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Shadow of Dark VOL 6

Short story By: Factxzrx

THRILLER. Please fasten your seat belts. Thank you.

Submitted:Jul 20, 2007    Reads: 145    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

She had know idea it would have ended this way. She was only intending to be teaching him a lesson. Not having his blood being splattered all over wind shield. She remains still in her seat, stares in thru the richness of the fresh blood as it spills on down, looking in thru its gleaming red shine from the sun shinning in from above and behind. She sits in her seat realizing how fresh blood had really looked. It glazed in her eye, a splash of exotic, her senses held her in her place, leaving her there in her car as the one scene she has never come to realize has now left its self in a soak as the suns afternoon shine shines thru.

Before she could have her self, one more breath from being in behind a shield of blood and before anyone could notice her oozing in and taking pleasure from the one scene that she knows dose not come around to often or at all. She stepped out from her car. The poor old man laying there under her bumper and as she stepped in towards him she could feel from remembering the crunching sounds of how she had rolled him in under the car. She stand over him, seeing the blood streaming in from behind the wheel, staring in to it and feeling an urge to investigate it. To get in under the car then have a moment to her self and once again having a scene for that oozing silence wile she stared deep into a pool of fresh blood. She turned her head over in to the front were the old man is laying then caught him staring her in the eye and from in the grouch he pulled onto his face she then knew he knew that she has been taken an admiration into the scene of his blood had been spilled and looking on to it a blood its self and not that of his as he lay there a step and breath away from his own death.

She bent over to get in a better glimpse of the old man, to see where exactly it was he was injured and as she did she licked her lips. Her tong slid out and around her lips, swirling her mouth with juices only to become eye to eye with the old man as he laid there and squinted them onto her and leaving her with in her shock of embracement as she froze; knowing the old man sensed the pleasure she has been taken from in the scene of his blood being spilled and left there in his face leaning over him from after wetting her lips into the amusement as if he had just witness her deepest of secret.

A quick scream from in the siren of the police car as it blasted in thru the intersection had her in a snap of cautiousness then with out thinking twice or letting her manner's control her rude being from being in under its light as the old man stared into her face. She winked her eye onto him then stepped back, stood there at the side of her car and stared down in to the spilled pool of blood as it thickened in around the wheel.

As the police car pulled in from behind hers, stepped back, stared onto the police man as he stepped on out. She quivered from in a defense for an appearance. Not knowing if she was looking as she did from when she had left the house this morning. Searching for that feeling of security, needing to know if she appeared as beautiful as she was this morning when she had left the house and with her purse in the car she had no way of knowing. Only the reflection from in her car window could be providing her with the satisfaction of knowing if her shirt was well fitted and if the makeup she had spent all morning to perfect was still in its perfection. From in the corner of her eye as she stepped in to her car door to see her reflection for her self, she caught the policeman from in the corner of her eye as he began to step in towards her. She looked in to the window, using the suns shine to tune in on her appearances and she had know idea that she would have been smirking from in under her face as it stood still on her neck, thinking about how she had come to relies her new exotic being and now not being too concerned with her appearances. Her only thought was one of being so far away from in the paranoia of her appearances. She set her sight on to her purse, thinking about her mirror and make up kit as if any women would then coming to relies that the only beauty she has been fulfilling was from in the scene of this red luscious spill of blood and how it shined in exotic from in under the suns shine.

Before the Police officer stepped up to her; she turned to him, turned her head over onto the old man as he laid in a poodle of his own blood then turned her head in a laughing giggle from in her own exotic sense and stepped in to the street. Before the on coming car drove into her, she laughed again, licked her lips, puckered them in to a smile then bent over and let the last of her suns shine glare on into her face before it was spit up in to a platting spill from off of the cars bumper.


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