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The bitter Truth Of My Life

Short story By: sulochana

Tags: Cry, Betray, Friend

I was stunned to hear his words and about the interview which was never mentioned before. I would surely believe him if I hadn't been there and would make a fool of myself."

Submitted:Mar 19, 2013    Reads: 187    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

The Bitter Truth of My Life

I couldn't believe myself that it was happening with me, I stood there numb for a minute and finally asked my friend, "Is it a bad dream I am dreaming of, or a worst reality, please Simi tell me quick."

Simi was wondering if I had really gone mad. In fact I was terribly sad to see a person whom I loved so much enjoying a date with another girl.

"Hey Divanki keep faith, sometimes things are not how you see, may be they also have a different purpose to sit in that manner."Simi assured me with her weak words which did not satisfy me at all. "Please Simi I am a grown up girl and I know what purpose do they hold right now. Simi do I cry or just go ahead to give a punch to that betrayer, I cannot stand this, what am I supposed to do?"

"No you are not going to do such a thing dear, if that person is not worthy for you why do you even care to go and tell him, just call him and ask him, the truth will reveal itself."

"I think that sounds better." I then gave him a call. As I was watching him, he said something to the girl and then went a little far from the place where they sat. He picked up there and started saying with a kind of hurry,"Hie Di how is your vacation going on with Simi huh? As usual he called my name and started with all the things related to my vacation"

"Hey Nirwan where are you right now?" straight away I tried to get him to the point.

I just prayed to hear him say that he was with his college friend and not a lie.

"Oh..oo..umm..ummmm.ya so everything is alright there?" Tears rolled down my eyes because whatever was in front of me was the original truth.

I controlled myself and said, "Yes everything is alright but I suppose you are not. Will you answer my question first?"

"Come on Di, I am at home preparing for my interview tomorrow. Why do you ask such questions dear? Do you think I would be going anywhere without you by my side. Ok sweetie enjoy your stay.Take care? Will call you in the evening."

I was stunned to hear his words and about the interview which was never mentioned before. I would surely believe him if I hadn't been there and would make a fool of myself."

I gathered up my courage and went straight towards him, Simi came running after me to stop but I was in no mood to listen to her. The man I loved for three years gave me the worst surprise, I ever expected. I was crying as I hurried to meet the guy whom I had done everything just to see him smile. As I headed towards him I felt a weak vibration entering my whole body, until I reached him I had already burst into tears. He was extremely shocked to see me there as I could see him ignoring me and had no words to convince me because he was already trapped.

The girl near him was unable to say anything, and started asking him about me. I told her that I was his girl friend and we were dating for three years already. Hearing this she started crying and asked for Nirwan's justification. Nirwan then suddenly spoke up," No, Tripti she is telling a lie baby, I love you and that's it. I don't want further discussion. I am sorry Di I don't love you, It was a time pass."

"What? Who are you to take me as a time pass? And don't you even dare call me by that name again. Di was the one who loved you with all the reasons you had.

Who the hell are you to say you don't love me, in fact I hate you from this very moment. I didn't even know you were such a jerk. I am more than happy to know, you love her. Take care."

I smiled at the girl and left the place as soon as possible with my best friend Simi to comfort me all the way.

"What had I done wrong Simi to tag me as a time pass?" I cried whole heartedly with my friend. I know I can neither forgive him nor forget him. I still can't believe it he told me that I was just a time pass.

"I know the pain you are going through is tough to hold on but sooner or later you will realize that whatever happens, happens for the best...So, just move on Divanki."

I thanked God that at least in such a situation I had a shoulder to cry on, my best buddy Simi. Days moved on but his memories came alive with his every promises and laughter we had shared together.

After a year of that incident I heard from Simi that he got married with another girl not the one whom I had met him with. I smiled to have been saved from such a person.

I left my hometown for my further studies after twelfth standard. Simi always called me and we would share all the happenings that were going there and in my place.

As usual I had a call from Simi, her call made me shock once again Nirwan had divorced the girl and then married another one and had two sons now. It was a pity for the girls who believed him where once even I had to go through the same phase.

So, this was how I realized the bitter truth of my life but then my best friend's encouragement made me lead my life again. I thank God and smile again, after all life has to move on and not stop where you are not deserved at all. :)


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