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Short story By: tommylucas

control freaks...dogs squad...canine unit...soon to meet the HUMANS.. We'll just see what happens with the bad and wrong and guilty see? The streets will be paved gold for the innocent reminaing..

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Once I realised it was all in my control...I discovered that some of the others had their hole...to speak volumes of shit instead of truth...still standing tall in the lying booth...

Now it just so happened that they were within my very reach. Choices I made just a few days ago sent karma around to the guilty. The streets will be paved with gold for the innocent and the remainder who have no self control and talk through the wrong hole will sink rather than swim down that Bermuda Triangle at best. They know it's coming for them so they teach themselves how to swim. Only to realise at the end of their days they can't and won't fight destiny no longer.

Destiny has a name and it happens to be Lucas. My surname I changed for a brighter day and a fresh start where I am in control of myself and subsequently everything and everyone surrounding my innocence and truth.

It's okay to be just okay with who and what I am. No ignorance or doubt or fear or lies to waste my precious time remaining on this wonderful earth of ours.

"Believe what you want" is what my mama taught me. Did you get that message or were you consumed by fleas? Yes wag that tail when you pretend to be happy for those that buy the bullshit then preach it even more than the original score at that ready and waiting open door...

Leave my sight the guilty always will while the innocent get called the impetuous dill. I know how it works, do you my mate? Yes I know who closes and opens my pearly gate.

HE is in control of this world I guess. But we all know who runs the universe and galaxies at best. We all know this but some are lost in denial. It flows wider and ferociously than the long river Nile.

Mathew, Mark, Luke and Tom. It really makes no difference where I belong. It's all temporary I say 'til the very end. Look at yourself now, are you still on the bend?

I choose to believe and say what I will...does it work for you too I ponder?

It's all about choices and subsequent voices I'm sure I read. Long before I fixed my broken bed...

We have real control through self-alliance. It's all about perception and self-reliance.

This might just be too much for the guilty to understand. They wouldn't do it even if they believed they can. It's sad and juicy at the same time. Long before I fixed their button of re-wind.

The winds and sea are coming to meet the selfish. Control freaks will have the sandwich but not the relish. They bath in their rage and I'm pretty sure I built that stage. For all to submit to themselves instead. Instead of not focussing on what they've just read.

Not interested in the heads of people still stuck in my stand. If only they accepted if they chose to they can. Change their own lives and of course some others. I no longer waste my time with sisters and brothers.

They'll all miss me you can count on that. Just watch them squeal and go a-rat-a-tat-tat! I guess they're just doing what they were taught. The lies wrapped in a truth they bought...

I don't think they can lie straight in bed, personally. I could be wrong but when am I? Anyway I believe the more they try their hardest to make a collaborative effot to isolate me (turn my friends against me) their motives (M.O) will become even clearer to their alleged victims.

We're all survivors instead of believing and speaking that we're victims. I guess it's up to you who you choose to listen to and believe.

Control freaks are dismally good at controlling others but are they masters of self-control? Not at all I say I say!

With their spirit continuously bleeding from self-lies and deception, how can they be anything but dismal, hopeless and sad...?

I'm so eager for truth I guess it's a given that lies can't enter me life. That's the choice and decisions I make from here on in. If they continue to ignore their own hierarchy of needs by consistently lying, well I guess nothing can be done but increase the speed of the cruise ships headed directly down the Bermuda Triangle...

Tommy Luca$$$


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