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Ringo a private Dick gets his hands full from in a hand thats been filled.
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Her hair washed back like a leaking flow of violet peddles falling down along a crisp, juiced lean stem as the leaves flowed along in her movement. I swore I would never leave her. She swept me off my feet; Left me with no other, not a glimpse or thought of desire for another woman. Now after all of these years I sit here stuck, stuck in the same seat I was left in before I met her. Here it is on my desk. I could throw it back, tell the Capt. I can't handle this, tell him its out of my league and that I think one of the new dicks can take it. But I cant, its to disturbing, tempting and I need it. Listen to myself; I have a beautiful woman day in day out, her face smiling back on me from in the golden frame that holds a love of light over my desk. Its' some kind of karma, the jewel of my eye - the way I met her and now I'm�in for another - the same way and same gut instinct. What if I lead it professionally, handle it as a gentlemen - Listen to my self, hell I need this case it's a break from taking down drug lords, leading the cops in on a serial killer or tracking down high end schemes.
����������� The case is mine, I singed away, told the Capt. its mine. My Lindsey has no idea and that's the only thing giving me a creep. I awoke this morning, kissed her wile she slept and let it all soak in. It hit me like a bat out of hell; soaked in to my soul as if I was on her case. I remember her pitcher as it sat on my dashboard. The days and nights she was stuck in my head then having no idea that the girl, the daughter of a millionaire would be my future wife.
����������� I let Lindsey's case file sit on the top of my desk. I went over it and over it. My breaths would silently disappear then reappear in to the kiss I left her with this morning. Then as the glow from off the picture frame shined in on the pitcher of her; the new girl, my new case and it leaves me with a turn for the worse as the same light shines from off of my wedding ring. I go over this case and there's nothing I can do about it. Justine Roxbury; a stripper/ model/ exotic entertainer, like my Lindsey. Lindsey put it all to a end after I found her in a vault. She was locked in side like the Jewel she is. I was assigned the case, I didn't choose it. It was right after my big break. I lead a two man team in to a under ground drug smuggling operation. The head of national security labeled the money as found and let me and the two other guys claim responsibility for it as his men took over the drugs and the rest of its mess. My Lindsey had her self in to a center of a attraction. She was hosting parties, late night talk shows, guest appearing in exotic lounges from here to Berlin. Her father didn't care much. It was her nanny, the women who had raised her since a girl from after her mother died; as she was told. She tells me her mother was an exotic dancer, a women who would entertain all the hot shots from in the army during the war. "A mysterious mistress" is what she calls her, telling me the lady that died was just a decoy. I rolled in on her case, later the captain told me that no one else would have token it that it was too risky poking around amongst the greed of men. That getting in or around the top player's was a good way to end up with your head on a platter, a rusty one; silver platter stained in your blood. I started out in the bar scene, going from lounge to lounge, showing the girls her pitcher and inquiring as if I was her old boy friend�from high school who went over sea's for study and since I've been back I couldn't stop thinking about her.
����������� The lounge was your typical lounge. It had a stage show, a gambling room, a executive lounge and a bar in each corner. The A Maiden Eden is what it was called. I was down to my last step. Lindsey's case had died away weeks ago. The captain was throwing new ones my way, telling me I'm funding my way in from then on. I quit showing her pitcher, interviewing all the showgirls and acting as if I was just some interested guy from in her past. I stepped in that night as if I been thru those doors before and I have. After going to all lounges from New York to L.A.- I'll never forget the weekend I spent in Chicago, unlike New Orleans Chicago was a straight card to be played and the cards played my way as if I was Lindsey's high school boy friend himself - treated like a celebrity. I was down to my last penny, eating my breakfasts out of a dinner on a�crumby�corner but when I showed my face around the clubs and lounges they all loved me, telling me that a friend of Lindsey was also a friend of theirs. I must have had five different girls a night, two or three at a time. There were days when I couldn't tell day from night. It was non stop - the girls were running me around as if I was a brother of theirs. When I told Lindsey about this it was on our second honey moon, we were in Berlin, her favorite place and�after I told her she insisted we go out. That night was the first time I've ever done drugs or been drugged. She took me out to a lounge; a lounge in all of its own�with�opium blowing in the wind. I remember having that pipe handed over to me by that Chinese girl, she was by our side all night -�waking up in a tub of bubbles as that pipe continued to burn in its place by our side, the six of us and who they were I'll never know.
����������� Lindsey sat in behind that armored door, sitting on a money pile, shivering, her nails peeled back as the blood dripped down along her legs from trying to pry the door open her self. I was at one of the bars, sitting to my self with no one around but the bartender and the girls by his side fixing drinks for the men in the back room. I heard one of them talking, saying she was going to set her free, talking about a poor girl being treated like a trophy as if she was going to be stuffed and mounted on a wall as a prize. Calling her boss a poacher and questioning about who was to be next. So I played it my way. I follow her around. After work she went to a all night coffee bar; grabbed a coffee and a box of pastry sweets then took the long way home passing a little cemetery that sits high up on a hill then went straight home. In the morning she took her walk, a stroll around the block, saying hi to all of her little fury friends, letting their male master's take a wink on to her breast and back side as she leans over and gives her little fury friends her good morning cheer. On her way back home she'd stop in on a old guy and from the looks of it she gave him her good morning cheer, letting him set his hands on her hips and butt then laying a big wet one on his fore head before walking out the door.
On the second night I had her, I waited ahead time for her inside of her apartment -�She walked in and I flashed her my badge then dodged the kick she laid out towards me. "Who in the hell called you. I didn't call any cop, now that I think about it." Said the busty burnet, probably the only one I've seen that was all natural.
"Hey lady, I'm here to help."
"Who needs it"
"Lindsey, I believe you know of her where about." She looks at me, her eyes drop, turns her back, walks into her living room then turned and dropped her self onto the couch.
"I'm sorry." She whelped out. I step in, sit down next to her and let her turn her self into my shoulder. I held her head, comforting her as she release's her tears of guilt on to my shoulder.
"Its alright" I said then tell her, "I know its not your fault, its sad I know. I chose you because I knew you care. I need to know exactly how to get a hold of her" I did not know exactly where she was. All I knew was that these waitress's were talking about a girl being held against her own will.
"She's in the vault, she's probably starving, he's going to starve her to death." She told me as those tears began to pour out what pain she had inside from thinking about a women trapped and starving to death with the guilt that build up from her knowing about it.
"She is at the club" I asked.
"The clubs vault, inside the bosses office."
"Yes" she said then cries out. "That bastard, he's been holding her there for a week now, she's dieing and I know he's on the look out for another one and he's been looking at me, at me as if he needs me as one of his �prize women." The nocks on the door shook into her apartment, knocking her back in her seat and smearing the sadness right out from in her. I step up to the door, looked into the peephole and seen two uniformed officers. "Open up" They said then say "Open up, we know theirs a stranger in there, we'll kick the door down and deal with ya both." Then I hear her whisper. "You were supposed to be singed in" In to my ear. I hold out my arm, push her back then pulled out my badge before I opened the door. "I'm a investigator, you two need to come with me and now." I said, stepping in-between them and out into the hall. I look back and she's pointing them into my direction then closes the door. "Lets go boys time is not with us here." I told them then one asked me what it was all about as the other one raced out in front of me and out to the car.
"It's a kidnap, a women has been abducted and being held in a vault down town the lounge." I tell him as we step out towards the car. He tells the officer behind the wheel to step on it, that we got to get to the lounge.
����������� "Hey Lindsey, Lindsey, hold on babe, I'm going to get you out." I yelled in thru the armored door as the officer stood in the doorway wile the lounge filled with cops, firemen and medics. The owner wouldn't give us the combination to the vault until I grabbed him, thru him up against the vaults door then shoved my gun down his throat; letting him have a moment to him self, try to control the breathing he's left with from in thru his noise as I hold the gun in to his throat. I picked him up and thru him in to the doorway. I let my gun go off, hitting him in the leg then asked �the officer if he seen that? The guy try to go for my gun. He said. The Boss spits out number after number and I kept on yelling in thru the amour door, telling Lindsey it was all going to be fine and I was going to get her out.
����������� Two and a half years have gone by and now here I' am sticking my nose into another case. A case that led me into the best years of my life and now leaving me here as I get my fingers dirty, staring in onto another beauty. Justine Roxbury an ex drug addict/ stripper and now a missing night lounge singer. A performer who had decided to take it slow, go from being under bright lights to oozing in under a gloom from in a dim lit lounge and now missing as her case file sits here and on my desk.
����������� I called Lindsey and told her I wouldn't be coming home for dinner tonight. She wasn't in the mood for questions, telling me to grab my self a snack before I came home because she wasn't eating tonight and that she just made her self a sandwich. I roll up and down this alley, trying to figure out what a ex drug addict/ stripper would be doing to her self, what she would rather do then lounge sing and if she was abducted then who? Junkies and whores standing in at each end of the alley; looking at me like I'm some tweaking blue collared dude looking for a clean dealer for a fix. The dealers part ya and I see one.
"Hey what's happening" he said to me as I rolled down my window, slowing down next to him as he pushed away the skinny little black girl wearing a silver skirt and black blouse. He steps in, I hold out my hand and he got the message; not to step to close.
"Hey, I'm looking for some clean cut" I tell him, he smiles thinking he's hit a jack pot. I bring the pitcher up and say "This is my girl, she's out looking for some as we speak, our dealer got busted and now, well I need to get a hold of her quick. Have you seen her around?"
"No way man. I know her she's that doll that lounge, midnight entertainer. Man she isn't no junky. You be careful on where you show that pitcher, if it was any where else around here you'd be punched out man." He said, snarling his greedy little eyes, as that grease dripped down his head from out of his hair, using that Hispanic accent as he warned me about not flashing this pitcher before walking away.
����������� She's been missing for five days now and I don't think she ended in a duet with a taste for dope, before I snoop around some of these clubs I think I'll need to change my approach, get dressed for an occasion, get a feel for it before I start making any new friends.
����������� Lindsey's not to happy about me coming home, getting into my dress paints and the crisped white cotton shirt she had waiting for me on the dresser. "What is it, what's �all the pizzazz for Ringo." She asked as I'm about to step out of our room. I look back and she's staring up into the ceiling, her head sunk down in to the pillow as her long black hair waves in over her breast as her arms sink in to the comforter. "I'm going in as some hot shot, the clubs down town are under suspicion. Prostitution and body smuggling." I said. She hummed before she blurted out. "Body smuggling." "Ya they got some girls and club worker's that don't have their visa's. They think one of the clubs are involved in smuggling these people in to the country." "Oh all right." She said then yond as I walked out the door.


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