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Next ! Kidnapped.

Miscellaneous By: sweetcitywoman

This is the end of Wallace, on to a different sort of pimp but a pimp none the least.

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It's night time. I'm on my meter and suddenly one of the drunks that was a regular to the corner hollered while looking up into the sky. I followed his alarmed gaze to a spot in the sky in the distance. Hovering above the tree tops was a saucer with lights that looked like the saucer was spinning while staying in one place !! It was gone in a blink.

I went back to standing at my meter as we talked about what we just saw. A car drives up and someone calls my name ! I looked around to make sure the snitch Hermia was no where around, I had no idea where Wallace was and I was afraid this was some sort of entrapment set up by him. As I said, Wallace was so dark he could have easily been behind the bush that set to the side of the tavern and I wouldn't see him.

The man in the car pulled to park and got out of the car. As he walked toward me I am sure I trembled with anticipation and fear of another beating.

Wait ! I know him ! He was a friend of a woman I used to baby sit for while she worked in a massage parlor ! He's a nice guy !

He see's my two black eyes and bruises on my arms, some from being snatched around, some because I still jumped when being injected with heroin.

" Come take a ride with me girl. Tell me what's happened to you and why you are on this corner all beat up "

I tell him I can't, I'm working and I have a quota and if Wallace see's me talking with out being paid he'll kill me.

" I'll give you some money, lets go. I just want to talk and see if I can help you "

I followed him to his car. Looking back with each step. Not sure if I should, what would Wallace do ? ! He arranged each date and collected money before sending me off with the " trick ". What's going to be his reaction when he doesn't see me at my meter and more, what will he do even after I come back with money?

I got in the car and almost had a sense of freedom ! I liked this man, he'd always been so kind to me and maybe he could help me .

I was so talkative and he kept me engaged in conversation and before I knew it we were on the interstate leaving Cedar Rapids, and as much as I wasn't living safe, I felt dread all over again. My mind raced. I'd been gone to long already, and with another black man .......Wallace will kill me for sure. Coincidentally Wallace was from the very city I now live in. Chicago ! And people from Chicago had reputation for violence.

We got to Des Moines, and he raped me repeatedly. He raped me in the car, he raped me in the car in his mothers garage. He was large, and it hurt. After three days of no food and very little sleep he took me into his mothers house and once again I am given a towel and pointed towards the bathroom. " Clean yourself up. "

No more wanting to " help " me. He only was after helping himself.

I did as I was told and asked no questions. I was numb, both emotionally and physically. Back in the car going where, I had no idea. Was he taking me back to Wallace now and surely to my death ? Was he going to just dump me off somewhere, dead or alive ?

We pulled up to a rather large house with a white Cadillac Convertible. parked in the yard along with a few other cars. He tells me " Stay " as if talking to a dog . No more pretending to care.

He went upstairs from the back ..... I waited as told. I don't know how long before he motioned out of the sliding glass doors for me to come up there.

There was an older black man. He looked kind ! His home looked welcoming and " normal " especially compared to where I'd been before. The various places I'd lived since running away.

This man, a stranger looked kind but was about the business at hand . I was told to take my clothes off. Then I was appraised as if I were a horse being bidden on. He says I have baby fat which would need to be " worked off" . I was bruised up and the needle marks were ugly he says.

Bottom line, I was sold SOLD !!!! $ 60.00

This ends where my next chapter begins.


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