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Monsters Aren't Real...Are They?

Short story By: hyperforce

A heartless college jock goes to sleep in his dorm room,only to be woken up by a party in his honor which includes a guest who is there for something else.

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Okay,let me tell you right now that it is true that Peter Dourif really is a magnificent quarterback on the football field and--so far--had been able to bring one winning streak after another to the varsity team of the college that he had been attending classes at in the city of Phoenix,Arizona.But what is also true is that he had kept on convincing himself that he is God's gift to women and that every girl on the University Of Phoenix campus had wanted to get into his pants.

As a matter of fact,he was so sure of that little bit of twisted logic that whenever he had spotted one hot-looking babe talking to some guy who might actually be her boyfriend or brother or whatever,Peter had walked right up,shoved that poor guy out of the way,looked at that babe straight in the eyes and said,"Hey,Babe!I've got rid of the zero!Now is the time to get with the hero!"

Of course,that had resulted in the disgusted babe either splashing a cold drink right into his face or kicking him straight square in the nuts.But that had not stopped that stupid egotistical prick from giving everybody nothing but grief over how fat they are,how stupid they are or...whatever.Even the members of the university faculty had been getting pretty sick and tired of Peter's stunts in and around campus.

But they were unable to bring themselves to kick his ass out of that school because of the many varsity football championships that had won for them year after year after year.Speaking of those who had been pretty sick and tired of his stunts,his own dormmates had kept on saying to Peter again and again,"Hey,Asshole!Get yourself and your shit out of this dorm!We don't want you here anymore!"

The only result in that was Peter laughing a little bit and saying,"You guys are just jealous because all of the babes want to fuck me and not you shit-heads!",before going into his dorm room and locking the door.And after he had taken a box out of the closet and opened it,Peter had pulled five issues of a certain mens magazine entitled Playboy and placed them next to his bed.

Then,after he had taken his clothes off and plopped his naked ass on the bed,Peter had picked up one of the Playboys like--for instance--the April 1983 issue,opened it up to the pictorial of that issue's Playmate Of The Month Christina Ferguson and started jerking off on his dick just before he had closed his eyes and gone right to sleep with that stupid dumbass grin on his face.

Now,I know that the next part of this story that I happen to be writing right now might sound way too much like something from an episode of The Twilight Zone.But believe it or not,this is exactly how that moronic shit had gotten what he had deserved.You see,as soon as he had gone to sleep with dreams of sweet sexual pleasure dancing around inside that tiny brain of his,Peter had suddenly heard some people talking and laughing so loudly that it had made it impossible for that lug to go back to sleep.

"That's it!I've had it with those assholes!",that was what a pissed off Peter had said before he had gotten his naked ass out of that bed and stormed out of his dorm room,only to have his dormmates and everyone else on the university campus clap their hands,let out a squadron of cheers and yell out words of praise like,"WAY TO GO,DUDE!YOU ROCK!"

And after he had looked at all of the happy faces,let out a smile of his own and yelled,"I KNEW IT!YOU LIKE ME!YOU REALLY DO LIKE ME!",Peter had noticed that a trio of sorority babes were smiling and waving at him.But as soon as he had walked himself over to those girls,this one babe who had bared a striking resemblance to a certain Playboy Playmate had placed her hands on Peter's bare chest,looked at the sorority sisters and said,"Back off,Bitches!This man meat is all mine!"

That was before Peter and the Christina Ferguson clone had looked and smiled at each other for a little bit."You're new.Your name is Christina,right?",that was the question that Peter had asked the new babe on campus,only to have her laugh and answer,"Not really.My name is Lilith Weigel.And I had heard that you are the big man on campus."

"Let me guess.You had decided to come over and see this big man for yourself,right?",that was what Peter had asked Lilith while he was flexing his muscles and before she had looked down at his large dick and said,"Oooohhhh,yeeeeaaaahhhh.And from what I'm seeing right now,it's a good thing that I did."That was before Peter had taken Lilith by the arm and gone back into his dorm room with her.

And after he had closed and locked the door,Peter had turned around and noticed that Lilith had already taken her clothes off and started pumping her fingers into her wet pussy."Well,Stud?What are you waiting for?Get that large dick of yours over here and fuck me!",that was what Lilith had said before she had slowly licked her lips and Peter had pushed her down on the bed.

Then,after he had planted one hell of a deep kiss on her lips,Peter had began sucking every last drop of juice out of Lilith's moist snatch with his hands on her firm breasts which had made her place both hands on the top of Peter's head and say,"Aaaahhhh!Aaaahhhh,sssshhhhit!Yeeeessss,Peter!Yeeeessss!Suck my pussy!Suck my wet pussy dry!Give me the hard fuck with that tongue of yours!Whoooorrrrmmmmpppphhhh!"

That was before Peter had placed himself on top of Lilith and poked his finger in and out of her shit hole while she was sucking on his Kong sized cock.Then,after she had shoved that lug off the bed and down on the floor,Lilith had placed Peter's hard as steel dick inside her soaking wet twat and allowed him to thrust it deep into her."OOOOHHHH!OOOOHHHH,GOD!OOOOHHHH,YEEEESSSS!AAAAHHHH,SSSSHHHHIT!DO IT,ASSHOLE!DO YOU HEAR ME?!SLAM THAT COCK OF YOURS DEEP INTO MY PUSSY!DO IT NOW!MAKE ME WANNA CAAAAHHHH...AAAAHHHH...AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!"

But while an unsuspecting Peter was still slamming his giant cock straight into her damp cunt,a pair of large nasty-looking wings and a long lizardish tail had grown right out of Lilith's back,a pair of horns from a ram had grown out of her head and her eyes had started to glow.And after they had finally came,Peter had looked at the transformed Lilith and allowed the look of shock and terror to appear in his eyes.

"AND NOW,YOU DUMB EGOTISTICAL SHIT!I'M GOING TO DO THIS WHOLE UNIVERSITY A FAVOR!YOU'RE GOING TO BE TOTALLY DEVOURED BY A CERTAIN FEMALE DEMON KNOWN AS A SUCCUBUS!AND GUESS WHO THAT IS,PRICK?!",that was what the demon had said to a totally-scared-out-of-his-mind Peter in a loud booming voice before he had let out a small smile and asked,"MONSTERS AREN'T REAL...ARE THEY?!"

And after the succubus had smiled a most sinister smile and answered,"Oooohhhh,let me show you how real I am!",the demon formerly known as Lilith Weigel had used her razor sharp fangs and claws to chomp and slice the living shit out of that asshole while he was screaming bloody murder at the top of his own lungs.Just then,on the very next day,the entire faculty had finally decided that they finally had enough of Peter Dourif's sick and perverted antics.

But as soon as the other dormmates had used a pair of heavy weights to break down the still-locked door,they all had became shocked and terrified at the sight of Peter's slashed and bloodied corpse still laying on the floor.It was so bad that some of those poor guys had no choice but to go into the bathroom and throw up big time.But that prick had gotten what he had deserved...and I ought to know because I happen to be the one who had made a late night snack out of that son-of-a-bitch!



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