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The Bride Of Dracula

Short story By: hyperforce

A woman waiting for a cab to take her home suddenly gets caught in a rainstorm and ends up spending the night at the home of a man whose last name is 'Dracula' spelled backwards.

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Let me ask you this one question.What do you think would happen if you happen to meet up with a certain fictional character from right out of classic literature and that character invites you inside for something to drink and a warm place to spend the night?I have a feeling that some of you who are reading this story are having a little trouble with understanding what it is that I am trying to get at by asking that question which makes me realize that now would be a good enough time to start telling the story at the beginning.

You see,it was on October 31st--the one day of the year that happens to be known as Halloween--that our story begins on.And if I'm not mistaken,it happens to be on that one holiday that little kids put on costumes and go out trick-or-treating to get candy and other goodies.Oh,and some of the adults also put on costumes on Halloween and go whoop it up at some masquerade party.And then,there some adults like Stephanie Cushing who would rather sit in some movie theater and watch movies like Bram Stoker's Dracula on the big screen and do nothing else.

But what Stephanie had no way of knowing was that a certain Mister John Q. Fate was about to play one hell of a cruel trick on her.It was after she had stepped out of the movie theater and started looking around for a taxi to take her back to her house,only to have her spot a flash of lightning in the sky which was followed by a loud boom of thunder and buckets upon buckets of water pouring down on anyone and anything.Of course,that had forced those who had gotten themselves caught in that rainstorm without so much as an umbrella to scatter for some dry cover and wait until the storm dies down of lightens up a little bit.

But no matter where she had looked for such shelter from the rain,poor Stephanie had been unable to find it.That was before she had came upon a house that had looked like it should be in Transylvania instead of Berea,Ohio.But after she had given her current situation some thought,shrugged her shoulders and said to herself,"Well,it's better than nothing.",Stephanie had walked herself up to the front door and knocked on it.And when that door had opened,Stephanie's eyes had grown wide at the sight of some guy dressed as Bela Lugosi who had looked at his unexpected visitor and asked,"May I help you with something?"

That was before Stephanie had rolled her eyes,let out a sigh of relief and said,"I'm sorry.I forgot that it was Halloween.Anyway,I was waiting for a cab to take me home.But it had started pouring down rain and...!"But just as she was about to say one more word of explanation to the mysterious host,he had raised up his hand and said,"Say no more.I understand perfectly.Please do come inside before you catch your death of cold.Oh,before I allow myself to forget,my name is Jonathan Alucard."

And after she had stepped inside Jonathan's house and he had closed the door,Stephanie had laughed a little bit and said,"I'm sorry.It's just that your last name sounds like 'Dracula' spelled backwards.",before he had taken her soaking wet jacket,hung it over a chair to dry and said,"I get that a lot.Well,I could planely see that you would be unable to make it home because of the storm."That had made Stephanie let out a small smile and ask,"Why do I have a feeling that you're inviting me to spend the night here?"

"Well,you really must admit that in a storm of such a magnitude,it would be impossible for a beautiful maiden such as yourself to make it home on your own anyway.So,will you accept my offer?",that was what Jonathan had asked Stephanie who had figured that he had presented her with a really good point,shrugged her shoulders and said,"Sure."Then,after she had enjoyed a wonderful evening meal that he had prepared for her,Jonathan had led Stephanie to the guest bedroom and said,"I do believe that you shall sleep quite comfortably in this room.Good night and pleasant dreams,Stephanie."

"Good night.",that was what Stephanie had said to Jonathan before she had stepped into the room and noticed how wonderfully furnished it was.And after she had felt the softness of the bed,Stephanie had taken her totally damp clothes off and hung them close to the fireplace in order for the fire to dry them evenly before she had climbed into the bed,turned off the light and fallen into a deep sleep.However,that was before someone had carefully stepped into the room and placed a gentle hand on Stephanie's cheek which had made her open her eyes and discover Jonathan standing totally naked next to her.

And after she had quickly gotten out of bed and covered her nude body with the bed spread,a shocked Stephanie had pointed her finger at Jonathan and looked like she was about to ask,"Have you gone out of your fucking mind?!What makes you think that I'm that type of girl?!"But just as she was able to get one single word out of her mouth,Jonathan had placed his hand on her finger,started jerking off on his dick and said,"No,Stephanie!You shall not resist me!Look deep into my eyes!You know that you want me to fuck you!Is that true?"

And when she had looked deeply into her eyes,Stephanie had became no longer able to resist any demand that Jonathan has been able to make of her because he had placed her in a strong hypnotic trance.Then,after she had slipped off the bed spread and pumped her fingers into her pussy,Stephanie had slowly licked her lips and said,"Yes,Master!I want you to fuck me!My entire body is yours to command!Please,Master!Fuck me now!",before Jonathan had kneeled down before his newfound mindless slave,placed his hands on her naked thighs and sucked every last drop of juice out of her moist snatch.

And then,after they had laid themselves down on the bed,Jonathan had laid himself on top of Stephanie and poked his finger straight into her asshole while she was sucking on her master's gigantic penis.That was before he had taken it out of her mouth,put his hands on her shoulders and began shoving his humongous cock deep into her soaking wet cunt which had resulted in Stephanie exposing her bare neck and letting Jonathan sink his sharp vampire fangs straight through its smooth flesh and suck some of the blood out of her.

Then,after she had placed her hands on her vampire master's bare back and let out a scream of pure and untamed sexual pleasure,both Jonathan and Stephanie had came and stopped to catch their breath just before he had ripped open his arm with the very same fangs and allowed her to drink his blood."Yes,Elisabeta!Drink!Let my blood warm your body while the memories of our love continue stoking the fire of passion that still bruns within you and bring forth the return of the bride of Dracula!"

And after she had stopped drinking his blood,the newly revived Elisabeta had looked and smiled at Jonathan,placed a gentle hand on his cheek and said,"Vladimir!Oh,my darling Vladimir!It really is wonderful to be with you again!",before they had kissed each other ever so deeply on the lips and placed themselves in a warm erotic embrace.Just then,on the very next evening,a totally pissed off strawberry blonde female and her dark haired lover were walking home from watching a movie at the same theater where Stephanie had seen the vampire movie marathon.

"Are you sure that you know where we're going,Neal?We really should be home by now!",that was what the female had said while she was looking at her wristwatch and before Neal had rolled his eyes and said,"Jesus Christ,Diane!Would you give it a rest?I know where we're going!"But that was before they were stopped by the form of Count Vladimir Dracula on one side and his vampiric wife Elisabeta on the other side."That's right,my friends!Flee this way...or that!",that was what a devilishly gleeful Vladimir had said to the two newfound victims before a sinister smiling Elisabeta had said,"Either way...the vampires feast!",as the two bloodsucking creatures of the night move themselves closer and given their helpless victims no choice but to scream bloody murder.



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