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Deputy Prison Warden's Wife is chloroformed and abducted by a Prison Convict.

Novel By: JohnCenaFan316
Mystery and crime

Lynette Jo Oberhaultzer is a beautiful, atractive married woman, She has blonde hair, blue eyes, she works at a receptionist at a local bank, She lives in a suburban house in a town called Arcadia. She's married to her high school sweetheart Mark Oberhaultzer. They've met during their high school graduation, they were married after collage. Mark Oberhaultzer works at the Arcadia State Penitenitary. He's a deputy prison warden. Until something happened to Lynette. View table of contents...



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Chapter 1- Prison Convict Darren Randolph Gibbs sneaks into Lynette and Mark's house.

On a clear sunny fall day in a town called Arcadia. at the Suburban house. the prison convicts were busy raking leaves up, until one of them named Darren Randolph Gibbs (he had been in the Arcadia Penitentiary for kidnap. rape of six women) was raking the leaves close to the Suburban House. Until he looked up and saw. Deputy Prison Warden Mark Oberhaultzer coming out of the front porch of the house. with his wife Lynette right behind him. Darren Gibbs saw Lynette. he started falling in love with her.

"Have a good day at work, Honey", Lynette said.

"I will", Mark replied as he kissed his wife good-bye.

Darren watched Mark started walking toward the Arcadia Penitentiary. that was a few miles from the house. about an hour later Darren Gibbs saw Lynette coming down the front porch steps, he saw her walking toward her car, getting in her car, pulled out of the drive-way from the house, he saw part of Lynette's Blonde hair blowing inside her car, as she drove off. He decided that he has to have her. He looked around to see if no-one was looking. He put down the rake. sneaked in the back of the house. sneaked into the basement. until he heard Lynette's car drive back to her and mark's house. Lynette drove her car up to the drive-way. She got out of the car. she walked on the front porch. she went inside the house. she walked to the answering machine. while in the basement Darren Gibbs got out his handgun, a pad of cloth, he opened the bottle of chloroformed. he poured the chloroformed on the pad of cloth. he sneaked out of his hiding place in the basement. he sneaked up behind Lynette. She was at the answering machine. it didn't have any messages. Suddenly Darren Gibbs put his handgun to Lynette's Cheek. Until Lynette froze in terror, unable to move. Until Darren Gibbs put the chloroformed cloth pad to her nose and mouth. Lynette fully submitted until the effects of the chloroformed took over. it made Lynette feel groggy. until she was knocked-out cold. Darren Gibbs dragged her into the living room. he got some grey Duck-Tape. he taped her wrists together. he opened the front door. he picked her up. carried her out of the house. off the front porch. on the sidewalk. toward her car. he opened the trunk. he laid her in the trunk. He looked at her. he slowly moved the back of his hand on her cheek. He closed the trunk. got in the driver-seat of Lynette's car. He drove off. Meanwhile back at the Arcadia Penitentiary. Mark Oberhaultzer was working in his office when his telephone ringed.

"Hello this is Deputy Warden Mark Oberhaultzer, How can I help You?", Mark asked.

"Hello, Mark, This Is Susan Meers From The Arcadia Bank, I was wondering If Lynette is ok, She hasn't shown up from work today, and I'm getting Worried about her. After all She is my Best Friend, and I'm getting worried about her", Susan Meers answered.

"I'll just call Her, I'm sure She's at the house", Mark said.

"Ok", Susan replied as she got off the phone.

Mark dailed His own phone number. but there was no answer. Mark started getting worried about his wife. Meanwhile Darren Gibbs was still driving Lynette's car. with Lynette still in the trunk. Until He stopped at a Local Gas Station. He stopped the car. got out of the car. got a gas pump. and started pumping gas in the gas tank of the car. after he was done. he put the gas pump back. put the gas top back on the gas tank. walked past the trunk toward the gas station to pay for the gas. he went out of the gas station. walked toward his car. put his hand on the trunk of the car. slowly moved it. got back in the driver-seat. and drove off. Meanwhile back at Arcadia. Mark Oberhaultzer was starting to get worried about his wife Lynette. when he looked at the prison convict list that had returned from raking the leaves. Until he was shocked to find that Darren Gibbs's name wasn't on the list. He thought that Darren Gibbs might've kidnapped his wife.

"Who knows what he might do to her, he could be sexually assaulting her, or anything else", Mark said to himself.

Mark Hoped that Darren Gibbs wouldn't hurt his wife, Lynette. Meanwhile in a hotel room far from Arcadia. Lynette was sitting on a bed. suffering from the after affects of the chloroformed. She was heavily-drugged. she was wearing a see-through outfit. The Hotel Room was locked. The Curtains were closed-up. Until the bathroom door opened. and Darren Gibbs came out of the bathroom. The Toilet flushed behind him. He laid-back on the bed. He took a drink of beer. He looked over at Lynette. he took out his hand. he slowly moved it up and down Lynette's back. Until Lynette gasped. Darren Gibbs had plans for her.


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