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chap 4 continued...part 3

Book By: Nina Simone

Take a look into the life of Lourdes...

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"Hello?" Lourdes answered her cell phone half asleep. It was freezing. She had swam a couple of laps in the heated pool at Jasper's house. She didn't realize how tired she was until she got out, wrapped a towel around herself and fell asleep on the beach chair. Pullo had went to bed hours ago.
"Oh Lourdes, you have to help me!"
"Is that banging I hear? What's going on?"
"Lourdes I met a guy and we decided to hook up and now he's flipping out, I locked myself in a room but he just keeps banging on the door!"
Lourdes stood up. "Where are you?"
"Near the Bancroft Hotel, around the corner."
"Okay, stay right there, don't move, I'll be there in ten minutes."
Lourdes got dressed as fast as she possibly could. She looked in on Pullo, but he was still asleep, so she grabbed his car keys and left.
It took her no time, to get there. The streets were empty, except for a few students leaving the bars. Lourdes stopped right in front of the hotel, then turned the corner. She drove slowly down the street looking around, trying to figure out the correct house. Almost everyone in this neighborhood was a frat house. She slammed on the brakes when she saw someone resembling Lolita running out of the shadows. She jumped in the car, slamming the door. "Go!" She said.
Lourdes got out of dodge. "What happened?"
She said nothing.
"Are you okay?"
She still didn't respond. "Lita?" Lourdes said. "Look, I'm really sorry that this happened to you, but I ditched Pullo and stole his car, I don't know where we're going and I feel as if I should be taking you to the police station if some lunatic just attacked you!"
Lita slowly shook her head. "No," she said, "no police."
They drove for a bit in silence. Lita was sitting there looking like a zombie. Every time a street lamp rolled over the car she could see black liquid make-up streaming down her face. They drove in silence. Lourdes had a million questions in her head, but she knew that Lita may have needed time to regroup.
Once they were back at Jasper's house, they sat in the car silent. Lolita seemed to come back to life again. "I need a drink." She said.
"You just need to relax, it's all the fear and adrenaline running through your body." Lourdes said.
"I want a drink." Lita said.
"I think we should talk first. Once we walk in that house, Pullo may or may not be awake on the other side of that door. He's gonna wanna know what happened."
She nodded her head, but she still didn't say anything.
"Okay," Lourdes said, "let's get you in a shower and fix you that drink."

Lourdes left the front door unlocked, and all was still quiet. As far as she could tell, Pullo hadn't moved.
Lita was sitting in a fluffy white robe, that was too big for her, drinking a large glass of whiskey. They were all the way at the back of the house, so as not to wake Pullo.
"I don't understand," Lourdes said, "I thought you and Jasper were happy."
"We are." Lita said. "But tonight wasn't about Jasper."
"So you date other people?"
Lita shook her head no.
"Well what were you doing with some guy in the middle of the night?"
"He was a customer."
Lourdes sat back silent. "You mean?"
"Yes," she said, "I mean."
"What about Jasper!" Lourdes whispered.
Lita looked her dead in the eye. "Jasper's a customer too."
"Shut-up!" Lourdes said.
"He's what we call long-term client. Someone who pays to have the total girlfriend experience."
"So he's?"
"What about Pullo?"
"What about Pullo?" Lita asked. "Do you think that man," she said pointing in the direction of Pullo's bedroom, "who is straight as an arrow, tough as nails, and who probably has never had one homosexual thought in his mind, could ever accept the fact that his brother is gay?"
"But how could he not know?"
"Did you know?" She asked.
"No." Lourdes said.
"It's not as if he's like your friend Lamont. He's more like Corey, or Tyler or even Albear. He's not an obviously gay man. And if you knew what his family was like, you'd understand."
Lourdes, could understand just from meeting some of Pullo's friends. "You know his family?" She asked.
"Of course, I'm his girlfriend."
"How do you keep it all a secret? Especially with Pullo being around?"
"You may not have noticed, but Jasper's never really around. He travels internationally all the time, working for the UN and he and Pullo are not that close."
"Even still, all the lying, the sneaking, it must be hard work."
"Not really," she said shaking her wet hair. "It's easier than you might think. I'm a kept woman, and Jasper takes care of most of my bills as payment for my services. And it works, because to the outside eye, everything lines up in order as if we are boyfriend and girlfriend."
"Except for tonight." Lourdes said. "I mean, aren't you supposed to have some kind of protection, what if you hadn't gotten a hold of me?"
"He wasn't a regular. And I couldn't call my agent or regular security because I was moonlighting for another colleague. I had to work. It's not about the money. It's just how it is when you get a bad review, you stop getting the pick of the litter and a loser get's thrown your way every now and again."
"Bad review?"
"On the internet."
"We have pictures," Lita said, "they are very pixelated, but yeah we get graded and reviewed like everyone else. "
"This isn't a restaurant!" Lourdes said.
Lolita laughed. It was the first time since Lourdes had got her. "After you service somebody, they're allowed to give their opinions."
"OMG." Lourdes said. "Show me."
"No." Lita said.
"Why not?"
"Do you know how huge this is for me to tell you something like this? Nobody knows!" She whispered.
Lourdes looked around the room. This was a lot to wrap her head around. "So why did you tell me? Why did you call me for help? We barely know each other."
"I don't know," she said, "why did you share with me about Alexsander?"
"Yeah but Alex is just boy candy. What you're doing is huge!"
"It happens more often than you think." She said.
Lourdes nodded, still trying to wrap her head around all of this.
Lita sat down her drink. "You won't tell right?"'
Lourdes shook her head.
"I can imagine what you must think of me."
"Well then you take that notion right out of your head, because I've known all kinds of people in my very short, 29 year old life and trust me, what you're doing, small potatoes."
"Do you really mean that? Or are you just being nice?"
"I really mean that."
"Shh." Lita said. "Did you hear something?"
Lourdes was quiet. She thought she heard foot steps.
Pullo appeared in the doorway. "I thought I heard voices." He said. "What's going on?"
Lita looked at Lourdes not sure what to say.
Lourdes looked at Pullo. "Lita was out at a bar with some girlfriends, and this jerk tried to rough her up."
Pullo took a step forward. "Who was he?" He asked.
"Just some guy." Lita said. "I didn't know him."
"Are you alright?"
"Yes, I'm okay, just a little shaken up.
"Would you remember if you saw him again?"
Lourdes and Lita looked at each other.
"No really Pullo, it's okay." Lita said.
"You girls have to learn to take care of yourselves. There are a lot of crazies out there."
They both nodded their heads.
"I mean it," he said, "mase, pepper spray, tasers."
"I'm a little tired." Lita said. "Do you mind if I rest here for a while?"
"Of course." Pullo said. He extended his hand, so Lourdes could leave with him.
"You're okay right?" Lourdes asked.
"Yes." She smiled.
Lourdes went down the hallway with Pullo.
"How well do you know how to protect yourself?" He asked.
"I've managed to stay alive until now." She said. They went in his bedroom. "Show me something." He said. "How do you protect yourself?"
"Your kidding?" She asked. "Like what?"
"Let's just say, I approach you aggressively and you need to get away from me as quickly as possible."
"You wanna wrestle with me?" Lourdes asked smiling.
Pullo came towards her. "Just some quick, simple moves. Ready?" He asked.
"Your on." She said, wondering where this would lead.
He flailed his hand in her face. She slapped it away. He did it again quicker with both hands, and she slapped them away faster.
"Nice reflexes." He said.
"Taebo. Curtousy of Billie Blanks." She cracked.
He laughed, but he quickly grabbed both her wrist, before she even had a chance to react. She was caught, just like that. Lourdes grunted, stepping as hard as she could on one of his feet and she jerked her arms away from him.
"Ow!" He turned and looked at her. Lourdes couldn't tell if he was surprised or pissed.
"You've done this before." He said.
"Of course not." She said smiling.
He smiled back coming towards her again. He put his hands up as if he was going to grab her, so she reached her hands up to block, but instead he did a leg sweep and kicked one foot out from under her as he pushed her and she fell backwards, landing on the bed.
"Shit!" She said under her breath. She didn't see that coming.
Pullo came towards her again. She layed still at the end of the bed.
He reached his hand out, offering to pull her up. "You have some skills, but you could always develop them more."
Lourdes grabbed his hand and jerked him towards her hard. Then she kicked her foot and capped the back of his knee, so his leg buckled out from under him and he fell on the bed face forward.
He rolled over quickly. This time she could see the clear aggression in his eyes. She jumped up and straddled on top of him, pinning his waist with her knees. He layed there still, amazed.
"Thanks for the advice," she said, "but I think I can take care of myself when it counts." She smiled triumphantly.
"So I'm starting to see." He responded.
There was a knock on the door. Lita opened it slowly. Pullo sat up slightly and Lourdes turned, still straddling him, and looked over her shoulder."
"Hey weirdos." Lita said, wondering what they were doing. "Everything alright in here?"
"Yes," Lourdes said, "Pullo was just teaching me how to defend myself." She turned and smiled at him.
"I'm feeling much better now," Lita said, "I was thinking of going home."
"No stay," Pullo said, "it's late, I'll take you home in the morning."
"No, I think I'd be happier in my own bed." Lita protested.
Lourdes and Pullo stood up.
"Alright." He said. "Let me get my jacket and we'll take you home."

As they arrived in front of Lita's place, Pullo offered to go in the house with her.
"No." Lita said. "I'll be alright. Thank you for everything."
"Do you want me to stay with you?" Lourdes asked. "So you're not alone?"
"I'm okay." Lita said. "I just needed to see some friendly faces. But all is well."
Pullo opened the glove compartment and pulled out a box. "Take this with you." He offered. "It'll give you piece of mind."
Lita shook her head quickly. "No way. I hate those things. Besides, Jasper makes me keep one locked up already."
Pullo nodded his head. "Good man." He said.
"Bye." Lita said getting out of the car.
They watched her walk into the house. A couple of lights went on inside. They sat there for a moment, making sure everything was fine.
Lourdes picked up the box. "What is it?" She asked.
Pullo flicked the lock and opened it. Lourdes gasped. "Do you always ride around with a gun?" She asked with her eyes wide.
"Not always." He said. "But where I grew up, every home had at least five of them."
"Where the hell was that?" She asked so fast Pullo started chuckling.
Lourdes ran her fingers along the outline. Pullo watched her intrigued. It made him excited.
She looked up at him. He had a peculiar expression on his face. "Can I hold it?" She asked.
He unbuckled his seat belt and then he unbuckled hers. "Yes." He said.
Lourdes picked it up. "Wow." She said. "It's always heavier than it looks. And friggin' cold."
"It only takes a moment to heat up." He said coolly.
She looked at him. He smiled at her. He had a dangerous look in his eye, like the day of his welcome home party. "How does it make you feel?" He asked.
"Nervous." She said.
"What else?"
"Maybe a little powerful."
"Does it turn you on?"
"It's kind of hot." She smiled still running her pink glittered nails over it. "In a twisted sort of way."
He took the gun out of her hands. "The first time I ever held one," he said looking her in the eye, "it gave me a hard on."
"Boys and their toys." Lourdes said. "Does it still...give you a hard on?"
"Not anymore." He said. "But watching you hold it," he took her hand and put it on his lap, "makes all the difference in the world."
Lourdes squeezed the bulge softly but quickly removed her hand. Pullo leaned towards her putting the gun in her lap. The cold metal sent shivers up her spine as he pressed the gun slowly between her legs. "Careful." She whispered.
"Don't worry, it's not loaded." He whispered back. "Let's play with it?" He asked pushing further. "Is this okay?"
"Yes." She said, but pushed the gun away. She reached over, unzipped his pants, pulled his cock out and started jerking him off. Pullo let the gun drop to the floor as he kissed her. He was so turned on, it made her turned on from his excitement.
Lourdes continued to jerk him off as he kissed her neck and chest. The faster he went, the more she could tell he was about to cum. As he let out a low moan and ejaculated into her hand, Lourdes could feel the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. As Pullo let out a pleased sigh, still kissing her face, she turned and looked out the car window, locking eyes with Lita.
She was watching them from her bedroom window, the whole time.


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