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Chilled Over Ice

Book By: ToyaJordan
Mystery and crime

"Margo Larue stood in shock and disbelief, as her mind could not believe, what her father was saying to her. She fainted,and regained consciousnes quickly.She pulled her self up and confronted her father. "Where is she, father your precious baby girl? "I want tell you get away from me you are a monster." "Yes you will father,she wrapped her hands around his neck and started choking whiles asking her father."Where is she Father."

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The Confession

Justin Larue watches his eldest daughter through tear-glazed eyes. He was in agony, not from his illness, but from all the terrible things he had done to her. He needed her forgiveness. He had spent his life taking what he wanted and getting rid of the things he did not want; unfortunately she was one of the things he did not want. Justin realized a long time ago that his obsession with his wife was a sickness, he had even forbidden his wife to take care for their daughter and his chronic lying to his daughter and others had destroyed his life and the lives of those around him.

His impending death had caused him to look deeply inside. What he found there increased his need to cleanse his soul before he died. He was hoping that what he was about to do would be his redemption. Today was his last chance. Telling Margo the truth about her little sister would break down the wall that he had built between them. Justin cleared his throat before calling out to his daughter, "Margo I have something very important to tell you."

Margo apprehensively moves back from the window. She was angry with her father. She knew he would probably say something to hurt her again. She had done everything to erase the resentfulness he had shown her throughout her life it had not been enough. She walks hesitantly toward him, "Yes father." The sadness she felt was taking its toll on her. The stress from worrying about him was burdensome yet she felt she couldn't live without him.

"What am I going to do without you father," she whispers as she got closer to him. He was all she had after losing her mother and infant sister nearly thirty years ago. She reaches her father's bedside, and sat down in a chair beside his bed.

Justin pulls his self up, whiles thinking about what he was about to say. "Margo you have grown into a very beautiful woman, and you are a damn good business executive. I am so proud of you.

Please forgive me for sentencing you to a life void of love and blaming you for things I know you did not do. May God have mercy on my soul?" He stops and buries his face in his hands and starts mumbling his words.

Margo could barely hear her father. "Margo your sister is alive. I had to protect her from you and me."

Margo Stands up and moves slowly backwards from her father's, her face registers a look of disgusts. "You are a horrible man father, I hate you! I have spent every waking hour of my life since I left that damn hospital trying to get you to forgive me for something I have no memory of doing. I will never forgive you for lying to me and making me believed I was some kind of monster."

Margo moves closer to her father and leans over him. As she opens her mouth to speak she is overcome by darkness and falls to the floor. Before her father could react she sits up and uses the cover on the bed and pulls herself up from the floor.

Once again she stands over her father, with a fiendish look on her face. "Where is she father, where did you hide your precious baby girl? The one whose life you protected unlike how you've destroyed mine...and mothers."

Justin looks deeply into Margo's eyes and knew without a shadow of doubt that he had made a grave mistake. He was regretting telling Margo that her sister was alive. He had believed up until that very moment that she would have joyfully embraced the news of her sister being alive.

"I will never tell you where she is. I will take that secret with me to my grave."

Margo reaches out her hands and put them on Justin shoulders.

Justin says "I am not afraid of you Margo, get away from me."

She then slides her hands around his neck.

Justin begins to holler "Help, somebody help me!"

Margo starts to strangle him. He tries to press the call button, she slaps his hand away and immediately returns to strangling him.

Margo screams "Yes you will tell me where she is father, even if I have to shake it out of you." She moves her hands down to his shoulders, and proceeds to shake him violently.

Justin grips a small picture he had in his hand and moves it towards his chest, as the pain spread up his neck then to his face and down his left arm. It rendered him speechless as he watches his daughter move her hands to his neck again, squeezing his neck viciously. He releases his last breath starring into the murderous eyes of his daughter.

Margo withdraws her hands and stairs into the lifeless eyes of her father. "You have finally given me my freedom Old man. I knew I could count on you." She now comforted herself with the feeling that she had been driven completely out of her mind. "Father, how could you be so cruel, even in death you are punishing me."

She straightens out her father's pajamas and the bed linen. Then she calmly and coolly walks over to the intercom. In a frantic voice she says. "Nurse Charles I need you, something is wrong with my father, he's not responding to me!"


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