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Short story By: Vashti Puls

Tags: Horror, Rape, Abuse

This may turn into a novella. I still have parts that I have not typed out yet!

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Victoria Rose rushed out the door like an Indian Summer waiting take over the remaining bits of darkness that lingered in her heart. For two long months she had locked herself within her room refusing to come out. She barely bathed, or moved. She came out only at midnight or later to eat vast qualities of food and hoard the rest in her room. Her parents had indeed called the Preparatory school and she went but a month before she began staying out and spending the day at the park. This was no easy task since it had been a cold winter! She was always comforted by the thin straggly branches of the trees The bare bleakness felt like it matched her insides. It also made her forget about her weight. Indeed when she hugged the trees and whispered to them she felt they listened to her. She felt calm and full of a renewed energy! As soon as she returned home however, she went to her room locked the door and would not respond to any one or anything except perhaps eating or sleeping. This particularly concerned her mother who was all about appearances. She went out and bought her daughter a new extremely pleasant wardrobe that was good at hiding bulges of fat. Victoria however , chose to wear the same black over sized sweat shirt and black raggedy sweat pants. Her father whom rarely ever swore took to avoiding her. When he did see her he'd tell her to get off her fat ass before all she would become good at is sumo wrestling. Suffice it to say they no longer played sports together and even the chest board was left to gather dust.Victoria never even worried about missing her period. She had only had it for a few months , she missed the talk at school and her mother was quite unclear on how it all worked excepting she take birth control. Victoria felt that since she threw the pills away this was why her menstruation had stopped! Indeed, she bore an innocence that no one could ever guess at! Indeed she was still a "virgin" in so many senses of the word.
In a few months at the true arrival of spring it would be her "Sweet Sixteen". She thought nothing of this as she kicked at dirty ice chunks and peered at the overwhelming towers of dingy and polluted snow. All of this made her feel more isolated than locking herself in her room. Before leaving for the morning her mother screamed something ab out washing her face. Indeed the pimples had come back again and she did not mind picking at them until her face was a mixture of dried blood, scars and miniature volcanoes waiting to spew out pus. She headed straight towards her beloved park as she did every day. Once she met a little girl about 5 who was lost and trying to find her way back from kindergarten to her house. She had taken a detour through the park because she told Victoria the snow sparkled like magic and the trees could talk! Victoria held her little hand all the way home and her mother let her stay for lunch!
They had delicious hot asparagus soup which reminded her again of the coming Spring. For desert they had an apple, which the mother showed her of you cut it the right way and opened up the two pieces you would see a star in the middle of each halved slice!
The next day Victoria pretended to head to school as usual but her regular path made her feel like she was in a rut so she took a detour. She ended up in front of Mr. Mountagals house. The rolly polly round man with the rosy apple cheeks and the snow white beard had always reminded her of Santa Claus. In fact,as soon as she had this thought he asked her how her Christmas had been. She merely
shrugged her shoulders. "Billy hasn't seen you in school lately. He's been wondering where you've got off to." She very quietly said she switched schools and today was a vacation day. "Well what about that" ! Mr Mountagal chuckled. "Don't you think you should be celebrating. Building a snow fort or something? Hey, I tell you what! I was going to return the pool cue I bought the Mrs. She doesn't like the colour. I'm almost done shovelling here . We can take a quick trip to the sports shop. Maybe we can fire off a few rounds in the shooting range, sink a few hoops, or have some target practice? Your dad always did brag how good you were at sports. Come on be a good sport and ride with me! Mrs M would have come along herself but she has some crazy women's meeting or something!" He got into his grey pick up truck and patted the seat next to him. Victoria didn't think they'd both fit but maybe this would pass the time quicker than the park.
The sports shop was way out in the country about an hours drive away. On the way there Mr Mountagal told his usual lame jokes. Sometimes he'd slap his knee to emphasise the punch line. More than a few times he missed and brushed aganist Victoria but ignored it figuring they were closer than two sardines trying to fight their way out of a tin can, as Mr. Mountagal may have put it. On the way there they had to wait awhile for a bridal party to pass through. Mr Mountagal looked her up and down and said "You're getting to be a big girl now Victoria, maybe you should tie the knot!" She blushed a bit both because she felt he might be referring to her weight and it seemed as if maybe his eyes had lingered just a split second too long on her breasts. Her mind eased a bit however when he offered her a piece of juicy fruit gum. "Why, I'm sorry little lady. Did I embarrass you? I forget your're about the same age as Billy. He's such a puny thing it's hard to forget he's seventeen already!" "Actually Bobby and I are the same age, she muttered." "Yeah well Bobby,he's my boy! Just like his old daddy! A right good tackler too! Plays on the school football team! Mr Montagal was about to go on when he said: "Whoa , looks like the way is clear. Shouldn't be long now before we start playing with them guns and balls! How good are you at holding a bat? They have an indoor cage for that there too!"
Victoria and Mr Montagal had quite a fun filled day at the store, despite the fact he was always trying to guide his hands on her to teach her how to play. "Remember, my dad says I'm good at sports", she tried to remind him. "That don't mean you can't take some tips
from a champ, he grunted. Why if you weren't such a big girl and I had my equipment on, I just might tackle you", he said huffing and puffing. They were about three quarters of the way home when this time they stopped for a funeral procession Mr Montagal kept flapping on and on about he hoped it wasn't someone his age and how the older he got the more he wished he hadn't gotten married so young. Victoria was barely listening to him her mind thinking she wished she could be the body in the lead car. "Why. I was quite a randy fellow once, he said then he slid his hand down Victoria's pants. She jerked back. Why there's a plenty a things that never got a doing he said trying to inch his way deeper down. Victoria despite her grotesque weight managed to shift enough to bite his hand. "Why you little tramp, you trying to excite me",Montagal .said rubbing his hurt wrist. I'm gonna lick you good for that one, he said grabbing Victoria and squeezing her between his knees, He quickly pulled down the black sweat pants, spanked her then flipped her over and put his garlic smelling face near her private parts. You like that don't you? Now you have to pay me back the favour He unzipped his jeans grabbed her by the hair and almost smothered her. Put it all in or you're going to taking a ride to the cemetery with them folks we been a watched", he commanded. Victoria bit again. as hard as she could and somehow managed to make it out the door across the street , past the rows of black funeral cars that were beeping at her. She didn't get home until well after school let out. Both her parents told her she was
grounded. That shouldn't be too difficult, I don't go out any ways she screamed heading to her bedroom and locking the door.
She didn't come out the next day or the day after no matter how hard they pounded or her father threatened to kick the door in.
Her father finally opened the door with the spare key and slapped her in the face. Her mother told her she was going to make her join over eaters anonymous. The next day they made her an appointment to see a psychiatrist
The doctor's office was in the basement of an ancient building which had gargoyles carved onto it's fa├žades. Victoria lifted her eyes in disdain that her parents were spending money on this "quack". She looked for the correct door. Madame Zsa Zsa Room 13. She opened the door and the room was painted crimson red with velvet fuchsia pillows on the floor. The "psychiatrist" had frizzy unnatural auburn hair tied up with bits of different colour yarns. Her finger nails were long and painted blood red. As she held out her hand to shake Victoria's , she left a scratch on her palm. "Now young lady, you are 13, a very difficult age to be going through Your parents have told me your problems. She squinted and stared at Victoria for a long time. "Now sign here and here and here", she pointed with her claws. This merely states if you miss any appointments without 24 hours notice your parents will be responsible for payment. I am also writing you a prescription. Get it filled as soon as possible and take thee pills three times a day. I will see you next week"! Madame Zsa Zsa then disappeared back through the rose coloured curtains she had come from. Victoria went to the nearest pharmacy and got the prescription filled. .
Vashti Puls


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