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Chap. 4 continued...part 2

Book By: Nina Simone

Take a look into the life of Lourdes, a fun, sexy, party planning chef, just shy of turning thirty, with a complicated side...

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Lourdes walked through the hotel lobby with Lita. They were taking the elevator up to the 20th floor. Lita had somehow snagged a swanky invitation, to a cocktail party at the W hotel. She was hoping to spot celebrities and she invited Lourdes to go along with her. It had been 2 days, since the Halloween party, and Lourdes was doing everything that she could to stay busy, and keep her mind off of...
"Okay here we are." Lita said as they stepped off the the elevator. They went into the ballroom, it was nice. Long fancy draperies coming down from the ceiling, glittering lights, flowers everywhere, people were all over and they were dressed as hot as everybody around them.
"Thanks for inviting me." Lourdes said, "looks like a whole lot of fun."
"I know right?" Lita said smiling. She grabbed two glasses of champagne off of the tray of a floating by waiter, and handed one to Lourdes. They walked over to an unoccupied, high top, cocktail table with a miniature lamp sitting in the middle. They both set down their glasses.
"So," Lita said, "when is the big date?"
"Pullo and I are going out tomorrow."
"Are you excited?" She asked smiling.
"Yes." Lourdes said smiling back. "With all of the people that I hang around, it'll be nice to go out with a grown-up."
Lita started laughing. "Well I hope that isn't the only reason why you want to go out with him."
"No, Pullo's hot."
"He's a fun time guy. Are you a fun time gal?"
"Within reason." Lourdes said raising her eyebrows at her. "How fun is he?"
"Shit!" Lita said.
"What?" Lourdes asked alarmed looking around. "Celebrity sighting?"
"Yeah!" Lita said. "I think I just spotted Adam Lambert!"
"Well I heard that he was from here."
Lita set her Gucci purse down on the table and whipped out an actual autograph book and pen. She picked up her glass of champagne. "Let's go and meet him!"
"Um babes," Lourdes said, "I hate to be a buzz kill or even a snob, but we don't do that."
"We don't do what?" She asked surprised.
"We don't go up to celebs like a couple of groupies and brown nose."
"Oh really?" Lita said putting down her items and crossing her arms over her chest. "Well enlighten me on the proper etiquette of being California cool."
Lourdes picked up her drink and took a sip. "I just did." She said smiling.
Lita frowned up at her. Even her ugliest faces were cute. Lourdes stuck her tongue out and her and smiled. They both started laughing.
"I'll tell you what," Lita said picking up her pen and book but leaving her purse and drink, "you stay here and be fashionable and cool and I'll go quickly and be the ditzy groupie."
"Good luck." Lourdes said. "Tell him I said he's hot and he should really think about switching teams."
Lita grabbed her arm and kissed her on the cheek. "And if he doesn't want to switch teams, you can always introduce him to Albear."
"Perish the thought." Lourdes said.
Lita walked away laughing.
Lourdes sipped more of her drink as she watched Lolita boldly walk up to Adam Lambert and asked for his autograph. In thirty seconds flat, she had him laughing. Lourdes wondered how she did that. Lita seemed to have that quality with everybody. She could walk up to complete strangers and talk to them as if she had known them her whole life. Lourdes envied that. But it was hard not to like Lita. Her smile was brilliant, she was very pleasing to the eyes, and she seemed to fit in with everybody. She turned to Lourdes through the crowd of people and gave her two thumbs up.
Lourdes laughed.
Lita came running back and she gave Lourdes a hug. "That just made my night, we don't even have to stay any longer!"
"Ha!" Lourdes said. "We should at least stay until I feel like I got my money's worth for these shoes."
"Well, they are very nice." Lita said looking down at her Manolo Blahnik's smiling.
"Thank you, thank you."
"I'm a big fan of come fuck me pumps," she said standing close. She swept a bit of Lourdes hair back behind her shoulders, Lourdes was wearing it flat ironed and long for tonight.
"There's just something about them," Lita went on, "don't you like to get kissed and fucked wearing nothing but high heels?"
Lourdes didn't get a chance to respond, she took a sip of her drink, her throat was going dry.
"You should wear them tomorrow on your date with Pullo." Lita was standing so close to her, Lourdes could smell the Pure Seduction Victoria's Secret perfume on her, that she let her borrow earlier. "Are you flirting with me?" Lourdes asked Lita smiling.
Lita took a step back and laughed. "Must be all the champagne going to my head," she said, "but trust me, if I was flirting with you, you'd know it."
Lourdes finished her drink and set it down on the table.
"How about a real one?" Lita said pointing to the empty glass.
"Your on." Lourdes said.
Lita started to walk away, but then she stopped and came back with that look again.
"What, another celebrity sighting?" Lourdes asked.
"Yeah!" Lita said.
"He's about seven tables down from us. But he keeps looking over here!"
Lourdes turned around and tried to follow Lita's gaze. "Who is it?" She asked.
"I can't think if his name, but he's on that show!"
"What show?"
"You know, that show on TV that I love about the vampires!"
Lourdes stopped breathing. She turned around to face Lita.
"Holy shit!" Lita said, "Isn't that...didn't we...I can't believe I didn't recognize him that day in Pride Diner. Well with all the commotion and meeting your friends, but isn't that the guy that Albear was talking to!"
Lourdes didn't need to turn around to know who she was talking about.
"Lourdes, he's coming over here!" Lita looked at her, she still wasn't breathing. "Are you okay?" She asked.
Lourdes shook her head slowly.
"Well he's not coming over here to see me, I'm going to go and get the drinks."
"Lita no-" Lourdes tried to say but she walked off.
Lourdes turned around just in time to see Alexsander walking up to her. She could see why Lita recognized him immediately this time. She would be embarrassed to tell this to Albear and the boys, but she had started watching Alex's show, once she started digging him. And he was dressed in full character. He was wearing all black. Jeans, tank top and jacket. His hair was combed the way it was on the show and he was even sort of pale, giving it that full vampire effect.
It was hot.
Alexsander extended his hand towards her.
She took it and shook it, saying hello. "Are you wearing make-up?" She asked.
He laughed. "Promotional photo shoot earlier today, I was sure I got it all off."
"Well you clean up very nice." She said.
He leaned in slightly, smiling. "I tend to look different with my clothes on."
"Hey I'll take you any way I can get you." She smiled, but his comment still made her blush. Lourdes tried to cover it up, by looking quickly around the room. She was a little paranoid that somebody else might recognize them together. But it shouldn't matter, he was there for work and she was there with Lita.
"I'm glad to hear that." He said. "I was beginning to think that you were avoiding me."
"It's only been a day." She said.
"One day and three unreturned messages."
Lourdes sighed. "I had some things to sort out."
Alex nodded his head. "All squared away then?" He asked with that cocky attitude.
"Just about." She said smartly.
"Good," he lowered his voice, "because I can't stop thinking about you."
The words she had been dying to hear. "You shouldn't say things that you don't mean." She said, trying not to smile.
"Okay here we are." Lita said walking up and handing her a vodka on the rocks. "Hi!" She said to Alex, tapping her purse as if she was going to whip out her autograph book again. Lourdes took a big gulp of her drink, shaking her head at her.
Alex smiled at Lita but walked off.
"What's his problem? Bad timing?" She asked.
"No, you're timing was perfect." Lourdes said. She looked around the room but she had lost Alex in the crowd.
"Well I figured that I should break this up, you two looked very into each other."
"You only think that because you know a little about what's going on."
"Well I'd like to know more." She said. "Because watching you two from across the room, I would swear that you were either desperate to sleep with each other or-",
One of Lourdes' cell phones chimed. "Or what?" She asked, pulling it out. She had a new text message.
"Or you two are already doing it."
Lourdes looked up at her.
"You can totally see it," she said, "you two give off this, vibe."
Lourdes' cell beeped again. She checked the first message. Trick or treat. It said. She checked the second one. Meet me at my place in 1 hour.
"Uh oh," Lita said reading the message over her shoulder, "you better hurry, something tells me he's not going to wait much longer."
"I'm here with you," Lourdes said to Lita, "I'm not going anywhere."
But she responded back to his message. Trick. In 2 hours.

Lourdes walked around the back garden with Albear. Lisa and Melody were inside feeding the baby. Albear pulled a folded napkin out of his jacket pocket and unwrapped it. He pulled out a joint and held it up in front of her.
"Spark it." She said.
He lit it up. "Careful," he said passing it to Lourdes, "it's strong."
Lourdes took a drag and handed it back to him.
He put his arm around her shoulders and she wrapped her's around his waist and they stood there, silent for a moment. The afternoon sun felt good.
"My father, once told me," Albear said, "that you have to choose, what you win or lose, a man can't have everything." He passed the joint back to her.
"That's rich," she said smartly, "coming from the person who has everything." Albear said nothing. Lourdes tried to restrain herself from being such a wise-ass. "But if you don't take chances..." She started to say.
"I know," he said, "but I'm just trying to help you avoid any heart ache. Don't give yourself in vain, love won't set you free."
"Who said anything about love?" She asked. "What are you trying to say, that I can't be with you if I want to be with Alex?"
"Don't treat me like I'm some needy twat. I would never do that to you." He said. "You know I love you, why would I ever make you choose between me and the latest trick your sleeping with? Besides, I know he may be your phase, but he doesn't phase me."
"I love you too, but Alby," she said pausing, "but before Alex, my whole life was passing me by...for so long, I was so unhappy...but safe as could be..."
"And now?" He asked. "You feel differently?"
Lourdes shrugged her shoulders. "I just think to myself, what if this and what if that...I'm still trying to find my place in this world. And I want to feel alive while I do it. When I look at it in that regard, then, I don't care about all the agony in front of me, I just want to be, happy..."
"Does he make you happy?" Albear asked seriously.
"Being free makes me happy." She muttered.
Albear took his arms from around her and studied her face. A realization came over him. "Shit." He said.
"You little she-wolf." He started to grin.
"What?" She asked again innocently.
He laughed and breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh, you had me worried there for a second!"
"Albear I don't know what you're talking about." She thought that she was being cryptic, but once again, she had said too much. He knew her too well.
Albear put his hand on the back of her neck and drew her in to kiss her forehead. Then he whispered in her ear. "You fucked somebody else, haven't you?"
"Let's just focus on one thing at a time." Lourdes said.
"No, no, no." He started to get excited.
"No way." He said handing her the joint. "I'm going inside and getting us a drink, and when I come back, be prepared to tell all!"

"You look like a brand new person!" The receptionist told Lourdes as she was heading out of the spa.
"Really, you think so?" Lourdes asked looking in a three-way mirror studying herself.
"Fabulous," the receptionist said, "the hair, the suit, the make-up, perfect."
"So not too stuck up or WASPY?"
"Maybe a little WASPY, but what's not to like?"
"I agree, you look great." Pullo came walking in.
"Wow, look at you." Lourdes said.
Lourdes was on the most surreal date of her life. She and Pullo had met up early in the morning, and he had hit her with the most insane idea the night before. Needless to say, she never hooked up with Alexsander after the cocktail party.
Pullo wanted the two of them to go and get makeovers. He was meeting some friends of his, that he hadn't seen in awhile.
Lourdes wasn't very fond of the look. She felt like a nun with her hair pulled back so tightly in a bun. However, the make-up artist was fantastic and she loved her new suit and shoes.
Pullo strutted up to her and opened his suit jacket, showing off his threads.
"Not bad." Lourdes said, reaching out and straightening up his tie.
"You know, I could get use to this." He said grinning.
"I don't know what is his about fixing a tie on a man," Lourdes said, "sometimes it's even hotter putting one on than taking one off."
"Amen." The receptionist said under her breath.
Lourdes turned and smiled at her.
"Making friends already?" Pullo said.
Lourdes nodded her head. She put two fingers on his cheek and tapped his stubble. "If we're going to look the part, shouldn't you be clean shaven?"
"No time." He said.
"You could shave on the train."
He grabbed her hand, guiding her out of the spa. Lourdes waved goodbye to the receptionist as they walked out.
"I'm not going to shave, I like my, sort of stubble." He said.
"I like it too," she responded, "but the question is, how will your friends feel about it?"
"With the way, we're dressed, they'll just have to get over it." He said coolly.
Lourdes was going along with this charade to see how things would play out. If it was any other guy who had proposed this idea to her for a first date, she would have dropped him then and there. But she had been doing things lately that she never thought she would ever do. And Pullo was one of them. She was out with a man who was practically twenty years her senior. The only saving grace was that he looked nowhere near his age. Being tall and slender gave him a youthful appearance. He kept his hair cut short and cropped to his head. He had no gray hair whatsoever and he still had boyish good looks. But his extreme sex appeal was the biggest thing that drew Lourdes to him.
Once they were on the train to Napa Valley and Pullo was done with coaching her about his friends, he began focusing on her.
"So you must think I'm crazy." He said.
"No." She said. "If it was anybody else, I would have said no instantly, but I can see that you're not even close to being crazy. I just wonder, if they were really your friends, then who cares how you present yourself."
"In a perfect world you would be right, but it's a little naive to think that way."
"You'll understand once you meet them."
"And then afterwards?"
"We come back home."
"No, I mean, what will this all accomplish?"
"Peace of mind for me and them, and then I won't have to see them again for months to come."
"So, you all get together every now and again, and you present yourself as this person you're not, and in the end it's all good?" She asked.
"I'm still the same person," he said, "just more expensive looking."
"I think I'm starting to get it." She said. "If they see their friend looking suave and happy with a new girl on his arm, then they assume that your life is perfect and in order, and that way you avoid questions and the pity party."
"I knew you'd understand." He said brushing his long nose.
"So why me, what makes you think I can fit in with them?"
Pullo smiled. "You're very accomplished in your own right. You're worldly and cool headed, which means you can hold your own with my friends. Usually people just fawn all over them and it becomes annoying and humiliating. Plus," he said, leaning against her in the seat, "it doesn't hurt having someone pretty as hell on my arm."
Lourdes smiled looking out the window. "It always comes down to that huh?"
"Not for everybody. But it doesn't hurt."
She looked at him, he was still smiling but he became very serious. "You wouldn't believe how much easier it is to go through life with someone like you on my arm."
"Enlighten me." She said.
"When you're a loner like me, and you're surrounded by people who love you but don't get you because they can't figure you out, it makes life complicated.
But when you're with somebody, namely the opposite sex, then people start to feel more comfortable, at ease. They can cross off the fact that their single, older, unmarried friend, may be a homo or a pedophile. You become more of somebody that they can identify with. And, if you arrive with a companion who likes you, who gets you, and they're the total package, then people stop questioning. Suddenly you're a winner and they're the envious ones. All I want to do is get through this as quickly and painlessly as possible."
Lourdes put her hand on his. This was all so superficial and shallow, but she wanted to do this for him, even more now. She guessed that life wasn't easy at any age...

"You are fucking kidding me! Please tell me that you didn't go to Napa with that asshole for a cheap suit and pumps!"
"Fuck you!" Lourdes said punching Albear in the shoulder. "I had no idea until the night before that all of this was going to happen. And I'm not a whore, I don't go out with men for free shit!"
"Oh you're a whore darling," Albear said laughing, "just not the kind that get's paid for it."
"If I'm a whore then you're the fucking founding father." Lourdes cracked.
"Was that a dig at my age?" He asked.
"Take it however you want to buttercup."
Albear shoved Lourdes, while laughing and spilling his drink. "Go on hooker," he said, "finish telling me the story."
"No I think I'm done." She said walking away.
"The fuck you are!" He said chasing after her.
Lourdes ran to Lisa's and Melody's back door. "And by the way," she yelled, "my cheap outfit...was Vera Wang!"
"A designer ho!" Albear called after her.

Pullo was so right. His friends were cool, but Lourdes had never been so glad to be dressed like a stuck up snob in her life. If it hadn't been for the massive amount of booze flowing the entire time, she probably wouldn't have survived.
"So, not too brutal?" Pullo asked handing her a drink. They were back at his place , Jasper and Lita were nowhere to be found.
"I predict I may only be shell shocked for a couple of days." She held up her hand refusing the drink.
"Was it that bad?" He asked laughing.
"No," she said walking around the counter to stand next to him, "but only if you promise me that I'll never have to do that again."
"I promise." He said smiling.
Lourdes turned to walk away. "Good, now if you don't mind, I feel cheap and dirty, I need to, immediately change back into my normal clothing."
"Can I watch?" He asked.
She stopped and turned around. Lourdes smiled. "That would be against the rules." She said unbuttoning the top to her blazer.
"You're a tease," he said, "but how do you figure?"
"If I remember correctly," she said spreading her hands out along the cold tile, "you proposed dinner and a movie before you made a move on me again. And I'm like, sticking to that."
"Is that so?" He said. "Well if I remember correctly, you thought that idea was lame. Too conventional, so I thought we were beyond that."
"Today's events have dragged me down to your level." She said smartly.
Pullo laughed. "Are you always this sassy?"
"Not always." She smiled. "But sometimes I have a biting tongue."
"That's good," he said coming closer to her, "Because I love to punish a tease."
"Well I love to be punished." She said grinning. Lourdes had no idea if it was the whole day, or the alcohol, or just Pullo, but she couldn't stop herself.
Just then they heard a door slam shut. "I'll tell you what," Pullo said, "you see who that is and I'm going to make a phone call."
"Alright." She sighed disappointed. She thought they were actually getting somewhere. Lourdes walked into the living room to see Lita standing there going through some mail.
"Oh hi!" She said as she saw Lourdes walk into the room. Then her eyes lit up and she put down the mail and came rushing over to her. "I totally forgot tonight was the night! How's it all going?"
"Good." Lourdes said. "He's making a phone call right now."
"That great! So there's chemistry?"
"Are you going to make a night of it?"
"What? I mean, he got you back here didn't he? What were you two doing before I got here?"
"Having an intense flirting session."
Lita grabbed her hand and pulled her down to the sofa. "Watch out, he'll probably make a move on you."
"So far he's been a complete gentleman, what makes you think he'll be so bold?"
"Excuse me," she said, "have you two met? Pullo's the boldest man I've ever known in my life."
"I haven't seen much of that side of him yet."
Lita raised her eyebrow. "Something tells me you'll find out soon enough." She whispered.
Pullo walked into the room. "Hey little vixen, what are you doing here?"
"I was just leaving." Lita said jumping up.
"Vixen," Lourdes said, "I like that."
Lita beamed. "Yeah, I was just picking up some mail and so...I'm off!" She waved goodbye to Lourdes and smirked at Pullo, then she was out the door.
Lourdes got up off the sofa.
"Your clothes are in the hallway." Pullo said.
"Thanks." Lourdes went off and quickly got dressed in Pullo's room. When she came out, she was greeted with the sound of music coming from Jasper's piano. It was beautiful. She slowly walked over to Pullo and sat down on the bench next to him. He stopped playing.
"No don't stop." She said. "I didn't know you knew how to play."
"Everybody should have a talent." He said. "Look at you, you're a chef."
"That's not a talent." She said. "It's just something I've always been good at."
"Just because you're good at it, doesn't make you any less talented."
"Your sweet." She said.
"Sweet." He muttered.
"No good?" She asked.
"I just haven't been called sweet in a very long time." He said.
"What are you usually called?"
Pullo looked at her. "If being a chef is just something you're good at, what are your talents?"
"Having sex, telling lies, manipulating almost everybody." She said sarcastically.
He smiled at her being a wise-ass. "That's three, I only gave away one talent."
"Which brings us back to you," she said smiling seductively at him, "what other talents do you have?"
"I can also play the saxophone." He said seriously.
"Very cool. What's else?" She leaned in close.
"Is there something you expect me to say?" He asked.
Lourdes slid closer to him. "It's just that, Lita said you were the boldest man she ever met. And I figured somebody like that has an extreme talent, besides music."
"You two are both right." He said taking his hand off the keys. "But Lita doesn't know personally the things I can do."
"Such as?" She asked.
"I can make a kitty whistle." He said grinning.
"Yeah she mentioned that too!" Lourdes cracked, even though she was shocked.
"Did she now?" He asked.
"No." Lourdes said. "Not really. But what a neat trick." She exaggerated. "You'll have to show me that sometime."
"There's that sass again." He said leaning towards her and smiling. "Are you looking to be punished?"
"No...I'm just looking to be a tease." She replied.

"You know, I would never let you blue ball me the way you do these guys."
"Albear, you haven't had blue balls a day in your life." Lourdes muttered.
"That's true, I'm too busy getting them sucked." He laughed.
Lourdes rolled her eyes. Lisa and Melody left Lourdes there to chaperone Albear with the baby while they went out to pick up dinner.
"If he's such a bold guy, why didn't he try to get any?"
"Who says he didn't try?"
Albear scoffed in the other direction.
"What's the problem Albear? Afraid that I don't stoop to your level of whoring standards like you thought I would?"
"No I'm afraid you're going to get your ass raped."
"Bastard!" Lourdes yelled throwing a pillow at him.
"Hey, I'm just saying, you're not allowed to fuck with a man's emotions like that and think you can get away with it. It'll catch up to you."
"I'm a woman Albear! We are allowed to change our minds."
"Yeah, so I've been told." He said. "So I guess the verdict is, you didn't fuck him."
"I didn't say that." Lourdes teased.
"Keep it up bitch, your asking for it." Albear said.


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