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A novel I'm putting together from in my inspiration from the 1998-97 HBO series PERVERSIONS OF SCIENCE(Cartoon)and also the movie SIN CITY.In short; Street senses surronding a body snatching scandle were the bodies of men and women are beeing found and used for their organs for the purpose of youth, prostitution, survival and from life its self. This is a mix and match set up from as it will all come together in the end one way or another.I plan on adding more shorts as Chapters.
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I hear what I've heard every morning. If its not my beating chest rumbling in to my face as my eyes shut back in from the break of day or if her cat was in bed with us purring around my ears wile she gets all cuddly with my Nancy then its not only the sun setting in on me�from above for a shine. But this morning the rumbles weren't coming from in bed. They were on their way up in to the hall from in front of our door. I tried for Nancy but she laid there dead and her cat as it swung from off and around the ceiling fan, sprinkling a spit of blood on to the walls. That's when they came in charging. As I stood there in under the cat and taking in one last glance at my Nancy as she laid their in our bed; lifeless.

������� I stepped in to the five or six officers as they stood there; pistols and riffles drawn. The chief of police steps in, stands with his feet inches away from my face and says. "Looks like you went and done it now hu." The fucker knows I didn't kill my wife and I didn't even bother to tell them to check my wallet from on the night stand next to the bed to see my badge. I let them cuff me and push me on out in to the hall, down the stairs and in to the back of the car.

������� I didn't say a word. They asked and I said nothing. Like I was going to play nanny to these young pukes. Before we pulled on in to the underground garage, I seen one of my team walking on out of the station along side of the local attorney; he's been hanging around the station lately. covering for one of ours over some kind of property scandal.

������� The door opens and I'm on my knees then wake up in the hall way as the drag me on down. Before I could spit up the blood that had slipped on in to my mouth from the whack they laid on me with their stick; I'm thrown in to a chair then left with the slam form the door as they walked on out and left me to my self here in the interrogation room with my hands locked in behind my back and the blood dripping from off of the side of my head.

������� A slam from in off of the table as I watched the stack of papers blowing the dust from with in on in to my face. A cup of coffee along with the smell of a two day odor sits its self in front of me. I look up in to the face of the man wearing a grey dull looking suit and holding a cigarette from in his lips then he say's. "So what it going to be? You want to talk or are we going to wait for court.?" I stare him straight in the eye; I watch his ugly mug trying to hold a straight face on it. He stares me right back. Being the hot shit councilor that he is, he begins to smirk then says. "No ones got your back on this. The booze, women, the late shift charades and from what I've heard; your attitude."

"So what's that have to do with anything." I said to him and he hums then opens up his book, flips thru, stopped then looked back up at me to make sure I was going to be aware of what he is about to tell me. "Murder." He says then pressed his finger in on the sheet and says. "Your wife, well, a common law relationship. Liver, ovaries, uterus, and her vagina along with her inner breast tissue. I don't want to mention the cat. All of these only says one thing and the only thing that is going to be getting your out of here by sun down, is if they find a print on her that isint yours. So far there is no trace of her organs and the mess that you would have made is the only reason that I'm here. Who ever done this is perfection and I know it wasn't you or I wouldn't be here. Now if you want to tell me what your thought is on this then I can speed up the paper work and get you the fuck out of here."

I've never met this one before and I haven't seen him the station but he seems to know me and he's saying exactly what I was needing to hear and after hearing exactly what has happened to Nancy; it leaves me with one hell of a clue. "She was dissected wile we were a sleep." I said to him and watched his face go from yum to yuck then I gave him exactly what he wanted to hear; I tell him. "I've been working on the case. The Ripper case; all the ladies being swept up from off of the streets and stuff. You know; this new revelation that's been kicking around about transplants and the fountain of youth. They got a hold of my Nancy. That's what. That's it."

"Well that's not going to be standing in court. Your captain from in the top floor had you dismissed from being searched and from having one of these men sticking a stick down your throat and one up your ass. So you're clean from it on one end. The blood that has been documented from in your arrest is the blood they haven't that's dripping from off of your head. He gave me the go to let you free but I had to question you for my self." "So what are ya?" I asked him. He grabs his coffee up from off the desk then sucked it back before he said. "I'm the big Doct. I'm the one who decides who returns to work and who goes to the loon. For you I'll decide and advice you to stay out of the east end of our city until your cleared from this. Your court date isn't going to be for another month or so.

And if you don't clean up your act then your going to be ending up in the east end of our city. I'm going to scratch up a little insurance check for ya. It will be waiting for ya at the front door. I'll also sing you in for a cab ride home. Use this check to put you up some where for a couple of nights because I'm sure their going to be turning your apartment upside down over this one. Your going to be put on a leave; a sick leave. I'll make sure of that. So you stay out of these bars and clubs or the creeps or going to be pinning you in on the cause. So sit still, I'll have the officer undo your cuffs then it shouldn't be more then an hour before you're released."

������� He walks out and the cop walks in, stands by my side and expected me to stand up. "Take the fucking things off" I told him. He steps in behind me, kneels down, then stepped back in to the wall and I hear his head knocked from off the wall. I swung my arms out and he leaped for the door; slamming it closed. I knew this or something like this was going to be happening to me. I've been entertaining my self with the ladies wile I've been working this case. Those girls are like no other. The softness of the skin, the fresh juices that poor out of their puss and that youth full glow that seems to be holding night after night. The millionaires from in the city when they heard about this being they were offering their souls so their wives could possesses this being. Night after night, corps after corps and now I know why and it has left me with out a woman of my own. My Nancy; when I find the sorry sucker that has my Nancy in under her flesh; I'm going to rip it out and dig a hole for it my self.

������� A click from in the door then it opened up wide; leaving me face to face with a hand full of cops. "Lets go." The tallest of them said. I stood to my feet, stepped in as two stepped aside then in behind me as I followed in behind of the two goon as they walk out behind of the one cop; a black fucker. I've seen hi in and around the city during his nights off. He stares into my eye; smirks then lowered his eyes in a means of sorrow and piece as I walk on out then pass them all as they stepped in against the wall then the one tall fucker opens his mouth once again and says. "Straight up and out. Your off duty and don't make us come on up there and have your thrown back in to this cell." "Fuck off. The cell. I'll be splitting your moma's but cheeks in that cell." I tell them as I walked on down the hall then before I swung open the door to walk on in to the lobby for my elevator ride on up to the main floor; I heard them saying that they could come and grab me right now for insulting and threats. I stand in the door way, look back on them and spit what blood I had left from in my mouth out on to the floor then laughed as I walked on in to the lobby; hearing it echo on back over them before the door closed in behind me.

������� The elevator doors pop open, I step out and seen the looks on all the faces as they sit in behind their desks then before I could turn and walk in towards the main desk; nI feel a hand rub up along my shoulder and as I turn to look he' shoving me over in to the wall. "Take this." He says; slapping an envelope up against my gut. "I have no answers. All I know is you won't be coming back until this clears in court." He said then turned his back on me and walked away as if nothing happened. My captain; he must have been waiting for me and from the thickness of this envelope; there must be more then a years pay in here and I have a strange feeling this money is part of the money that's been blowing in the wind around here.

������� After sliding the envelope from off of my gut down in to my pocket; I steeped in to the main desk, singed my John Do, got my check and was told; my cab is waiting for me out front. I took one last look at all of the faces that seemed to be holding a glimpse from in death onto me then walked on out; getting in my one last whiff before this so called court case clears then I'll be right back.


������� I cant believe I'm doing this. Their treating us like robots now; making us get all dolled up in latex and leather, with whips and cuffs. This guy thinks I'm going to be spending the whole night with him or what. Lets go asshole. I don't have all night. I have to get home and wipe all of this sweat off. Here he comes. Now I wonder how long he's going to be taking to get a whimper from out of that slime that he's probably going to be wanting me to lick up for him. "Come on in" Ya ok. "It the hot tub. I cant hear anything from out of that room. You weren't waiting here at me door long were ya." Well at least he asked. "No" I tell him using my girly voice. Now he's going to be expecting it from out of me all night. A fat guy. This is going to be along night. I follow him in to this room of his; The drop. Is what he was calling it as he walked me in. "Ah ha. No touching yet." I tell him as he began to fiddle with my chain-linked nipples as I start taking off my coat.

"Is something the matter?" He asked as if we have to lower our standards now because their making us dress up like a human garbage bags. "No, just let me take of my coat first hu." I tell him. He steps back, then turned and walked over to the bar next to the hot tub and grabs a silver trey from off of it. "You want some?" he asks. Coke and that's all I needed tonight was to be set up with a cokehead. "No thanks, maybe later." I told him that and he lit up like a balloon then stuck the straw up in to his nose and sucked back enough coke to fill a balloon; his head must have bobbed back and forth more then five times. This guys a fucking nut.

������� I walk myself in towards him slowly; using my pussy cat step. He stands there like the fat perv that he is and says. "Ooouuwwo". I lay my right hand on to his shoulder then gripped my other in to his crotch as his shorts and squeezed its wetness in on to the floor. As it drips, his eye's rolled back into his head and before I could give his cock a good rub down; he falls back; smacking his head on to the edge of the hot tub and lays there as the blood leaks from out of his head and now starting to swirl in to the bubbles.

������� Coke; I have enough coke here to keep me fluffed for the next year. I had no idea that this guy would be keeping five bags of coke and an open safe in his bar. I'd sit here and have a drink with my self but the sight of this fat fuck with his toe's sticking up from in the bloody bubbly along with that slice in the side of his head spilling out blood like it's a dripping tomatoes; is starting to make me sick.

I'll grab the bricks of cash and these bags of coke and head for the door before this guy starts blowing bubbles from out of his ass or something. I wonder what this thing is for; a remote control. Its these rich fuckers, this thing is probably for the bubbles or he's got a big screen tv around here some where. So what do you know? It's a rotating wall. Now what in the fuck could this clown have behind this wall. I step in to it then before I could step back from not knowing what in the hell was in there; a light flashed on and what it had to revile was only a thought from in my gut as my heart still pumping in thru my chest and having the rest of my body in a rumble.

I've heard about this, well I've heard of something. Maybe this guy eats people or something. Oh my god. What if I was to be next. Pined up in here like these bitches and its freezing in here. Oh my god, That's Trina from Third street; she's hanging there like a slab of fresh meat; untouched. What if their still alive and why is their only four of them. Why does this guy have four girls hanging up from in his wine cellar. "Sorry Trina but I have two pounds of coke here in my purse and a couple of bricks of cash, G- notes; enough money to get me the fuck out of here. You'd under stand." If she wasn't pinned up like a frozen naked mannequin. And I was complaining about these new out fits. Get the fuck out of here before I get frost bitten or end up playing doll with who ever else walks on in here.

������� That was too creepy man. I'm done, I don't want no more to do with this fucking sick lusting act. I got enough money hear to last me a few years. Go away take a trip or something. What I should do is call the police but if Engine finds out that the cops where at this guys place then he's going to be wanting answers and I'm still under contract with him. I need to get the fuck off this street. I'll grab a Cab from in this next stop light.


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