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The Demon's That Tempt Me; Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel: Chap. 3

Book By: Nina Simone

Take a look into the life of Lourdes, a fun, sexy, party planning chef, just shy of turning thirty with a complicated side...

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Stacy the bartender, ran her hands along the wall until her fingertips tingled. She was trying to make her energy flow through every room. She could hear a faint voice at the end of the hallway. She walked slowly, still running her fingers alongside the wall. She walked into the living room and hugged Gabriel from behind.
"Yeah, I got ya. Right." He said talking on the phone. "Okay, by tonight, bye." He hung up the phone and turned to face her. The top two buttons of his shirt were still undone. She buttoned them up slowly. When she was done, she tilted her head up and kissed him.
"Going away again?"
"Yeah." He said.
"There's hardly any time..."
"I know, but we just have to be patient."
"You won't even see my cute little outfit tonight."
"I know, but you can model it for me when I get back."
"You sure your girlfriend won't mind?" She asked giggling. She pushed her fingers through his soft feathered hair, trying to get a smile out of him. His square jaw tightened. Gabriel grimaced, probably the last thing he wanted to think of after doing what they just did. "Would you keep an eye on Alex tonight, make sure he doesn't get too hammered?"
Stacy's thick brows furrowed. "He's a big boy, he can take care of himself."
"I was thinking about Lourdes, he'll probably have to drive her home if one of her friends doesn't pick her up."
Stacy took her hands out of his hair, but they were still standing very close. "Precious cargo right." She said bitterly. She thought that they were past this point.
Gabriel looked at her. He always went quiet when she said something he didn't like.
"Gabe, he's an ass, he hates me."
"It didn't look like that the other night. Besides you two flirt with each other every chance you get."
"It's an act! I think he suspects something is going on between us. He only pretends to like me to keep me away from you."
"Well good, then you use that."
Gabriel pulled her closer. "Use that to your advantage, respond favorably to his advances, if everybody thinks that you two want to give it a go, then nobody gets hurt."
"You mean, Lourdes doesn't get hurt."
"Yes." He said.
Stacy pouted, when she first met Lourdes she thought that she could take her. She and Gabe didn't even seem that close, they mingled with other people at parties, they disagreed fundamentally on every author that they were passionate about, his life was sports and she hated everything about it. But at the end of the day, he would always walk up to Lourdes and take her hand and kiss her with more love than he's ever shown her, Stacy felt personally. And Lourdes would always be the one that he took home at the end of the night. That's when Stacy realized that she would be more competition than she'd previously thought.
But with a little time and effort, she had Gabe right where she wanted him.
Or so she thought.
There was a knock at the door.
Gabe pushed her away from him quickly and went rushing to the door. He put his hand on the door knob and paused, he turned and looked around the room, making sure there were no tell tell signs.
He opened the door, it was Alexsander. He was standing there in a sheer, low gray, v-neck t-shirt, with ugly black skinny jeans and it looked as if he hadn't bothered to shave or comb his hair today either. She didn't see what was so great about Alexsander, sometimes he was such a dirty boy. He did clean up nice for the cameras though. Gabriel on the other hand, was much more promising. Always sexy, always presentable, always GQ.
"Hey...guys." Alex said, trying to be cool, but surprised to see Stacy standing there.
"Alright then," Gabe said, "come on in, sit yourself down, I'll get the usual." Gabe walked down the hallway to the kitchen to get Alex something to drink. Stacy didn't move. Alex sat down and stretched out in a chair. "You two catching up with old times?" He asked.
"Not really." She said, volunteering nothing.
"Where's Emma?" He asked.
"She's not here."
"Are you trying to get at something?" She asked.
Alex pinched his nose, wiggled it, and then sniffed very hard.
Yeah, he was trying to get at something.
"You know," Stacy said, "you really shouldn't do that."
"Do what?" He said smiling at her.
She walked over to him and squatted down. "You shouldn't act as if you like me, to cover up the fact that you want your friend's girlfriend."
Alex sat up and leaned in towards her. "And you shouldn't act like you like me as a cover to fuck your ex-boyfriend."
"If you tell her anything-" Stacy started to say, but she was cut short by footsteps in the hallway.
"Who wants a drink?" Gabriel said walking back into the room.
Stacy stood up, "I gotta go." She grabbed her jacket and keys and headed to the door. "Nice to see you again Alex." She said over her shoulder. "Gabe, I'll talk to you later."
"Nice to see you too," Alex said, "see you at the party tonight."
"Yeah sure." She said, she was hoping that he wasn't going, but like Gabriel said, maybe she could use this to her advantage. She went out the door.

"Ow! I think this one's too tight." Lourdes said to Lisa as she tried to force a blonde wig on her.
"I'm so sorry." Lisa said quickly pulling the wig off.
"Don't be such a pussy. Here, try this one on." Melody said handing her a red wig.
Lourdes was sitting in their bedroom, waiting for her lashes to dry and trying to come up with a look for tonight's party.
"How is it that you two have so many wigs?" She asked. Lisa and Melody were a lesbian couple who lived in the pride community.
"You know how dykes like to role play." Albear said walking into the room holding his son. Albear and Lisa were friends back in college, they even dated briefly, but Lisa and Melody had been together for ten years now and Albear was the contributor for their baby boy Abraham.
"Why did you have to bring him with you?" Melody asked, running her fingers through her short brown pixie cut as she threw disproving glances his way.
Lourdes shrugged her shoulders, trying on another wig. Melody and Albear have never been fond of each other. Probably because they both shared Lisa.
"Hey go easy on him," Lisa said, "he hardly comes to visit his son as it is. And the wigs are not for role playing, we do a lot of fund raisers at the Community Center and we have a lot of costumes from the plays that we put on."
"Whatever you say." Albear said lifting his son up in the air. He looked over at them in the beauty mirror. "You should wear the black one."
Lourdes looked at the short black wig that she had tried on before. "I don't want to wear black, I'll still feel like the same person."
"Well at least you'll look like the same person and hot, instead of a hot mess with a wig that looks like shit on you."
"Hey!" Lisa and Melody both said. "Albear why don't you go and play with your son downstairs." Lisa said.
"Fine." Alby headed towards the door. "But just so you know, a fags advice on beauty always out weighs a dykes."
"Go!" They all yelled at him as he ran for duck and cover with the baby.

Lourdes walked down the stairs, finally ready to get her party on. Lisa and Melody were in the kitchen cooking dinner and Albear was snoring on the sofa with Abraham asleep on his chest.
"Babies break my heart." Lourdes said walking into the kitchen with the ladies. "It tugs on my heart strings to see Albear like that with him."
Lisa smiled as happy as can be. Albear was her first choice to be her baby's daddy, much to Melody's dismay. But Lourdes felt it was the right decision, why pick a stranger from a catalog, when she could have a baby by someone she loves.
"Sure it tugs on your heart strings, but does it tug on your uterus?" Lisa asked.
"Not in the slightest." Lourdes said laughing.
"You never know, maybe someday soon."
"Geez honey, would you give it a rest." Melody said. "Not everybody has to get pregnant, now that you've had a baby. Lourdes nodded her head in agreement.
"I didn't say that everybody should have a baby because I have one, but it would be nice if our profound happiness inspired somebody else to want to do the same."
Melody walked over and kissed her, smacking Lisa's rather large butt. Lourdes smiled. "There's only one problem." She offered. "You two are the happiest, most secure couple that I know, gay or straight, and you've been together forever. Having a baby was a step in the right direction for you two. I'm nowhere near that point in my so called relationship."
"You do have a point there." Lisa said. "But life happens, it's not always going to be great. Things fall apart, Melody and I could fall apart, but we would never regret being Abraham's parents. It's the greatest blessing ever bestowed upon us." Lisa tossed her blonde hair to the side and smiled brightly. "I'm just saying, don't rule it out, if you don't find Mr. Right."
Lourdes smiled.
"Don't you hens ever stop clucking?" Albear asked putting the baby in his crib and stumbling into the kitchen rubbing his head.
"Albear this is our house, and you're welcome to leave any time you want." Melody said pursing her thin lips.
Albear sat down at the table. "What's for dinner?" He asked.
"I don't believe this." Melody said, tossing up her lean muscular arms walking out of the room.
Just then, a car pulled up outside and honked it's horn three times. Lisa and Lourdes rushed to the door and peeked through the curtains to see who it was.
"Oh that's Alex!" Lourdes said. "He's twenty minutes early."
Albear walked up behind them and peeked through the curtains also. "I wish my boyfriend trusted me enough to be alone at a party with his hot friend."
"As if you ever had a boyfriend." Lourdes said smartly.
Alex honked the horn again.
"What the fucks his problem?" Albear asked as Lourdes gathered up her stuff. "He doesn't want to come in and meet the parents?"
"Alby would you give it a rest." Lourdes said. She was nervous enough already. She gave Lisa a kiss on the cheek. "Bye Mel!" She called out to whatever room she might be in.
"Hold on!" Albear said coming after her. He grabbed her hand and pulling her all they way into the bathroom for some privacy. "So this is it right? Tonight's the night?"
"Alby!" Lourdes whined.
"Look, don't bullshit me, did you make up your mind or not?"
"I don't know, I don't know!" She said.
"Here," he said pulling out a popper, "have some vitamins."
"Albear, get that shit away from me and don't let Lisa and Melody find you with that around the baby!"
Albear cracked the popper anyway before Lourdes had a chance to step back. It went straight to her head. He popped one for himself too. Albear pulled her close. "Okay, while it's taking you over, tell me in 60 seconds or less how you feel about him."
Lourdes closed her eyes and let him hold her. Maybe she did need something to take the edge off. "I don't know how this happened." She said. "One day he was Gabe's annoying friend and now he's in all my dreams." She took a deep breath. "Now we see each other all the time, he's become my craving. I don't know what I'm going to say. I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm freaking out here!"
Albear pulled away from her. "Calm down your ranting."
"What the fuck am I going to do?" She whispered.
"Listen," He said grabbing her by both shoulders, "he's never met a bitch like you, he probably never will. So go get him, and when you do, go hard."
Lourdes smiled and nodded her head with renewed confidence. "I'll go hard." She repeated.

They walked together down the narrow pathway to the car. Lourdes turned to Albear to say goodnight.
"I'm really glad you chose to go with the black wig." He said.
"Oh shut up!" She said laughing.
"No seriously," he said, "you look hot." He pulled her close and hugged her, then he whispered in her ear. "Fuck his brains out."
Lourdes started laughing uncontrollably, to the point where Albear had to shake her. "Are you nervous?" He asked, looking concerned.
"No." She said. "Well, maybe just a little."
Albear turned his back to Alex's car and pulled Lourdes in front of him. He pulled out a tiny pale creamed orange tablet. He put it in his mouth, then he grabbed Lourdes and kissed her, shoving the ecstasy into her mouth. She swallowed fast, escaping the bitter after taste as she pulled away from Albear.
"Just don't fuck him at the party hooker." He said.
"Yeah that's nice Albear, thanks."
"Damn!" He said. "That car is hot." He whispered in her ear, "yeah you know your fuckin' in that."
"I don't think so." She said grinning. "And it's not his car. He would never be that flashy, must be a friends."
"Yeah, whatever. That's a pussy wagon if I've ever seen one."
Lourdes' head was spinning. "Look I've seen it all-" She started to say.
"No you fuckin didn't." He said cutting her off. They were spinning off the trial-mix and she hoped Alex wasn't scrutinizing their every move. "Besides," he said pulling her close again, "there's nothing like a fuck, in a two seater?"
"Alby, I can't feel my legs."
"I'm like, bitch me neither." He said.
Lourdes started laughing again and Albear fell out laughing with her. They were so loud, Lisa and Melody came to the door to make sure they weren't misbehaving.
She tried to pull herself together, she was being rude and Alex was waiting patiently. "I gotta go." She said still laughing.
"Don't do anything I wouldn't do." Albear said.
"That doesn't leave much left to the imagination." She said smiling.
"Fuck off." He said turning to walk away. When he reached the front door, Albear kissed Lisa on the cheek as he walked by her. Then he took the baby out of Melody's arms and the three of them went back into the house and closed the door.

"Does...he always kiss you like that?" Alexsander asked after she was settled into the car.
"Not really," Lourdes said, "only a couple of times a year, when he feels it's necessary to add those extra tidbits of affection."
"I bet Gabe would have a problem with that."
"Do you?" She smiled playfully.
"Maybe." He said with one raised eyebrow. "You should be careful of guys like that."
"Why?" She asked. Were they really going to start the night off this way?
"I'm just saying, be careful."
"I am careful, Albear is my friend, I trust him."
"Right! Stellar friend! He tried to hit on me the other day."
"He didn't!" Lourdes said, mouth dropped open.
Alex said nothing,
"He wouldn't!"
"He did. Back at the diner."
Lourdes sat back in her seat. "He was probably high."
"I'm just saying."
"Well he can't have you. You're already taken."
Alex looked at her. "Am I saving myself for someone else?"
Nothing like fishing for hints, Lourdes thought to herself. "I thought you planned on staying a virgin until you got married." She said playfully.
Alex laughed. "So it's going to be like that?" He said.
"Going to be like what?"
"Going to be like this all night."
"Alex what are you doing out here with me?" She said sweetly.
"I don't know," he said, "what am I doing?"
Lourdes sighed loudly. "Didn't your mother ever teach you not to answer a question with a question?"
"My mum taught me a whole lot more than that." He rethorted.
"Gross." Lourdes responded.
"Cheeky bitch!" He said nudging her.

Lourdes stood with her back against the wall, kicking herself for even coming to this Halloween party. She had been here almost 45 minutes, Albear's pill still hadn't kicked in and every minute had been torture.
The drinks were great, the music was good and the party was massive, but the only thing occupying her attention was Alexsander. He was across the room in deep flirtation with Stacy. She was dressed as a cheerleader in this hoochie mama monstrosity with the shortest skirt that Lourdes had ever seen in her life. Lourdes wasn't really into costumes, she put on a short black bob wig, with fake eye lashes and sexy porn star make-up. That was as far as she was willing to go. Alexsander came as himself of course. Too cool for school.
Gabriel was away like always, on assignment, but he called her ahead of time to make sure that she would look after Alex at the party.
He had no idea what he was asking.
As Lourdes looked on, she could see Stacy glancing her way to see if she was jealous. Lourdes facial expression was blank, but it took everything inside of her, not to show her jealousy. She took a sip of the white wine that she was drinking and turned away. She made her way through the house, to the outside area, where nobody was around. She sat down on a stone garden bench and set her drink down beside her. There was a beautiful bird fountain off to the side of the garden. Lourdes watched the water trickle down. It was lovely. The garden lamps were beginning to sparkle. She closed her eyes, the outside air felt good on her skin. She began to tingle. Albear's magic potion was starting to work.
"I thought you might be out here."
Lourdes looked up as Alexsander sat down next to her.
"Why are you out here?" He asked.
She couldn't respond right away, she wanted to come off pissed at him, but the euphoria was taking over her body. "I was getting tired of watching the show." Lourdes said into her wine glass as she took a big gulp.
"What show would that be?"
"The Alex and Stacy show." She announced.
Alex laughed. "You've got the wrong end of the stick."
"Is that right?"
He turned and looked at her. "We're not interested in each other."
"Who the fuck are you kidding." She said taking another drink. He smelled nice. Her senses were intensifying. Her hands were tingling, she wanted to touch him. His face was smooth as if he shaved ten minutes before he got her. She wanted to touch his cheek.
Alex nudged her with his shoulder as she tried to ignore him. "It would look awfully suspicious of me if I spent the whole night with you without talking to any other people. I'm just playing the game."
"You weren't talking to other people, you were talking to Stacy."
"She's the best choice." He said.
"I don't have a clue what that's supposed to mean."
Alex leaned forward contemplating what he wanted to say. "Every person in there realizes that Stacy is not a threat to me except Stacy."
Lourdes looked at him eyes wide.
"She's Gabriel's' ex-girlfriend, and as you know," he said smiling, "I would never get with my mate's girl."
"She and Gabe use to date?" Lourdes asked surprised.
Alex studied her reaction. "You didn't know?"
"No. When was this?"
"It doesn't matter." He tried to change the subject. But he knew what he was doing. "We all had fun at the diner yesterday."
"Whatever." Lourdes said still knocked for a loop about Gabe and Stacy. "If you're not interested in her, why would you use her like that?"
"Because it takes the attention away from who I really want to be with." He said honestly.
Lourdes looked down at her hands. Still tingling. Would it be wrong of her to reach out and feel how soft his jeans are? She took a deep breath. It was just the drugs talking. Probably should put the wine down and stick to water while the high lasted. "You are very blunt tonight." She said.
Alex straighten himself up and brushed back some fake hair from her wig. "I really like this look on you."
Lourdes smiled. "You do?" She said cozying up to him. She hoped he didn't notice that she was high as a Saturn light, but he had a few drinks in him already. "I like it too," she said, "it's amazing how one small thing can make you feel like a completely different person."
"Like you're someone else?"
"Yeah," she said, "it's kind of fun."
"Does it make you want to do things, you wouldn't normally do in your own skin?" He asked. Lourdes didn't answer. Maybe it was too soon for them to go there. The night was still early.
They were sitting so close together, both they're arms and legs were touching. Alex put his chin on her shoulder and rested his head on the side of her neck. "Do you fancy a game of fantasy?" He asked.
"Go on then." Lourdes said, her curiosity immediately peeked.
"You can be the mysterious girl in the rose garden and I can be the tall handsome prince who comes and sweeps you off your feet."
"Sounds lame!" She said laughing. He laughed too, still leaning against her. "What? You can't even give it a chance?"
She picked up her wine glass and finished the rest. He was still on her. She was up for anything. "Your on." She said. "But turn it up, I need to be entertained."
"Alright." He said. "Fine, fuck the fantasy, just you and me."
"Ooh, I like it already." She said.
"Do you?" He asked. "Because you know how I feel about you."
"Do I?" She asked playfully. "Why don't you make it real clear."
"Let's push the limits." He said."No more being be afraid."
"I'm not." She said cautiously.
"So you'll let me hurt you real good, then?"
Lourdes smiled and rolled her eyes.
"Just you and me," he said, "alone back at my place. Can you handle that?"
"You got it." Lourdes smirked.
"Will you do what I say?" He asked smiling.
"Within reason." She grinned.
"You have no idea how long I've been wanting to make you scream my name." He grinned back.
She nodded her head, she could tell he was totally getting off on this. She liked it too, but it wasn't enough, she wanted more from him. His body heat felt good next to her, but if only he would just touch her...
"There's no escaping when we start." He said.
"There's no way I would think of leaving." She said. "I'll stay until it's over."
"It's not a death sentence." He said.
"Isn't it?" She asked smiling.
"Do you know what you're getting into?" He asked.
"About as much as you do." She said tugging on the wig.
"This could be rough on you." He said.
"Oh please, work for me a little harder," she cracked, "don't oversell yourself, you might ruin your chances."
Alex looked a little surprised that she was going toe to toe with him. Of course she had a bit more encouragement in her than he did.
Just then some people came walking out laughing. They went over to the other side of the garden drinking and smoking.
Lourdes and Alex were forced to pull themselves away from each other. Both of them regrouped and tried to talk about something other than sex.
"So your friend Albear." He started.
"Mm-hmm?" She knew this was coming again. Everybody was intimidated by Alby. But the ones who felt the most threatened by him, were the ones who saw him as some kind of competition.
"He is very protective of you." Alex waved to one of the guys who just noticed him across the garden.
Lourdes nodded her head.
"And fit as a butcher's dog." He said. She wasn't quite sure what it meant, but she got the gist of it. Plus she loved when native terms rolled off his tongue.
"That's not a problem for you is it?" She asked playfully.
He opened up his black blazer, showing off his body, "Does it look like I'm worried?" He asked.
"Good to know Sheriff." She said jokingly as he grinned, but he continued with the questions. "So...have you two ever..."
"No." She said quickly. "We love each other, but it's not like that."
"Good." He said. "I was starting to get jealous."
"Oh honey, you past that point two days ago." Lourdes


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