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Short story By: ZED

The insipid possibilities boil like a festered sore in my mind...while i turn tricks to please the whore of babylon...

Submitted:May 22, 2008    Reads: 124    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

The voice continued……

"The controllers have created an illusion of need. And we have fallen for it hook line and sinker."

"Like the managed health care SCAM - those pariahs - the pharmaceutical companies, the medical insurance companies and their executioners - the DOCTORS of DEATH - those who are sworn into the medicine hat golf club with a hypocrisy oath. Their motto is "Bleed them Dry, Bleed them Dry".

"They can only ply their trade if they have a steady supply of 'sick' and dying people - i.e. you and me, the more broken and sick people they have, the more profit they make giving you the runaround disguised as tests, diagnostics, re-tests, guess-work, then finally they flip a coin and prescribe a drug - whilst in their mind's eye they are anticipating that free blow job as they lie inebriated in their pharmaceutical holiday haven, Disney Druggie-land Inc; with all expenses paid care of DRUGSRU.com."

By now Osiris's was feeling the blood rush out of his right arm, there was a fullness and pain in the ears, he could the hear thedropin pressure as the fetid air was released through his Eustachian tube - like the hiss of the background radiation from the birth pangs of the universe whichis rotating within it's magnetic bubble as he was rotating in his mental bubblemoment by moment.

The voice returned only now it sounded like the warm dry breeze entwined within a fragrance of musk gently playing over the baked dry sand-dunes of a Sumerian Sunset.

"It's NOT in their interest to CURE ANYONE OF ANYTHING - so they chant their mantra as they laugh all the way to the bank with YOUR MONEY - leaving you dying for their cures".

Did I say that thought Osiris.

"Meanwhile the Holy Wood cardinals create the movie dream states for us to inhabit during our meager free time, hoisting the placard "You have freedom of choice!!" and soothing your addled brain with their hypnotic slogans "You get what you deserve!!" while behind the curtain of Maya they spoof up banal hollow thespians, as idols for us to worship. "Yo Yo YoSchwartz-e-nigga for president!!!!"

"What sort of system would create opportunities for people who don't need or deserve them rewarding them for being rich, whilst keeping the talented and hard-working, who struggle to make ends meet, suffering in poverty, and punished for that fact."

"Strange irony, in the land of the dead braves and the home of the under-classes."

Inside Osiris's mind a face was emerging from within his network of cerebral cells, it glowed with a luminescence that gave the face a hollow ghost-like pallor. He felt he was thinking without time, without words.

The thoughts continued to flow within multiple streams of meaning.

"Is there a time or place that has not been infected with the iniquities of inequality, dressed up as privilege, rank and reward, where greed and violence is not used to justify a meritocracy."

Wordsworth stepped up to the plate, there was a roar in the crowded stands and then a deafening silence followed.

"I wandered lonely like a fucking cloud into a mind trap.As we all will do regardless of your of love for freedom, because you are born into this 'set-up', a system that was configured a long time ago and that has been maintained so that the imbalance always favors the tiny minority, and the few families and heart-less tycoons who create the law and disorder that WE have to live with and in. This imbalance creates the inequality that WE struggle against on a day to day basis, feeling like a failure because you can't win the lotto and live like a rich fucker."

A face devoid ofeyes and flesh turns and stares at Osiris. The face sweaty and cold begins to speak…..

"I digress, I am distracted like the rest of us suckers, distracted by the holy wood machine, churning out FANTASY, distracted by the consumer machine, churning out electronic fixes that hook me deeper and drain my soul's energy.
Distracted by the race to gain status symbols, get the latest this that and the other, be cool and tuned - in, buy this and get one free, acquire, consume, display, worship the superstar who ejaculates over your poverty whilst they emulate your banal lifestyle during commercial soaked TV-time. Looking with far away eyes whilst those bottom feeders are happy to acquire riches feeding off your broken dreams of envy."

The voice stopped but like the final fuge in bach's "The Art of Fuge" it somehow still continued………in Osiris's head.


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