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The Demon's That Tempt Me; Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel/ Chapter 6

Book By: Nina Simone

Take a look into the life of Lourdes, a fun, sexy, party planning chef, just shy of turing thirty, with a complicated side...

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Lourdes watched Gabriel as he walked towards her through the airport parking lot. Most times, when he arrived home from a long trip he would be tired and ready to crash, but Lourdes could see that he was full of energy and rearing to go. He had finally cut his hair. It was shorter than Lourdes would have expected, but she liked it already. It had felt like forever since she had seen him, and as much fun as she was having with everybody else, she always missed Gabe in the end. He was her touchstone, her rock. He kept her solid in a way that Albear never could.
There was just something about him.
They had this unspoken connection. Life was easier with Gabe. He was the only straight man who ever came close to getting her. The only man who ever came close to understanding what she was all about, and still wanted to be with her. He is in no way threatened by her, he doesn't want to mold her into his toy. Life just is, with Gabe, and that's all she needed. From him at least...She enjoyed their polite banter, his extreme proper manners, she even loved his cold English rudeness. And in her own way... she loved him.
She continued to watch him as he advanced closer. He was less pale, this time around. Way less pale. He looked as if he had been lying on the beach for 3 days. He strutted easily towards her without a care in the world. Intense brown eyes, looking very focused, and he was mildly sexy in his blazer, t-shirt and Michael Kors slacks. Lourdes pushed herself off of the car, ready to go. She felt like she spent half her life in airport terminals, between Gabe and Alex, but it came with the territory.
Gabriel smiled brightly when he saw her. "Well this is a surprise." He said. "I almost never get door to door service."
"Who are you kidding?" She said smiling back, "you knew I was coming and you always get door to door service."
"In one way or another." He said dropping his bags.
"Your as brown as a bean." She said running her hands along his broad shoulders. "How was your trip?" She asked him while he hugged her.
"Which means great." She said.
"The time flew by." She replied.
"You got laid at every port."
"It rained everyday, I never left the hotel." He replied sarcastically.
"Sunshine, blue sky's, didn't want to come home, huh?" Lourdes smiled while asking accusingly.
"You know, you could be in the best cities in the world, but it's all work, work, work." He said kissing her.
"Hmm, yeah, I'm not feeling sorry for you." She said pulling back, grinning.
"I'd expect nothing less." He said smiling.
They put the bags in the car and Lourdes handed him the keys so he could drive.
"Ready for tonight?" He asked once they were on the road.
Lourdes reached out and rubbed her hand on the back of his dark brown hair. "Not especially, but at least you'll be there." She said. "This is very hot, by the way." She continued to rub her fingers through his hair.
"You like it?" He asked, grabbing her hand and kissing it, then holding it in his.
"Mm-hmm." She said.
"So why aren't you excited about tonight, knackered?" He asked, his strong jaw clenching tightly.
"Don't get me wrong, your friends are great, but sometimes it's nice just to see you."
"We don't have to go." He smiled giving her that look. "We can just go to my flat."
"No." She said. "We already RSVP, they're expecting us."
"Right." He said nodding his head. "Then how about a quicky, before we go? It'll relax us both." Lourdes ignored his request. She still had a bone to pick with him. "Just promise me, I won't have to deal with you and Stacy being all over each other tonight at this shindig."
Gabe was silent. "What?" He asked. His palms were suddenly becoming very moist. He let go of her hand.
"I mean, it's obvious that she's still carrying a big one for you, even though she's acting like she's into Alex, but I can tell the difference." Lourdes paused for his reaction. Those brown eyes focused hard on the road. She could see his wheels spinning.
He was silent again. "Why would she be carrying a big one for me and what makes you think she's into Alex?"
"The way she was all over him the week of those Halloween parties. But I think it's a diversion from who she really wants."
"And what makes you think it's me?"
"Come off it Gabe, I know you two dated in the past."
"Who told you that?"
Lourdes didn't have to say anything, Gabe knew it was Alexsander.
"Look, I didn't tell you about her because-"
"That's alright," she said cutting him off, "I don't need to know the circumstances, I just need to not have it flaunted in my face."
"Right." Gabe said looking straight ahead. "You know it's funny that-"
"What?" Lourdes asked. He said his words so quickly with that muddled accent, she could tell something was still up.
"Stacy actually told me that you were the one who was all over Alex."
"So you talk to Stacy on a regular?" She asked in shock.
"She's still a friend."
"Hmm." Lourdes looked out the window. She actually might have a problem on her hands.
"So what about it? Did Alex make at pass at you?"
Lourdes looked him in the eye. "Do you really think I would be all over one of your friends, in front of your jealous ex-girlfriend in a house full of people that know us?"
"No I don't. But if we're laying it all out on the table, I need to know."
"Mm-hmm." Lourdes said picking up a magazine out of the back seat and dismissing him. "You know, I wouldn't put too much stock in what an ex, who possibly wants you back, would say. I should be the only girl talking in your ear."
"Right." He said looking concerned. Lourdes didn't know what the look was about, but something inside her screamed caution. Stacy definitely, might be more of a problem than she anticipated.
"We're good." He said. "Absolutely no worries beautiful."
Lourdes nodded her head but continued to flip through the pages.
"Did I mention how spectacular you look today." Gabriel said smiling at her.
"Don't push your luck pal." Lourdes said going back to her magazine.
"Right." He said again, while they drove the rest of the way in silence.

"Hey right on time!" Stacy and Emma ran up to greet Lourdes and Gabriel. Not quite the first people that she wanted to see, she could have used a drink first, but hey, she could roll with the punches.
"This place is amazing," Lourdes said giving Emma a quick hug, while Gabriel greeted Stacy, "who's place is this again?" She asked.
"Some friends of Alex's." Gabriel said. "They're on a cruise of the Panama Canal, they let some friends use the house every couple of days. Sort of impromptu house sitting until they get back."
"Where is Alex by the way?" Stacy asked looking at Lourdes. Lourdes stared right back at her.
"I heard he had a photo shoot." Emma said.
"Really that's funny, I thought he had an interview." Gabe said. "Weren't you the last one to see him?" He asked Lourdes.
"Look there's Jaime and Luke." Lourdes said pointing across the room and changing the subject.
Jaime and Luke were the ones hosting the party. It was supposed to be a murder, clue, type party. Originally it sounded fun in theory, but now that they were there, Lourdes just wanted to turn around and leave.
"Let's go over and say hi." She said grabbing Gabe's hand as he smiled at Emma and Stacy while they walked away. Once they were a good distance away from them, Lourdes gave him a dirty look.
"What?" He asked. "I can't control the fact that they are the first people that we ran into."
"Un-huh." She said.
"Really." He said. "You have nothing to worry about."
Lourdes took her focus off the two of them as they approached Jaime and Luke.
"Hold on." Gabe said stopping Lourdes and pulling his cell out of his pocket. He talked on his phone quietly, walking away from her. When he returned, he had a strange smile on his face. "I think we should go." He said. "I'm up against a deadline, and you don't want to be here, right?"
"Sounds like a plan." Lourdes said.
"You don't mind do you?"
She shook her head. "Not at all. But you do all the explaining."
"Right." He said. She walked past him and headed to the front door.
"Hey Lourdes." Emma said coming up to her as she went outside. Her long blonde hair was swinging everywhere as she rushed up to her. Lourdes loved the long blue halter dress that she was wearing. It was very beachy, very chic, very Emma."Leaving already?" She asked, her penciled eyebrows raised in excitement.
"Yeah, something came up and Gabe needs to take off."
"Oh that's such a shame, I was hoping we could spend some time together. You don't have to leave do you?"
Lourdes nodded her head smiling, but she said nothing.
"I hope you know that Stacy really likes you, but she feels like maybe the two of you are getting off to a wrong start."
"Yeah, I bet she does." Lourdes said sweeping back her long, straight hair.
Emma blue eyes sparkled. "What does that mean?" She asked.
"Emma, we barely know each other, I have no ill feelings either way towards the girl."
"That's great." Emma said. "So maybe we could all hang out together one day?"
"But I thought you just said-"
"I know what I said, but guess what, that doesn't mean that I trust her. She seems to pop up everywhere I turn these days, she's spreading rumors to Gabe about me, she even followed me to a club with my friends. I don't want to know her. But I can tolerate her presence because she is a friend to you."
"I didn't know any of this." Emma said surprised, wrapping her arms around her slender body.
"Why would you, the mirror has two faces." Lourdes said.
"So you're not willing to give her a chance? At all?"
"Why didn't you tell me that she and Gabe use to date?"
Emma opened her mouth slightly, not sure what to say.
"I mean we're friends right?" Lourdes asked raising her perfectly arched eyebrows. "You didn't think that, that was a piece of trivia I would liked to have known?"
"I thought that Gabriel would have mentioned something." She said, thin lips tightening.
"Oh you know how Gabe is," Lourdes said rolling her eyes, "information is on a need to know basis with him."
"True." She said nodding her head. "So Stacy being his ex is a deal breaker for you?"
"If she use to fuck Thomas, would you still hang out with her?"
"You have a point there." Emma said. "I totally get it."
"Hey ladies, am I interrupting something?" Gabriel came walking up.
Lourdes shook her head. "Had to stop by the loo, spilled something on my trousers." Gabriel kissed Emma on the cheek. "We're taking off."
Emma smiled and nodded her head. "Dinner next week?" She said smiling at them. "The holiday is coming up, we'd love to have you over."
"Big football weekend." Gabe said. "Most likely that I won't be in town. But this little vixen should be around." He said putting his arm around Lourdes.
"Let's play that one by ear." Lourdes said to them. "Family, you know?"
"Of course." Emma smiled. She kissed Lourdes goodbye and watched them walk away as they headed to the car.
Once they were on the road again, Gabe took Lourdes' hand in his. "I just want to make it clear that you can trust me." He said.
"I do." Lourdes replied, smiling at him. "And you can trust me."
"And Stacy is somebody that you don't have to worry about, she's not interested in me, and Alex is definitely not into her. I just need everybody to get along because she'll be at all the upcoming parties."
"All of them?" Lourdes asked, she wondered how he was so sure that Alex wasn't into Stacy. "Wow, everybody must love her. We didn't leave this party because she was there, did we?"
"No," he said, but he was quiet for a moment, "I just said that you don't need to worry about her. But she will be around when Alex's people come into town, so will Emma and Thomas."
"The thing, after the holiday?" Lourdes asked. She hadn't even thought about it.
"Yes. I might even need your help to get the house together before they get here. I may be out of town."
"How many people are you two expecting?"
"At least six."
"Maybe some siblings, maybe some friends."
"Siblings." Lourdes repeated to herself. She had no idea that Alex even brothers or sisters, he never once mentioned it.
"Yeah his brothers are coming. Maybe even his sister."
"He has five brothers?" She sat up out of her seat. "How did I not know this?"
"Four brothers and a sister, but they're not all coming."
"So, who's the sixth person?"
"His girlfriend, I could have swore he said he told you about all of this." Gabe said frowning up at her. "Didn't he?"
"No." Lourdes said sitting back in her seat. She couldn't breathe. She felt as if somebody had punched her in the stomach...

"There are many perks to my profession that most would not believe."
"Such as?" Lourdes asked Lolita. They were sitting outside on a bench in Golden Gate Park.
"The most fabulous sex party in Cali." Lita said holding up a black envelope with a black invitation inside.
"You're crazy! I can't do that." Lourdes said loudly, but she was immediately intrigued. She adjusted her mod dress and pushed on her black leggings, crossing her legs and composing herself.
Lita leaned forward, pushing up the shades on her face. Her red lips widened slowly into a bright smile. "You'll make more money than you've ever made in one night."
"Really?" Lourdes asked sarcastically. "I highly doubt that, Demigloss Catering does very well. And, I thought your job was something we weren't supposed to talk about. Off limits remember? Now you're asking me to work with you?"
"Look, I wouldn't ask you this if I wasn't already down to the last person I trusted and my last working girl canceled on me. Food poisoning or something."
"Even so, what about Pullo, what if this gets out, and aren't you supposed to go with a guy?"
"I have my date, but we need a third, even a fourth if possible, but three will do." Lita leaned in closer as some people walked by. She had her long black hair pulled up into an high ponytail and it swung to the side, the closer she got. "And besides, nobody will find out, that's why it's so prestigious. It's by invitation only, everybody signs a contract vowing to secrecy, our cell's, cameras and blackberry's are taken away in the beginning, it's all good."
"What if somebody recognizes us?"
"They won't. It'll be an intimate gathering, plus, make-up, costumes and wigs can work wonders. And besides, if somebody did recognize us, they are there doing the same thing we are, aren't they? So nobodies going to say anything." Lita's high cheekbones were flushed with excitement, at the prospect of Lourdes actually considering this.
"What about your date?" Lourdes asked. "Isn't he going to want some bubbly, cha cha, size 0 like you?"
"I'm not a size 0, I'm a size 6, a very curvy size 6 and you're crazy," she said, "he's just like your Alex I imagine."
"What is it that you imagine exactly?" Lourdes said feeling sick to her stomach. That was the last person's name she wanted to hear. She hadn't fully recovered from the news about his girlfriend. And she had been avoiding him for days.
"I mean, he may be linked to Hollywood sticks on his arm in public, but in real life he'd rather fuck someone more voluptuous"
Lourdes sighed. "Alright, I'll admit, it sounds fun to be an observer, but it still sounds too risky for me."
"Just think about it." Lita said. "It's the day after tomorrow and if you wanna do it, we still have enough time to get you ready."
"What would I be expected to do?"
"Just be decoration."
"That's totally vague and sounds almost impossible, given the situation."
"Well my guy is only expecting to have sex with me, so you're just there to make it look like he's ballin' with two chicks on his arm."
"Somehow, it still can't be that easy." Lourdes said.
"Look," Lita said, "I only go gay for pay, and he might want to see a kiss or two, but that's extra money in our pockets and you don't have to go any further than that. You can just watch." She smiled.
"So you like to be watched?" Lourdes asked shaking her head, but smiling back at her.
"Plus, it's not like he's a first timer. He is one of my regulars and we all know the rules that are involved, nobody will cross the line."
"I still don't know." Lourdes said. "Sounds like we're already crossing the line."
"What are you scared?" Lita asked.
"Me?" Lourdes exasperated. "Scared, of what? Going to a sex party and watching my boys, brothers, girl get fuck by some random stranger. What could I possibly be afraid of?"
Lita leaned back in, her long black hair fell into her face. "You don't have to watch, you can participate."
"Wow," Lourdes said, "and Pullo thinks I'm a tease."
"I'm not teasing," Lita said, "so you call my bluff."
This time Lourdes leaned in closer. "You only go gay for pay huh? Sounds like we have some major contradictions here." She got enough mind games from Alexsander, she didn't need anymore from a girl. Especially a may or may not be lezzie girl, who was possibly hitting on her. Dyke drama was too much for Lourdes to handle. "Does your colleague really have food poisoning, or do you just really want to hook up?" She asked Lita.
"What do you think?" She said.
"I think we don't don't need to go to an orgy to make out with each other."
"Come on!" Lita said. "Be fearless, have fun, it'll be liberating."
"And the tie that binds." Lourdes said studying her, knowing full well the risk they were both taking.
"That'd be it may." Lita said squeezing her hand, and looking her in the eye.
Somehow the way she said it gave Lourdes chills...

"A sex party?" Lamont said wrinkling his forehead. "Oh honey, you're becoming more and more like us everyday!" He stood up off the bar stool and hugged Lourdes. Lamont's purple jeans and top were a little much for Lourdes to handle, but he sure knew how to work an outfit. His short brown hair was spiked like a rockers, and he even had on black eye liner with purple eye shadow.
"Speak for yourself." Tyler said. "Sex parties are dangerous, sleazy and potentially life threatening."
"And you know this from personal experience?" Albear asked sticking his tongue out at Tyler, leaning against the bar.
"No, but I don't have to experience it to know the potential dangers." Tyler said back. He looked at Lourdes, "if you're going to do it, just be careful. How did you find out about this anyway?"
"A friend invited me." Lourdes said quickly. She wouldn't dare sell Lita out and she had to be very careful about what information she did divulge. "And it's not like I'd be going to the baths or a backroom." Lourdes added. "This would be upscale, classy."
"There is nothing classy about an orgy." Corey said setting down a round of drinks. Lourdes smiled at his too small superman tee. Her Corey, the comic book, obsessed boy wonder. "I mean haven't we all been to one at some point in our life?" He continued.
"Some more than others." Lamont said looking at Albear.
"And they all end up the same." Corey said.
"They're supposed to end up the same!" Alby said putting his arm around Corey.
"Well if you want my opinion, I say it doesn't hurt to look." Lamont said.
"I say don't do it." Tyler said.
"What the fucks your problem?" Albear asked. "Those who can't do, must hate on everybody else who can?"
"Alright." Tyler said. "For your information, I'll tell you about the last incident that Corey and I had encountered."
"No." Corey said gesturing for Tyler to stop.
"Yes." Lourdes said smiling. "I want to hear this."
"Noooo." Corey said again shaking his head.
"Yes!" Lamont and Albear said at the same time.
"Corey and I were invited to a BB party." Tyler went on.
"Body Builders." Lamont said.
Corey nodded quickly in agreement. But Lourdes was looking at Albear and she could tell he knew something different.
"So we're not doing anything that night and we decide to head over to the-" He whispered the hotel to them. "You know, just to check it out."
Albear scoffed and started laughing.
"We go in and everybody is-"
"Butt naked having sex everywhere." Corey said cutting him off as if he was desperate to confess. His puppy dog eyes were wide and he looked ashamed.
"So?" Albear said. "I'm sure this wasn't your first time seeing something like that. In fact I know it wasn't."
"Yeah, but that's the thing." Tyler said. "The guys weren't body builders, some of them were even old in fact."
"How old?" Albear asked Tyler. "Older than you, cause that would be ancient."
Tyler rolled his eyes.
"And that's when we noticed." Corey said.
"Noticed what?" Lamont asked.
"That BB could stand for only one other thing." Albear said.
Corey and Tyler both looked at him with their mouths open.
"Bare backing right?" Albear asked.
"Yeah." They both said back at the same time.
Lamont crinkled up his nose. "Eww. You didn't do anything with anybody, did you?"
"No way!" Tyler said and he turned to Lourdes. "But I'm just saying, be careful and know what you're getting into."
Albear laughed again. "I can't believe you two idiots didn't figure it out."
Corey and Tyler looked at each other.
"Well you live and you learn." Lamont said smiling at them reassuringly. He picked up his drink and looked in the other direction, trying not to laugh.
"But there is just one problem." Alby said. "What's that?" Lamont asked.
"Lourdes is not going to some bare backing party with a bunch of tweeked out twinkies. You can't even compare."
Lourdes nodded her head. "That's right. It's should be clean, nice and everyone will be protected." She held up a rubber for all of them to see, and Albear snatched it out of her hand and stuck it in his pocket.
"Now my only question is, why?" Alby asked.
"Why what?" Lourdes said.
"Why are you doing this? I mean, is it for yourself, for fun or are you rebelling against something?"
Lourdes raised an eyebrow, hoping Albear wouldn't bring up their private conversation in front of the boys. "If I do this, it'll just be for fun for me." It might have been a mistake to tell him about Alexsander's girlfriend.
"So it's not to get back at anybody?" He pressed on.
Lourdes mouthed the words fuck you to him.
Albear smiled at her.
"What exactly are you trying to get at?" Lamont asked picking up on the signals immediately.
"No." Lourdes said quickly. "Just for fun and just for me. Chalk it up to experience."
"Then I guess it's alright by me." Albear said.
"As if I was ever asking for your permission." Lourdes said back.


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