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Hello World

Short story By: Apo Mato

Talking about funny stuff that people do which sometimes pisses me off thank you i hope you enjoy reading .

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Hello World

Sometimes i look at people and think why do they have to be so selfish and negative but wait , Oh ! think that i give a damn .. hell yess i do it even pisses me off this man moustache and shove it up his arse .

I was really harsh i know but i think we all have to write down what we feel sometimes but not you probably you feel like killing yourself and i know a whole lot of people that won't even care about you , I can help you out though you can call 1888-000-11 suicide hotline don,t be embarressed its ok its cool they,ll cool you down if you are reading this and you're on a rooftop be sure to call this number they kind of payed me to do this .

I think its time to tell you the story about this guy who hated mostly everything in life he personally told me his journey of life and then i realized how much he hated everybody especially himself and that depressed me like deep depresso , okay just let me tell you what he told me he had this one night stand with a middle eastern girl which had breast cancer which is kind of a lame story to say but he went into so many details that he damaged my left side of my brain which i dont use , he said that middle eastern girl which he met at a mall told him that she is here only for the night and then she,s leaving his country and she wants to have a blast under the sheets and then he called a friend of his asked if he can take his apartment for a few hours his friend was okay with the fact to give him the apartment but he had a ''golden rule'' which he said and he said just tell me what you want the apartment owner guy said he wants to spread those legs if you , if you want me to share my apartment you have to share your booty call with me . That guy was telling me his lame story about the girl he hooked up with agreed and said alrighty lets do it but you have to drug her or rape her because im not helping you out , i was shocked i was like why would someone would like to do that to a cancer patient my auntie and my little cousin both died from cancer they both had different types of cancer which irritates me when someone makes fun or tricks someone who has just a few months in life .


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