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The Demon's That Tempt Me: Chap. 4

Book By: Nina Simone

Take a look into the life of Lourdes, a fun, sexy, party planning chef, just shy of turning thirty with a complicated side...

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"Please tell me that you did not hit on him the last time you two saw each other." Lourdes said to Albear as they sat down in a booth at Pride Diner. It had been two weeks since the Halloween party, and she was dying to see Alby. She was having way more fun than she should be, and she knew Albear would bring her down to reality.
"I did not hit on him." Albear said smiling.
"Look, all I was doing was looking out for your best interest."
"Well don't do me any favors."
"How was the party?" He asked.
"It was cool."
"You've got to be kidding."
"Don't even think that you're going to avoid giving me every single detail." Albear leaned in close, smiling. "I want numbers and positions."
"Ha!" Lourdes said flashing a smile.
"Why are you stalling, did you two fuck or not?"
"How was your day?" She asked trying to change the subject.
"Fantastic, I did the hottest guy in days."
"How charming."
"Can the bullshit hooker, because I have a feeling that you're not so innocent."
"Can we at least order first?"
"Fine." She said taking red Chanel her gloves off, trying to get comfortable.
"Sex?" He asked.
"Yes please."
"Don't fuck around." He said sharply.
"Okay yes." She said laughing.
"How many times?"
"Every time fucking?"
"Okay five."
"Holy shit, you must of had him really worked up," he leaned back smiling, "another Viagra success story."
"Fuck off Albear."
"Well, well," Alby rubbed his pale cheek, "you must have been insatiable."
"Thanks to your secret blend of herbs and spices." Lourdes smirked
"Oh, well you're very welcome."
"I thank you very much." She said, tilting her shoulder and smiling at him.
"So...he can go that many times in one night? Sounds like a keeper."
"My sentiments exactly." She said flashing teeth. " But I never thought I'd hear those words coming out of your mouth."
"I won't knock it. This is a big score for you. Congratulations sweetie."
"Albear, only you would congratulate me for sinning."
"Don't be so dramatic. I know you, you would have drove yourself crazy. Always wondering what it would be like to have him. Now it's out of your system. Aren't you glad?"
"So was this a one time thing or does he want to see you again?"
Lourdes paused.
"I knew it," Albear said flopping back in his seat, "he's a bastard, I guess you were just another fuck and run."
She didn't say anything. A waitress came and took their order. Albear watched Lourdes. She looked fabulous. Her hair was perfect. Free flowing and curly, the way Albear liked it. He loved the new black dress and boots she was wearing, but she looked way too nice to just see him. Her soft caramel brown skin was flawless and she seemed to be glowing.
Her big dear shaped eyes looked over the menu again, but she had hardly ordered anything to eat, and Albear had ordered heaps of food, from fucking all night.
But Lourdes was different.
Albear knew that the only time she stopped thinking about filling her mouth with food, was when she was filling her mouth with cock. Albear put his hands on the table when the waitress walked away and he leaned in close again. "Oh my god, you've already seen him since, haven't you?"
Lourdes picked up her water, nude lips drinking slowly.
"When? Right after the party?"
She kept drinking, blinking her shimmery eye lids.
"More than once?" He asked.
She was halfway through her water.
She kept drinking.
"Put the fucking water down before you drown!"
Lourdes finished her glass and set it down.
"Okay, start from the beginning," Alby said, "I need details."
"No." She said.
Just then his cell phone rang. Albear got up from the table and walked away talking. He was only on the phone for a minute when he came back.
"Get your things we're leaving." He said, then turned to the waitress. "Waitress cancel that order."
Lourdes watched the server huff and puff as she walked over to the short order cook to take back their order.
"Why are we leaving?" She asked.
"Lisa and Mel want us to come over."
"I don't know Alby, I'm not up for a lot of company today."
"Bullshit." He said. "You're not getting out of this."
As they walked to the car, Albear continued to ask questions.
"Where did you get it on?"
"His place."
"Did you fuck him at the party?"
"Good girl."
"You did! Didn't you?"
"We kind of hooked up at the party, but no one saw."
"No really."
"Are you sure?"
"Did you two leave together?"
"Do you think that was wise?"
"We came together, it was normal to leave together."
"Yeah, but did you leave together right away, after you were gone for a long period of time, when you were hooking up?"
"We went in and mingled with other people for awhile, and then we slipped out."
"Did you fuck in the car?"
"What is this car fetish you've suddenly developed?"
"Good kisser? Scale of 1-10?"
"Nine and three quarters." She said smiling.
"Wow. I'm impressed, I know what a snob you are about kissing."
"I'm not a snob, I just think that it's important to know how to kiss properly."
They stopped in front of the car and Albear grabbed her arm and pulled her close. He took off his shades and then took off hers. He kissed her very slowly and sweetly. She hated when he did that, but she never asked him to stop.
"Does he kiss better than me?" Albear asked pink lips smiling after he pulled away.
"Albear, nobody kisses better than you." She said taking her shades back and getting into the car.
As they drove off, Albear continued with the questioning.
"Scars? Tattoos? Piercings?"
"Not saying."
"Why? Who do you think I'd tell?"
"Uh, Corey, Tyler, Lamont, Lisa, Melody."
"What little faith you have in me." He said laughing. "Nice body?"
"Please tell me he's not perfect. Acne on his ass right?"
"Don't be gross."
"So, how big are his balls?"
"Details." He sang.
"Well endowed? You know those are my favorite words after nine and a half inches cut."
"I'm not talking about his dick with you." She said calmly.
"Then what the fuck are we hanging out for?" He asked. "I could still be in bed sleeping..."

When they arrived at Lisa's and Melodies, Albear neglected to tell Lourdes that the boys would be there also. Lamont opened the door. "Hi honey!" He gave her a hug as Albear rudely pushed his way passed them.
"And Albear, always nice to see you." Lamont said sarcastically.
Albear kept walking, heading into the kitchen for food. "I'm starving, when do we eat?"
"Hold your horses." Melody said walking out to put a basket of fruit on the dining room table. "It's almost ready."
Lourdes went in and sat down with Corey and Tyler. They were both eating croissants and drinking coffee.
Lisa came sweeping by, in a tan turtleneck dress with the baby. "Oh hey guys! Glad you could make it." She handed Abraham to Albear and sat down with Lourdes. "So how have you been?"
"Where have you been?" Tyler asked, small brown eyes looking inquisitively.
"And what have you been doing?" Lamont asked tapping her hand encouragingly.
"More to the point," Corey said, "who have you been doing?" They all started giggling.
Lourdes turned and looked at Albear. "I can't believe you. You just couldn't wait!"
Albear shrugged his shoulders and went back to rocking the baby. "That's what happens when you disappear on your friends for weeks at a time."
"It hasn't been weeks." She protested.
Melody came in and sat down with Lisa. "Actually," she said, "we've been talking about you all morning. So where ya' been girlie?"
They were all looking at her. Albear was laughing. "No time to be shy now." He said. Lourdes grew quiet as she thought about her first official night with Alex.

Lourdes woke up with the sun streaming through the window. Every muscle in her body ached and she felt like she could barely move her legs. The drugs, were gone from her system and technically she shouldn't even be awake, but who could sleep after the night she just had. She turned looking back at the night stand, it was barely 7am.
Alexsander rolled over as she tried to tip toe around the room and gather her things. He sat up halfway in the bed and rested on his arms. Lourdes got a sick feeling of deja vu.
"Come back to bed," he said, "don't leave yet."
"I just want to make sure that I have everything." She looked away smiling.
"Come here." He said.
Lourdes walked back over to the bed and he lifted up the covers so she could slip in next to him.
"What's the rush?" He asked, wrapping his arms around her. "I thought we could spend the morning together."
"It's not a good idea." She said. "I have things to do."
"More important than me?"
"Just different priorities."
"Don't be that way." He said. "I thought we were having fun."
She kissed him. "We are, but what will we do?"
"I think the very first thing we should do is work up an appetite." He was grinning at her, obviously ready for another round.
Lourdes laughed. "What? Have sex a hundred more times this morning and then you'll buy me breakfast?"
"Hell," he said, "if you do that thing to me that you did last night, I'll make you breakfast." He was all smiles.
She smiled also, feeling triumphant. I guess there are some things those Hollywood girls don't know how to do. She thought to herself. She kissed him again. "So you're not expecting any guest this morning?"
"Don't worry," He said, "nobody is going to find out."
"Aren't you even scared in the slightest?" She whispered.
He ran his fingers down her back and pulled her close to him. "No." He said.
"Well I guess not, you've probably have had a lot of practice doing this."
"Don't do this." He said.
"Do what?"
"Take a piss at me, because you're running scared."
"I'm not. I mean, I don't want to. It's just-"
"Gabriel." He said.
She pulled away from him. "Oh my god, you said his name. Like, while we're naked in bed together."
"He's not telepathic, he can't hear us."
Lourdes smiled. "I know that." She said softly.
Alex threw the covers off of himself, got out of bed and headed to the bathroom. It still made her tingle to look at his naked body. A couple of weeks ago, she couldn't even imagine the two of them being this close. Now she could touch him whenever she wanted. The thrill was unbelievable.
He disappeared for a moment. Lourdes could hear water running. He started the shower. He reappeared standing in the doorway, he had wrapped a white towel around his waist. "Come join me." He said.
"In a moment." Lourdes smiled drawing her knees to her chest.
"No." He said. "We've been down that road before." He walked around the side of the bed to where she was laying. He unwrapped the towel and let it drop to the floor.
God, he was hard again already.
Lourdes wasn't sure if she could take anymore, she was still throbbing as if he was still inside of her and he was ready to go again.
"No notes this time." He said, "I'm not falling for that shite again."

"Honey, where'd you disappear to?" Melody asked studying Lourdes.
She came out of her thoughts and tried to focus on the here and now.
"Nowhere." Lourdes said handing her dishes to put in the sink. Brunch was over and the boys had left. It was just Lourdes and the girls and Albear.
"I don't blame you for not wanting to talk about what's going on in front of everybody." Lisa said bringing in some glasses.
"I can't believe Albear even told you two." Lourdes said. "I mean I love you guys but-"
"But having a secret affair makes it dangerous for everybody involved." Melody said. "We get it, you need your privacy."
"But you're not in any danger if you want to talk to us about it." Lisa said. "You know that we won't betray you."
"I know." Lourdes said fidgeting with a dish towel.
Albear walked in the room. "Still holding out on us huh?"
Lourdes tossed her head back.
Lisa gave her a champagne glass. "Maybe a mermosa might help."
Lourdes took the glass. She drunk it down and set it on the counter. "No judgment right?"
"No judgment." They all said at the same time. Lisa held up two fingers. "Girl scouts honor."
They all went into the living room, Lisa and Melody snuggled up together on one sofa and Albear with Lourdes on another.
"Let's start with the last question I asked you." Albear said. "Have you seen him since the Halloween party?"
Lourdes let out a big sigh. "Yes." She said.
"Once?" Albear asked.
"Twice?" Lisa asked.
Lourdes shook her head.
"So then it's over?" Melody asked.
"No." Albear said. "It can't possibly be over. She would have resurfaced before now."
Lourdes looked around the room.
"How many times?" Alby asked.
"Well it's just that...you know...we didn't know how long Gabe would be out of town for, and we didn't expect it to be this long, but-"
"Spit it out." Albear said.
"I don't know, maybe nine, ten times." There was silence in the room. You could hear a pin drop. Lourdes held her breath, quite sure that it wouldn't last.
"What!" Albear said jumping up off the sofa.
Lourdes quickly tried to explain. She knew he was going to lose his shit. "It's just that we thought that we would only have so much time before Gabe got back, we didn't think that he'd be gone for so long, then we were having so much fun and one day seemed to lead into the other..."
"Nine times!" Albear yelled.
"Albear," Lisa said, "calm down, you'll wake the baby." She held up the baby monitor and pointed her finger towards upstairs.
"Or was it ten? Which was it?" He wasn't yelling, but he was pissed. Lisa and Melody were staring at each other but they were quiet.
"It was ten, I think." Lourdes said looking down.
"Ten!?" He said.
"Okay, eleven."
Albear started pacing back and forth. "I don't believe this. What the fuck are you doing?" He furrowed his brows at her looking disgusted.
"Albear, calm down." Melody said.
"What's the big deal?" Lourdes asked. Lisa and Melody smiled at her, but they were still quiet.
Lourdes knew what the problem was. Albear thought she had seen Alexsander once, maybe twice. And then the affair would be over. He never would of guessed, that they were spending every waking moment together.
"Honey, I think the reason why Albear is reacting so strongly is because-" Melody didn't get a chance to finish, Albear cut her off.
"You said, this was something you needed to get out of your system, you didn't say you were giving up your life and your friends to be with that motherfucker."
Lourdes rubbed her fingers through her hair. "Look, I know this is bad, but Albear, you were the one who practically pushed me into his arms."
"What!" He said. "Girl what you trippin' for?"
"Okay, obviously we're getting nowhere." Lisa said, "let's just change the subject."
"Have you fallen for this guy?" Albear asked point blank.
"Wait a minute," Melody said, "this is the actor we're talking about right?"
"Yes." Lourdes said.
"What is it about him?" Lisa asked looking intrigued. "Is it the glamour? The sneaking around? Do you have real feelings for him?"
"It was just the simplest things that enthralled me." Lourdes said. "For the type of unreal world that he lives in, I was prepared for all of the glitterotti bullshit, but I wasn't prepared for him to be normal, so soulful. I wasn't prepared for him to be a real person. It caught me off guard. And in the beginning we got along so easily because we were in no way a threat to each other. He doesn't front or stun, you know I like those ones."
Albear sat back down next to her. She looked at him and smiled. "I had no choice, but to give into him."
"Well, I've seen him," Albear mumbled, "I can understand that urge."
"But you'll fuck anything with a pulse." Melody said.
"Not you." Albear cracked back. Lourdes exhaled, relieved that he was calming down, because she really did want to talk to him about this. She tried to open up a little more about this. "I don't know guys...He has that edge, it's fun, but I know it's trouble."
"Sounds like somebody else that I know." Melody said looking at Albear.
Alby sat closer and put his arms around her looking concerned. "I'm going to tell you this, as a friend, because I think you need to hear it. Mama, he's not the one, don't trust him."
"I know. I know." She said, "but when he touches me, all the warnings they just blow past me...But I hear ya'. I'm going to find a way to get through this, 'cause this dude is killing me, and I thought this would be over quick, but now I think he has no plans to free me. And it's so amazing to be with somebody that is so passionate and spectacular..." Lourdes stopped herself and looked at them. Lisa and Mel were engrossed. Albear was too, but he was trying very hard not to show it. Lourdes continued. "But right now, I'm playing the fool, 'cause I know this whole thing is no good...and I really think that's why he's just a phase, that I'm going through...and I love," she smiled, "how he has me changing all my rules, it's kind of fun...everything we do...." She smiled, the look of complete satisfaction was on her face, but she tried to offer reassurance. "But it's braking off a.s.a.p."
"If it's just a phase, then you can see him on your own terms right?" Lisa asked, eying her.
"It's not like I haven't tried to leave. I had other appointments, other obligations-"
"Case in point." Albear said but Lourdes continued. "I pack my bags and my girl come get's me...but then he's focuses all his energy on me, making promises that he can't keep...and I believe him."
"Promises?" Albear said. "Already, really?"
"No Alby. Not really." She said. But Albear wasn't sure if that was altogether true. He knew about Lourdes' powers of seduction when she was fully committed to something that she wanted.
"What about Gabriel?" Melody asked.
"What about Gabe?" She said.
"What is this going to do to your relationship?"
"Nothing." She said softly. "You know how it is between Gabe and I. Our arrangement works out best for both parties involved. And it works for him too because we're two peas in the same pod."
"What does that mean?" Lisa asked turning up the baby monitor.
"When I first met Gabe, we worked so well together because he knew that I was closed off from love.
"But baby," Mel said, if you think like that, time starts to past and before you know it-"
"I know." Lourdes said. "You're right. And as much as I liked Gabe, he traveled all the time, I was busy all the time and we made it clear that our relationship should remain open because of it. It was clear that he saw other women, and I was still dating other men. Plus I wasn't in a place where I could give my heart freely to anyone." Melody nodded her head, they waited for her to go on.
"But after all these years, something happened for the very first time...with Alex..."
"And that was?" Lisa asked.
"I don't know," Lourdes said, "he started piercing through my armor. I believe in him." She looked around the room, they were all staring at her. "And now every one's thinking I'm going crazy..."
"No." Lisa said. "We just want you to be careful."
"I am careful." She said. "All the time. How can I not be? My conscience gnaws away at me. But nothing's greater than the peace that comes after his embrace, and as wrong as it is, I only see his face..." She paused, looking at them. "I knew it!" She said laughing. "Y'all think I've lost it."
"And have you?" Melody asked smirking.
"Maybe just a little." Lourdes said pinching her fingers. "Maybe..."
"Tell us about it." Lisa said.


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