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Dive into Dark Obsessions, and allow YOUR obsession to take over this dark, twisted, psych thriller. By the time you finish reading each chapter, it will leave you completely mind f!@*ed and craving for more, because with each turn of the page your obsession will grow until it will consume you. **WARNING** this story will leave you OBSESSED. We will not be held responsible for any readers that
get with drawl from delayed chapters. read at your own risk.​
​Mina Milani is a young sophomore at Yale University, her life completely turns upside down when she runs into Yale's youngest university professor Jeremy De Boer ;sexy, successful, charismatic and arrogant beyond belief; Mina is convinced she hates her professor, but even the line between love and hate is very thin. Everyone knows that sexual affairs are forbidden within the confines of a most prestigious university, but what happens when love is involved? Where does the line draw between love and obsession? What is the difference? It's not long before Mina discovers her professor's darkest secret...and when she does, is it enough to consume her soul into the pits of darkness? or is it enough to enlighten her mind and open it to a completely different level of love. Dark Obsessions will leave you in a rapture of emotions as erotic shocks await leaving your temperature level at fever pitch. This story will lead you down a dark and twisted road of psyche analysis. This book is seductive, mesmerizing and darkly sensual. By the time you finish this novel it will leave you with just one question. How far is fantasy from reality? Because Dark Obsessions will make you question every belief you had on the meaning of love. View table of contents...


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Music Inspired:

Bullet for My valentine-Forever and Always

Chapter Rating: T


Chapter 5

Love Can Go The Distance…I think


I'm listening to my iPod all through my train ride back home from the closest metro station to the campus. I scroll through my music playlist and hit play; Bullet For My Valentine: Forever and Always, one of my favorites. I swerve my thumb over the volume control pad and nod my head slightly in time with the music. In some ways I'm glad the day is over, it didn't go that badly apart from my Dutch Linguistics class with Professor De Boer. I wonder what his first name is. Why am I so curious about him? Sheesh. He's just a boring university teacher, I try to convince myself but fail the attempt as Professor Velonce appears in my mind. Ugh, I shudder.​

Professor De Boer's class is like watching The Discovery Channel; it may have some tedious, dull programs but at least there's some sort of entertainment. Meanwhile Velonce's class is like sitting in front of the television for two hours as a "no programming" signal bounces around the screen.​

I pull out my blackberry and text Hannah.​

Be home in 20. Will help with dinner tonight :)

I hit the send button and shove my phone back inside my hand bag. My mind begins to roam and I'm thinking about Hans. I wonder what he's up to at this moment. It's only 4pm for me, which means it's 10pm for him, a six hour time difference. It really sucks, but I'm patient, he will be here soon enough. I had met Hans when I went to the Netherlands last summer. I was visiting some family and it's actually pretty funny how we ended up dating each other. He was the son of my uncle's friend and when my uncle had invited his buddy over, I met Hans.​

There was instant chemistry between us, but my uncle was against him ever getting his hands on me, so I spent the entire summer sneaking away with Hans, we hit the clubs, parties, beaches. I fell in love with him and when I had to leave it was the worst part of my trip. But He promised me that he would transfer out by the beginning of the school year, and he kept that promise.

​My boyfriend is very good looking; he's only two years older than me, blond, green eyes, ruggedly handsome and tall. My family slowly came around and accepted us, which is seriously such a huge relief because it's not easy plotting to be with your lover when your family tries to keep you apart.

I spend the remainder of my train ride, reminiscing over romantic memories shared between Hans and me. I really can't wait to be in his arms again and can't wait to finish college with him. I never pictured myself getting married, but as I got to know Hans better, I began to consider him as the perfect candidate. Things have been a little turbulent along the way, but that happens when you're trying to pull your relationship long distance. Oh, well, that will all be over soon. Good things come to those who wait.

My iPod is still blasting through my ears as I step inside the warm apartment that I share with my roommates. I immediately smell the scent of vanilla wafting into the living room. It must be Hannah's candles again. I tug at my earphones and turn off my iPod.

"I'm home!" I call out.

Hannah scares me nearly half to death when I see her exit her bedroom door, dressed down in a red bathrobe, and a white turban wrapped around her head. That's not the scary part though; she approaches me with a huge smile on her face, looking like a green skinned zombie version of herself.

"Jeezus Hannah! What the hell is that stuff on your face?" I take off my jacket and hang it in the closet, while keeping my eyes on her.

"Don't knock it till you've tried it. You will seriously be begging me for this stuff once you see the drastic results on my face."

I walk towards her and gawk at her. Leaning forward, the distinct smell of cucumber hits my nostrils while I stare at the green cream she's spread all over her face; she was careful to not get any in her eyes. "What's this stuff called anyway?" I swipe at her cream a bit with my index finger.

​"Hey! Don't touch! You will ruin the exfoliating remedy!"
I roll my eyes.

"It's called Cucumber Delight." She answers.

"It looks like a cucumber delightfully took a shit on your face." Jules says, walking past us, grabbing her coat from the closet.

Hannah is instantly annoyed, as she glares at our weirdo roommate.

"At least I can wipe this shit off! Can't say the same about your hair though, it looks like you dunked your head up a telly tubby's ass, Tinky Winky's ass to be precise, and it came up looking like a terrible shade of purple!"

I can't help but let out a laugh that I was desperately trying to keep inside. It's true though, she has a point, not digging the purple hair on Jules's head.

Jules finally manages to find her cigarettes from her tacky blue snake leather jacket and stares at Hannah. I'm fearful that there will be a cat fight, but Jules just smiles and says;

"You've got guts ginger."

I start to imagine Hannah's face turning to a deep shade of purple and crimson behind her green mask of cucumber delight.

"Don't call me that!"

She ignores Hannah and me and walks back to her bedroom, making sure to show off her middle finger to us from behind, before slamming the door shut and barricading herself in her room for the rest of the evening.

Hannah scoffs bitterly, "Bitch!"

I shake my head and try to laugh off the situation. "It's okay Han, don't take it personally, she's probably pms-ing."

"I bet she doesn't even have a vagina." She says resentfully.

​I laugh and clasp my hand over my mouth.

She looks at me and eventually laughs. "What? It's true. Maybe that's why she locks herself up in there every day, probably planning a sex change operation as we speak."

"Oh my God Hannah." I shake my head and walk into the kitchen. "Forget her, let's get started on dinner."

She follows me and opens the fridge.

"I marinated the chicken, all you need to do is cook the rice, help me with salad and we've got our stir fry prepped."

My stomach begins to growl because I am famished. I hardly finished my lunch, mostly because I didn't have much of an appetite, but now that it's dinner time, I'm prepared to scarf down all my food and lick my plate clean.

Hannah and I spend the next 20 minutes preparing our dinner and by the time we are finished, we take a seat on the cream colored sofa in our living room. I move the pink and blue pillows out of the way and slump back a bit into the couch.

"So how long do you need to keep that beauty mask on?" I ask her.

"I plan to keep it on all night." She grins at me.

I return her smile and run my fingers through my hair. I notice that she's still staring at me, so I decide to ask her what's wrong.

"What's up?"

"Hmmm, are you okay? You seem…I don't know, sad."

I look at her confused. "Sad? No, I'm fine."

Hannah rolls her eyes at me. "Mina, come on, you know when a woman says she's fine she's really not. So spill the beans."

I decide to confess my thoughts. "I just miss him."


I nod.

"Well then do something about it! Give him a call." She sits up and grabs the telephone. It's one of those old vintage phones from the 60's. Cream colored with a circle dialing system.

"Hannah I can't, there's a six hour time difference between us and it's very late for him. I don't want to call and disturb him." I feel really insecure and uncomfortable all of a sudden.

"Are you kidding me? He's your boyfriend. If I was living thousands of miles away from my man and I loved him like hell, I would be happy if he called me at all hours of the night. That's what you do when you're crazy in love. It shows you're thinking of him and miss him." She picks up the receiver and gives it to me.

"You just keep that thing by your ear and ill dial."

She's such a sweet heart. I know she's trying to help me out as a friend, but I feel very iffy about this, and apprehensive about calling. It's like something in my gut is telling me no! If you call you will regret it. But, I choose to ignore it and take Hannah's advice.

"Okay then let me use my long distance card first." I pull it out of my wallet and recite the number out loud to Hannah. After a few short minutes, I hear a dial tone.

"Is it working?" Gosh, she sounds more excited than I am. My heart begins to race as I nod and smile at Hannah.
The phone rings and rings and rings, and I'm almost about to give up when I finally hear his voice.


"Hans? It's me, Mina."


"Hello? Hans, can you hear me? It's Mina!" I try to speak up, praying that the connection won't break.

"Baby, hey how are you?"

My heart finally regulates a bit as I smile wider. "I miss you so much, I'm sorry I'm calling late, but I really needed to hear your voice." I feel embarrassed as I begin to tear up. God! I wasn't expecting waterworks so quick. What's wrong with me?

"Aw don't cry."

I sniffle a bit. "When are you going to start calling me endearing words in Dutch?" I laugh a little.

"Babe you know I don't like that. I prefer English."

There has to be a reason he doesn't, he's just not telling me. Maybe he will one day in time, in the meantime, I let it slide.

"I miss you so much Hans, I wish you were here right now."

"I will be soon babe, but I'm very tired I need to sleep, early day tomorrow."

I feel my heart sink in my chest. "Oh…"

Hannah looks at me, suddenly frowning as well. Her eyes have a complete 'What's going on?' expression in them.

"Okay well, I love you."

"I love you too." He says quickly.

And I'm about to say goodbye to him when I hear someone else in the background, a woman's voice, giggling. My heart drops to my stomach and I know all too well what's going on.

"Who was that?" I try to stay calm. Keep calm, keep calm, do not cry!

"Baby I don't know what you're talking about."

I'm suddenly livid with anger.

"I heard her Hans, now who the hell is with you!?"

"Hello? Mina I can't hear you any longer baby. I'm going to hang up. Please don't jump to conclusions and-"

"Don't you dare hang up on me!"

"Get some sleep. I love you."

"Answer me!"

But all I hear is the dial tone.

I suddenly burst out crying, my chest heaving heavily as I burry my face in my hands.

"Mina, honey, don't cry, come here."

I feel Hannah's arms wrap around me as she comforts and consoles me.

"He's cheating on me Hannah, I know it. I heard some bitch's voice." I look up and grab the tissue that my friend was holding for me.

"Are you sure? Maybe it was just a friend." I could tell she doesn't really believe it, but it's sweet that she's just trying to calm me down.

"I can't give him what he needs." I break down crying again. I'm so lost in my anguish that I forget that Jules has entered the living room.

"She's right you know. The bastard can't keep his dick in his pants, most likely. Don't take it personal Mimi."

"You stay out of this! The girl is crying her eyes out; she doesn't need your mean, snarky remarks! And don't call her Mimi!"

I blow my nose and wipe my face. I'm too weak to argue anyway.

​"Calm your tits. I would've gladly stayed out of this, had she kept her voice down. What with all the yelling; Hans! Hans!"

I'm glaring at the purple haired freak now.

"The truth hurts, but it's better to face it than torture yourself believing a lie."

My brain cannot handle Jules' cruel reality check at the moment, so I get up from the sofa and run into my room. Shutting my door, I quickly collapse on my bed. My appetite is playing hide and seek with me again. I can hear Hannah scolding Jules before her footsteps reach my bedroom. She steps inside and sits on my bed.

"Let me get this cream off my face and we can head out for some hot chocolate if you like? I'm not sure if you want to eat still, but I think it would be good for you if we get out of the apartment for a bit."

I sit up and nod letting Hannah hug me before she stands up and leaves my room to get dressed.

Why do bad things always happen to me? I seriously jinxed myself this morning.

​Author's Note: want to read chapter 5? Please check out our official Dark Obsessions webpage to continue reading :)

Just go to our profile page, scroll down to My links and click on the chapter links we post :)


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