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Negative night before

Short story By: bittersweetsinTK

Tags: Humor, Fiction

A little bit of this and that senseless material

Submitted:Aug 22, 2011    Reads: 22    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

She could feel the pain in her back, all the way to her toes. Regret slowly washed over her. She could feel the other persons body heat pressed up against her. But it was work to move. She eventually had to sit up, thinking about the job she doesn't have. She looked out the window and saw a bird slamm head first into the window. Bam! She heard a voice behind her shout,

" what the fucK was that!?" She wondered.

Who the fucK is this?And what happened last night? She felt the slight depressing of the bed .
Someone got up. She rubbed her eyes and then the morning breath hit, like a blast of rotten roses, and hot fungus. She ran into the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom. T.o was sitting on the toilet. T.o slowly looked up from behind bangs and in deep, raspy morning voice.

" would you get out."
She gaze ran back to to the bedroom... shock ran throughout her . There was another person in the bed.

Dramatically, she snatched off the covers. Gasp. It was panda, wearing nothing but t-shirt and undies. Her hair was scattered across the pillows. Then t.o walked in. One hand scratching head and the other down the front of boxer shorts.

"Kay, what are you doing? And did you see that bird?" Panda felt around on the bed for covers that were now on the floor. Everyone ignored her half wedgie. Kay finally turned to look at t.o

" why the hell are you topless,man?"
" oh, you know. It'd nothing you haven't seen before." Kay blushed and looked away.

Looking around the room Kay noticed this is not her room. Her walls were not neon rainbow colors. She didn't have two dressers and a bookshelf. She knew this for a fact. She didn't never read books that weren't on a kindle device. Then t.o spoke.

" Forget about the kindle thong. Your lucky you even have one dresser"
"T.o get outta my head"
"I'm not in you, why are you narrating outloud, in third person point of view, I'm gonna go get some poptarts."
"Note to self...talk In head to t.o don't hear" Panda turn while digging wedgie like digging for gold and mumbled.

" Your still doing it" She turned to check cell phone. A call from mother unit and yaoi king pin, a youngster who master in the arts of BoyXBoy.

Kay ran and dove into bed vertically. Panda trying to hide from sun.
" Extra!"

Kay noticed the rumbling of jet stomach. a thought came to mind. T.O T.o walked in eating poptrats and days kiwi from lastnight and blowing bangs from fave , all emo like. we are three beings. two of us don't live here. and she was pretty sure t.o was one of them. and so was she. the house was pandaS. panda looked around.

"duh you two bums slept here last night, and the night before and two nights before that. Every morning we go through this. Go home already. And T.o put down my POPTART and Kays kiwi. You've been snacking on them all week." T.o turned into a three year old and ran away, stuffing the remaining poptart in mouth. And holding on to kiwi like lifeline. Kay started packing clothes she thought was hers. Panda snatched it and yelled.

" It's mine. Go home you rat bastards and take the theiving muncher with you." Kay looked up at panda innocently, stuffing pants in shirt and holding a shirt for t.o and walked out. To the job she don't have. Up the street she saw t.o walking with panda fridge on back. Munching on poptarts


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