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Short story By: Vashti Puls

This is becoming longer than a short story!
I still have more I have not typed out yet!

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The cerise colored pills made Victoria vomit and feel emptier than she had before. She felt holes upon holes were obliterating her spirit. She quit eating and now slept all day until her parents demanded she go back to school! They never did figure out she skipped. One day her mother while praised her svelte new figure pushed her out the door and told her to go back to the prep academy. She then handed her a hideous cardinal lipstick with matching rouge. Victoria figured out her mother also thought she was a tramp for she gave her a tight skirt and russet top that showed off her belly button. After all it was still winter! Victoria pulled on her now oversized but familiar black sweat shirt and pants to cover herself up. She then walked out the door into a world where she did not want to be.

As she shook the bottle full of alizarian horse sized pills that Dr "Zsa Zsa" had given her, she at once decided to do a reverse Hansel and Gretel tactic. Her home was not made out of candy nor did she want to be found out and return to her family. As she dropped each pill on the ground she decided never to see that freaky pseudo doctor again! She began throwing them harder and harder, one after another as if they had been the stones that built the wall which now defined her. Come to think of it she was Angry she had ever been to see that demented doctor! The last time she had left that surreal and spooky office a giant spider was slinking down from the ceiling. She had also seen roaches skittering into its dark corners. With a place that dirty how could she ever make herself feel clean? She harshly wiped off the lipstick onto her sleeve and used her saliva to clear her face from the red blush that had stained her cherry cheeks. She then headed to the familiar territory full of her beloved trees.
All of a sudden it began hailing big chunks of ice, golf ball sized! She had no clue now where she was going to nor did she care! She just wanted to forget the janitor and her horrible neighbour. She could not sleep it off as she had before. She was wide awake now. The ice kept pummelling her making her run faster and faster. She had already known the heaviness of her own tombstone as it crushed her chest. So many times she wanted it to happen. Outside now the emptiness weighed more than any weight or stone or circus sized elephant. She just wanted it to stop. She just wanted to rest
Finally what had felt like brim stone abated. She was at the clearing of a beautiful grove of birch trees. The air was now misty and mysterious as she walked deeper into what she thought were her sacred woods. She felt a calmness but only momentarily. A large thin shadow like figure was walking towards her. She saw it was a gawky stick like boy man the closer he came to her. He was carrying what looked to be a bulky bulging bag of fruit. The sun was just starting to break out when he smiled at her with a chipped tooth. "Would ya like to have a picnic with me", he asked showing even bigger gaps between his teeth. "I'm not supposed to go with strangers" she said suspiciously . The man boy took the dripping straw hat from his head and squeezed it out. "Now I admits I don't come from around these parts but I ain't aimin' to do nothin' you don't wanna do. You eat anythings today? You look awfully scrawny as ifin you could use a meal or two! Now me, it's way passed my time for eatin, I's gettin' hungry." She only shook her head no. "well come along then. I knows a nice place that ain't toos wet yet. We can haves us a pignic lunch." He took her by her wrist and she shuffled off with him. "by the ways-you like blowin'?" Victoria thought he meant either bubbles or cigarettes Either way the rainbow colors or flowing smoke would add some calmness and prettiness in her horrid little world.
She didn't mind that the teen aged like man took a large hunting knife out of his bag. She thought he might cut them a slice from a loaf of bread. He had offered her a meal after all. ."Well ,whadda ya waitin for get to your knees gal", he cried. She was waiting for him to spread the picnic blanket down.. She hadn't realized his overalls were down below his hips. She had her eyes closed imaging taking a bite out of a buttery croissant and him blowing the first beautiful bubble and it rising free in the air. "I said get", he roughly pushed her onto his lap and told her to commence blowin'! She tried to scream , to shake her head no. The more she moved the further down he pushed her. She was gagging so badly her teeth could not help her escape this time! "Now you gone done did it! I blew me a load!" He arose but not before he spewed thick snail like slime into her mouth. He stroked her chin. "You a swallow that lil honey and I'll gives you more later." She was shaking and kept the goo hidden hoping he'd stop watching so she would not gag on his disgusting emissions. . Patting her on the head he took out the giant green fruit from it's bag and plopped it onto the puddle of half melted snow. He then took the knife and slit it open, stabbing it through the center. "This watermelon here will be your belly", he sniggered. "No women's have youngin's in the natural way with me." She didn't bother to care that he scooped out all the insides and had eaten almost the entire fruit. Pink juices dripping down his scraggly sparsely covered chin. She wasn't hungry. She wasn't hungry at all!
"Lucky me, I don't even have to take my drawers down to take a piss. Now you stay here pretty deer. " He moved a few steps away . Long enough for her to spit the vile poison from her mouth like a bunch of wriggling worms. She spit heavily onto the rinds of his left over water melon remains. Just in time. The urine was still dripping from his private parts when he suggested she must be thirsty. Then with his crooked, chipped, gapped and yellowing teeth that made him look like a chipmunk, he told her what she'd do next.
"We's goin' have us a nice littlin'! No matter how long it takes. You swallowed my seed, nows you my wife! I can't wait to plunge my knife into your juicy sweet little peach! I bet I'll get me a cherry from it too!"
Vashti Puls


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