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Short story By: Vashti Puls

This is a story has elements of real life experiences, with names ,places and situations changed. It is about how evil exists within the world, within one self and within others. Parts of it are purely fiction as part 2 will soon tell!

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Victoria Rose was as most teens are sulky, prone to mood changes and had a quick as lightening temperament What she was not was ordinary. It is true her mother so much wanted her to be. She even bought her contraceptive pills so that she'd be "ready" .When Victoria tried to explain logically she did not need such meddling her mother told her they would be good for her skin. She did take them for awhile partly to indulge her mother and to feign whether or not she cared about her boyfriend touching her greasy forehead or other spots. As a result Victoria came to have peaches and cream skin. She dumped the pills and her boyfriend. It's not that she didn't experiment and even go as far as oral as most of the kids did but she simply felt burdened by something she did not need to define herself with.
Her father too wished for a more typical child. He did not have a son as he had hoped for but did teach Victoria tennis, golf, swimming and any other variety of games. It's not that she was not good at them , in fact, she often excelled so much she could beat her father at any one of them including chess. Her dad was so adamant she join a school group and become captain of some team that he made her favorite dinner of vegetarian lasagne one night. He even lit candles and used the special silverware. Victoria however, was intent on keeping her hymen intact ! She also rejected any notion of being seen in the school year book wearing the awful puce and what she considered vomit green, which were the colours of her school's teams. So she was neither cheerleader nor hall monitor. She had very few friends and many would consider her a loner. She was neither sultry nor was she plain. She had what one might call an otherworldly beauty. Pale skin, dark hair and almond shaped eyes which changed colours in different shades of light. Though she accepted moisturizer and even lip gloss from her mother and baseball gloves and Ivy league catalogues from her father, she kept her distance. From every body.
It was not so strange that on a ordinary day , if her days could be categorized as such, that she skipped lunch and loitered outside the auditorium. As she listened to her fellow students practice their instruments in band or choir she'd often draw or write in the notebook she kept handy. This particular day she wanted more privacy to reflect upon a dream she had the night before. As she sat on the steps leading to the school basement ,she recalled it as if it were happening again. It was a sensation of drowning in a large body of water, of choking and not being able to recover ones voice or breath. Then she was swallowed whole by a whale. Mother would probably call it a "sperm" whale she chuckled to herself as she wrote down the thought. Then there was a knock at a door and a jingling of keys . A blonde man who looked like her parents depiction of what Jesus might look like, kept whispering : "knock and the door shall be opened to you." In the dream, which even at this moment felt real, she kept hearing the giant whales heart beating and throbbing. So loud it echoed in her ears and she felt deafened by it as if were a mighty roar that was taking her over! It was when she was reliving this, that she felt as tiny as Jonah, another character in a story her parents told her as a little girl. She had never had a nickname before so she was startled when the school janitor broke her from this trance as he was coming down the basement steps towards her. That, the jingling of keys and the stark and contrasting images of water and fire were what remained with her
that day and what she had considered an eternity afterwards.
What actually happened is the janitor asked her if she would like to see the live traps he was considering buying for the school. Many of the more "radical" students were members of PETA and would discourage each other from wearing leather or fur. Victoria belonged to no clubs but she followed Mr. Masterson to the basement with out hesitation. He led her past dirty ivory paint peeling walls and rusty water stained ceilings to a further set of stairs. Her foot did linger before she set it down on the stair and her palms were sweaty but she was so eager to help out animals that she followed,
Mark Masterson was the stereotype of what many think janitors to be. He had a wane yellow face, tobacco stained hands and teeth and walked with an almost perpetual limp. He also had the beginning of a hunchback. That some kids called him Masterless or pervert did not bother Victoria. He seemed to do his job well and was constantly fixing
things around the school. So Victoria followed him to what seemed to be the very bowels of the school. There were hissing and dripping noises and despite her politely asking him to call her Victoria rather than Vickey , he seemed not to phase her in the least. As he opened the door to what appeared only slightly larger than a closet she felt a cold blast hit her face. She would soon forgot when her showed her the traps. They were only two as he explained. They were made of metal but had air holes in them so the trapped animals could breathe. Near the opening was a bowl for food and at the furthest part of
the cage a water bowl. He went on the say in his raspy smokers voice that when they were occupied a red flag would appear. Even if he did not check them for a weekend the animals would be able to survive. They were of course more expensive than traditional traps but he was hoping the school board would listen when he told them that mixed with the food were contraceptives so if they did escape they would not be able to reproduce again. Victoria thought again of her mother when he said this. She was also glad to hear that he intended to take them to the Forrest to release them.
Mr. Masterson told her that often animals like rabbits, mice, and raccoons would be trapped in the cages as well as the vermin. He asked if she might like to see one. She stepped closer to him as he held out a cage. He smelt of sweat and some sickly odour she could not detect covered by cheap aftershave. Slowly his heavily veined hands sprung the latch to the trap. Staring at her was a small baby rabbit. She was holding her and petting her, sitting on the swinging desk chair that Mr Masterson offered her, With out her suspecting a thing he grabbed the duct tape. He quickly wrapped it around her mouth and then wrists! Then he grinned like a rictus showing several rotten teeth as well as his yellowed ones. Did you know there are traps that can hold snakes and even ones that can capture baby kitty cats ? He shouted at her, vile brown spittle coming out of his mouth. Later I will teach you to tame a snake! Then I will show you how it is to have one swallow a pussy alive! He whirled her around in circles almost as if he were doing a sort of macabre dance with her!
"YOU WANNA KNOW WHAT HELL IS LIKE"? He screamed and opened the door to the giant boiler she had not seen in the other room. FIRRRRRRRE!!!!!!!!!! He dropped the rabbit and she heard the horrible sounds as it hissed and made terrible mewing sounds! It was like a horrid combination of a mouse squeaking, a high pitched babie's crying and a scratched record like the kind her father had played for her a few times! S!he never saw it for now her eyes had been covered with duck tape! She didn't know what happened next for now she was on the floor covered with a ratty old army blanket.
It had holes in it where cigarettes had burned though. She wiped her eyes as if this had just been another bad dream. Mr. Masterson was still there! Her throat felt raw and on fire she croaked for some water but only guttural noises came out. "What's that my lil pet Vickey...you want to dance with me again?" First I must take care of my pets and feed them. He grabbed a rat and held it up close to her face. She was not afraid of it like Masterson had planned, but she did think they had similar teeth!
Masterson put the rat back in it's cage. He was furious now. Victoria knew what was coming this time. She tried kicking but realized her feet were surrounded at the ankles by the silver tape. She wished she could go back to sleep or faint! She did neither. Masterston took out a cigarette and now sat on the very stool she was once attached to. She tried crawling away. He stomped his work boot down hard on her chest! Now my little slut I take you to the gates of hell. He knelt down beside her and continued to smoke. She knew now what the holes were from. She must make herself empty. She felt the first red hot point sear her flesh. By the time he got to the next she was gritting her teeth! Shev knew there was more to come She tried to float with the pain like the whale in her dream must have swam with the tiny Jonah inside him. She watched each time Masterson puffed away in order to make the flame hotter. She observed as he let the smoke swirl out from his mouth. She swallowed the screams for she knew there was much much worse to come. Then she decided to make him as small as a pin prick. She concentrated and squinted her eyes shut. She looked at him through a slit, The way whale must have looked at Jonah until he was very small. Then she left herself drift out to the sea...up with the waves, to the top of the ceiling.. She knew when he was in her. This time the sound she could not swallow. Her wail came out like a siren long and blaring.
He must have done something to put her out. She could not remember any drug. Then she remembered. He let her have a sip from the rats bowl. She saw she was back in her school clothes again. She shook her head unsteadily trying to stand. Trying to figure out how the man could do this to her and then pretend it never happened at all. She figured maybe she fell. Maybe it wasn't real at all. Maybe we was just a nice man who wanted to release captured animals. She tried to stand and vomited , her bile pooling on her black shoes. He went to give her a wet paper towel. "Now Miss Victoria Rose Clarington, Now!" The wet paper stung her face and she knew she was back in a reality where she didn't want to be! He knelt before her then and said in barely a whisper, "I guess i got you wrong, you were only a slut after all... He slapped her face. "Until I made you my , whore!". He then grabbed her by the arms and took the rat out of the cage! "You know what happens if you tell"! He led her towards the furnace. It was then she heard the knocking but not before he opened the door to the furnace, slit the rats throat and let it fall endlessly into the inferno. He quickly gave her paper towels to stuff in her panties to stop the bleeding and opened the door! "Mr Masterson, I am a busy man I do not expect to be left waiting", the principal said gazing at Victoria with a quizzical look on his face. "Oh now Mr DeJesus, I apologize profusely. I was just showing Miss Clarington here the advantages of our new mousetraps. I am sorry if she may have missed any classes. She told me she had lunch, followed by library studies. I didn't figure she would be so curious. I may even have her present my request to the school board with me!" "That is all fine and dandy, Mr Masterson, but one of the children had an accident in the kindergarten room. I expect you to get up there as quick as possible! Mrs Hale has been waiting for over 15 minutes now and her students have been dismissed for the day. As for you Miss, Victoria, isn't it? Good job! Any school should be proud to have someone who cares for animals as you do" . With that Mr Dejesus patted her on the shoulders and she never returned to school again. There was never any questioning. Her parents simply rang up the next day as she requested them to and told them she would be going to a preparatory school!
Vashti Puls


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