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A Witch Must Die(for LadyElizabeth's Horror Movie Challenge)

Short story By: hyperforce

Instead of going out Trick-Or-Treating like the other kids,three young friends decide to go check out an elderly widow's house to see if she really is a witch or not.

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Of course,even everyone in the Ohio town of North Olmsted know that the one holiday known as Halloween is suppossed to be for kids getting dressed in costumes and going out Trick-Or-Treating for some candy and other goodies and other stuff like that.But that was before this one Halloween when a 15-year-old boy named Mark Weiser had walked up to his two best friends Eric Slive and Darci Barr and said,"Say,Guys!I have a better idea!Instead of going out Trick-Or-Treating this year,let's go over to the Reveley place and see if what everyone had said about her is true!",only to have Eric laugh a little bit and say,"Come on,Mark!Even you should know full well that everything that is being said about Mrs. Reveley is just garbage and nothing else!"

"I know that,Eric.!It's just that we should do that anyway and put this whole 'Mrs.Reveley Is A Witch' thing to rest once and for all,don't you agree?",that was the question that Mark had asked both Eric and Darci,who had given his suggestion some thought,let out a sigh and reluctantly agreed to go to the Reveley place with him.So,as soon as night had fallen on the town and the other kids had started running around in their costumes and collecting their goodies,Mark,Eric and Darci had sneaked themselves over to the home of an elderly widow whose name happens to be Katherine Reveley,taken a peek inside the living room and spotted a large cauldron brewing something in the fireplace.

But after Eric had tapped on Mark's shoulder and asked,"What do you think is in that thing,Mark?Maybe a new type of soda pop?",the door had opened and Katherine Reveley had slowly walked into the room,dipped a cup into the cauldron and sang a few praises to Satan before she had gulped the whole liquid that was inside that cup straight down.Then,after she had let the cup drop down to the floor,the eyes of the three young friends had grown wide at the sight of Katherine Reveley transforming herself from an aging crone into a young and healthy dark-haired maiden before she had looked at herself in a large mirror and let out an evil smile and a bout of sinister laughter.

That was before she had noticed Mark and his two best friends spying on her through the window which had made the newly-regenerated Katherine Reveley turn her head slightly towards the window and ask,"Well,what do we have here?You know,it really is not often that I have visitors!Would you like to come in and have some...'goodies'?"And just as she was about to turn completely around and face the window,the three young friends had quickly gotten themselves away from the house and hidden themselves behind each of the tombstones within the cemetery that was right next door to the Reveley place.

But while they were waiting for the newly-rejuvenated witch to forget that they were spying on her,Eric had made the mistake of leaving his hiding place to go use the bathroom behind a huge tree because after he had finished taking his little piss break and zipped his pants back up,Eric was about to rejoin the others,only to have him bump into the Reveley hag herself,who had grabbed Eric by the jacket,let out an evil smile and asked,"What's this?Leaving so soon?I wouldn't let you do that because the party has just begun!"

And when a terrified Eric had let out a scream of fright,both Mark and Darci had looked over at the tombstome that he was suppossed to be hiding behind and shockingly discovered that he had disappeared which had forced a concerned Darci to turn her head towards Mark and ask,"Mark?Do you supposse...?I mean,do you really supposse...?"But before she was finally able to ask her question,Mark had stepped out of his hiding place,taken a deep breath and answered,"All I could say is that there's only one way to find out,Marci.Care to join me?"

Then,after Marci had stepped out from behind her tombstone,both she and Mark had rushed themselves back to the house and discovered that a light in the greenhouse has been turned on.And when they had peeked inside that greenhouse,both Mark and Darci had noticed that Eric has been stripped totally naked and tightly tied down to a table before a sinister-smiling Katherine Reveley had stepped into the room,rubbed the blade of a nasty-looking dagger across his chest and said,"You know,I've always wanted a child.And now,I think I'll have one...on toast!"

That was before she had tossed the dagger aside,slipped off her black dress and exposed her own nude body.Then,after she had started pushing her fingers in and out of her pussy and slowly licked her lips,Katherine Reveley had placed her one free hand on Eric's dick and said,"But first,you sneaky little shit!You'll have the rare privilege of fucking the living shit out of me before you die which is a good thing for me because I always do like to play with my food!",before she had placed her hands on his bare chest and began sucking on his cock.

"What are we going to do,Mark?We can't let her eat Eric after what she's doing to him now!",that was what a scared Darci had softly said to Mark,who had noticed a loaded harpoon gun on a counter right behind the vile witch and said,"I know,Darci.Don't worry.We'll get Eric out of there...and I know how to do it."And while both Mark and Darci were looking for a way into the house,Katherine Reveley had placed herself on top of her helpless captive and allowed him to have no choice but to drill his huge cock deeper and deeper into her soaking wet pussy.

"YEEEESSSS!AAAAHHHH,YEEEESSSS!SSSSLAM YOUR COCK INTO MY PUSSY!SLAM IT DEEP INTO ME!MAKE ME WANT TO CUM!DO IT NOW BEFORE YOU DIE!",that was what a devilishly-gleeful Katherine Reveley had yelled to Eric before she had reached for the razor-sharp dagger.But just as she was about to pick it up,a harpoon had suddenly shot through the chest of the mystical bitch and crashed through a window with her heart still on its very tip.And while she was screaming bloody murder and trying to pull that harpoon back inside the greenhouse,Mark had shoved Katherine Reveley off the table,handed the dagger to Darci and yelled,"HERE!USE IT TO CUT ERIC FREE FROM THAT TABLE!"

And while she was doing that,a pissed-off Mark had stomped and kicked the crap out the witchy crone seven times and yelled,"JUST TO LET YOU KNOW,BITCH!EVEN A WITCH MUST DIE FOR THE CRIMES THAT SHE HAD COMMITTED AGAINST HER OWN FELLOW MAN!AND IF YOU DON'T LIKE THAT,THEN YOU COULD STILL BURN IN HELL FOR ALL I FUCKING CARE!",just before each and every part of Katherine Reveley's body had started to burn itself to a cinder and forced Mark and Darci to help Eric get out of that house before it had became totally engulfed in flames.

Now,you don't have to worry about the kids.They're going to be okay.It's just that only Mark and Darci are going to stay here in North Olmstead because Eric and his family had decided to move themselves to a new place that is out of town as a result of what had happened to him on that one Halloween night.And quite frankly,I really do not blame them.As for the burned-down Reveley place,let's just hope that it does not get rebuilt...ever!



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