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Two Feasts For A Vampire(for EarthWolf405's Wonderous Picture Contest)

Short story By: hyperforce

A pair of out of town vacationers get themselves caught in a rainstorm and decide to seek shelter inside an old New Orleans house,unaware of the dark secret that it contains.

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It was of the evening of July 20th that two best friends from Washington,D.C. whose names were Wilma Gerard and Rick Bateman had decided to take a little stroll around the outskirts of the Louisiana city of New Orleans and check out the history of that place without anybody else interupting them.And at first,it was a good idea to Wilma,who had rushed herself up to a beautiful old house because it had caught her curious eye.But as soon as she had turned around to ask Rick to hurry up,she had found him sitting on the stoop,trying to catch his breath and saying,"I knew it!I knew that I should've stayed behind and checked out what the French Quarter had to offer!But instead,I had became stupid enough to talk me into...!"

But just as he was about to say one more word,Wilma had sat herself down next to Rick,placed her hand on his shoulder and said,"Look,Rick.I really am sorry about dragging you out here in this time of the night.It's just that I had figured that you might want to see the historic beauty of these old houses in a whole new light.And besides,what could be worse than losing a little sleep over this nightly hike of ours?"And surprisingly enough,the answer to Wilma's question had came in the form of flashes of lightning and loud thunder which was followed by buckets of water being poured down on the both of them and Rick looking at Wilma straight in the eyes and asking,"Does this answer your question?"

Then,after they had also realized that there was no way for them to get back to their hotel in that rainstorm,both Wilma and Rick had agreed to spend the night inside the very same house that had caught her eye in the first place.But just as they were about to knock on the front door and ask for the owner of the house,someone had opened that very door,peeked outside and said,"Please do come in and warm yourselves by the fire before you catch cold!"And after they had remembered that it was not a good idea to look a gift horse in the mouth,Rick and Wilma had quickly stepped into the house just in time for a beautiful platinum blonde maiden to close the door and say,"Allow me to introduce myself.I am Constance D. Harker.And since you have nowhere else to go right now,I hereby invite you to spend the night in this very house."

But after she had noticed Wilma snickering for a little bit,a curious Constance had looked at her female house guest and asked,"Is there something about me that you happen to find amusing,my dear?"That had made Wilma clear her throat,place a gentle hand on Constance's shoulder and say,"I'm sorry,Constance!I really am!It's just that your last name and middle initial sound like they had came from right out of 'Dracula'!",before Rick had looked at Wilma with a smile on his face and asked,"Really?Book,movie or TV series?"That was before Constance had gone over to the linen closet and pulled out to large white bath towels.

Then,after she had handed the towels over to Rick and Wilma and said,"Here you go.Something to dry yourselves off with.Oh,you might want to get out of those wet clothes first.",Constance had gone up the stairs and the two vacationing friends from Washington,D.C. had removed their soaking wet clothes and hung them over a chair next to the fireplace to dry.And after they had covered their naked bodies with the large towels,Wilma had looked at Rick with sadness in her eyes,let out a sigh and said,"Look,Rick.I really am sorry about...!What I really mean to say is that...!",only to have Rick give his best friend a big hug and say,"It's okay,Wilma.Don't blame yourself.There was no way for you to know that something like this was going to happen,okay?"

And after she had wiped the tears from her eyes and nodded her head in response to his question,Wilma had taken a deep breath,looked around and asked,So,which of the guest rooms does Constance want us to sleep in tonight?",which had caused an equally curious Rick to scratch the back of his head and say,"That's exactly what I want to know,Wilma.I think that I better go upstairs and find out from Constance.I'll be right back down."But after he had gone up the stairs and into the master bedroom,Rick had spotted a totally naked Constance touching her breasts and pumping her fingers into her pussy in front of a mirror that has no reflection of her in it.

Of course,that had caused Rick to make his eyes grow wide with shock and yell,"WHOLLY SHIT!",which had made Constance turn her head towards Rick,let out a smile and ask,"What's wrong,Rick?Don't you like what you see?Don't you want to touch?"And when he had made the mistake of looking deep into her eyes and fallen into her hypnotic spell,poor Rick had no choice but to slip off his towel and start jerking off on his cock right in front of Constance before she had taken her fingers out of her cunt and allowed Rick to kneel down and start sucking on it with her hands on her thighs.Then,after she had placed her hands on his back,Constance had let out a howl and drove her fangs deep into Rick's neck.

And while that was going on,Wilma was looking at some portraits of Constance in the parlor and noticed that even though they all had featured her as never aged at all,the years on each of those portaits were exactly different which had caused one shocking theory to pop into her head.But that was before she had shrugged it off and figured that someone had gotten the dates wrong or something like that.But as soon as she had looked at the top of the stairs and began to wonder what was taking Rick so long,a sudden chill had started running down Wilma's spine and it was not from getting herself caught in the rainstorm outside the house.

But after she had wrapped her arms around herself,Wilma had came to realize that she really had to know what had happened to Rick.And so,after she had taken a deep breath,Wilma had walked up the stairs and into the master bedroom.But when she had done that,the look of shock and terror had appeared in Wilma's eyes as she had watched Constance sucking Rick's blood right out of him while he was humping his dick deep into her snatch.Then,after they had both finally came and Rick's dead corpse had laid still on the bed,Constance had looked at poor Wilma with a sinister smile,slowly licked her blood stained lips and said,"You should have fled when I killed your boyfriend,Female!"

And when Constance had gotten off the bed and slowly walked towards her next victim,Wilma had turned around and ran towards the door of the master bedroom,only to have it slam itself shut in front of her and forcing the poor girl to realize that she was trapped inside that room.That was before Constance had spun her latest victim around,pulled the towel away and yelled,"NOW,THERE ARE TWO FEASTS FOR A VAMPIRE!"And when Constance had placed her hands on Wilma's cheeks,tilted her head and sank those razor sharp fangs deep into her neck,the only thing that poor,helpless Wilma Gerard had no choice but to do was scream bloody murder..and keep on screaming until the vampire bitch sucks every last drop of blood out her.



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