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Mom is abducted and sexually Assaulted by two teenage boys.

Novel By: JohnCenaFan316

Delia Mayfield is a beautiful, atractive. single mom. she has dark red hair which she always has it up in a low pony-tail and blue eyes. She lives in a Suburban House in a shaded tree-line neighborhood in a small town called Osage. with her 3-year-old son, Barry Mayfield. She's also a good Athlate, She's a Runner. She's won three gold medals in the 10-kay run that was held every year in Osage. Until something happened to her. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1: A Clear Sunny Day.

On a clear Sunny day in Osage. Delia Mayfield was about to drop her 3-year-old son. Barry off at Day Care.

"Barry, will you be a good little boy for Mommy?", Delia asked.

"Yep", Barry answered.

"I love you so much, Barry", Delia said.

"I love you This much, Mommy", Barry replied.

"Oh, You", Delia said as she hugged him.

Barry gave his mommy a kiss on the lips. and went off to play with the other children. Delia told the day care owner that She'll be back to pick him up at around 1:00. after she got done with her daily Jog. Delia left the day care center. got into her car. and drove off.

Meanwhile in another car. 17-year-old Bradley Miller was driving his car down the road. when he stopped by an apartment complex. he parked the car in the parking lot of the complex. he got out of the car. started walking toward an apartment where his best friend. 18-year-old Gregory Boggs lived. He knocked on the door. and Gregory answered the door.

"So, Greg. are we going or what?", Bradley asked.

"Ok", Gregory answered as he told his mother that he's going out. and closed the door behind him.

They got into Bradley's car. and they drove off. Meanwhile Delia parked her at a parking lot of a vacant lot of an old grocery store. She left her cell phone and her purse in her car. She got out of her car. and she started jogging.

Meanwhile Bradley and Gregory were still in Bradley's car. They were driving around the town. Until Gregory saw Delia Mayfield Jogging on the sidewalk.

"Hey, Brad. look at that beautiful legs", Gregory said as he pointed to Delia.

"Maybe we should drive up to her and talk to her?", Bradley asked.

"Ok", Gregory answered as Bradley drove his car up by the side walk beside Delia. as Gregory rolled the window down.

"Hey. Babe. you look tired. my friend and I are going to that Cafe on main street to get something to eat. Do you want to come with us?", Gregory asked.

"Oh. I don't know", Delia answered.

"Come On, It'll be Fun?", Gregory asked smiling his charming smile at Delia. Until she became entranced by his charming smile.

"Ok, that'll be fine", Delia answered still entranced by Gregory's charm.

"Oh, good. how about we get in the back, It'll be more comfortable?", Gregory asked as he still smiling his charming smile at an entranced Delia. as he got out of the passenger-side of Bradley's car. closed it. and opened the back door.

"Oh. yes. that'll be fine", an entranced Delia answered as she got in the backseat of Bradley's car. and Gregory got in behind her. closed the door behind them.

Bradley drove off. they started driving down main street. until they were out of the town.


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