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Woman Fakes Her Own Kidnapping.

Novel By: JohnCenaFan316
Mystery and crime

Delia Sanderson is a beautiful, atractive, married woman. She has dark-red hair blue eyes. She works at a local bank. She's also married to her high school sweetheart Lance Sanderson. They've met in high school, Lance was the captain of the basketball, volleyball and football teams, and Delia was in the Popluar Crowd. They live in a Surburban House in a shaded tree-line neighborhood in a town called Arcadia, Until Something Happened to Delia. View table of contents...



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Chapter 1- Delia Tells her husband Lance that She got premoted at the Bank.

On a clear sunny day in Arcadia. at a suburban house in a shaded tree-line neighborhood. Delia Sanderson was in the kitchen cooking breakfast. She was waiting on the right moment to tell her husband Lance that She got promoted at the bank. Until Lance came in the kitchen.

"Lance, I've got something to tell you", Delia said.

"Can It wait, Honey, I've got to go to work", Lance replied as he hurriedly drink his cup of coffee and left

"Lance, I've got promoted", Delia said softly until she took Lance's empty cup of coffee and washed it. She left the house. got into her car and went to work at the bank.

About an hour later, Delia arrived at the bank. She went in her office. Until her co-worker named Frank Gibbs saw her walk into her office. he got out of his office and went into her office.

"Having a bad day, Delia?", Frank asked.

"Oh Hi Frank, I'm just stressed because my husband lance just left without hearing me tell him that I've got promoted. He would've been so happy for me", Delia answered as Frank closed her office door.

"Oh, I see", Frank said.

"But I have an idea, I want a Fake Kidnapping, I need your Help, Frank", Delia said.

"Ok, Who am I going to Fake Kidnap?", Frank asked.

"Me", Delia answered.

"Ok", Frank said.

About an hour later, Delia and Frank started planning the fake kidnapping. another hour later before the fake kidnapping started, Delia returned home, She had dinner with her husband Lance. they went to bed, The Next Morning before the fake kidnapping started Frank had his car parked on the curb of the street far from Delia and Lance's House, He knew that Delia's car was in the garage. and Lance would be driving his car to work, He waited till Lance went out of the house. get to his car in front of the house and drove off. While Delia was getting ready for her part in her fake kidnapping. She took her wedding ring off. She put it in the bathroom cabinet, and closed the bathroom cabinet. Meanwhile Frank put on his black ski-mask and black gloves, and his fake gun. he drove his car up the drive-way at Delia and Lance's House. he got out of the car. sneaked up on the front porch, he went inside the house. he sneaked up behind Delia. he grabbed her, covered her mouth up with his gloved hand. until Delia started screaming and struggling.

"Don't Scream Or I'm going have to hurt you, do you understand, nod if you understand", Frank said in a gruff voice until a scared Delia slowly nodded her head.

"Good Girl, now come with me", Frank said as he dragged Delia out of the house into his car.

"Ok, Now Drive and don't do anything foolish or i'm going have to hurt you with my gun", Frank said as he put the gun on Delia's leg and slowly moved it all over her leg until Delia started to gasped.

"Ok, just don't hurt me", Delia replied.

Delia started driving Frank's car away from the house. About an hour later Lance returned home. he was shocked that his wife, Delia wasn't home.

"Delia, are you home?", Lance asked but there was no answer.

Lance started getting worried about his wife. Meanwhile Delia continued driving Frank's car down the interstate until She turned off at a wooded area far from the interstate. Delia and Frank left the car. they started walking on foot to a log cabin that was deep in the woods far from the interstate. about an hour later They've made it to the log cabin. They went inside the log cabin.

"Frank, I can't believe we did it", Delia said.

"I can't believe it either, Delia", Frank replied.

"I think we should start the next phase in the plan", Delia said.

"Ok, Delia", Frank replied.

Delia wrote up a ransome note. and Frank mailed the Ransome Note. The Next Day Lance was worried about his wife when He saw the ransome note, He started reading the ransome note.

"Honey, I've been Abducted, Their's two men, they broke into the house, they grabbed me, One grabbed me by the chest and the other by my legs, one covered my mouth so that I wouldn't call for help, i could feel the other one's hand moving on the back of my leg, and they've dragged me to a van, and drove off, don't call the police, don't do it honey", The Ransome note read.

Lance was getting scared about his wife.


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