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Ivory Towers

Poetry By: intwrite

The man addicted to control and power,
remote up in his penthouse tower..
Remote from the rank and file
Guru of taste...and style,
Sought out by the powerful the rich.........

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The multi billionare..a man of influence and power,

Remote... aloof ensconced in lofty penthouse...ivory tower.

Wealth...wealth beyond all measure.

Power and control his ultimate pleasure

he watched cc tv from all around

Hidden cameras relaying sight and sound.

homes..apartments, hotel room,

Anywhere in his sprawling empire

voyeuristic focus...... zoom.

Family dramas real life recorded..dated,

he watched..controlled and manipulated

....grew depraved indulging in plutocracy of his world

..familys broken..men,women whirled and swirled

Heartache and misery for the unsuspecting

Victims of his sly detecting

He chose a family.. the wife caught his eye,

Beautiful,graceful and loving..to watch and spy

..her husband and her passion on the bed

how when on her own she masturbated

He took control of long term debt and re -morgage of their home

To expand a thriving business the husband branched out on his own

He visited the house....

revealed how he knew every aspect of her life

Bid her do as instructed or lose home, business.. everything

Not to disclose his threat to her husband ..no oneat all.

She grew angry told him to do his worst..she had no fear of all his wealth

..he laughed showed her on his lap top recording of her pleasuring herself

how she watched porn alone in the day

She crumbled in shame and dismay

she sobbed shoulders bent .head bowed low

He talked in a soft voice..reassuring non stop flow

As he spoke he told her she must obey

Starting from the present day

to raise her skirt up to her thighs

she ran from the room with anguished cries

He followed her into the hall

Where she cried and cowered against the wall

At length he explained how she had much to win..all to lose

He could make her husbands business profitable beyond belief

.all she had to do was choose

one last chance ..raise up your skirt..now..come on up you go

She slowly reached down ..gripped the hem only for him to shout NO

..Changed my mind you go and change into something smart sexy to charm

you will be back in time to pick your children from school...that she would come to no harm

his cold threatning turned to honeyed assurance

He drove her to a exclusive club he owned to wine and dine

but she had no appettite but accepted rich red wine

her face flushed...glass after glass in the large dining booth

But the heavy velvet curtains wide open ..on full view.

in a booth he sat had her stand between his legs

Passing club members could see inside.

now raise your dress up to your hips..

he smiled.... a writhing of fat wet lips

The young wife stood shaking

whole body quaking

but this was what turned him on..just what he had planned for

He spoke harsh and threatened...if not playing get out the door...

as he painted a picture of ruin and disgrace

she slowly raised her skirt tears down her face

as he had instructed she was bare below the waist

sex mound smooth..neat pouting lips of her secret place

How many men have been inside your cunt..tell the truth or else..

In a whisper she told him just her husband and one other

...that he was before her husband..a previous lover

he cupped her sex ignored her tears and pleading

Told her soon she would learn..supply what he was needing

a fat stubby finger slipped in as he ordered her to legs parted wide

she stood poised and stock still as instructed with his finger lodged inside

They stayed motionless for what seemed an age

A sharp word stopped her when she tried to disengage

Gradually she grew moist and wet ..her body betraying

He spoke...outpouring of obscenity and lust, despite herself she listened to what he was saying

his finger moved back and forth as his thumb rubbed her clit

With his other hand he caressed her tit

Suddenly she held her breath...he said ''Ahh now I have you''

ordered her to undo his zip,bring his prick into view

She crouched legs parted holding her skirt up high as instructed

Come now do as I bid he told speeding up his rubbing

the skirt covering his hands as she reached for his dick

The wet juicy cunt the sloshing sound continued now hidden

As her fingers fumbled below his soft belly she closed her eyes... ashamed,

then slowly she withdrew his cock...thick plum end purple.....inflamed

she gripped it with small fingers feeling it hard yet silky smooth

Then to his delight unbidden from him her fingers started to move

She stroked his swollen member as if in a dream

the red wine and his expert fingering helping compose the scene

Wanking with long slow strokes cradling his heavy length

Rubbing her thumb over the tip smearing copious pre cum with increasing strength

leaning back he pulled her..cupping the cheeks of her ass with his hands

Settled her swollen lips against his purple glans

As the young wife crouched poised over his steel hard dick

He spoke ..giving her a choice get off and leave make your mind up quick

Or stay and be mine to enjoy and use whenever I please

She in a condition of conflicting thoughts,wine,fright confusion and worry

Didnt move staying tempted by his talk of her working for him earning big money

How it would all be secret and kept from her husband and youngster just started school

Her salary would be large she could afford to hire help..have a interesting life

but she would supply his needs..whatsoever he wanted she was to be his toy

His tip rubbed the length of her pussy.... silky precum coated the lips of her slit

For a brief moment her legs weakened..as he suckled a tit

But as her legs tensed to straighten move away ... take her leave

His hands caught her shoulders..gave a quick heave

A shocked gasp as she slid down his thickness filling her..hurting a little

He kept his hands on her shoulders she felt his filling her sheath

and despite herself she started to find some relief

She moved and wrigged and ground down real hard

Then he ordered her to ride him..how she was so small and tight

She used his cock for her pleasure and full satisfaction

But little did she know what lay ahead

make her be used by whoever he said


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