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The Nupital Bed

Short story By: joy Milton

Sometimes things don't work according to our plans.

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The Nupital Bed

MOGLI: 20s The son
SAJAN: 20s Mogli's friend
RAMAN: 20s Mogli's friend
POOJA: 20s Mogli's bride


(Mogli is sitting on the sofa with Sajan and Raman on his either sides. There is a rectangular table in front of them on which some plates, glasses, etc. are placed. On the wall there is a large scenery of a film actresses. The room is lit with a 20 Watt green bulb and sounds of wedding songs, people is coming from the background.)

SAJAN: Don't panic yaar. You are not the only one who is getting married for the first

time, she is also having it for the first time.

MOGLI: I am worried what would she say if I am unable to satisfy her this night; the first

impression is the last impression.

SAJAN: She is your wife not a customer at your shop that you have to satisfy her. It is so

easy, according to the custom when she approaches you with a glass of milk, drink it, throw the glass aside, start kissing her and with one hand squeeze her breast.

MOGLI: No, I can't do this; even the slightest rubbing of any kind would make me

ejaculate. I can do these things only after I have done away for the first time. I don't want to lie that I can stroke for half an hour.

SAJAN: Then what's bothering you; masturbate before you enter into the room.

MOGLI: No, if I do that I might not get another erection and hardness too wouldn't be

there and she might consider me as an impotent.

RAMAN: What nonsense, I am a married person, so follow my advice and take two

Night Long Outgoing Free Capsules and enjoy the night. I'm telling you with my experience and several others that you will make her slice of breads into sand witch.

(Chunnu takes out a capsule strip, takes out two capsules from it and passes it to Mogli, who swallows them with the help of water from the glass. Then somebody knoks the door and Mogli is asked to go to sleep)


(Pooja, the bride is tossing in bed, Mogli is standing with a bowed head and his father is staring at him, while his mother is consoling the bride.)

MOTHER: Please, try to bear the pain, I understand your problem but we can't call the doctor at this hour. What are the relatives and the neighbors going to say?

POOJA: Mother, I don't think I shall be able to see the morning light, please call my family members, I want to say good bye before I die.

MOTHER: No, don't worry, it happens and what to say of these males, they never understand us.

FATHER: Once again, I am asking what you have done with her. If you didn't want to marry you should have told it clearly but this act is ridiculous. Why don't you speak?

MOGLI: Father this is not the way; you both have forcibly entered in the room and asking such shameful questions. Arey, there should be certain distance between a father and a son, even though we treat each other as friends.

POOJA: Aaah, O! God, where are you save me, I am paralyzed; darkness is taking me in its arm. I know this has done to me because my father was unable to fulfill the demands of dowry.

MOGLI: Shut your mouth, you are unnecessarily giving a wrong twist to the happening.

FATHER: Now, it's unbearable, she is charging me too, and you know police is going to arrest all three of us under the dowry act.

MOGLI: I had lifted her in my hands.

MOTHER: (Coming towards them) why did you lift her up?

MOGLI: You just go back to your place and look after her.

FATHER: No. She is right. Why did you lift her?

MOGLI: What foolish questions you both are asking from the start, why did you enter her room? Then what did I do? Why did I lift her up? I lifter her up to see her weight, then sing a lullaby, so that when she falls asleep, I can make her lie on bed and then go out of this room, like this.

(He started walking towards the door, when his father ran and caught him from behind and took him back to the centre)

FATHER: Sorry, but tell us how she got the sprain?

MOGLI: I thought she is light and I shall be able to make to the bed but I couldn't control the balance and she slipped on the floor.

(Curtain falls)


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