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chap.1 continued...part 2

Book By: Nina Simone

Take a look into the life of Lourdes. A fun, sexy, party planning chef with a complicated side...

Submitted:Jun 30, 2010    Reads: 423    Comments: 54    Likes: 50   

Albear picked up his drink looking intrigued. "So what? You kissed a guy, it's hardly a crime." He was baiting her and she knew it. But she fell for it anyway.
"I didn't just kiss him. We kissed for like, hours, we fondled, we sucked-"
"Did you fuck?"
"Then I don't give a shit!" He said. You are entitled to do whatever and whom ever you want, that's the point of being single. So why are you so hormonal about all of this?"
Lourdes slouched back in her chair and crossed her arms. "That's easy for you to say," she pouted, "you have like, a different trick every night."
Albear took a drink. "Okay, I'll be serious for a minute." He grabbed Lourdes' wrist and looked at her watch. "Starting now."
Lourdes rolled her eyes again and smiled. "I did everything but have sex with a guy that I haven't seen in a million years, he might as well be a total stranger, and now I'm going to dinner with a guy that I'm spending a lot of my nights with. Just help me to get through this successfully, please."
"You're going to dinner with which guy?" Albear said being a smart ass. It was a loaded question. She hadn't mentioned to him that she had spent the wee hours of the morning with Alex, even though he could probably guess.
"Look, you were the one who told me that I could handle this. That it was possible for a girl to successfully live the Albear Sebastian lifestyle without reaping the consequences-"
"So you wanna know how to pull off having dinner with your boyfriend without him realizing that his best friend wants to do you?" Albear said cutting her off.
"He's not his best friend. And he's not my boyfriend. But...something like that." Lourdes said sheepishly.
"I think our minutes up."
"Focus please." She said.
"I still have two more questions left."
"Go on then." Lourdes tossed her head back bracing herself.
"Are you doin' the actor or not?"
The actor. That was Alexsander. Once Albear found out his occupation, he loved to make wise cracks. "Isn't everyone an aspiring actor these days?" He loves to say. Total star-fucker, of course.
"We had dinner last night. I made him Tuscan Fusilli with the dark ragu sauce."
"Ahh, dinner that's so sweet," Albear said, "and did he give you his cream sauce afterwords?"
Lourdes tossed her cocktail napkin at him. "No. That was for dessert." She cracked.
"No shit?" Albear asked.
Lourdes paused, contemplating what to say. "We spent the night together but we didn't fuck. I let him...do things to me, and we slept in the same bed. Him naked and me with my underwear, but officially there was no genital penetration."
"Thank you for that clinical definition Dr." Albear said sarcastically even though he was smiling from ear to ear. "So basically what I hear you saying, is that you sucked him off?"
Lourdes shook her head refusing to answer.
"That counts as some penetration." He laughed.
Lourdes shook her head again, smiling.
"One more question."
"One more question." Lourdes repeated, finishing off the last of her drink.
"How soon do you think he will to make another move on you?"
"Well Halloween is coming up and we are both invited to the same parties all week. And, we will both be completely unsupervised."
"That's my girl." Albear smiled clinking her empty glass.

Lourdes walked alone down the block, away from the bar and back to the residential neighborhood. She passed Albear's car, leaving him to his wicked ways with the waiter. She was sure that she would hear all about it later...but now she had to get her game face on for tonight.
The closer she came to approaching the home of Thomas and Emma, the more people she could see arriving. She was only a few feet away from the house, when she saw Gabriel and Alexsander turn a corner. They were heading her way, talking and laughing. They were both in t-shirts and jeans with no jackets, Gabriel was wearing black and Alexsander was wearing blue. Lourdes assumed they had been drinking. It was too cold to be outside with such little clothing. They had to be intoxicated. They would be in good company.
Lourdes stopped walking and took a deep breath. She locked eyes with Gabriel. He and Alex both stopped talking. He began walking faster, until he reached Lourdes. He stopped right in front of her, cupping his hands around her face and drew her in to kiss him.
Alexsander walked up the rest of the way slowly, and stood off to the side of them. As Gabriel withdrew from their kiss, he grabbed her hand pulling her up the steps to the house. "Alright then?" He said in his thick British accent. The sound of his voice never got old. She was a sucker for accents. Gabriel's soft brown hair was a little too long and he needed a haircut, but it was brushed back perfectly into place. He was a little pale and looked like he only survived on beer and nibbles the whole time he was away. Lourdes hadn't seen him for two weeks. A sports writer. Gabriel was her main man. He was the closet thing that she had to a boyfriend. But his hectic traveling schedule made their relationship unofficial. They were friends...with benefits. The benefit being, when Gabe was in town, it was understood that Lourdes was his girl.
But when he was away, she could play.
The same rules applied to him, and she was pretty sure that Gabe had a different girl in every port. But this worked for her. She was finally with a man that wasn't looking to make her into Betty Crocker. He wasn't trying to force her to meet his mother and they hadn't talked about marriage or children once.
Lourdes was in heaven.
"Don't say hello or anything." Alexsander said.
Lourdes turned around at the front door and let go of Gabriel's hand. She was in heaven at least until Alex came into the picture.
Alex was a total cluster fuck. He changed her mind completely of what she thought about men. He made her see the world differently. That didn't happen very often with Lourdes.
She had known Gabriel for over a year, when out of the blue, Alex arrived in town one day, looking to chill out. Originally from Europe, he split most of his time between there and Los Angeles, but he said L.A. was getting so blah, blah, blah, and he needed a break. So here he was in the Bay. Gabriel had told her that he was an actor friend of his that he knew from back home and he was fresh off of wrapping up an acting gig.
He seemed nice enough, but Lourdes wasn't impressed. She was born and raised in California and living here, actors were a way of life. A dime a dozen. Real life breathing celebrities roaming the streets. What else was new? It was a normality.
But suddenly, life had gone from Lourdes and Gabe, to Lourdes, Gabe and Alex. Then most days it was Lourdes and Alex when Gabe was out of town. And somehow, Alex's bullshit and charm started to rub off on her. Their interest in the same activities made them fast friends.
Lourdes never saw him coming.
He was her boys homie, so automatically he was placed in the off limits category and she assumed that the same went for her. They had no expectations of each other, which made it easy for them to get along.
Boy was she stupid.
Fast friends had turned into something else. They started having private dinners, where both of them consciously forgot to mention, that they saw each, other to Gabriel. They stopped being seen in public together when Gabe was out of town. They stopped going out to mutual friends dinner parties if Gabe was out of town. Both of them knew that something was there, but they just wouldn't talk about it.
Until one night, Alex totally did.
He arrived at her home late one night, scaring the shit out of her, because he had never done that before. It was one of the last hot evenings of the year before the seasons changed and he wanted to go for a drive. What could she do? He was lurking in her stairwell, looking very euro chic, and she was thanking her lucky stars that she hadn't taken off her make-up. He never seemed like he needed her more than tonight.
It was hot.
And refreshing to be around somebody so sure of himself. Almost unnerving. Sure Alex was cocky and arrogant, but he had the goods to back it up. And he didn't use it like an assault weapon. He made you feel good to be around him. He made you feel good about yourself. He made her want to be a better person. It was almost as if he stopped time when she was with him. And when he focused on you, it was as if you were the only person in the world.
"You seem restless." She remembered saying to him once they were in his car.
"Do I? Yeah, I may be a bit wired." Alex said drumming this thumbs on the steering wheel.
"So where to?" She asked.
"Somewhere quiet."
"The Mallard isn't far." She offered.
"No." He said. "No bar."
They were only about 4 blocks away, when he pulled over on a dark street corner and stopped the car. She watched him stare straight ahead looking out the window. He was silent for a moment. He wouldn't make eye contact with her.
"Gabriel called me today."
"Oh yeah?"
"He said that, he'd been a bit of a prick to you this week and he thought that flowers and something girly would do the trick."
Lourdes looked around the vacant street, wondering where this was going. "Sounds very thoughtful of him."
"Yeah, he is a thoughtful guy." Alex said half-assed.
Lourdes sighed. "Alex, what's wrong?"
He avoided looking at her. "I gave him every excuse in the book about why I couldn't be bothered."
Lourdes watched Alex adjust his car seat so that he could stretch out his long legs. He turned and looked at her. "Don't you want to know why?"
She swallowed hard. Suddenly her mouth was dry. Was this really happening? She slowly nodded her head.
"I had a bouquet of flowers sitting on the table right in front of me. I was out at a street fair and saw them and I thought, Lourdes would like these. Just like that. And so I bought them without thinking. I was going to give them to you when we saw each other tomorrow and the very same day my friend calls me and ask me to send his girl some flowers. I lost my shit."
"Why?" Lourdes asked quietly.
Alex looked at her with disbelief. "You know why." He said.
Lourdes exhaled slowly before speaking. She had to be very careful about what she said next. He was being cryptic and she didn't want to make a fool out of herself. "Alex, you have to help me out here. You come to my house late at night, you're acting strange, your talking about flowers, I'm just trying to get up to speed here."
"Why are you doing this?" He asked.
"Doing what?"
"Acting as if you don't know what's going on here?"
"Alex if you have something to say to me, I wish you would just say it. Because I really don't see what the problem is."
"How often do you think about us sleeping together?" He asked.
There it was. Finally the first admittance, from one of them. But it came like a slap in the face.
She sat back in her seat, having no idea what to say. She couldn't believe he was asking her this. She had to be dreaming. She, had this dream before, only without the dark vacant street. After pausing for what seemed like forever, she turned to look at him. "What color were the flowers?"
Alex let out a nervous laugh. "White. They were white." He said, drumming his hands on the steering wheel again.
"Were they lilies or roses or-"
"Did you not hear a word I said?" He asked.
Lourdes looked down at her hands in her lap almost defeated. She studied her dark red fingernails. This was going to happen and one of them finally had the balls to do something about it. She couldn't run from it anymore. Didn't want to. It was time to face up to the demons that tempt her. "I think about it all the time." She spoke softly.
Alexsander unlocked his seat belt and leaned over and kissed her. It was just like she thought it would be. Soft and passionate. He smelled like baby powder. He pulled back in his seat. "If you want me to stop, you have to be the one to say so right now, or else this really means that we're gonna do this."
Lourdes leaned over and kissed him back. This time his kiss wasn't so soft, it was wet and hungry. He put his fingers around her neck and pulled her close to him. Alex was always so gentle with her, but being with him like this, she could feel the full strength of his size. His power. Lourdes knew in that very moment, she was a goner. She was hooked. Ever since that night in the car, they had only been contemplating sin. Up until last night...

With the heels she had on, she was so tall that she was almost face to face with Alexsander, so she quickly gave him a peck on the cheek. "I'm sorry love, hi, how are you?" Lourdes asked.
Alexsander didn't get a chance to answer, Emma opened the front door. "Three lovely people all at once! Please come in." Lourdes walked in first and gave Emma a hug. Gabe and Alex followed in behind her.
"Thomas is in the kitchen making a mess, or at least it'll do until the mess get's here. We could really use a professionals help, if you don't mind." Emma pleaded.
"Looks like my services are needed." Lourdes smiled at the guys, excusing herself. She put her jacket in the coatroom and let Emma lead the way to the kitchen with Thomas.
After the tiny crisis was averted, Lourdes and Thomas joined the guest in the dining room. There was assigned seating and as luck would have it, she was placed in between Alex and Stacy, another friend of Emma's.
Thomas and Emma were good friends of Gabriel's. His grown-up friends. Gabe would say. Married up right and proper. Good influences. Lourdes had seen them at least once a month since she and Gabe started hanging out. She thought that they were hilarious and they adored her. They owned a very upscale doggie day care, but had no pets of their own. Total laugh riot.
Thomas was sitting at the head of the table and Emma opposite him. Everybody was starting with soup and salad and chatting amongst themselves.
Alex reached under the table and put his hand on Lourdes' leg. It gave her quite a fright and she tried not to let it show. He smiled to himself without looking at her. She kicked his leg softly but firmly under the table and wiggled her thigh free.
"Did anybody hear the news today about that poor boy at Pride Diner?" Emma asked to anybody in the room.
"Yes I saw it on the news this morning." Keith, the guy that Gabe was sitting next to said. "What did they say, he was strangled or something right?"
"Hmm, no he was shot." Lourdes said volunteering what she knew. "I was there this morning."
"You were?" Gabriel and Alex both said, in shock, in unison. They both looked at each other. Emma started laughing.
"Yeah, I was meeting some friends for breakfast," Lourdes continued, trying to bypass that awkward moment, "and when I arrived they were bagging and tagging."
"Wait, so you saw him up close?" Stacy asked in her mousy voice.
"Where was he shot?" Keith asked.
"What time were you there?" Gabe asked.
Alex looked at her also, raising one eyebrow wanting to know the answer to that question too. Around the time I skipped out on you, she thought to herself.
"More importantly, you eat at Pride Diner?" Thomas asked.
They all laughed and Lourdes chimed in with them, even though she was cringing on the inside. She knew what he meant. She was sure none of them would be caught dead on that side of town. With those type of people. She sighed and looked down at her food. She'd lost her appetite. Fifteen minutes into the party and she wished she was with Albear...

Down the street from Thomas and Emma's, Lourdes walked silently next to Alexsander. It was late. After 10 pm The night was ending or just getting started, depending on how you looked at it. He told her, he would keep her company while she walked to the store to get some smokes. Gabriel was wasted back at the house, having a very intense debate about golf with Thomas. Normally he wasn't this boring, but it was his job, and it made him happy. Lourdes was climbing the walls wanting to put a gun to her head if she had to hear another word about the green, or par 4, or 18-holes.
"You haven't said much tonight." Alex said studying her.
"Hmm?" Lourdes looked up, coming out of her thoughts. God he was gorgeous. Unfortunately, he arrived in town the last time, with almost no hair. The beautiful blonde locks were gone. But he was still hot. His chin had the makings of a goatee and he was smiling at her with his icy blue eyes. Alex was hot in a completely different way from Gabriel. They were both tall, but Alex had Gabe beat by at least 5 inches. Gabe's British accent was hotter but Alex's Swedish accent came very close. Alex on the other hand, spoke most days without an European accent. And she found it comical that he needed a southern accent for the show he's on.
When they go out, Alex will only talk with an American accent, complete conversations with him never talking in his Swedish voice. In the beginning she was a little weirded out by it, but he liked people mistaking him for an actual American. Perish the thought. Lourdes thought it was ridiculous, but of course, she would never have to know what it's like trying to crossover and be accepted in that way.
She was born here.
But all in all, she thought the American southern accent was almost hotter than his actual voice.
Of course Gabe and Alex's personalities were totally different. Sure they have things in common, being friends for so many years, but Lourdes thought of them like night and day.
"Did you hear me? I said you haven't said much tonight."
"I'm sorry, I feel like I haven't stopped talking."
He laughed, shaking his head. "You've barely said a word tonight." He playfully nudged her with his shoulder. "Is it me?"
"No of course not." She said quickly. But maybe...it was...him.
"Because we agreed to act normal." He said.
"Yeah, I know."
"But you're not acting normal."
"Alex, I'm fine."
"It's okay to talk to me when we get back."
"Alex, I said I'm fine."
He gently grabbed her arm to stop her from walking, turning her to face him. They had stopped in front of the liquor store.
"Look I know last night was-"
"Last night was fine."
"Will you stop saying fine." He said.
She let out a nervous sigh. He was still holding her arm. He released his grip but took a hold of her hand. She looked around quickly making sure nobody was watching. They were too far away from the house to be seen by anybody.
"Let's just clear the air right now before we get back." He said.
She stared into his eyes. The way he was looking at her made her feel light headed.
This definitely wasn't cupid.
"I thought we were going to have some fun." He said.
"We are."
He was searching her eyes for something. Any kind of encouragement.
"I guess you want to start playing." She smiled.
He smiled even bigger. "Yes I want to play. I want to, bad."
She took a step closer to him. "Well I love games."
He put his hands on her hips and closed the gap between them. She couldn't breathe. She tried to look around inhaling the cold night air. No oxygen was going to her brain.
"After the party-" He started to say.
"Alex no." She said cutting him off.
"Come on, Gabe's wasted, we can drop him off and then we'll go anywhere you want."
"Alex no." She could barely choke the words out. It was all she could do from fainting. His hips were pressing so hard against hers. It was obvious that he didn't want to wait.
"I'm on a mission." He said.
"Yeah, I know!" She said giggling. She took a step back. She couldn't help herself. Finally, the blood was rushing back to her head.
He let out a relieved sigh, happy to see the girl he thought he knew. He grabbed her by her coat and pulled her back close to him. He leaned in as if he was going to kiss her, but he stopped inches away from her lips. "Listen," he said speaking very soft and quietly, "can't we just...you know."
"Can't we just what?" She gushed. "Drop off Gabriel and then go back to your place and fuck our brains out?"
He was still holding her by her coat, not letting go. He tilted his head and kissed her right ear with his wet lips. Then he gently bit down softly on her earlobe. And to think, she was kicking herself for forgetting her earrings.
"Yeah, something like that." He whispered in her ear.
It sent a rush of tingles through her body. She was on fire. This is how they got into trouble the night before.
"We had an agreement." She said. "No fucking around when Gabe is in town." She closed her eyes inhaling his sent.
"He's three sheets to the wind, we'll drop him off and he'll take us out for breakfast in the morning thanking us for tucking him into bed safely."
She pulled back from him, amazed that he could be so worry free about all of this. "That still doesn't make it right. And the first thing that he's gonna want to know is who tucked me into bed after him. Listen," she said slinking back closer to him, wanting him to keep interest but be patient, "you've indicated your interest, and I've acknowledged my interest-"
"And now I want it bad." He said clearly not willing to be patient.
"You don't hold back." She said.
"Is that a problem for you?"
"No." She said smiling. "Promise me you'll always be like this."
Alexsander walked away from her giving her a devilish smile and went into the store. When he came back out, he slipped the smokes in her pocket, then he looped his arm around hers without saying anything and they walked back to the house arm and arm. Once they reached the bottom of the steps, Lourdes could hear music still going and people laughing on the inside. They both stopped and paused. Her cell phone chimed. She opened it and saw a text from Albear. Just left Hardy Boys. On my way to Sin City, I'm coming to get you. Still at the same place?'
She quickly texted back yes.
"Problem?" Alex asked
"No, all good." She smiled, quickly slipping her phone back into her pocket. They walked up the stairs and went into the house.
Back inside, everybody was having a good time. Thomas and Gabe were still deep in conversation but they had moved on to football. They were a little loud off the fumes, but in high spirits. Emma and Stacy were standing over by the fireplace gossiping about something, and Keith was in the hallway talking on his phone.
Lourdes walked away from Alex and over to Emma.
"Lovely time ladies, but I think I'm off."
"So soon?" Stacy said.
"They've been here for hours." Emma laughed. "No seriously, Lourdes we didn't mean to keep you here all night." She leaned in and kissed her on each cheek. "Call me next week, we'll do lunch."
"Thanks for having me. Everything was great." She said. "Bye Stacy."
Stacy waved goodbye and Lourdes turned to head towards Gabriel. She was a few feet away from him when Alex stopped her.
"My phone battery seems to be dead. Can I use yours?"
She pulled her phone out of her pocket and handed it to him.
"Thanks." He said walking away from her dialing a number.
She turned back to Gabriel and Thomas. They both looked up as she approached them.
"I think I"m gonna call it a night boys."
Gabe stood up taking both of her hands with his. "Need a lift somewhere?"
She shook her head no. "I got a ride coming." She leaned close and he kissed her goodnight. She pulled him closer for a hug and signaled Thomas to cut off the alcohol. He nodded his head, pushing up his glasses and smiled.
She pulled back from Gabe and began heading for the door. Once her coat was on and she was back down the steps, she glanced at her watch. It was coming up on 11p.m. but things would just be getting started at Sin City.
The door slammed behind her and Alexsander came jogging down the steps. He handed her back the phone.
"Oh thanks, it slipped my mind." She said.
"Maybe you have other things on it." He offered.
She smiled, he was consistent.
"Going home?" He asked.
"No." She said.
"Hot date?"
"No." She said.
"Fancy one?"
She smiled again and he laughed. "You know," she said standing very close to him, "there is something terribly consistent about you."
"I'll take that as a compliment." He said sarcastically. But he took a step closer.
They were standing too close to be just friends. Lourdes knew she should take a step back, but she didn't want to. She was almost daring him to do something. He wouldn't dare, not with Gabe on the other side of that door. She leaned in closer to him, giving him her best come hither look.
He stepped closer.
Just then a car honked it's horn. Lourdes spun around and recognized Albear's black classic Mustang immediately. His tinted windows were rolled up and fogged so you couldn't see inside. She turned back to Alex, "gotta go."
Alex started to open his mouth to stop her, but Lourdes turned and walked away. If she didn't get into the car that very moment, Albear would be all over them in ten seconds flat.
"Yeah bye." He said.
Lourdes walked to the car, opened the door and hopped in. She turned to say hello and was greeted with a very big kiss on the mouth by Albear. She let out a nervous laugh. "Hi, hello!" She tried not to blush. She wasn't flustered because he kissed her. In fact, Albear kissed her all the time, but never before in front of Alex.
This was the first time that they had gotten a look at each other.
"Let's go babe." Albear said looking past her at Alex.
She closed the car door, catching a glance of that same raised eyebrow from Alex.
"You think he's jealous?" Albear laughed and sped away down the street. "So how was dinner?" He asked politely, even though he wasn't the slightest bit interested.
"It was fabulous." Lourdes said looking out the window.
Albear grunted as if he didn't believe her. "That's swell." He said.
"How was your little slice of cake?" She asked referring to the waiter.
"Do you really want to know?"
"Not at all." She said. "Spare me the explicit details."
"Okay, well I'm waiting." Albear said. He was quiet for a moment. "Well?"
"Well what?" Lourdes asked stalling for time, she knew what was coming.
"Are you going to tell me who that was you were talking to?"
They stopped at a red light and he turned to face her.
She began to smile slowly.
"Oh shit, that was him wasn't it?"
Lourdes kept smiling.
"It was wasn't it?" He said starting to playfully poke her.
"Stop!" She screamed trying to knock his hand away. "Albear stop, yes it was him, it was Alex, now focus on the road!"
Albear pulled off at the green light. "I knew it." He said. "So what were you doing out there with him?"
"He borrowed my phone, he was giving it back."
"He looked like he was giving you more than that. And it didn't look like you two were talking about text messaging."
"That's because we weren't." She looked at Albear smiling proudly. "So what do you think?"
"Ha!" He said, "You didn't tell me he was so hot!"
Lourdes laughed. "Was that ever in question?"
"Well you know how it is when you want cock, all your morals and values go right out the window. But considering the risk you are taking to your current relationship, and the type of expectations you have with men, I thought he might be mind-blowing."
Lourdes smiled. If Albear was impressed then she knew that she had done good.
"You know," he said, "if it was me, my dick would have been up his ass the first time I met him. What the fuck are you waiting for?"
"I'm not interested in fucking him up the ass." She said smartly. "And I'm not looking to do him in poor taste."
Albear stopped at another red light. He put one cold hand around the back of her neck and yanked her over to him. "Well see, that's what you're doing wrong. Because you don't want a piece of ass in good taste, you want an ass that taste good."
"Ahh!" Lourdes screamed again slapping his hand away. "Stop being gross and let me go!"
Albear let go laughing and started driving again. "So where was Mr. ESPN in the middle of all of this?" He asked referring to Gabriel.
"Inside discussing sports." She replied flatly.
"Wow," he said, "I'm surprised you didn't call me to come and get you sooner."
Lourdes smirked. She nodded her head in agreement.

Stacy the bartender was looking out the window at Alexsander. He was watching Lourdes drive off down the street with some hot guy. Good of him to see her off safely. Everybody had nothing but good things to say about Alex, but she was skeptical, being that he was an actor. She wondered if he could be a bad boy in other ways. She thought that they had shared a moment together earlier that night and she was looking to see if he was interested. He was still staring down the block. The car had to have been gone by now. She wondered what he was thinking about.
"Go on then." Emma said coming out of nowhere, long blonde hair flowing down her back and hugging her from behind. "This is your chance."
"Shh." Stacy said, nervous already.
"He's not gonna bite," Emma said, "not unless you want him too." They both started giggling.
"Go on." Emma urged her. "You may not get another chance to be alone with him."
Stacy straightened out her jeans and tank top, pushed up her boobs and fluffed out her short brown hair. She opened the front door and came bouncing down the steps. Alex turned and watched her walk down the last few.
"Got a light?" She asked.
He pulled out his lighter and handed it to her.
"Got a cigarette?" She asked laughing.
He smiled at her and offered her one. He was being friendly, but he seemed distracted.
"Thanks." She said putting one hand on his while pulling the cigarette out. He was watching her but she couldn't tell what he was thinking.
"You wanna go back inside and have a drink?" She asked.
"Actually I was on my way out." He said.
"Oh." Shit, she didn't think he would blow her off like that.
"Thought I check out this club. Sin City? Have you heard of it? Do you know where it is?" He asked.
"Oh yeah, I love that club!" She said. "And someone like you would go right to the front of the line."
He smiled at her. "Do you want to come and check it out with me?"
"Yes!" She said beginning to go up the steps. "Let me get my jacket and we'll be off."


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