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For mature audiences.
Short horror story made up
one day because I was bored. Nothing big really
but it is worth reading because it's weird and sick.

Submitted:Dec 29, 2011    Reads: 2,233    Comments: 9    Likes: 1   

The Sex Doll

October 23th, 2011. This is the dayWill Herbert got drunk and made the biggest mistake of his life. "Yo Andy man that's enough we gotta go home before we get busted man I'm so drunk right now I need to lie down man." Andy just laughed and you could barely make sense of what he was saying. "Hah Will you gotta chill man. No stupid cops are gonna bust the two of us and jelly jag around the thing because I aint got keys for drinking but driving and what not!" Will was laughing at how wasted Andy was and was about to try and get through to him when suddenly a man appeared from the ally. The creepy looking man spoke, "You boys looking for something to buy or am I gonna have to kill you right here hah!" Will was feeling kind of frightened but at the same time didn't really care of what his instincts were telling him. "Well old man, what do you have for sale?" The old man replied, "I have this here sex doll. It's very good quality and will please you like no other, only five bucks." Andy laughed, "Haha! Hey Will this guy is awesome! Buy that sex doll man; we can give it to James tonight as a prank! His girlfriend is gonna be like what the fuck is this! Haha buy it man it's only five bucks!" Will started to feel kind of dizzy. "Yeah man here you go I'll take the sex doll." The old man smiled," excellent here you go!"

Will and Andy walked to James' house and carried the sex doll with them. They opened the door using the spare key and positioned the doll in James' bed. They set up a camera in the corner of the room to catch both James' and his girlfriend's reaction. They hid in the other room and waited for James to come home and finally he did. As Andy waited, he looked over and saw Will looking kind of sick. "Hey will what the fuck man get up! I think James is about to walk into his room with the bitch he is with!" Will, looking rather nauseas tried to get up and enjoy the prank that was about to happen. They waited until finally they herd really loud screams. Andy was rather nervous and said, "What the hell is going on in there?" He quickly got up and went into the room and saw James lying on the ground with what appeared to look like his penis bitten off and blood was gushing out of his crotch. His girlfriend was on the ground as well with her breasts ripped out of her chest and a knife stuck in her vagina. James was twitching and going into shock but he managed to point. Andy looked in the direction of his finger and saw he was pointing to the sex doll that was covered in blood and had the creepiest smile. Andy got freaked out and tried to run out of the room but tripped shortly after exiting the room. The room was spinning and he was starting to feel nauseas as well, then suddenly he felt a sharp blade stab deep into his asshole. He screamed and slowly in pain lowered his head and died. Will, still on the ground looked up and saw the sex doll standing in the doorway. The sex doll looked directly at him and said, "I know what you've done you stupid ungrateful fuck. I know what you did to her. She was only 15 and you took advantage of her." The sex doll got closer to Will and he tried to crawl away but didn't have the energy to do anything else. He finally stopped and began to cry and said, "I'm sorry! I'm really sorry! Please don't kill me! I don't want to die!" The sex doll looked him in the eye and laughed. "Funny, you sound just like her don't you? She lifted her knife and stabbed Will in his penis and watched him scream and go into shock. When police came in the next day, they found Will's body hung in the living room and knives in his penis and ass. The walls had something written in blood and it said, "I raped a 15 year old girl and murdered her. I needed more so I fucked myself really hard! Hahahehehehahahah !" The police looked around and there was the sex doll, sitting in the couch with the biggest smile, like she just got done having sex.


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