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Take a look into the life of Lourdes. A fun, sexy, party planning chef, with a complicated side...

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It was a bright and sunny day, but cold. Lourdes clung to her jacket and pulled her cashmere scarf around her neck tighter. She was standing outside of the Diner. There was caution tape everywhere and two police cars parked across the street.
"Oh, I'm sorry, you're waiting and I'm late!" Lolita came running up. She obviously wasn't as cold. She was wearing a small white baby tee with a denim vest over it, along with high waited shorts and cha cha heels. "Hi!" She gave Lourdes a hug and they turned to walk into Pride Diner.
Lolita had called her earlier that morning wanting to know if she was interested in coffee and a morning walk. Lourdes was game. Lita seemed like a whole lot of fun and Lourdes was desperate to burn off all the booze and drugs from the day before.
"Were you waiting long?" She asked.
"No, I got here not too long ago." And that was true. Lourdes never made it home last night. She ended up crashing at Albear's ridiculous loft. She was so happy that he didn't bring a trick home. As nice as his Italian sofa is to crash on, she wanted to sleep in his bed with his arms wrapped around her. It's amazing how sweet Albear could be when he thought nobody was watching.
Corey, Tyler and Lamont were all sitting at the counter reading the paper, drinking coffee and gossiping. They were all laughing at a story that Tyler was telling about one of his past tricks.
"So he's chanting my name," Tyler said, "and he keeps moaning Skyler! Skyler!"
"Skyler?" Corey said laughing with Lamont. "Who the hell is that?"
"Hey guys." Lourdes said.
All three of them turned around. Tyler's eyes opened wide with surprise and he looked a little embarrassed.
"This is my friend Lita. This is Corey, Lamont and Tyler."
"Hi!" Lita smiled waving at them.
"Hello." They all said at once.
Lourdes gave them a funny face. Their greetings were polite, but she could tell they were wondering why she would bring an outsider into their Diner. They considered Lourdes to be one of them, but Lita was somebody that they had never met before.
Lamont leaned in close to Lourdes. "Honey how you doin'?" He asked concerned.
Corey and Tyler leaned in close to hear her answer. In an drunken rage, she spilled all the gory details about Alex last night, and the boys were still spinning from it.
Lourdes smiled. "I'm great." She turned to Lita. "We should probably sit down."
There were not very many seats left, so they quickly slipped into one of the last booths.
"Yesterday was fun." Lita said.
"Yeah." Lourdes smiled.
"So what's up with you and Pullo?"
"I don't know," Lourdes said, "he seems nice enough like I remember."
"Nice?" Lita said. "It looked to me like there was a lot more going on than nice between you two."
Lourdes nodded her head. "He's a little intense."
Lita nodded her head smiling brightly. "Yeah, that he is. Do you think you can handle it?"
"Still undecided." Lourdes said. "He's kind of intimidating. How old is he anyway?"
"Older," Lita said, "but so worth it."
"Now this is the kind of breakfast talk that I was looking for, I love hearing about prime aged cock." Albear slid in the booth next to Lourdes wearing dark black shades.
Lita started laughing.
Albear looked from Lita to Lourdes and smiled. Lourdes shook her head and rolled her eyes. "She thinks I'm funny, I like her already." He said. "Who are you?"
"Albear this is Lita. Lita this is Albear, my evil alter ego." Lourdes said introducing them.
A busboy came and brought them water.
Lita reached out to shake hands with Albear and he kissed her's.
She started laughing again. "My, he's very charming."
"It's all an act." Lourdes could barely say as Alby nudged her in her side.
"Wow look at those cheek bones, well aren't you something to look at." He said to Lita.
"Did I mention he is also a shameless flirt?" Lourdes asked.
Lita looked at Lourdes and smiled. She was almost blushing. Albear had that effect on people. Then she beamed at Albear and Alby turned and beamed at Lourdes, mocking her.
Lourdes winked at Lita, not really knowing what to say. She was just glad that Alby was in a good mood and not giving Lita the third degree.
"So who were we talking about?" He asked.
Lita's long black hair fell over her face as she looked down to unroll her napkin. She glanced up at Lourdes from an angle, waiting for her to answer. She wasn't sure if it was okay to talk about Pullo in front of a stranger.
"I sort of met someone yesterday at work." Lourdes said grabbing her napkin also.
"My, we move on quickly." Albear said as he rested his head on her shoulder. She shrugged it off wanting him to keep his mouth shut.
"Move on quickly from what?" Lita asked.
"That's right honey," Lamont said swishing up with a coffee mug and sitting down next to Lita, "the best way to get over one man is to get under a new one. So I say you go for it." He was obviously was listening to their conversation from the counter.
"Wait, what is going on?" Lita asked intrigued.
"So, what new guy are we talking about?" Lamont asked.
"You didn't tell her about last night?" Albear asked.
Lourdes put one hand on her forehead as if she was getting a fever.
"Tell me what?" Lita asked again.
"About last night at Sin City." Lamont said.
"We just sat down two minutes ago." Lourdes whined. She couldn't talk about last night's humiliation without coffee. And maybe a cocktail.
"Wait, Sin City, that night club?" Lita asked.
Lamont slurped his coffee loudly, looking around the room bracing himself for whatever bigoted remark that was about to come out of her mouth.
"Oh I love that place!" Lita gushed.
Lamont smiled at Lourdes looking relieved. Lourdes smiled back reassuringly. She wouldn't have invited Lita there if she wasn't sure that she'd be totally cool.
"Don't we all." Albear said sarcastically.
"Alby-" Lourdes started to say.
"I'm just saying, aren't we the latest thing for straight people's amusement. Want something different on your Saturday night? Let's go to a gay club and experience the here and now."
"Actually, I have a lot of gay friends." Lita said speaking up for herself. "And I've gone to Sin City with them. I think it's a great place and one of the best clubs in the city."
"She's right," They all looked up at who was talking, "I think it's a great place too and we had so much fun there last night. Didn't we?"
It was Stacy the bartender. She and Emma were standing there with Thomas and Alexsander.
Corey and Tyler turned around from the counter immediately. As shocked as they were, they still managed to throw daggers at Alexsander. Of course his back was to them.
Albear looked at Lourdes a little annoyed, her eyes widen as if to say I had no idea they were going to come here.
Albear stood up and said, "I gotta take a piss." He put his hand on his crotch and headed to the bathroom.
Lamont laughed, and started drinking his coffee again. He took one look at Emma's plaid L.L. Bean coat and Thomas' khaki trousers and knew they were only here to look at the freak show. A field trip away from suburbia.
"Charming guy." Thomas barked, squinting his eyes through his frame-less glasses at Albear.
Lita was smiling, but she noticed immediately that Lourdes was uncomfortable, she wondered who these people were.
"Hey guys!" Lourdes could barely choke out. "What are you doing here?!" She glanced at Alex for two seconds. He was standing there looking spectacular, blue eyes matching perfectly with his blue tank and blue shirt. His thumbs were hooked on the pockets of his blue jeans and his goatee had grown in even more. It wasn't fair that she wanted him so badly and hated him so much at the same time.
"After you said that you were here at dinner last night," Emma said looking around excited, "we thought we'd come down and check out the place!"
"Come down from where?" Lamont asked. "Pacific Heights?"
"Oh no," Emma said seriously, "Twin Peaks." Not realizing that Lamont was making fun of her.
"Of course, my mistake." Lamont said tossing his head in the air. Stacy frowned at him.
"Um, these are my friend's Lamont and Lita." Lourdes blurted out, trying to steer the conversation in a different direction.
"And this is Emma, Thomas, Stacy and Alexsander." Lourdes could barely say his name. She tried her hardest not to even look at him.
Thomas crossed his arms over his chest. "I suggested that Lori's Diner would be a more appropriate location to eat, but they all wanted to come here." He was looking around the room not smiling.
"And I suggested that we expand our horizons." Alexsander said smiling at all of them.
Lourdes wouldn't even look at him. She felt sick. Who the hell did he think he was? What kind of mind fuck was he attempting? It's was obvious he masterminded all of this. She wondered where was Gabriel?
"Well there's nothing to worry about," Lamont said standing up and heading back to the counter with Corey and Tyler, "after what happened to toilet boy yesterday, there are plenty of cops everywhere, so you're quite safe."
"Toilet boy?" Stacy asked.
"Yeah," Tyler spoke up brushing his black Caesar cut forward, "somebody murdered one of the locals yesterday and the cook found him dead in the bathroom stall."
"And these are also my friends, Corey and Tyler." Lourdes interjected.
Stacy and Alex both turned and smiled at them. Curious to have put a name to the faces from last night, Lourdes guessed. Corey and Lamont barely looked at Stacy but they both gave Alex sexy smiles.
Lourdes threw them dirty looks. A flash of white teeth by and cute boy and their legs were already up in the air.
"No shit?" Stacy said. "Is that why we're here?"
"Oh my god," Lita said, "is this why this place is so packed? Everybody trying to check out the scene of a crime?"
Corey, Tyler and Lamont all stared at, Stacy, Alexsander, Emma and Thomas.
Emma's penciled eyebrows tried not to frown, but she turned a little red feeling shamed. She smoothed her blonde hair back into a bun, looking around. Thomas looked like he couldn't wait to get out of there.
Lourdes could barely concentrate, the only thing she cared about was the fact that Stacy was standing there leaning against Alex. She wondered what was going on between them.
"Come on guys, we should grab our seats, before we lose them." Emma said, pulling Thomas away to sit down. Stacy turned to follow them, but she noticed that Alex wasn't moving. Emma gestured for her to come over. She didn't want to but she went begrudgingly.
Albear came out of the bathroom taking off his shades and walked up to the booth as if he was about to sit down, but instead he stopped right in front of Alex.
They were face to face.
Corey, Tyler and Lamont looked at each other excited. Waiting to watch, two dogs ready to mark their territory.
Albear could always be counted upon to be ruthless. Alby extended his left hand out to Lourdes without breaking eye contact with Alex.
Stacy looked at Lourdes as she grabbed the hot guy from Sin City's hand and he pulled her up out of the booth.
Albear pulled Lourdes close to him still holding her hand and quickly whispered something in her ear. "Go to my car, get my smokes, I'll take care of this."
Stacy could tell Alex had no idea what he said. But whatever it's was, it looked naughty. They were almost too far away to hear anything with all the people talking in the diner.
Albear gave Lourdes his car keys and she went rushing out the front door.
Alex turned and watched her go. Then he turned to Albear. "You have her well tamed." He said coolly.
Alby smiled and half laughed at him. "You have no idea." He said.

Lourdes was almost back to the diner with Alby's cigarettes, when Stacy and Alexsander came out the door. She stopped in her tracks, they hadn't seen her. They looked like they were having a heated argument about something.
Lourdes began advancing slowly. They were still in each others faces, before they realized that she was standing in front of them.
They both turned and looked at her.
"You know there's passion involved between two people when they argue like that." Lourdes said.
"We're not arguing!" Stacy practically hissed in a squeaky voice. She looked at the both of them and stormed back into the diner. She stormed back out five seconds later, marching past them.
Lourdes turned and started to go in also.
"You're not going to ignore me." He said.
Lourdes spun around enraged, but he was smiling at her with those eyes.
"Who do you think you are to ambush me like this after what you did?" She asked.
Alex nodded his head in agreement and reached his hand out to squeeze her shoulder. It gave her butterflies in her stomach. She looked away, sickened that she was so attracted to him.
"I may have over-reacted a little last night." He offered.
"At which part?" She said. "Following me to the club or what you did to me afterwards?" She walked away from the restaurant and stood over by the store next door so no one inside could see them talking.
"Both." He said coming up behind her. He turned her to face him. Lourdes barely resisted. Just the touch of his hands on her...
"Alright then," he said, "we both know I can be a bit of an asshole sometimes." He leaned forward and whispered in her ear. "But I can make up for it in so many other ways."
Lourdes looked up at him, frowning. "Is that your way of apologizing?"
Alex shook his head. "You knew what you were doing every second out on that dance floor, you were trying to drive me mad."
"So what was that in the hallway, your fucked up way of getting back at me?"
Alex smiled, triumphant in the fact that he had gotten to her. "I bet you thought about it all night."
Lourdes wanted to slap him. He was right. Instead she chose to walk away.
He was quickly learning how to get in her head. He grabbed her hand in mid-stride and pulled her back over to him. "I'm not going to apologize for last night. I was there, I know you enjoyed it." He said. Lourdes began to open her mouth, but he put one finger to her lips.
"You're crazy." She whispered angrily.
"Tell me about it." He smiled.
"Insane." She said.
"I know." He said, smiling wider, rocking back and forth on his heels.
"You're going to get us caught!" She exclaimed, wanting him to hear the panic in her voice.
Something flickered in his eyes. "I want to see you." He said.
"No way!" Lourdes said, but in that moment, her heart started beating faster.
"Tomorrow's one of the big Halloween parties, Gabriel has to work, he suggested that you be my date."
"Do you hear how insane that sounds?" She asked frantically.
Alexsander took a step closer to her and put his thumb and index finger on her chin. He tilted her face up towards his and spoke softly. "There's nothing wrong with your boyfriend offering you up as an escort for his mate. It's the honorable thing to do."
"There is nothing honorable about what your doing." She said. "Do you even realize how dangerous this is?"
"What am I doing?" He asked.
"You bring Stacy to the night club. You bring Emma and Thomas here and I happen to be at both places, what do you think people are going to say?"
"Their going to say after a dinner party I took Stacy out to a club. Their also going to say, after somebody was killed yesterday they decided to have breakfast at that location to see all of the news and buzz. They're not going to realize that this had anything to do with you. We haven't done anything wrong. We're in the clear."
Lourdes was silent for and moment and she took a step back. Did he just say what she thought he said?
"So you admit that...all of this is about me?" She asked shyly.
Alexsander said nothing. But the look on his face at the gravity of what he just admitted, was all the answer she needed.
"I still think Stacy knows something." She said.
"She's clueless." Alex said confidently. "Trust me."
"I don't think I can trust you." Lourdes said staring into his eyes.
"You're just mad about last night," He whispered bringing his face even closer to hers, "you'll get over it."
"Fuck you." Lourdes exclaimed trying to break away from him.
"Yeah," Alexsander said cockily, "tomorrow night, after the Halloween party, that's exactly what I'm gonna do to you."

Lourdes was very far away in her thoughts, but Lolita was chattering a million miles a minute. They were supposed to be having a blissful morning walk but now that was shot to shit.
"I can't believe it. It was like I was sitting there watching a movie, you know. Even though I had no idea what was going on, it was awesome! Why did you leave? Where did you go? It was like some kind of dueling."
"A dueling, huh." Lourdes said not quite as excited.
"Yeah! It was like you had the fashionably cool gays off to one side and the insanely hot American Apparel, barbie doll cut outs, off to another side, having a stand off, and you were right in the middle of it!" She said grabbing her arm and squeezing tight. They reached the end of the sidewalk and stopped at a street light.
"And I promise, promise, promise to be your best friend if you tell me what the hell was going on!" Lita said still holding on to her and laughing.
"Honey," Lourdes said, "I'm gonna need a couple of drinks before I even go there."
Lita smiled brilliantly. "I think I have a bottle of Jack in the trunk of my car." She sang. "Let's go to it and I'll tell you what you missed, when you left the Diner."

"What's he doing?" Stacy asked.
"I don't know, I can't hear anything." Emma replied.
"Who cares." Thomas said. "I wish he would come and sit down so we can order."
"You two seem very close." Alexsander said.
"How could you tell?" Albear asked sarcastically.
Alex took a step towards him but Albear held his ground. "Does Gabriel know you kiss her like that?"
"Kiss her like what?" Alby exclaimed. "I haven't touched that girl."
"I mean last night at Sin City."
"You were watching us?" Albear asked shocked and dismayed. Tyler had to choke back a laugh, if he wasn't at Sin City last night to witness everything, he would have almost believed Albear's acting. "Who are you to be worried that I'm some kind of threat?" Albear said arrogantly. "Who the fuck are you again?"
"I'm Alex."
"And he's Albear." Corey said quickly. Albear smiled at him, but the look on his face said butt out.
"I'm a friend of Gabriel's," Alex continued saying, "you do know Gabriel, don't you?"
Albear looked up in the air as if he was trying to scan his memory. "Right, the boyfriend." He said.
"Gabe knows that you're a friend of Lourdes right?" Alex asked inquisitively.
Albear half laughed again. "Yeah something like that." He said.
"Something like that?" Alexsander repeated, sounding aggressive.
"Why?" Alby said. "What do you care?"
"She's a friend." Alex replied. "And so is Gabriel."
"Well I can't say that I've heard much about you." Alby said. "Or Gabriel for that matter."
"Likewise." Alex said.
"So what do you do Alex?"
The boys leaned in close.
"I'm a performance artist."
"Oh yeah?" Alby said, "Is there much fucking in your line of work?"
Alex didn't respond, Lamont was practically hanging out of the chair. What was he doing? Lourdes would kill him if he let on more than he should.
Corey started to say something, big puppy dog eyes wide, but he stopped himself, it was probably better to stay out of it.
"What do you do Albear?" Alexsander asked.
"I'm in litigation."
"Oh, so you must know quite a lot about fucking, yourself." Alex replied.
"Yeah, I could teach a few things." Albear rethorted.
"I bet you could."
"You know, Alex," Albear said taking a step towards him, if they were any closer, they would be touching, "if you were ever interested in getting down with me and my girl-"
"Your girl?"
"Holler at me." Alby grinned. "Lourdes usually reels them in but-"
"I get the feeling they end up with you?" Alex said disinterested.
Albear smiled sweetly. "The special ones."
"I doubt it." Alex said.
"Um Albear?" Corey said.
Alex turned and walked away. He sat down in the booth with his friends.
"What was that all about?" Emma asked concerned.
"Just making forward introductions." Alexsander said looking out the diner door.
"You boys play nice." Emma said polishing the silverware with her napkin.
"These are friends of Lourdes."
"Some friends." Stacy said.
Alex grunted in agreement.
"Stacy!" Emma said looking around the room, trying to see if anybody was listening to them. "Just because they are a little different, doesn't make them any less than we are."
"It doesn't?" Stacy asked with her voice two octaves higher, as she handed her silverware over to Emma to polish. Thomas started laughing. Emma put down the cutlery and tossed her napkin at Stacy. "Okay look, maybe coming here was a bad idea."
"Damn right." Thomas said. "How's Lori's Diner sound?"
"It sounds like we'll be driving back across town." Alex replied.
"Great, let's go." Stacy said.
They all got up to leave. "Stacy, do you think you can catch a ride with Emma and Thomas? I'm going to use the restroom and then the ATM and I'll catch you up." Alexsander said.
Emma and Thomas nodded their heads and went out the door, but Stacy stayed.
"What are you doing?" She asked.
Alex began heading out the door also, he could tell that she was about to say something she shouldn't and he didn't want Lourdes' friends to hear them talking.
"You've already managed to get in that guys face back there, don't you think you should just leave it alone?"
"You should catch up to Emma and Thomas." Alex said pointing his finger in the direction Emma and Thomas were heading. "I'll meet you guys over there."
"The bathroom and the ATM?" She said. "That's so lame, what are you really going to do?"
"I'm going to go and get Gabe and we'll meet you at the other diner." Alex said coolly.
It was obvious that Stacy wasn't going to illicit a reaction from him. And it was starting to become frustrating, plus she could see Lourdes coming back down to street. She wasn't going to get anywhere with this guy. "Damn it." She muttered. "I left my jacket inside."
"Better hurry up and get it before a queen snatches it." Alex was smirking, but it pissed Stacy off all the more. Maybe her pursuing him was a bad idea...

The boys were still hanging out after the group had left. "Who the fuck do they think they are coming here and judging us?" Lamont said while motioning to a waitress for another cup of coffee.
"They're like any other nosy asshole looking for a good show." Albear said, tossing down his shades and sitting on one of the stools. "Let's not make this a gay/straight thing."
"It is a gay straight thing!" Corey said dramatically, his puppy dog eyes getting wide. "They wouldn't have come here if it was some straight boy shot to death. That would just be regular news, but for them, exploiting us is just another way to have juicy gossip at the water cooler on Monday morning."
"Give it a rest Corey." Albear said. "So what? They wanted to see all the hoopla just like every other silly fag in this room. Why do you think the place is packed to the brim?"
"I thought it was the stale lemon bars." Tyler cracked.
"Shut the fuck up." Albear said.
"Okay, I'll give you the fact that blondie and her husband may have been wanting to check out all of the commotion," Tyler began to say, "but something tells me, that's not why the other two were here."
"I know!" Lamont blurted out. "Where's Lourdes? Do you think she's freaking out about what happened? I can't believe he just stood there." Lamont said referring to Alexsander, "Like, by himself, in front of all us, challenging the elusive Albear Sebastian." He clapped his hands in excitement.
Corey laughed.
"So what?" Alby said.
"And did you see the way he carried himself?" Lamont kept going. "Or the way he said, "so you know quite a lot about fucking yourself."
"Shut the fuck up." Albear said again.
"I'm just saying, it was hot." Lamont clapped his hand's again, laughing. "Gave me a hard on."
"Yeah, me too!" Corey and Tyler both said at the same time.
Albear shook his head trying not to smile. "You guys are pathetic." He said.
Lourdes came walking back into the diner. She headed over to Lita first to apologize for all the bullshit and then to say goodbye to the boys.
"Did they leave?" She asked as Lita and her walked over to the counter where they were sitting. She handed Albear his smokes.
"Yeah," Lamont said, "just a few minutes ago."
"Boy did you miss a show." Corey said cheesing. The top of his cheeks were rosy from smiling too much.
"What happened?" She asked.
"Nothing." Albear said. "Your little friend just wanted to introduce himself to me."
"I would hardly say that he was little." Tyler said. "He's even taller than you."
Albear stuck his tongue out at him, dismissing his comment.
"He is very cute honey." Lamont said.
"Yeah, very cute but what about Gabriel?" Corey asked.
"Gabe and I are together." Lourdes said.
"You are?" Lolita asked surprised. This was the first that she had heard of somebody else.
"And Alex is his friend, I'm not going to do anything with him." Lourdes offered.
"Your not?" Tyler asked.
Lourdes shook her head.
Albear let out a sigh and put his arms around her shoulders. "You should do him." He said.
"Albear!" Corey said.
"What? Fuck Gabriel, they're not married, she doesn't owe him anything." He turned Lourdes closer to him. "There's nothing wrong with having your needs met."
"Spoken like the selfish bastard that you are." Tyler replied.

"Would you like a drink?" Pullo handed Lourdes a beer and sat down next to her on the sofa.
"Yeah, thanks." Lourdes said smiling. Somehow, Lita convinced her to drop by Jasper's place later that evening. He was having people over, and Lita was hoping that she would hit it off with Pullo.
"Listen, sorry about the other day if I was out of sorts." Pullo said.
Lourdes paused, was this his way of saying he was loaded the other day and not really into her? Or was he apologizing for his behavior?
"You seemed fine to me." Lourdes said. "Besides, I'm not so sure you are sorry."
Pullo smiled. "How perceptive. You obviously didn't forget what happened."
"How could I," She gushed, "when the events are still so fresh in my mind."
Pullo set down his beer on the coffee table. "I was thinking," he said, "maybe we should go out on a real date. Get some food, maybe see a movie, do things proper, before I make another move on you."
Lourdes liked his calm, cool manner. But there was something about the way he talked to her. It never really seemed like he was ever asking anything, more like demanding in a non-aggressive way. She couldn't decide if it was hot. Or not.
"Dinner and a movie, huh." She said. "Sounds like a plan."
"What sound's like a plan?" Lita and Jasper came walking up.
"She and I going out on a date." Pullo said.
"Sounds like things are progressing well between you two." Jasper said, green eyes lighting up. He clinked his glass against Pullo's beer.
"Well, don't start marrying them off yet." Lita said. "Give the them time to breathe." But her rouge lips were smiling.
"Of course, of course." Jasper said, the soft lines


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