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Standing Alone.

Short story By: mintcherryful

I wasn't sure which genre to put it under..

One day soon you will see. One day you will regret what you did to me. And then maybe you will see...

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One day soon you will see. One day you will regret what you did to me. And then maybe you will see...

My heart thumped like an explosion. He was coming for me. I gripped onto my clothes rocking back and forth. Hoping he would disappear, but as usual he didn't. I could feel his breath on me now, heavy and fierce waiting to attack.

His hot, wet breath whispered into my ear " meet me in the bathroom in 5 minutes". I trembled at the sound. As soon as i heard the door creak shut i burst into tears, practically choking on the snot creeping down my throat.

I knew i had to go, otherwise he'd come back and the consequence would be unthinkable. So i whipped the tears away and closed down all emotions. It will be over soon and then I'll be able to sneak back into the darkness.

I would have escaped by now if he didn't lock the door, i had a chance now? Stupid me, he would know before i got out of the front door. Anyway who would help me? He's already reassured me they wouldn't care.

of course i had to guess when it had been 5 minutes as he didn't give me a clock. As i dragged myself towards the door, i couldn't bare to think what he had in stool for me today. Why the bathroom? normally he'd just fuck me in the basement, i tried shoving my thoughts to the back of my head, to ease the pain.

When i got to the bathroom, he was waiting for me there. "bout time" he said, with a smirk on his face. I just looked at the floor, humming quieting to myself. Suddenly his anger grew. He shouted " what the fucks wrong now, you dirty whore!", I of course whispered "nothing" and within seconds he'd picked me up and thrown me into an ice cold bath. It felt like a thousand knifes had been stabbed into my delicate, tiny body. I begged him to let me out, but instead he pushed my head under the water, nearly drowning me. When he let me back up, he'd loosened his belt and unzipped his jeans, revealing his big, erect penis. He shoved it into my mouth, making me gag. I started to lick the top of his cock softly before moving down to his balls, that were full of semen. Massaging one, while sucking the other. His head was tilted back as he breathed heavily, every now and then letting out a stupid girly scream.

All of a sudden, he got bored and took me out of the bath where my body was practically frozen. He chucked me back into the basement, naked and said "sleep well tonight, big day tomorrow" and winked.

The next morning he came in rather early and picked me up, before chucking me into the bath, surprisingly it wasn't cold or hot, but just right. He said "wash your hair, and scrub your body down, your filthy, oh and here are some shavers, shave everything, and do not cut yourself like last time or there will be big consequences, I'll be back in an hour". By the time he'd got back i was all fresh and dry. He quickly gave me some makeup to put on and i followed his orders, yet i didn't understand why he wanted me to, he never liked makeup.

He then suddenly took me into the street which was such a surprise as he never took me out side, as well as that i was naked. he started running down the street until he got to a house where a gang of men were waiting. I soon realized what was about to happen and started to panic. He put me on the pavement and opened my legs for all the men to see. All my dignity was now lost.

One of the men put out his hand and said " My names Oliver but you can call me Ollie" and smiled. I smiled back, not knowing what to do. Another man came closer, not looking at my face, attempted to put his whole fist in side me. I screamed out in pain. Ollie shouted "she's obviously not ready yet, give her a break". My master then said "alright, you've had your fun, now give me the money or fuck off". Ollie quickly broke in, "we'll take her". And before i knew it my master was running back up the road without me. I thought to myself what the fuck just happened, i got sold? i thought it couldn't get any worse?

Suddenly i was being lifted off the ground by Ollie and taken into a truck, Ollie seemed like a nice guy, just in an awful situation. We ended up chatting the whole journey where i told him how i'd been with my master for 10 years, ever since he'd kidnapped me from a car park in London, i also told him how i guessed he'd sold me on because he is only interested in younger females and now that I'm 18 he no longer finds me attractive.

When we finally got to the destination, i was amazed by what i saw...

It was beautiful, i had no idea where we were, but i didn't care. I just looked around mesmerized, I'd never seen anything like it. My day dream was interrupted when Ollie spoke "so, do you like it" the smile on my face said it all, why it was totally stunning. I was speechless, no words could describe how i felt. "i-i-i-i.... i love it" i managed it come out with. He said " I'm glad you are pleased". All the rest of the men had started to unpack the van and put the luggage in the beautiful little house. Ollie whispered "do you want to go down to the beach later?", without thinking i whispered back "yes!" the excitement showing in my voice. Ollie laughed and got up to go into the house, soon after i followed, not wanted to look away from the sea incase it disappeared, but following behind my kind new master. I wasn't sure which one of the men was my master, i presumed Ollie because he'd been the one talking to me, yet he was so nice, it was all too good to be true...

The inside was also gorgeous, Ollie stopped suddenly and turned to face me, he looked shocked "i forgot to ask your name!" he said, "what?" i said wondering why he needed my name. My old master never asked for my name. Ollie said what did that man call you by, i said "oh, right, you mean when he wanted me to do something. Why, he called me Girl" the shock on Ollies face grew, "well.....ummm...what would you like to be called??" i replied excitedly "Virginia" he smiled and said "great, well I'vegot to go out Virginia, the other men will take care of you until i get back" i replied "okay" nervously.

As soon as Ollie left, i felt the men creeping around me, i wondered whether they'd say hello or be like my old master. One all of a sudden grabbed my hand and said "This is your new home now, and i am in charge when Ollies away, your not aloud to say a fucking word about what goes on, understand?" i quickly said "yes, i understand". The man led me down into the basement, revealing all these stunning women, some tied up yet some in cages, i was so shocked, they all looked starved and exhausted. I shouted without thinking "what the fuck is this, you sick bastards", the man lashed out at me and slapped me across the face. "Now you listen girl, me and Ollie are your masters, and that means when ever Ollies not around, watching me, I've got you all to myself. All these men agreed to help today under one condition, you being the fresh meat of the batch needs to fuck all of those men and do whatever they please, before Ollie gets back. Oh by the way, you can call me Master i do not feel you are entitled to know my name. I'll bring them down in a minute". I just looked at the floor and thought to myself, great, its just another nightmare.

They came down shortly, in twos, as he'd said. I felt used, powerless and degraded, which showed nothing had changed. I wanted to scream for Ollie. But i knew it was know use. I wasn't going to tell Ollie, as much as i wanted to, i was too cowardly to imagine the consequence. One of the men crabbed my cheeks a little too hard, while the other pulled up my skirt. He smacked my ass so fucking hard, i noticed the girls squeeze their eyes closed. One attempted to kiss me but i pulled away. "Bitch!, i can do what i want with you" he said angrily. The other pulled my panties to the side and rammed his cock in me. I screamed out in agony and he just laughed. Another rock hard cock was shoved in my face. I wanted to cry, but i knew it would bring them pleasure. So instead i subconsciously removed myself from the situation until it was over. The cum ran down my face, and out of my vagina.

As soon as they left i cleaned myself up, trying again not to cry. My bottom lip started to tremble and i burst out in tears. One of the girls started to hum to me, i looked up and smiled. Whipping the tears away, i walked towards where she was tied up. " Hello, my names Virginia, what's going on here" i said "hi, mines Katie, i arrived here a couple of months ago but some of the girls have been here for years. Were used as sex slaves.There is no way out" She whispered. There was a long silence before i asked "I'm just curious but do you know Ollie?" "yes, of course i do! i thought he'd get me out of here. I thought he loved me. He hasn't kept his promise". I thought she must me lying, after all Ollie was my only hope, i couldn't let her ruin my only chance of freedom. I trusted Ollie. After a while i said "well I'm sure he's just busy, or you miss understood him. He really does love me though". "You can carry on kidding yourself, but you know deep down, we'll never get out".

I'm never good at rounding up the story because i never really believe there is an ending, but i thought i should probably stop it there. Please give some feed back, it would really be appreciated :).


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