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The Night Hunter

Short story By: Michael68

She thought that she could have anything that she wanted from any man. Using the art of seduction to make any man her willing victime. Until she met a man who showed her what the true meaning of being a victim was.... of having a hunger for someone.

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He sat at the end of the bar, the shoulders of his brown leather jacket hunched forward. He sat in his solitude, staring down at the empty glass in front of him. Wondering why he had come to this nightclub in the first place. But he knew that would be something that would be revealed soon.

She noticed him from the dance floor as she continued to move so sensually against the man that she was dancing with. Bending forward in front of him, her bottom rubbing against the crotch of his pants.

Then standing up and turning to face him. Her hands touching his chest as she slowly slinked down the front of his body, as if she was offering some oral pleasure to him. His hands rested on the back of her head for a brief moment, indulging in the fantasy. When she stands up again, he turns her back around, so she could bend against him again. She began to rub her buttocks up against him again, as if she was offering herself to him right there. Feeling the hem of the short black dress, she wore slowly riding up, revealing more of her sultry thighs Just the feeling of this man rubbing against her buttocks aroused her so much. But he was not the one that she wanted. He was nothing more than a tease, someone just to build up the desire and hunger in her. But now she knew who it was that she longed for.

She pulled down the hem of her dress, as she slowly stood erect. Adjusting the zipper that covered her breasts and pulling down her sleeves slightly. The whole time, her eyes stayed fixed on the man in his solitude. As she made her way passed the couples performing their lustful dances, she could feel the excitement building deep within her. With each step, she could feel the eyes of the men she passed on her. Studying every curve of her body and undressing her with their eyes. But she did not take any notice to that. In fact, it sort of made the desire that she felt burn even stronger within her veins.

When she reached the man at the bar, she brushed her body against him, his shoulder in between her breasts as her hand gently rested on his back. Yet, the man did not flinch or even look in her direction. She yelled for the bartender, over the music, which was the only way to get his attention. Ordering a glass of Charade and whatever he was drinking. The bartender brought both the drinks quickly, for the club believed in keeping their customers drunk and happy.

She took her glass and clinked it against his as she moved closer to him.

"What's your name handsome?" she asked seductively in his ear.

"Mykel. And yours?" he replied as he turned to her.

When he looked at her, she found herself captivated by his hazel eyes and the low, confident tone of his voice. For a brief instant, she was not sure what to say to him. Which was a first time for her; because she always knew what to say and do with whatever man, she was meeting.

"Unity." she said and then smiled so seductively. "I saw you sitting here all alone and knew that I had to come over and meet you."
"And why would that be?" she asked.

"There is something about you that interests me. And who knows what the night could bring, if you play your cards right." she said and then giggled playfully.

Mykel just sat there looking at her in silence, his eyes staring almost coldly. As if he knew the game that, she was trying to play with him. Unity was a beautiful woman, the type that any man would desire and long to spend the night with. Her long, curled amber hair, beautiful eyes the color of jade and a body that was meant to be held so close and tight, by some lucky man. And it seemed to him that she believed that he was going to be that one tonight.

"So, what are you looking for tonight?" she asked suddenly.

"What makes you think that I am looking for something?" he asked as he turned his attention to the back counter of the bar.

Unity moved her lips close to his ear, smelling the aroma of his cologne that sent a sudden wave of such enticement through her. Unity knew that she could not let Mykel get away, no matter what she would have to do.

"Everyone is searching for something in this world. Sometimes they do not even know it until it is right before their eyes. Maybe there is something that I can do to show you it is me that you are looking for." she whispered.

For a moment, Mykel just sat there motionless, as if he was thinking about what she was offering. She was hoping that would be the case, for the anticipation of her leaving with him was killing her.

"Do you really know what you are asking from me? What you could be getting yourself into?" he said without looking at her.

Unity looked at him shocked, for she had never had a man ask her something like that. Just hearing his ask her that, made her feel that she was no longer in control of the situation. A feeling that she never liked to experience.

"Of course I do." she answered in somewhat confident tone. "Do you know that it could be that you might be passing up?"

Silence for a moment again and then he turned slightly to her. His hazel eyes glancing at her in somewhat of a loving way. The only part of him that did not seem to be showing such coldness. But why? That was something that she could not understand.

"I do. I have known from the first time that I saw you a few months ago." he replied.

"Really? You have been watching me for that long? Why haven't you tried to come up to me?" she asked in astonished.

She could not remember seeing him until now, even though he told her how long he had been observing her. In a way, she started to wonder if he was playing some sort of game with her. For she knew that she would have seen him if what he said was true.

"I wanted for you to come to me. That was of I was the one that you truly wanted to be with." he said.

"Well. I guess you got your wish tonight." she said and then turned her attention to the dance floor and then back to him. "Come on, dance with me."

"I don't dance....If you call what you did out there dancing." he said sarcastically.

"And what would you call it then?" she asked curious to hear his response.

Mykel kept his gaze on her as he turned his body to face her. She knew now that she had his full attention and soon she would have him where she wanted him. Or at least she hoped she would.

"It looks more like some sort of public foreplay. Something to let out a person's sexual desires that they keep inside." he said as his eyes stayed focused on her.

Unity looked at him curiously, as if she was trying to figure out where he could be going with what he was saying. All the other men that she had ever met, would be making it obvious about what they would want from her by now. Just from the lustful stare they would give her. Or even the things they would say and the way they would touch her. But Mykel was different. he seemed to be keeping all of that hidden from her. As if to keep her guessing of what he could want and do next.

"Don't you find yourself having some sort of sexual desires for a woman that you always wanted to come true?" she asked.

"Of course, everyone does. That is what make us human now....doesn't it?" he replied.

Unity leaned toward him, so he would get a good view of the smooth, firm skin of her breasts from her cleavage. She knew that this would work at getting Mykel to be seduced by her. For it worked with every other man that she had come across before. Seeing the lustfulness in their eyes burning even greater, which turned her on even more.

"Then why don't I help you make one of them come true tonight. Whatever you want to do to me I will be willing to let it happen." she said in a serious tone.

"Watch out, I don't think you really know what it could be that you are asking." he said as a sudden devilish grin appeared on his lips.

Unity just smiled back, not willing to give in to the mind game that he was playing on her. Even though in a way he was right about her not really knowing, she would not let him be aware of it. The only thing that she was sure about was that she wanted him now more than she had ever wanted any other man before.. And she was willing to prove it. She could tell from the way he looked at her that he waited to hear her response. Even though it seemed from his expression that he would not care about what she would say.

"I know what I am asking from you. And I am willing to make your fantasies come true." she said.

It seemed like a ridiculous thing to say, but Unity could not think of anything else. And in a way it seemed sensual enough to arouse him into walking out with her. She never thought that she could feel such desperation for a man's attention as she did for Mykel right now.

"If you are serious, then you can follow me out. That way we can discuss this in a more private setting. If you do or not is totally up to you. It does not make any difference to me." he said.

He turned and took a gulp of his drink, slammed the glass on the bar and then started to stand up. Unity stood erect as she composed herself, making sure that she was appropriate for him. Even though she had a feeling that he really did not care. Then she turned and followed him, making sure that she would not lose him. For she knew that tonight was going to be something that he would not forget. She was going to make sure of it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Unity made her way through the opened doorway of the abandoned house, Mykel had brought her too. It really was not the type of place that he would take her too. In a way though, she really was not sure what she was suppose to expect with him. Still, she could not complain, because she was within him after all.

He walked her into the living room where only a card table and two folding chairs sat in the middle of the room. On the table was a large black candle sitting in an empty Vodka bottle. Even though there was electricity, he kept the candle there. The air in the room seemed musty and old, giving her the impression that this house had been abandoned for some time.

"This is where you live?" she asked shocked.

"No questions, Unity. That is if you want what you hope for to happen." he said coldly as he turned to her.

"Whatever you say." she replied in a shocked tone.

Mykel made his way over to the card table and then stopped for a moment. She noticed that it seemed he was reaching inside his jacket for something, which made her uneasy for a moment. Had she made a mistake about leaving with him? If so, there was nothing that she could do about it now.

He turned back ton her, holding a large silver flask in his hand. Slowly, he started to move toward her, his eyes staring at her so coldly. Like a predator moving in on its kill. Unity only hoped that all this was nothing more than some sort of act. Like he was roll playing with her, in order to create some sort of fantasy.

"Take a drink." he demanded her, as he handed her the flask.

"What is in there?" she asked and then froze suddenly in terror. Remembering that she promised him that she would not ask any questions.

"I told you...." he started to say as his hand reached up and slid inside the cleavage of her dress. His fingers moving underneath her bra and touching the nipple of her breast. Feeling her body shiver from his touch of both arousal and fear. ".....no questions."

As he finished saying that, his fingers pinched her nipple hard. She let out a soft cry as her eyes closed tightly. Even though she felt the pain rushing through her, there was also a strange rush of excitement running through her as well. Feeling the lips of her sex starting to become wet, as her body shivered even more from it.

"Do you understand me?" he said as he pinched her nipple again even harder.

"Yes..... Oh God, yes. Please stop." she begged as her breath become rapid.

He let go of her nipple and slowly removed his hand from the top of her dress. Her eyes stayed focused on him, showing such fear in them. She had no idea what he had in store for her, but knew that there was nothing that she could do about it. After all, she had made the choice herself to follow him. Even after he had warned her that she might not want to do this.

Her hand reached up for the flask, shaking slightly. Unity did not want him to see that she was afraid of him right now, even though she had a feeling that he already knew it.

After she opened it, she brought it to her lips and then took a drink. The liquid inside it was sweet tasting, but strong as well. To her, she thought of it as some sort of hard liquor that she had never tasted before. As she felt it flow down her throat, she could feel her body suddenly becoming warm inside.

"Something special from my own private cellar. It will help you relax and enjoy tonight much more." he said as he took the flask from her.

After he put the cap back on it, he placed it back inside his jacket. Then took a step closer to her, his hand brushing her hair away from her shoulder as his lips caressed the side of her neck.

Unity gasped as she felt his lips press hard against her neck and his hand pulled down the zipper down that covered her breasts. She wanted to push him away, but suddenly she could feel her body becoming weak. Her mind spinning wildly, as she felt like she was in some sort of dreamlike state. Able to feel each touch of his fingers on her skin and each touch of his fingers stronger than she had ever felt with any other man. His hand freed one of her breasts from her bra, fingers stroking and pinching her nipple. While his other hand reached underneath her skirt and started stroking her sex through the thin fabric of her g-strong. Feeling his fingers push the fabric of it to the side and then over the damp lips of her sex.

"Oh God, that feels so good." she moaned.

"And it is going to get a lot better for both of us." he whispered in her ear.

Right when he said that, she felt his finger penetrate her, sliding deep inside her. She let out a sudden moan as her legs parted and her hands rested on his back for support. They thrusted in and out of her furiously, stopping a few times to move in a circular motion over the walls of her vagina. It was then that the feeling suddenly started to become strange. For it felt like his fingers had suddenly became something like a snake, slithering deep inside her. Even though it brought about a pleasure that her made her body shiver wildly, it still scared her. But by that time, she could no longer gain control of her own reactions. She let out a sudden loud moan as her lost all its strength and collapsed in his arms. Her mind drowning within the sudden rush of pleasure that he was giving her. So strong the sensation of it was that made her lose consciousness.

Mykel picked her up in his arms and started to carry her to the upstairs of the house. Her head hung lifeless, her long hair falling down and swaying back and forth, as he let out a devilish laugh.

"Now my darling Unity, I will show you the true meaning of pleasure. To the likes that you have never felt before." he said in a cold tone as he started up the stairs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When Unity came too, she still felt slightly disoriented, unsure of where she could be. The one thing that she did remember was Mykel and those hazel eyes staring at her. She tried to move her arms from the way they were outstretched over her head, but could not for a moment. Her eyes looked down to see her lying on some sort of table, wearing only her black bra and matching g-string. Not even sure how she had got in this position, only that there was no way for her to free herself.

She could feel the panic start to build inside her. Unsure of what was going to happen to her. Or if Mykel had just left her like this until he wanted his way with her again.

"Had he left me here to die? Or is there something else that Mykel has in store for me that he ahd not revealed yet?" she thought.

It was then she heard the sound of something moving in the shadows. When she looked in the direction she thought the sound came from, all that she could see was the darkness. Or at least she thought that she didn't. It was then she heard the sound of Mykel's voice coming from the shadows. So soft and low, like the voice coming from a dream.

"I see that you are awake. I was wondering when you would." his voice said.

"What have you done to me?" she said in an angered tone.

"Nothing yet. Just took your dress off and bound you to this table. I wanted to wait for you to wake up. That way everything will be so much better for both of us." he said as he emerged from the shadows. "And I will ignore the fact that you asked a question, but not again."

When he emerged from the shadows, she saw that he was only wearing a pair of black boxer shorts. His eyes stared at her with a hunger in them that she never seen in anyone before. A faint smile formed on her lips as she could feel the excitement starting to build in her again.

"This is some sort of kinky think with you. Well, if this is what you are into then I am willing to go along with it." she said and then giggled slightly.

"I was hoping that you would say that." he said as he reached the end of the table.

She could still feel that the fabric of her g-string was still pushed to the side, feeling the rush of the air touching her sex. Her legs spread, giving him a clear view of her womanhood. Ready for whatever he would do to her. Her heart started to pound harder as she felt the dampness started to form again between the lips of her sex.

His eyes stared at her glistening sex, showing a moment of excitement on his face, Unity knew that she had him now and after tonight, he would be hers.

"No....No....this will not do." he said as he made his way to the side of the table.

She was not sure what he was talking about. but knew she was not going to ask him about it. For then he would punish her like before and with her lying there so vulnerable, he could do anything to her. As he walked along the side of her body, his fingers moved up her inner thigh, lightly scratching her skin. Just the feel of the touch moving up her thigh, stiffened her body for a brief moment. Feeling the excitement growing stronger within her, flowing through her veins like molten lava.

The his hand reached her g-string fingers stroking her swollen sex. Her body squirmed as she found herself unable to contain the pleasure that he was giving her. It was then he grabbed her g-string and ripped it off of her. His forcefulness made her gasp in both excitement and fear. Sending a brief wave of bizarre bliss that suddenly paralyzed her.

"You are so forceful." she purred, trying to hide her fear.

"By the time this night is over, you will discover a new meaning of pleasure. And then you will be mine." he said as his hand slowly moved up her stomach.

His hand reached her breasts, slowly cupping one and then the other. He could feel her body shivered under his touch, as his grin grew wider, as if her reaction amused him in some sort of warped way.

Unity wanted to fight off the surge of pleasure that she was feeling, but found herself unable to do so. For the sensation was too strong and absorbed her within it. Her nipples throbbed and her sex throbbed within seconds. And she knew that there was nothing she could do to resist him. She could feel his hand fondling her breast harder, forcing out a moan from her lips. As her body opened like a flower to him. Then within a brief second, his hand ripped her bra off of her. She could feel an instant of pain swelling in her breasts, but even that seemed to please her in some odd way. Feeling the humiliation and so vulnerable, which was the one thing that Mykel wanted.

His eyes looked at her so wickedly, while his hands continued to run over her breasts. His fingers moving over her hard nipples, as she sighed and turned her head away from him.

"Oh my darling Unity, I don't want you to turn away from me now. I want you to see what I have planned for you next." he said in a soft and calm tone.

As he did, he forced her head to turn back to him. She could have easily closed her eyes, but she found herself unable to do so. For the fear that flowed through her made it impossible. She looked at him, as the last ounce of anger that she could muster was suddenly released.

"Why don't you get it over with! You brought me here to fuck me, so do it already!" she yelled in a weakened voice.

"Oh, I intend to do so much more than that. As you shall now see." he replied as his arms raised to his sides.

It was then she heard the sound of something being torn as Mykel let out a painful scream. And then from behind him, something that looked like tentacles slowly emerged, moving toward her. One wrapped around her neck keeping her from moving her head, two lifted her legs and spread them open as far as they could and two wrapped around her breasts. The feel of then on her skin was slimy like what she thought a snake would feel running over her.

The tentacles around her breasts pulsated on them, squeezing thin in rhythmic motions. While the ends were like tiny mouths, sucking and biting her nipples. the pain seemed unbearable, and she was about ready to scream, when another tentacle emerged and stuffed itself into her opened mouth. Thrusting deep down her throat. She thought that she was going to gag and suffocate when it pulled back enough for her to calm her throat. And then started it all over again.

Two more emerged and slid across her stomach and then in between her legs, On impaled her sex, while the other impaled into her anus. Thrusting hard and deep, enveloping her in both pain and bizarre pleasure. Her eyes continued to stay focused on Mykel's face, seeing his hazel eyes had turned as black as coal as his wicked laughter echoed around her. She knew whatever Mykel really was, she was at the mercy of this thing.

The tentacles continued to thrust harder and deeper inside her, making her feel her orifices bleeding. The orgasms flooded through her as hard as the blood, while even her breasts started to bleed as well. Unity let out a weak, muffled scream, but it fell upon deaf ears. The one in her mouth started to go down her throat for the last time, not stopping.

"Now you are satisfying my need. Letting me feed upon you. Women like you are always the same, looking for such pleasure to get from a man. Just to satisfy your own lustfulness. That is why it is so easy to find woman like you." Mykel said wickedly as he watched her back arch and then her body went limp.

Mykel knew that her flesh would satisfy his hunger for now. Until he would have to go on the hunt for another victim like her tomorrow.


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