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Chapter 6 continued...

Book By: Nina Simone

Take a look into the life of Lourdes...

Submitted:Jul 11, 2010    Reads: 369    Comments: 37    Likes: 41   

"So what do you think?" Lita asked Lourdes in her 1920's blonde wig. She handed her a glass of champagne. One of Lita's many rules were, never drink while you're working, so the drinks were just for decoration.
"It's great, nothing like I expected." Lourdes said looking around the room. It was early, the festivities hadn't started yet. Right now, people were just mingling and drinking cocktails. Lourdes and Lita's date was a riot, but he was off in deep conversation with somebody else. Lourdes could see why Lita kept him as a regular. He was rich, kind, and he took her on fabulous dates....case in point.
Lita and Lourdes had already discussed rules and procedure, for tonight's event. Who would have thought prostitution could have so many rules. They discussed everything from proper costume attire, to an emergency exit plan if the police were to bust in on them. Once they were dressed, had all their passwords and codes memorized, they met up with Lita's date and took a limo, to an undisclosed location. A far off estate outside the Bay and it was heavily secured.
"Sha'll we look around?" Lita asked.
"Yes." Lourdes said grabbing her hand and pulling her into another room.
So far, their were a lot of empty rooms, with a lot of empty beds...
"This is so cool." Lita said. "I hear they're doing fireworks up on the roof, do you want to take a look?"
"Sure." Lourdes said. They went out of the room and passed two people in the hallway. One woman was wearing nothing but a thong and a live Python, around her neck, hanging down, just barely covering her tits.
"I love the snake!" Lita said as they walked by.
"Thank you." The lady said stroking it.
They giggled walking down the rest of the hallway.
"Carmen!" Somebody called out, as they reached the end of the hallway and entered another room. Lita and Lourdes both looked in the direction that the voice was coming from. It was Steve, their dates name for the evening. Carmen was Lolita's working girl name. This was something Lourdes already knew, so it didn't come as a surprise that she would have to call her that all night. They walked over to Steve so he could introduce them to the people he was talking to.
"Why don't you handle this." Lourdes said, "while I go and find the ladies room."
"I believe, if you go out this room and around the corner, you'll locate one." Lita smiled.
"Thanks." Lourdes said tapping her arm and slipping out of the room.
She found the bathroom with no problem. There was no line and it was empty on the inside. Lourdes looked at herself in the mirror. At first glance, she felt like a different person. Clothes she would never wear, a platinum white wig that actually looked pretty good on her, and very dramatic make-up to change the shape of her eyes and lips. But she still felt like underneath all that, somebody could still recognize her. She shrugged it off. They didn't know anybody here, and it was just one night of adventure, who would ever know?
When Lourdes returned back to the room, Lita and Steve were nowhere to be found. She turned around and tried to make her way up to the roof. She could see flashes of red and blue lights outside the windows she passed by. She made her way up the stairs that led to roof access. It was a little cold, but it was like a whole other world. The roof was flat and furnished like an outside garden. A small fence all around to keep people safe, chairs and plants everywhere, they even had a bartender serving drinks at the very top.
Lourdes spotted many blonde wigs, but she was able to distinguish Lita's blonde wig. She slowly started to make her way through the crowd of people when she stopped in her tracks...She could have sworn that was...

Lolita turned around from the bright fireworks, looking for Lourdes. She hoped she realized that they would be upstairs. There was a large group at the top, but she managed to locate her in the crowd of people. Lita smiled at her, waving her on over. But Lourdes wouldn't move. She stood frozen in her tracks, not breaking eye contact for a minute, then she slowly turned her head to the left. Lita followed her gaze and landed on the last person she expected to see.
Lita sucked in her breath and clenched Steve's arm tightly without realizing it.
"Something wrong dear?" He smiled.
Lita shook her head no quickly. "Will you excuse me for a second, I think I need to use the ladies room also."
He nodded his head and Lita moved quickly towards Lourdes, she grabbed her arm and dragged her down the stairs.
"Holy fuckin' shit!" Lourdes said as they locked themselves in the same bathroom that she had just came out of. She started pacing back and forth. She was spilling her drink everywhere. She stopped moving around and drunk the glass down.
"What's he doing here?" She asked. "Did you tell him about this?!"
"No!" Lita said. "How the fuck should I know? Why would I tell Pullo about this place?!"
"What the fuck is he doing here! What the fuck are we going to do?!" Lourdes practically yelled.
"We just need to calm down." Lita said breathing hard. She set her glass of champagne down on the sink. "We just need to stay calm." She said again. She doubled over the sink like she was in pain.
"Oh no, don't do this to me, are you alright?" Lourdes asked.
"I'm fine." She said standing back up and fanning herself. "Is it hot in here or is it just me?"
"It ain't fucking you!" Lourdes yelled.
They looked at each other, panicked.
Lolita smiled.
"You bitch!" Lourdes said. "This is so, not funny, if you crack up on me now, I'm gonna kill you!"
But Lita's smile continued to get wider. She started laughing. Lourdes came towards her as her laugh got louder. There were almost tears in her eyes, she thought this was so funny. Lourdes shook her head and picked up Lita's glass and drunk it down also.
Lita was still laughing so uncontrollably, that Lourdes couldn't help but to laugh with her.
"Just my fucking luck right?" Lourdes said shaking her head.
Lita nodded, stifling back one more laugh. "Never in my days," she said, "has something like this happened. It's definitely a first."
"I'm glad your so amused." Lourdes muttered.
"The good news is he didn't see us. Now we just have to get out of here that very same way."
"And how are we going to do that? What if he's already downstairs? What are we going to tell Steve? There is no way that I'm going back up there..."


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