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Tags: Death, Soul, Abuse, Pain

What if you made a promise to death? A deal which you ignored. What if he comes back for it? Hujoi made a deal with Death long ago by giving up his life. Four years pass and the males forgotten, but Death hasn't.

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Where the mattress met the desk came a light which could be made out only as the bathroom. A stir from the figure which lay naked with the sheet covering his oversize stomach and groin stop the young male in his tracks. He knew the deal well. To let the deed be done and leave. But the male had linger here long for reason of his own. There was something here that couldn't be found with any other men . No it was that mans needs which driven the young male to stay. Or was it the pure hate for this stranger who was no stranger to him. Another stir from the man before his eyes open looking over to the bathroom.

'Coming back to bed Adam? I shall have you for another hour.' he said in a sweet tone of voice pushing up letting the sheets fall in his lap. His nipple where a hard pink color as through the white sheets a boner could be recovered.

Adam breath lightly looking into the bathroom for the moment thinking to himself. His blond hair would dance off the light causing a angelic glow. He close his eyes standing completely letting his thoughts drift off to another place before he would turn on his heels moving to the bed. The room seem to stride in bright light from the bathroom. The young male would set to his knees in front of the male removing the sheets. Slowly would he grab the males privates and begin his job. The fat man leans back letting a moan escape his throat in a trap dying pleasure.

A loud bang echo from outside the room into the hall way before silence befell. Adam pay no attention to the noise continuing what he was doing. The man would being to moan louder reaching his climax. Just before the man release himself, the front door of the room would burst open yet there stood noone. They would dismiss the aburb idea of ghost believing in no such thing. Adam move to close the door after looking down the hallways.

'Who was it?'-the man asked taking to his feet. His disfigure body was a turn off to even a man like him, yet he was being pay for this.

'It was noone. I saw nobody in the hallway. Must of been some kids who dodge into the next room or something.'-the young male return back to the man getting back upon his knees.

The man would kick the male in the stomach now sending him to the floor in a pain far to terrible. There was scars upon the young males body which had been conflicted from the ruff sex and the after sex. Adam ment to escape today, but knew he was too late.

'Did I tell you to do that?'-he screamed at him.

There was no words as he would curl up in a ball. The lights of the bathroom would begin to flicker as coldness shadow the area of the room leaving no corner untouch. The door of the room would open once more this time falling from the hinges. A voice link in with such ways of whisper-'Hujio. I've come for you as promised.'

Hujio didnt stir knowing that voice all to well. A memory would rush back to the deal he made with a young man. That when the man reach that of a certain age, his life belong to the young man. Darkness dance now as the bathroom light shatter leaving glass upon the floor. A figure would descend into the room , but not as the shape of the young man which the male come to known. For his body was cover in a cloak of blackness that no man has ever known of as in the hands of a cold embrace was a scythe.

'You promise me your life so I am here to take what is mine.'-Death would speak moving closer to the man-

He would back up falling upon the bed shaking his head. 'No it's not me. I dont know who you are. I never promised such things.'-he'll babble.

-Death move closer reaching a hand out towards the males body. 'Oh is that so? I fear my dear man that lying is no way to go from this world. You see once you make a deal, it's seal by fate. And once your done upon earth, you shall be judge by Eden of your sins. And condmed. Now come quietly or shall this end in blood?' he temped.

-Hujio would shake is head in responce trembling before the figure. Death would find this a sad moment indeed and took his scyth bring it down upon the bed with force. The male would have rolled over in time to avoid the blade, but did not know that just on the other side of the bed was Adam who plung a small dagger upon his throat. He felt the blood being to clog up causing him to choak as Adam stole what was left of the money he was not pay. His eyes cut to Death giving a nod and proceed to leave. He would reach the door, but fall upon the hallway naked. His breathing cut short ,he would die. Death would then take the soul of Adam.

'A soul for a soul. I shall return for you in a year.'-Death spoken and with that vanished into the darkness leaving Hujio in the dink of the hotel room to dwell upon the sins of his life.


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