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