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chap. 1 continued...part 3

Book By: Nina Simone

Take a look into the life of Lourdes, a fun, sexy, party planning chef with a complicated side...

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"Let me get my jacket and we'll be off."
"Are you going to smoke that?" He asked pointing at the lighter and cigarette.
"Oh," she said coming back down the steps, she handed him back the stuff. "I don't smoke."
"That's okay," he smiled, "neither do I."

It didn't take long to reach Sin City, with the way Albear was driving. There was a line around the corner of hot bodied boys, all waiting to experience the gay thumpa thumpa of the night club.
"Relax." Albear said pulling out his v.i.p. pass. "We're going to the head of the class."
"Well that's a relief." She said closing her compact mirror as he pulled in the alleyway to park.
Once they were inside, the scene was exploding. Lights flashing everywhere, glitter falling from the ceiling, music blasting and tons of shirtless boy wonders everywhere. Needless to say, Lourdes never minded that she was the only straight girl in the room when Albear dragged her here.
Alby grabbed her hand and directed her through the masses all the way to the bar. They were standing there no longer than two minutes when Lamont came up.
"Hi honey!" He said with that flaming southern accent. He was wearing a too small, black muscle shirt, and a pair of color print pants that Lourdes couldn't even began to comprehend. But that was Lamont, his flame burned bright.
Tyler and Corey followed right behind him. Corey rushed up giving her a hug. "It's about time you two got here. Alby said that you were coming hours ago." Lourdes let Corey kiss her, but she was looking at Albear mouthing the word jerk to him. He smiled and handed her a beer.
Tyler and Lamont stood on both sides of her. "So anybody getting any action tonight?" She asked taking a sip of her beer.
"Quite a few possibilities." Lamont said cruising a guy walking by.
"Yeah, but nobody's jumping at the bait." Tyler said.
Lourdes put her hand on his cheek affectionately. Tyler was one of the sweetest guys that she knew. He was cute, in shape, good job and smart. He would make some girl the perfect husband. But instead he wanted to make some guy the perfect wife. And in the shallow gay world that is Sin City, Ty was considered less than average.
"Well things will change now that I'm here," Alby said, "you can all live vicariously through me." Albear leaned against Corey putting his arm around his shoulders, smiling.
"Did anybody ever tell you that, self deluded arrogance looks good on you." Tyler said rolling his eyes along with Lamont .
Just then a guy walked by cruising Albear. He made eye contact with him and tilted his head, inviting Albear to follow him to the back room. Albear turned and smiled at all of them.
"Hey Ty, you think that self deluded arrogance will look good on me while he's back there tonguing my balls?" Albear removed his arm from around Corey's shoulders and handed him his beer. "Just in case none of you losers score tonight, meet me in the back, I'll give you a free show."
Lourdes laughed and Corey gave Albear a playful push as he turned and followed the guy through the crowd.
"What a fuckin life." Tyler said bitterly.
"Don't you worry honey, you'll find that special guy some day." Lamont said.
"Yeah thanks." Tyler said, still watching Albear as he walked away.

Stacy was right. Alexsander was recognized immediately by the gay boys. They were walking down the street, there was no parking anywhere, so they had to park at least 3 blocks away. But once they were in front, the bouncer motioned for them to come in. A couple of queens gushed and whispered loudly as they went in together.
They were five feet in the door when Alex stopped in his tracks. "Fuck me." He said to himself.
Stacy stood there smiling, bobbing her head to the music. It looked like tonight was going to be a hot night.
Alex turned and looked at her.
"What is it?" She asked. He had the funniest expression.
"Oh my god," she said, "you didn't know this was a gay club?"
He didn't say anything.
"You couldn't tell by the hordes of fags all waiting to get in?" She asked.
"You said you love this club!" He said loudly over the music.
"I do!" She said back. "Take off your jacket, stay awhile. We're here now."
He started to take off his jacket, when a guy cruising him walked by and ran his fingers across his chest. Alex jerked the coat back on. "You know, I think I'm good." He said.
Stacy laughed. She grabbed his hand and pulled him further into the club.

Lamont moved closer to Lourdes and turned her slowly to face the other direction. "Honey, don't look now but I think there is a guy cruising you."
"What?" Tyler said running his fingers through his black hair. "Where?"
"Well at first I thought that he was cruising me, but now I'm pretty sure he hasn't taken his eyes off of you. It's that tall drink of water over there at ten o'clock."
Corey, big brown eyes wide, and Tyler both turned towards the direction that Lamont said. Lourdes followed across the room also. Half the guys in here were tall. She scanned back and forth at the many faces. She let out a small gasp and turned around.
"Oh my god." She said to herself. Alexsander was staring right at her.
Corey, Tyler and Lamont all turned around with her. "Honey what is it?" Lamont asked, full pink lips smirking.
"I know him." Lourdes said.
"So? He's a hunk. Go over there."
"I can't, I have no idea what he's doing here." She said trying not to panic.
"How do you know him?" Corey asked.
"Is he here to see you?" Lamont asked.
"Is he even gay?" Tyler asked.
Lourdes looked down at her drink. She wasn't sure if he knew she saw him. Possibly. Shit, what was she going to do?
"What I miss?" Albear came walking up putting his arm around her. His black shirt was unbuttoned down two more buttons than it was before.
"Lourdes is having a heart attack because some hottie is cruising her." Corey said without missing a beat. Lourdes looked at him trying to plead with her eyes not to say anything. Corey shrugged his shoulders and gave her an apologetic look.
"No shit, where?" Albear asked.
Lamont turned back in Alex's direction and nodded his head. "It is, that very delectable morsel over by the door, and in case you're wondering, he is still lookin' and still checkin' you out. And if you don't want him, I will go over and introduce myself."
Albear glanced over his shoulder and saw Alexsander watching them. He took his arm from around Lourdes' shoulder and grabbed her hand. "Come on, let's dance."
"Albear no!" Lourdes said trying to yank back.
"Yeah, what are you doing, let her go over there and talk to that dream boat." Lamont said.
"Fuck him." Albear said.
They all stopped and stared at him. Lourdes prayed that Alex couldn't see them through the crowd of dancers.
"Let's dance." He said again. This time Lourdes didn't fight him. She let him pull her on to the dance floor as the boys started speculating about what was going on.
Once they were in the center of the dance floor Albear turned to face her. He started swaying back and forth to the upbeat tempo. He put his hands on Lourdes waist and started moving her with him. "I'm trying to help you." He said.
"Help me how?" She asked.
Albear was a little sweaty, probably from his workout in the back. His hair was in his face and he almost looked like a teenager. He gave her a sexy smile which put her at ease a little and she felt like she could focus. He put his face close to hers. "He followed you here didn't he? That's such a turn on. Here feel!"
Lourdes snatched her hand away quickly as Albear tried to put it on his crotch. Albear laughed.
Lourdes danced to the beat as Albear spun her around. She was still in shock that Alexsander was standing there across the room watching them in a gay club. But Albear must be right. Alex said that he needed to use her phone to make a call, but he probably checked her text messages instead. He must have saw that Albear was taking her to Sin City.
"Albear I can't just stand here and dance with you." She said. "He's waiting for me."
"Oh, is he really?"
"Don't be like this."
"What makes you so sure he's here for you? Who the fuck is that girl that he's standing with?"
Lourdes hadn't noticed a girl. She could only make quick glances, they were moving too fast.
"You said that you're trying to help me but how is this helping?" She called out over the music.
"Look around you." Albear said. "What do you see? Every guy in here wants to be with me in one way or another."
Lourdes let out at laugh. "I think that you've already been with every guy in here!"
"Then why not take some advice from someone who knows what he's doing. You're with the hottest fucking guy in this place and everybody else wishes that they were standing here right where you are. So keep moving, keep dancing, like you don't have a care in the world. Because he's not going anywhere."
Lourdes tried to avoid looking in Alex's direction. They kept dancing to the music and Albear kept talking. "Right now he is watching every guy is this place, watching me, dancing with you. Do you know how much power that yields you?" Albear pulled her close to him like they were lovers and he put his lips to her ear. "Did he follow you here?" He asked again.
"Yes." Lourdes said sure of it this time.
"Then don't you dare go to him. Make him come to you."
"I don't want to play any games." She said.
"Yo bitch, pick another time to be a pussy." He said. "And don't even think about lying to me. I know you and you want him as bad as every other twink in this room. And if you want him to play into your hands, instead of you chasing after him, then let me help you."
"So you wanna make him jealous?" She asked trying to see his point.
Albear kept dancing but pulled something out of his pocket. Without missing a beat, he grabbed her by the back of her head and sprayed a mist up her nose. Lourdes could guess what it was. A secret blend of Albear's herb and spices. He put his right arm around her waist and pulled her body against his. It was all rushing to her head and she began to tingle all over. Before she could figure out what he was doing, he kissed her and stuck his tongue down her throat. She should have pulled away from him but everybody was watching them. Between the music and the dancing and the kissing she felt like she was drifting away. She let him kiss her for 5 seconds longer and then she pulled away still dancing to the music. Albear kept dancing too.
"Will he want me now?" Lourdes asked playfully.
"He already does." Albear said. "He more than wants you."
Lourdes finally looked in Alex's direction. He was leaning against a rail ignoring some guy trying to hit on him. He was staring right at her.
So was Stacy.
Albear pulled her close again. "Remember who you are." He said.
"Who am I?" She asked. Burying her head in his chest.
He pulled her away from him trying to look very serious. "You're my disciple." He said.
She smiled.
"You're going to be the female equivalent of me. You're going to show no fear, all confidence and you're going to work him out."
Lourdes continued smiling, trying not to laugh. To Albear every guy was a horse waiting to be mounted. Or ridden
"I want you to go over to the bar and stand by yourself," he said, "he'll come to you, and when he does, you'll have all the power."
"You want me to walk off of the dance floor right now and wait for him to come to me? I can barely stand up straight with the trail-mix that you just gave me."
"Well then, I guess you better get your sea legs." Albear said. Then he turned and walked away from her.
"Albear!" She called after him. But it was too late she had lost him in the crowd.

"So I don't know, do you want to dance or something?" Stacy asked.
"I don't think so." Alexsander said. "I'm two left feet."
"Oh, come on, I heard that you were a pretty good dancer."
"Who told you that?" He asked dead serious.
Stacy smiled and shook her head trying to lighten up the moment. "Actually Emma did." But he had already moved beyond the question, he was checking out the crowd again.
"Do you want to check the place out?"
"No." He said.
"What are we doing here then?" She asked.
Alexsander pulled his wallet out of his pocket. He handed her a twenty. "Why don't you get us a couple of drinks."
Stacy stood there and stared at him trying to figure out what angle he was working. He was scanning the room looking for someone. Emma never said anything about him being gay. Stacy walked off and went to the bar. "Asshole." She muttered to herself. She would make sure to order an extra shot with her drink.
When she got back with their drinks, a guy was trying his hardest to put the moves on Alex. He wasn't paying him the slightest bit of attention, he wasn't even looking at him while the guy was talking. She felt a little bit better to know that she wasn't the only one being snubbed.
"Sorry sweetie," she said to the boy, "he's taken."
The young man tossed his head up in the air and walked away.
"Thanks." Alex said.
"No problem." Stacy said cozying up to him.
He took the drink out of her hand and drunk it down.
"Is something wrong?" She asked, but he wasn't paying attention to anything she was saying. She followed his gaze across the room. She focused on a tall, pretty black girl. She thought she saw Lourdes dancing with that hot guy that she drove off with. But her hair was not pulled back, she had it long and flowing and she wasn't wearing the dress that she had on at the dinner party. Now she had on low rise black slacks and a black sleeveless vest as a shirt. It was a pretty cute outfit. Stacy looked at Alex again, she was almost sure that this is who he was staring at. But she couldn't tell if he was looking at the girl or the guy.
"Is that Lourdes?" She practically yelled over the very loud music.
He didn't say anything. So she watched them dance. They seemed to be in their own world, laughing and talking to each other. They were really into each other. They obviously hadn't noticed them standing there watching them. But as Stacy looked around, she noticed a lot of people were watching them. Nobody more than Alex, though.
Lourdes and the guy continued dancing.
"Wow they're really good." She said.
The side of Alex's face started to twitch, but he still said nothing.
"They look pretty hot out there on the dance floor. Doesn't it make you want to do the same thing?"
He still said nothing.
They were still dancing when out of nowhere, the hot guy shoved something up her nose. "Holy shit, did you see that?" Stacy asked. It was obvious that Lourdes didn't see it coming, Stacy wondered if they should do something. She could barely get the words out, when the hot guy kissed Lourdes. Stacy couldn't tell if he was taking advantage of her or not. Alexsander was staring as if he were in a trance. "We should do something." She said starting to walk on to the dance floor, but Alex grabbed her arm and pulled her back. "It's not our business." He said.
"But I thought she was dating Gabriel?"
He was willing to offer nothing else. Stacy turned back to look at them, they were dancing once again. Alex looked like he was ready to murder somebody.
"Will you tell Gabriel?" She asked.
"Tell him what?" He said looking straight ahead.
"That his girlfriend is cheating on him. I mean that's why you're here right, following her to see if it's true?"
"It's not our business." He said once again.
Stacy had about enough of this. "I'm going to go dance. I thought we came here to have fun, not spy on people."
"Sorry." He said. She actually thought that he meant it but he wasn't budging from where he was standing. "Fine." She said. Stacy stormed off onto the floor to dance her frustrations away, she didn't want the night to be a complete and total waste...

Lourdes spun around. She could see Corey, Tyler and Lamont watching her. She kept eye contact with them and slowly made her way across the room. Once she was almost to them, she made a right and went down to the end of the bar. Lamont began to walk over to her to see what was going on but, Corey grabbed his hand. Corey knew Albear the longest and he had all but figured out what he was doing. She smiled at him and then turned away. She leaned on the bar counter trying to ride the trail mix that was running through her. She took five long deep breaths and pulled herself together. She stood up straight, exhaled one more time and turned around. That fuckin' Albear ditched her just like that and now she was standing here looking like an idiot. She would give it a couple more minutes, and then head back over to the boys.
All of a sudden, her body went numb. She looked up and Alexsander was standing next to her. She was facing the dance floor and he was facing the bar. They both stared straight ahead. She closed her eyes and waited for him to say something, but he didn't. She opened her eyes and looked down at her feet. When she looked up at Alex he was staring at her. He pushed himself away from the bar, not breaking eye contact. He backed away slowly giving her one of the most intense looks she had ever seen him make, then he turned around and walked away. Lourdes turned and looked down the bar, the boys were making hand gestures for her to follow him. She turned without hesitation and began following.
She tried to keep up as he made his way through the crowd. Once she was across the room, she spotted Alex heading down a long, dark, vacant hallway painted black.
She was familiar with that hallway, but not personally. It was leading to the back room. One of the places Albear frequented regularly. The long stretch of hallway lead to a room of hot horny boys hooking up. She was willing to bet money, that's where Albear was going for round three of the night.
Alex was about ten steps ahead of her and three quarters of the way down the hallway when he stopped. Lourdes walked slowly, taking her time before she reached him. As she studied his tall silhouette, as she advanced towards him, the thumpa, thumpa of the music was starting to fade away and she began to hear the moans and grunts of guys in the back getting it on.
She stopped two feet away from Alex. It was as if he could feel her there, he turned to face her. Alex was silent, and looking mysterious, challenging her with his eyes. Lourdes smiled at him with hers, challenging him back. He walked the two steps towards her, but didn't stop. He walked right into her, forcing her to back up against the wall. He put his right hand against the wall above her head creating as little space between them as possible.
He looked down at her breathing hard. The shit Albear had gave her had kicked in to the fullest and she was feeling no pain.
"How you like this?" He asked in his Swedish voice.
She smiled. Mm, that was it. Him using his real accent was music to her drug induced ears. Lourdes felt her panties getting wet as he pressed his body up against hers. "How do I like what?" She swooned as one of his long leg's forced it's way in between hers. He grinded on her hard and just once. He was hard. "Like how you are." He said. He grinded her against the wall so hard, she let out a gasp.
"I like it." She whispered fluttering her eyes closed. This was it. This was the perfect moment for him to kiss her, for him to do...anything to her.
But Alex whispered in her ear, "you have a funny way of showing it."
Then he pushed himself off of her and turned and walked away.
She could have killed him.


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