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Lustful Eyes

Short story By: Michael68

She always put up with men's lustful eyes till now.

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Gorgeous.....She knew of the lustful attention most men gave her. Making it obvious of her beauty, which she always noticed when she would look in the mirror to check herself. Her high cheek bones, long ebony hair and green eyes drew men to her. And it seemed that her green eyes always would enchant the men that would be lucky enough to be with her. Even now, as she sat in the tavern, she did not need to look at herself in the mirror behind the back counter of the bar. Feeling the lustful stares of the men's eyes from around her. Studying every inch of her body, which in a way excited her. And because of the short black dress that hugged her every sultry curve and cleavage revealing a pleasing view of the tanned skin of her bossom, tempted them even more. It was obvious why they were looking, which was the one thing that she wanted. Ready to play her game of seduction with the men around her. That was if there were any men around her that were willing to play along. Also too the fact that she was drinking rum, was a plus. For the rum would always put her in a frisky mood, wanting such affections from a man. Right now she could feel the way that they stare at her, as if they were trying to undress her with their eyes. And woman would have felt uncomfortable in that situation and walk out. But for some reason she found herself becoming thrilled by it. Which of course she did not show it on her face. That way the men would not know that she knew what they were doing and that she liked it.

Her eyes looked to her right, where a young man, who could not be more than twenty-one or twenty-two, short amber hair and dressed all in black. His eyes glanced over at her a few times with his brown eyes, showing the lust within them. When she caught his glance, he instantly turned his attention away from her. She giggled slightly at his reaction, as she turned her attention away from him, but could still feel his stare return on her again. She found her herself thinking of how Mr. Brown Eyes (she named him that), was so cute by the way he acted, which brought a smile to her lips. She though about how the passion would be with Mr. Brown Eyes. The way he would be eager and try to rush into it, but probably would not be experienced enough for her needs. And having to instruct him during their passionate moment, would lose the fiery passion which they would probably have.
A couple bar stools from Mr. Brown Eyes, was an older man with salt and peper hair, that was slightly balding, wearing what looked like a mechanics uniform. His eyes were blue, which had intrigued her in a way. He was watching her lustfully, not caring if she noticed or not. His glare moving up and down her body, as his hand touched his unshaven chin. Yet, there seemed something about Mr. Blue Eyes that seemed almost dangerous about him. As he was the type of man that would like it rough and always be in control. And even though she did enjoy it that way once in a while, she was not sure if that was what she was looking for tonight. Still, he did interest her in a way, and knew that he might be a possibility. Yet, she felt that there might be someone someone else that would be more to her liking. But who.....? That was what she was not sure of.

Beyond him was an elderly man who just sat there watching the football game on the big screen television above the back counter. It was obvious that he did not see her, for his attention stayed focused on the game and had no iterest in her. Which was too bad for she always had a thing for older men, which aroused her even more than any other men would do. But tonight she would not get that pleasure from a man like that.

At the end of the bar, sat a man in his mid forties with short black hair, medium build, with hazel eyes. She had caught him looking at her in an interested way. Giving a faint smile and then turned away to look at the half filled pint of beer in front of him. It was obvious to her that he was interested in her and was playing his own version of seduction as well. There was something about him that was different than Mr. Blue Eyes and Mr. Brown Eyes. Something that made him stand out and drew her attention to him, yet she did not know what that could be. The only thing that she knew was that she had the urge to walk right up to him and seduce him. But that would ruin the plans. She wanted him to come to her, that way he would know that he truly wanted her. The only thing that she could do was to play the waiting game and see how long it would be before he would make his move. That was if he would make a move at all.

Her hand reached over and picked up the drink from the bar and took a sip from it. Then ran her fingers through her hair, her back arched, shoving her breasts in front of her. Giving the men something else to watch and get excited. Also letting the hem of her skirt ride up her firm thighs showing off more. If she were to turn to them right now they would have a brief view of the g-string that she was wearing. To bad Mr. Hazel Eyes was at the end of the bar, because he was missing the show. Oh well, that really did not bother her that much.

She just sat there waiting to see who would be the one that would make the first move. In a way she was becoming eager to get the man come to her already, but this was the waiting game. The one thing which she really could not stand. She knew that she had to do something to tempt them even more. To push them to the point where they knew that they would have to go to her.

Slowly she ran her fingers through her hair as her back arched, shoving her breasts out in front of her. Giving them a tempting show of her sensual beauty, that will lure that one man to her. From the jukebox somewhere in the back of the room, she could here the sound of a soft blues song being played. Making her feel like it should be used for some sort of strip tease act. Even though the rum was starting to take effect on her, it was not enough for her to do something like that in public. In fact, she had never let herself lose control that bad. Still, she was starting to wonder if that would be what she would need to do to get Mr. Hazel Eyes over to her.

She finished off the last of her drink and then placed it on the bar as she motioned for the bartender. Right as the bartender made his way over to her, she heard the sound of a man's voice say that he would pay for that drink. When she turned around, she saw Mr. Hazel Eyes standing next to her, giving her a welcoming smile. For a moment she just sat there, unsure of what to say to him. Even though he was the one she wanted to be with, now the words seemed to have left her mind. She had said thank you as he sat down next to her. But it gave her a chance to gave into those eyes of his, finding herself wanting to get lost within them.

They talked for a while, he had even introduced himself, but she had not remembered his name. Mainly because she was entranced by him. Everything that he said just passed by her without her even thinking about it. The only thought that ran through her mind was how she wanted to walk out of the tavern with him. And then see what would happen after that.

It must have been her lucky night, for when he stood up, he motioned to her to come with her. Her eyes widened with such excitement, as she stood up and let him guide her out of the tavern. She could feel the lustful eyes of the other men, still on her, along with the sense of discouragement. But she did not care about it, for she had the man that she had hoped for.

As they walked down the street, the cool summer breeze blew past them, blowing up her skirt and stimulating her sex. Just that feeling alone made her want him even more. Lustful thoughts started to consume her, images of what she wished he would do to her. Seeing dark doorway where she wished that he would take her into and have his way with her. Knowing that she would not fight him at all, for it would be something that she would want as well. His arm wrapped around her as she rested her head Getting a faint scent of his cologne which enticed her even more. She could feel her body wanted to go weak, which was the one thing that she never felt before with any other man before. Oh yes, she knew that she had made the right choice for tonight. She could feel her heart racing wildly as she pressed herself against his side, giving him the hint that she was interested in him.

They walked only a few blocks to his apartment and then up to the second floor. The living room was nothing ordinary, just a regular brown couch, wide screen television and two book shelves. But Mr. Hazel Eyes did not waist their time in the living room, as he guided her to his bedroom. The one thing that she was hoping for. Because the arousal that she was feeling in her soul, she could not handle any more small talk. She wanted him now more than anything and could not polite to wait. They walked into a medium sized bedroom with a queen sized bed that was covered with black silk sheets. He turned to her and gazed at her so lovingly, as he pulled her closer to him. Their lips met in a soft and passionate embrace, which made her heart pounding wildly. She could feel her body melting within his arms, wanting to just give herself to him. Letting him do whatever he would want to her. Which was something that she probably would end up doing in the end.

Within seconds they had shed their clothes and then he laid her down onto the bed, his lips and fingers caressing every curve of her body. No longer could she keep herself in control anymore. Her body opened up to him as he took her. Feeling himself penetrate through her womanhood, her limbs entwined, as they road to the rhythm of their heartbeat. Feeding into the hunger of their desires, as she heard him whisper words of love, which she knew too well were never meant to be kept. Driving deeper and deeper into her, making her scream in such ecstasy, as her nails dug deep into the skin of his back. Driving into her over and over again, sending her mind into a frenzy of physical bliss, to the point that she thought that she would not be able to handle it any more. Till finally. she felt him explode within her, draining his liquid essence into her womb, and then gently draping his body on top of her.

She rolled him onto his back and then climbed on top on him, a wicked grin appearing on her lips. When he had asked what she was doing, she replied that she had something special for him. And also that there was something else that she wanted from him. She leaned to the side to where she had left her purse, opened it and then pulled out a pair of handcuffs. After she handcuffed his wrists to the bed, she reached once again into her purse. This time Mr. Hazel Eyes was not paying attention to what she was doing. For the look on his face showed the lustful excitement that was now returning. Before he could say a word her hand lifted up a large carving knife and then stabbed him in the chest over and over again. His scream echoed around her for only a brief moment, and then became silent.

Later she was in her apartment, making her way into her bedroom and over to a large wooden box that sat by the nightstand. She opened in and placed the hazel eyes of her latest lover inside it on the red velvet lining. This was her obsession and their payment for making her their eye candy.


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