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" Our Little Secret "

Short story By: Zap Tales

Yes you know we all have Dirty little secrets :)

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As I briefly referred to in " Always The Bad Guy " my cast of friends and associates was as diverse as the league of Nations is colorful. One in particular was truly despised by every housewife and girlfriend in the five boroughs, and in all likelihood probably Westchester too. You know the one: Playboy at heart, Good looking and Single forever. He was the one when your husband or boyfriend went missing, he was certain to be with this particular guy. Even when he was in a committed relationship he would still sleep with his " Goomada" then make a pass at her Mother, if he could swing it. And if not him personally, we all knew someone just like him.

During his final steady relationship his significant other truly went out of her way to keep things from going astray and for the first time in his life thought he had finally found the one person he could stay faithful to. He was able to express his most bizarre desires and as an alter ego would she catered to each and every one of them sometimes adding a little something to the scenario.

In one particular instance of many he wanted her to do the sex in public I just met you thing, steamy, raunchy with no holds barred. After coming up with a plan they drove to the City, quickly parked the car and into a peep show they went. Dark with an ominous smell of pine disinfectant, complete with trench coat wearing seedy characters throughout. Just walking to one of the booths was an experience for her as the selection of sex toys on display almost made her gasp. She secretly wondered what you were supposed to do with a few of them and how others fit & where.

Into the small dimly lit booth they went, and the door automatically locked behind them as he deposited several coins into the video slot. Not being certain of the amount of time it would remain on he put in several more, just as a stunning women appeared on the small screen before them. It was a tight space and they were only inches away from each other. Instantly in a fit of lust were soon groping each other as if they indeed just met. This was lust as the definition was intended.

Two heated lovers in an entwined embrace of un-adulterated passion. She started off by slowly stroking him through his pants as he fed the machine more coins, she took her time with him controlling his passion as you would a dog on a leash not letting him get too far ahead of her. She slowly unzip his pants and her mouth fell on his exposed member immediately his body tensed up and she could almost see his toes curl through his sneakers.

A minute later the film abruptly went off, automatically unlocking the door as the dim light went on. He instantly reached for another coin as he did not want this to end. Awkwardly searching his pockets as he realized he had used all his coins earlier. His girl wanted to continue and quickly offered to get more from the attendant taking $20 from his pocket before hurrying out of the booth. After what felt like an hour to him he heard a whisper coming from a small hole in the wall. We all have heard of a " Glory Hole " but now he was actually in front of one and to his delight his girlfriend in her most seductive voice motioned for him to enter it.

She slowly stroked him at first and her firm grip had him hard in an instant. She then began licking him from all sides before devouring him as if it was her last meal. He was up against the wall in seconds finally standing on his tippy toes trying to get every centimeter of himself in her mouth as he exploded like he never came before. He then felt her slowly lick every last drop of his seed before releasing him from her mouth, thankfully so as he was drunk from cumming so hard.

He quickly tucked himself in and opened the booth door to retrieve her only to see his girl coming from across the store right near where they entered explaining she had to wait for the attendant to return to get their coins. At that exact moment out from the adjacent booth comes Akmed from the corner store dressed in a blonde wig, very cheap pumps and makeup complete with pink lipstick and a cum eating grin.

The former Playboy just put his hand to his mouth as his girl instantly realized what must have just happened. But the damage was done she wa sworn to secrecy and from what I hear they are still together today even though during a recent argument she referred to him as " 50 Shades Of Gay " before proudly claiming she is the only one that knows how to keep him at home...


Zap Tales


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