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The Demon's That Tempt Me; Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel-Chapter 7

Book By: Nina Simone

Take a look into the life of Lourdes, a fun, sexy, party planning chef, with a complicated side...

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They peeked out the bathroom door. The coast was clear. They ran hand in hand down the hallway to the front of the home.
"There is only one for sure way to get out of something like this." Lita whispered quickly. "We have the hostess tell Steve that their was an emergency, personal reasons, whatever, and we had to leave. It'll be my emergency, so both of us will be required to take off and he can't feel entitled to keep you here instead of me."
"Alright, sounds good, sounds good." Lourdes said as they moved quickly to the front door where two security guards were standing.
"You go out front," Lita said, "I'll tell the hostess, get our coats and cell's, stay in the shadows just to be safe."
Lourdes slipped past the security guards and spotted their limo driver immediately. She lingered by some bushes, not sure if she should approach, this wasn't their get away vehicle, Steve needed a way to get out of here too.
There also weren't any shadows to hide in. There were fire lit lanterns everywhere, and security patrolling the grounds.
Lita came rushing out with their things. She spotted Lourdes and they headed towards each other.
"Which car is ours?" Lita asked handing her everything.
"Over here." Lourdes said, directing her towards the driver.
"Okay hears the deal, I get him to drop us off at the nearest, local bar, and we take a cab back home."
"Good we're on the same page." Lourdes said as they rushed up to the driver.

"How will all of this go over with your client?" Lourdes asked Lita. They were back at Jasper's house sitting in the dark with only a few candles lit. Lourdes wanted it that way. She needed peace and quiet and silence, so she could collect her thoughts. Being out of the costumes and wigs, was starting to make her feel back to normal.
Lita handed her a shot and a beer. "Salut." She said. They clinked their beers and both took their shots at the same time. Once Lita set down her empty shot glass, she answered. "I'll apologize profusely, tell him it couldn't be helped, refund his money and offer to make it up to him later down the road."
"And that will be enough?" Lourdes asked.
"It has to be," she said, "you see, a guy like that doesn't want to lose a high class call girl, such as myself. Not very many come as high class as I do, and not very many have the same skills and technique that I do," she waved her beer around, "he probably won't even take the money back. And if I'm lucky, he won't mention this to my agent either."
"So you'll just make it up to him later?"
"I never ditch a client, unless it's a real emergency, and as you can see, it was an emergency."
Lourdes nodded her head. She was 99% percent sure that Pullo hadn't spotted them, but that one percent still had adrenaline rushing through her body.
"So you think this is the safest place to be?" She asked Lita.
Lita smiled, studying her. She nodded her head slowly. "Yeah, I think we will be fine here all night."
Lourdes said nothing.
"But if that was your way of asking me, if I think Pullo will be out fucking all night, then I would have to say yes. Sorry babe, I can't sugar coat it."
"That's okay." Lourdes said clutching her beer to her chest. The shot was softening the blow already. Lourdes looked around the room dumbfounded. Lita sat closer to her. She put her index finger on Lourdes' forearm and ran it down slowly to her wrist. "Penny for your thoughts?"
Lourdes looked at her. "Who the fuck is this guy?"
Lita shrugged her shoulders.
"I mean, really, who is he? He comes back home, you guys give him this welcome home party and nobody ever says what we're welcoming him back home from. He doesn't seem to work, he doesn't seem to have much family other than you and Jasper. I know nothing about him."
"And yet your fucking him." Lita said flatly.
"What?" Lourdes asked.
"All I'm saying is, don't flip out about this quite yet. If the shoe was on the other foot, he could be saying the same thing about you."
"I know that!" Lourdes said. "But the shoe isn't on the other foot, and what if he goes and sticks his dick in ten whores tonight and then wants to come back tomorrow and fuck me!"
Lita was quiet.
Lourdes sucked in her breath and then exhaled slowly. "Oh Lita," She said.
Lita shook her head. "Forget about it."
"No Lita, I didn't mean it like that. I'm so sorry." Lourdes said.
Lita shook her head again. She stood up, walked out of the room and came back with the whole liquor bottle. She poured both of them another shot. They both drunk it before they went on. "Lourdes, it's okay. You're upset, I know what you meant, and I know it wasn't directed at me. I'm a big girl, I can take it. I am the one who invited you there in the first place."
"But who invited him?! That's what I want to know. What kind of person could he possibly know, that could get him into a place like that?"
"Does it have to be so complicated?" Lita asked.
"What do you mean?"
"We got invited. Well, yes I invited you, but I'm a sane, normal person. It could be as simple as one of his friends invited him too."
"But why does he want to hang out with me, if he's going out and doing things like this?"
"You have to stop." Lita said.
"All I'm saying is, just look at it from the other side of things. I don't think he's going out doing this all the time. And he does really like you. This could easily be his first time like it was yours."
"It wasn't my first anything." Lourdes mumbled disappointed. "We never even got that far." She took a sip of her beer.
"Aww, poor baby." Lita said pouring them another drink. "Maybe next time."
"No way." Lourdes said. "I'm done with all that, I've learned my lesson. And stop plying me with liquor."
"A beer and two shots of whiskey and you don't miss a beat." Lita said laughing. "Now stop being such a baby. And don't be such a hard ass. Sure things didn't go as planned, that doesn't mean the same thing will happen every time."
Lourdes shook her head, half listening to Lita. "He's out doin' somebody else as we speak."
"You don't know that. Maybe he just likes to watch." Lita said taking a sip of her beer.
"Who the fuck are you kidding." Lourdes mumbled.
Lita started choking and spit her beer across the room. Lourdes was alarmed for a moment, but then she realized she was choking, because her comment made her laugh. Lourdes smacked her back a few times, until she regained her composure.
"I'm glad to see all of this amuses you." She muttered.
Lita let out a few more coughs and choked back her last laugh.
"I think you sprayed me with beer." Lourdes whined, wiping off her blouse. "Goddam, you are a princess aren't you!" Lita said pushing her. Lourdes laughed. The alcohol was kicking in, and things were suddenly seeming a bit more comical. "What's the real problem?" Lita asked. "What really hurts so much about tonight? It was still kind of fun."
"Oh yeah fun. Running around in a limo, escaping a sex party so the guy that I'm fucking won't find out you're an uber whore, and that I'm there being a whore with you. Then waiting an hour in some dive bar, dressed up like Halloween, just to pay two hundred dollars for a cab ride back home." Lourdes looked at Lita and sighed. "The problem is, just when I think I can't sink any lower with the guys I'm fucking around with, they're still out topping me! So what am I carrying all of this guilt for, when they're still going to be out there doing whatever the fuck it is, that they want to do!?"
"Oh." Lita said. "So why are you?" She sounded annoyed.
Lourdes looked at her. Lita drunk down most of her beer, looking around the room. She set her bottle down and turned back to Lourdes. "I thought you were actually upset about what happened, because our night was ruined. Not about your harem of guys."
"I am," Lourdes said, "but-" She studied Lita some more. "I don't understand." She said. Lita stared at her. "This night doesn't have to be a total bust."
This time Lourdes picked up the bottle and poured them another drink. Lita was giving her mixed signals again, and she was starting to get the feeling that Lita was just as bummed out that the night didn't work out either. Maybe she did want to hook up. Lourdes looked her over. She was wearing next to nothing in her short shorts and a practically see through top. Lita was sexy as hell and she was practically sitting in Lourdes' lap.
All the signals were there. Lourdes picked her shot up slowly and drunk it down without using her beer for a chaser. It burned all the way from her throat, all the way down to her stomach. But suddenly it was the best burn she ever felt. She was definitely buzzed. "You know," Lourdes spoke quietly, "I said from the beginning that we didn't have to go to an orgy, if you wanted to hook up." She wasn't quite looking her in the eye, but at least she was putting it out on the table. Lita drunk her drink. Lourdes stifled back a laugh, at least she wasn't the only one who needed a bit of liquid courage. "I know." Lita spoke softly. "I never said this was about me." "So why does it feel like you're pissed at me, because I'm not making this about you?" "You're projecting," she said, "that's the alcohol talking." "The alcohol may be talking but I'm not projecting anything." Lourdes protested. "You make these questionable comments all the time, you invite me to a sex party, half your friends are lezzies, I mean what the fuck is up? Stop playing and let me know, cause I'm going crazy, playing the guessing game here." Lourdes exhaled. She was getting tipsy and she realized that she might be rambling. She could barely make out the, expression on Lita's face in the flickering of the candle lights. Lita leaned over and kissed her. Lourdes was so shocked, she actually had no words. The whiskey made her feel like this conversation was heading towards and fight, but now things had changed. Her lips were so soft, it turned Lourdes on immediately. She knew instantly that she was hot for her because even her lipstick tasted so sweet, which she normally hated, when she kissed a girl. Lita pulled away from her. "Okay, so maybe I have thought about fucking you. Just a little." She whispered. "That's good to know." Lourdes said blushing. They both laughed. Lourdes shook her head trying to pull herself together. "But who says that you'd be doing the fucking?" She asked jokingly. Lita laughed out loud. She leaned over and kissed her again. This time she let her tongue graze the top of Lourdes' lip. "Bullshit." She said when she pulled away again. "What?" Lourdes asked innocently. "Honey," Lita said, "you may come off very top dog and in control, but in the gay world, I can tell from a mile away that you're a pillow princess. This time Lourdes was the one to start choking on her beer. "How can you be so sure about that?" She asked clearing her throat. Lita leaned in, but she didn't kiss her. "From the men you date." "Fuck off." Lourdes said smiling. "No I'm serious." She said. "They all seem to have a common quality."
"And that is?" Lourdes asked. "I have that same quality." Lita said. "Let's go to the back, I'll prove it to you." Lourdes didn't get a chance to respond. There were keys jingling in the front door. They both looked at each other and turned towards the door quickly. Pullo walked in. "Hey you two. Girls night?" He asked. They both looked at each other. "Why the fuck is it so dark in here?" Pullo said looking around.

"Yes ma'am, can I help you?"
Lourdes walked up to the desk Sargent with Lamont . "Hi, I'm looking for detective Ambrose."
"Is he expecting you?"
Lourdes nodded her head and smiled at Lamont. Kenneth wasn't expecting her, but she needed to do this now.
"Hot damn trouble just walked through the door!" Walter said as he approached Lourdes to give her a hug. "How the hell are ya?" He turned to the desk Sargent. "I got this Chris."
Lourdes walked with Walter through the glass doors. "Oh Walter wait, this is my friend Lamont, can he come too?" Walter took his hand off of Lourdes' back and turned around. It took him ten seconds to look Lamont over and realize that he wanted nothing to do with him. "Sure." He said half smiling. "Come on back."
"You know Walter, Lamont 's a southern boy just like you." Lourdes said, trying to break the tension.
"Is that right?" Walter asked going over the question. "Haven't seen the likes of you 'round these parts, where 'ya been?"
"Oh you know, just busy working." She said.
"Well that's code for dating other people." Walter said smiling. His teeth were too white, as if he just had them bleached. They were so noticeable because Walter had rather large teeth.
"So you're here to see the man right?" He asked.
"Yeah, if he's not too busy."
Walter looked her up and down, resting his eyes on her cleavage. "I'm sure we can work something out." Lourdes and Lamont looked at each other. "Walter you haven't changed a bit." Lourdes laughed.
They walked through a series of desks, down the hall to a private office. Walter opened the door, and the rest of the boys were in there. Michael, their team leader, David and Kenneth were sitting there.
"Helloooooo!" David said standing up instantly when he saw Lourdes. He rushed over and gave her a hug. Lourdes always liked David. He was sweet and smart, and the least aggressive out of all the boys.
Michael got up also. "Long time no see." He said smiling and shaking her hand. "How are you?" Michael was the pit bull. A meat head. Shorter than the rest of the guys, more stocky, but strong and vicious.
"Great." She said smiling and giving Kenneth the eye at the same time.
He stood up last. A little hesitant, but glad to see her.
"I hope I'm not interrupting, I was just in the neighborhood and thought we would take a chance and see if you have time for coffee or a quick talk." Lourdes said to Kenneth. He smiled and nodded his head.
"This is my friend Lamont, by the way." Lourdes said putting her hand on Lamont's arm. "He decided to tag along, he knows that I've always had a soft spot for cops." She said smiling.
"Yeah," Lamont said, "I get the opposite effect, both located in the same place."
Lourdes softly nudged him to shut up, as she tried not to laugh. These guys didn't have that kind of sense of humor.
"Yeah sure, take all the time you need, just make sure you have him back in twenty minutes." Michael said smiling. "Got business to attend to, if you know what I mean."
Lourdes nodded her head. "Nice to see everybody again." She said.
Kenneth walked out the room with her, leaving Lamont to his own defenses and closed the door behind him. He would be alright, he was in heaven.
Kenneth escorted her to the back of the police station and took her outside. When they were off standing in a corner alone, he gave her a kiss and a hug. Kenneth was the last guy that Lourdes was sort of serious about, before Gabe. Kenneth was older too. Probably the second oldest man she had ever dated next to Pullo. He was about ten years younger than Pullo with twice the body mass.
"Shit girl, you really know how to catch a guy off guard." He said now that they were alone. "Should I be worried? Does your friend need to file a report? I haven't heard from you in months."
"No." She said shaking her head. "How are you?"
"I'm great." He said. "Life's never been better." He meant it. Kenneth was always happy go lucky, even when things were the worst in his life. "So then you're here cause you want me back?" He asked smiling. "I knew you'd come to your senses some day."
"I might be coming around to the idea someday, but it's not today." She said.
He crossed his arms over his chest and nodded his head. Lourdes studied him for a moment. It was insane to her how many of his features resembled somebody else that she knew...
Kenneth was very tall also. Like 6'4 tall also. Same blond hair, blue eyes, nice smile...Lourdes felt sick. Of course Kenneth had come into her life first. And, even though he had the same features, he looked nothing like...If she had to describe him, she would say good old boy. Broad chest, wide shoulders and all those farmer boy muscles...Yeah, mixed in with his badge and handcuffs, they use to have a very good time together.
"I hate to be the type of girl that just blows in for a favor, but babe, today I'm that girl." She said smiling.
"Yeah, no problem." Kenneth said taking a step closer. "Are you in some kind of trouble?"
"No nothing like that." She said. "But it would still be great if you could help me out."
"Yes, sure, whatever you need." He said.
It was just like him. Always kind and considerate.
"I need you to run a background check on a friend of mines. He just blew into town, and things have been cool, but for my own piece of mind..."
"Do you think he committed a crime?"
"No." She said shaking her head.
"Is he dangerous?"
"No nothing like that. I would just feel better if I knew what he's been up to while he's been away."
"But you really mean, if he was away serving time right?"
Lourdes slowly nodded her head.
"Is this a guy your dating?"
"Just a friend." Lourdes said, "But sometimes I get the feeling that he might..."
"Have a record?" Kenneth asked.
She smiled and nodded her head again.
"You got it girl. Write his name down, give me a couple of days and I'll let you know."
Lourdes breathed a sigh of relief and gave him a hug. "Thanks for doing this." She said. She pulled out a piece of paper that had everything that she knew about Pullo on it.

"Are you fucking crazy?" Albear asked Lourdes. "You're investigating him?" They were all at Alby's loft getting ready for a night out on the town.
"Y'all should have came!" Lamont said giddily, he ran up and plopped down on Albear's Italian sofa. "All those uniforms, all those bulging biceps."
"Sounds like Uniform Night last week at Sin City." Albear said.
"How come I wasn't invited?" Tyler asked from Albear's kitchen counter, looking hurt.
"You were working." Lourdes said holding her hand up. "I swear."
"Why didn't you invite me?" Albear asked smiling.
"Because I would have came back from talking to Kenneth and you would have been fucking one of the sexually confused officers in the locker room." She said smartly to him. "I couldn't take the chance." She tried to look serious as Albear smiled and gave her the finger.
"Well the next time you go, you must bring me along." Corey said sitting down with a sandwich. "So what do you think he did?" He asked referring to Pullo.
"Nothing. It's not about that." Lourdes said. "It's just this feeling I have. I just need to know more about him."
"And this is the best way you could think of to go about it?" Albear asked.
"Yeah, I can't get any information out of Lita about him, Jasper's never around to dish anything and I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed."
"I wonder why." Albear said. "Too much on your plate?"
Lourdes ignored him.
"Honey I hate to say this," Lamont said, "but if you're looking for a criminal record on him, don't you think it's time to cut the trick loose?"
"No." Lourdes responded. "I'm not afraid of him, I just want to know more about him."
"Did you tell them about the gun?" Albear asked.
"What?" They all said stopping what they were doing.
"Albear!" Lourdes yelled. She wanted to kill him. He was fucking with her for all the information she was holding back from him.
"What gun?" Tyler came quickly from the kitchen with a sandwich also.
"Nothing." Lourdes said.
"You found your guy with a gun?" Lamont asked.
"No." Lourdes said shaking her head quickly.
"So what's the story?" Corey asked.
"The story is-" Albear started.
Albear smiled at her. He looked at the guys. "There is no story about a gun. It's bullshit."
"You asshole." Tyler said, looking disappointed.
Lourdes sat back, exhaling with a sigh of relief.
"But I definitely think," Albear said getting that smile on his face again, "that you should tell them about the sex party."
Lourdes shook her head quickly. She barely had time to recover, and he hits her back with this.
"You went?" Lamont asked excitedly. "We spent the whole morning together and you never once mentioned it!"
"That's because there is nothing to tell." Lourdes said throwing daggers Alby's way.
"The fuck there isn't!" Albear said. "She has all kinds of gossip to tell. It'll probably explain why she's looking into her new leather daddy-"
"Fuck off Alby!"
"And she even made out with her new best friend." He kept going.
"Oh!" She yelled feeling completely betrayed. "I'm never telling you anything ever again!" She said hiding her hands behind her face.
"Okay!" Lamont said getting up and locking the door to Albear's loft. "You are not going anywhere until you tell us all!"

"Where are you?" Albear asked the minute Lourdes picked up her cell phone. "I'm coming to get you." It was much later in the day and Lourdes was behind on her tasks. "No Alby, you can't." She said, tossing things about.
"I had a for shit day, and I need to go out." He said.
"Call one of the boys."
"I'm calling you."
"I'm busy."
"Bullshit. What are you doing?"
"I'm at Gabriel's' taking care of some things."
"Tell him your friend is having a crisis and needs you for a couple of hours."
"I'm not leaving, I have things to do."
"What? Are you two fucking?"
"No, he's not even here."
"Then what's so important, everything will still be there after we have drinks."
"I promised him, I'd get this shit taken care of, before his guest arrive in town."
"So you're his maid now?"
"You may not know this Albear, but there is this thing called a relationship and when you are in a relationship, you actually do things for each other, it's all about give and take."
"I know all about taking," he said, "and you should watch me give it."
"Spare me," she said, "we've all watched you give it at some point in our lives."
"Besides, you're not in a relationship, the two of you are just fuck buddies, so when did you become his Martha Stewart? Sounds to me like you're one step away from marriage."
Lourdes exhaled loudly, struggling with the sheets that she was trying to arrange on the bed. "Leave me alone Alby, I just wanna do this so I can get out of here, then go home and kill myself."
"Still bitter about the girlfriend huh?" He laughed.
"Okay I'm hanging up now! I don't know why I'm even talking to you, traitor."
"Look bitch, stop being a baby, you knew that when you played this game, you would have to be ready for anything that comes your way, so I say get over it and tell me where you are so we can go to Hardy Boys."
"No." She said. "I have no desire to be around a bunch of half naked men that have no interest in me."
"I would say that's a plus."
"How you figure that?" She asked tossing down the blanket.
"Because then there's a very good chance that you won't fuck any of them."
Lourdes sighed as Alby laughed into the phone. "Look who's talking. Why do I even bother with you?" She said.
"Because you love me most." He replied. "And come off it, you knew the boys would find out what was going on with you eventually. Isn't it better that they heard it from a reliable source?"
"Okay I'm hanging up now." She said again.
"Just one drink." He said. "I'm already in the car."
"It's never one drink with you," she said tossing the pillows on top of the bed, "one drink turns into ten shots of tequila and the next thing I know, I'm getting laid by three guys who look like Drake."
"I certainly hope not." Alexsander said standing in the bedroom doorway.


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