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chap. 2 continued...

Novel By: Nina Simone

Take a look into the life of Lourdes. A fun, party planning chef with a complicated side... View table of contents...



Submitted:Jul 3, 2010    Reads: 229    Comments: 38    Likes: 47   

"Of course, of course." Jasper said, the soft lines around his eyes crinkling at her.
"But maybe we can make it a double date." Lita said.
"I don't know about that," Pullo said, "double dates seem kind of gay."
"Amen." Jasper said as Lita threw a pillow from the sofa at him.
"So does dinner and a movie." Lourdes cracked.
Pullo turned slightly to face her. She raised her eyebrows, smiling and took a large swig of her drink.
"Not a fan of tradition?" Pullo said.
"Oh I'm a big fan of tradition," Lourdes said, "don't worry, I'll still let you pay for everything."
Jasper and Lita started laughing. Pullo put his hand on Lourdes' knee and gave it a squeeze. She smiled at him, taking another sip of her beer.
"I could use a refill." Jasper said holding up his empty glass.
"Yeah me too." Pullo said standing up and walking away with him.
Lita moved closer to Lourdes. "Let's go outside and have a smoke." She said grabbing Lourdes' hand. They went out by the pool and flopped down on some beach chairs and Lita lit up a joint. "Well it's official, our boy Pullo likes you." She said passing it to Lourdes.
"Mm-hmm." Lourdes said taking a hit. "I guess the date gave it away."
"Pullo get's along with everybody, but he doesn't like many people. He likes you. I can tell."
"So you think I should go for it?"
"Yes I do." She said smiling, white teeth everywhere.
Lourdes nodded her head in agreement, but she wasn't sure if this was over the top, it was bad enough what she was doing with Alexsander.
"So," she said, "your friends are a riot, I love them already."
"They love you too." Lourdes said. "They're always a sucker for a pretty girl."
Lita laughed. "Why is that?" She said.
"Well you know how it is with men like that, it's not that they want to be a girl, they just want to be with them." Lourdes took another hit and passed back to Lita.
"The pretty ones." Lita said.
"Mmm." Lourdes said.
"So Alexsander is a friend of your boyfriend's?" She asked changing the subject.
"My sort of boyfriend, yes."
"How does that work, because you're either with someone or you're not."
"We have an open relationship."
"But I'm assuming that open door doesn't extend to his friend."
"You would be correct."
"So you two are sneaking around?" Lita handed her back the joint. Lourdes took one more hit and put it down. She was becoming too talkative and for some reason it was too easy to tell all of this to Lita. But it was as if she read her mind.
"Oh you don't have to worry, I'm not going to tell any of this to Jasper or Pullo," she said, "trust me, I believe in a woman's right to free assembly by any means necessary." Then she leaned in really close and said. "Jasper and I aren't what we seem to be."
Lourdes studied her as she readjusted her sparkling black headband. She wondered if she was talking out the side of her mouth or if she was being real.
Lita lit the joint back up. "Besides," she said, "I think you should do him too!"
"You're as bad as Albear!" Lourdes said. They started laughing. The buzz was taking over and Lourdes could feel herself becoming higher. "Apparently, nobody seems to care that an extreme line would be crossed." Lourdes said.
"You're not living life if you're not crossing somebody's line." Lita said laying back on the chair. "So how long is it going to be before you tell me, that all these guys are your secret way of rebelling from the fact that you're really a lesbian?"
"Ha!" Lourdes started laughing. "Honestly?" She said. "I enjoy a smoking hot girl every now and then, but babe, I can't get down with the kitty. I'll always pick a dick over a chick."
Lita sat back up to face her intrigued. "Is that so?" She said.
"I feel like we're on the same page about a lot of things." She said.
"Me too."
"I like you Lourdes."
"Right back at cha'." Lourdes said taking another hit.
"So...do I rate smokin' hot on your girl list?"
Lourdes lost her hit and started coughing. "Okay!" She said to Lita. "No more drugs for you!"
Lita laughed and lay back down. "You know, a lot of women say that they are sexually attracted to other women and in the end, they almost always go back to a man, it's easier than admitting what you really are."
"That's true." Lourdes said. Lita looked, waiting for her to elaborate, so Lourdes went on. "Most people in our generation have grown up in a traditional, hetero-sexual household. We're programmed from a early age to think the American way. Wife, husband, meat and potatoes, dog, cat, kids, and a white picket fence. We spend so much time preparing in our mind and hearts for the engagement, the wedding, for the house, the husband, the fairy tale life. It's all too much to undo for a lot of people."
Lita sat back up not knowing what to say.
"But that's not me." Lourdes reiterated, shaking Lita out of her thoughts. "As fun as it is to be intimate with a girl for my private memories later on, I'll never feel the way for a girl that I feel for a man."
"Maybe you just haven't found the right girl." Lita offered.
"I was never looking." Lourdes mumbled.
"Are you looking for the right man?"
"I would say that I'm looking for Mr. Right Now."
Lita started laughing again. "Yeah." She said. "I do like you Lourdes."


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