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Summers bring not only heat to the atmosphere but to our thoughts too.

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Suddenly there was power cut, it was around 3.00pm. Sweat started appearing on our forehead as if blisters. We came out of the room and moved towards the hostel canteen to find quantum of solace from this heat. Inside the canteen some students were having tea thinking that hot begets hot while others switched to cold drinks applying Newton's Law, 'every action has equal and opposite reaction.' I took a glass of lemon-water, while Sambit took only a glass of cold water. Then we took two chairs and sat under the shade of the trees.

"Fuck man, why did these institute people cut power without prior warning? When the heat is bearable then we have twenty four hours electricity and today when the temperature has crossed 46 degree, then there is power cut." Sambit said wiping the sweat from his forehead.

"This is the problem with you rich people, you have digged the earth to get metals for your use, and you don't know how hot there is, and then in the winters you use blowers and heaters which produce heat. In summers all the rich persons are using ACs which again produces heat. Then to get rid of this heat lesser rich people are buying cheap ACs and thus more heat is produced." I said looking at the passing pair and mentally analyzing whether they have sexual relationship or not.

"That's true, the air conditioner simply keeps throwing out the heat of the room outside while the coolers are filled with water and thus the cooler cools the warm air with the water. Look at these trees they appear to be artificial, no movement in the leaves." Sambit said.

"At least your hostel is older one so the temperature is quite bearable, but thinks of hostel nine. These people have constructed eight blocks in it as if eight trains are standing on there respective tracks ready to move. No trees in it? They are growing Roses and Dahlia in winters and as the season gets over these very flowers appear like pubic hair. None of the rooms in that hostel is spared by the heat, when I was staying there I did not use to get sleep but I use to keep lying and after profuse sweating and dehydration, I used to fall unconscious. Ha Ha Ha." I said recalling my terrifying experience with heat and dust of hostel nine and how I had to come out of the hostel to visit my department in the sunlight.

"Yes, that is true, in March when I went to America, and then I found that the temperature was minus three." Sambit said.

"That is why their people don't get tired so easily, clothes remain clean and can have sex several times and in different positions. But in our country, you just put the glans penis at the opening of love hole and you ejaculate. Ha Ha Ha." I said laughing.

"Come lets go, we have to type your abstract. I don't understand why you left the campus in this summer? Outside there is 8-10 hours power cut, how do you bear it? Sambit asked.

"Although it is difficult for me to face this much heat but still this heat is part of the nature but this campus is a churchyard, I can't bear these selfish human beings." We moved towards his room after paying the money for Lemon-water on the canteen counter.

"And what happened to that bride seeing ceremony?" Sambit asked.

"Arey, yaar she was so fat and short highted too. I rejected her."

"Oh, but why don't you look at yourself, do you think you are very smart and you too are so fat, must be around ninety kilograms." Sambit said laughing loudly.

"What do you mean? I don't want to marry her and then participate in WWF. Ha Ha Ha." We entered his room and soon the power too returned and we started working on my abstract.


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