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Shadow of Dark VOL 5

Short story By: Factxzrx

Erotica X Adult Subject Material

Submitted:Jul 20, 2007    Reads: 181    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

All night he's been waiting, in under the tree from in her front yard, burning in to his fifth cigarette and waiting for her to turn on the bedroom lights. Last night she could have been his but little did he know she was going to be bringing a date home along with her. He stood in behind her bedroom window and watched as she seduced him in under a candle light. Her moans and whisking breaths seeped in to him from in under the crack of her window as he watched the man she had in her bedroom take pleasure in all she had along with fulfilling a lusting greed for himself.

������ He figured her date would have been gone, leaving in the morning. It wasn't until he set from in under the moon's shine then seen him once again next to the one women he has been waiting for all this time. He knows any minute now they should be making their way into her bedroom. He's already pin picked the back door wile the two were in the kitchen having what seemed to be a romantic candle lit dinner and for him it couldn't have been any better as he watched from in under the moons light.

������ His urges of going in and giving her a taste from in the sight of a mans flesh from sticking his blade up into her lovers groin and twisting it. Then bending him over the television set and letting her watch as he screamed in pain wile he held her in. Her back against his chest and fulfilled her inner pleasures with his blood dripping hands slipping along her breast and in between her legs as she watched her date weakening from in his breaths as the blood spilled from out of his groin.

������ Men had nothing to do with it. It's her he wants. He has been watching her work the corner every night until he last seen her with some big shot. A rich man, a kind of man�he knew doesn't come around that block too often. The only time he has seen any one roll up in to the girls from on the corner driving a exotic car is when their there�for answers on the where about of a loved one. The guy he had seen her with, he then seen him again the next day in the news paper and in on the news as a dead man. That is what has him in a fancy, a lust driven thrill, his perfect motive.

Knowing she too has taken to means for kill, a lust thriving kill and within its lust for meaning. He plans to seduce his lust onto her slow. Slow, sharp and silent is how he's been seeing it and the wait has him in its every thrill as he watches on, waiting for her to take him in to the bedroom so he can finish him off quick wile she's in an exotic state and he plans to fulfill its lust on into her mind.

������ His patience begin to wear thin. Not knowing he had struck his last mach from on his last cigarette, he's left staring down into the grass onto the empty mach booklet as the mildew from in the dirt began to seep up into his face and letting him know, along with the lost of gloss from in the moon shine�as its now setting out for a sun to be breaking for a day; that he has only as of now a few hours left in spare before the break of day sets him in a light from in life.

������ With the two still in the living room. He steps in slowly from in the back door, stands him self in the kitchen and takes in a few deep breaths from the remains of the aroma that has been steaming in the air from when they had the candle lit dinner. The romantic smell led him in behind the grandfather clock and he stands there, watching as she's snuggled in under his arm and together they watch the television from in behind the coffee table as its in a display of two glasses, a bottle of wine and the ashtray that sits the ashes from the cigarette that her date has burning in his right hand.

������ After standing in beside the floor to ceiling grandfather clock, he thought about taking his chances and passing them by on his way into her bedroom from in behind them both�then on�into the hall as they sat there. Before he could take his first soften slow step in towards the hall, her date stood up and announced he was going to the washroom then she told him to get ready for another hot and wild sexy night. Because after the movie was over she was going to sex a sweat with him like she would a bed of flames.

������ After her date stepped on out and in to the washroom. She began to undo her pants and when she went for her shirt; pulling it up over her head, he stepped her on by and stood in behind the washroom door wile she got her self-comfortable on the couch.

With a slight turn from his wrists, holding the doorknob then opening as he heard the drips and drops from in the toilet and knowing the guy was still standing over it. He stepped in, swung out his blade, slicing in under the guys chin and holding it in as he stared him in the eyes until blood began to drip from out of them. He holds him up as he reached back and closed the door.

With his blade stuck in under his face and holding him there on his feet. He kicked him in behind the knee, dropped him onto the toilet, and sat him there. As he slid the blade out slowly, blood dripped down from in under his face, spilling down in to his pants and leaving him there exposed in a spill of blood as it dripped from off of his bared crotch and down on to the washroom floor.

������ Before he stepped out into the hall, he left the washrooms sink running, soaked his hands and as he stood there in the center hall he splashed the water from off of his hands over onto her as she sat there in her braw and panties then stepped back and on in to her bedroom as she yelped from in the splashing drops that had been splashed onto her.

������ She stood to her feet in smiles, laughing and gasping for winds as she walked on in to the hall then slowly and lightly stepped in towards the washroom door. He hears her giggles as she turns in the knob slowly, thinking she was going to surprise him then the shocking horror pulsed in thru her body, not knowing if it was for real. Then as she noticed the blood still spilling from out of his neck and down along the floor her scream landed its self in behind of the hand she is now stuck into the reflection of the mirror with.

As the blade shined in along her gut, she froze, letting he winds weep out slowly from out of her noise then felt her panties tighten up as the blade slid in under them and cut them off. He grabbed them as they began to slide off then shoved them into her mouth. With one hand on her hip pulling her back and the other one displaying the blade from in the mirror as he holds it up in front of her chest.

He begins to undo his pant as she had been set in for a lean from on the counter then stuck his lusting meat into her once in a sweat for the guy who now bleeds from death on the toilet next to them. To now him as he begins to juice her lust and feels the slut, sleazing moans that he has been watching from off of the corner as she hopped in and out of the cars.

������ She begins to move to his rhythm then before she could hum to the sent and taste from in the panty's in her mouth. He raised his blade up into her right eye and sliced it open. The blood spilled down off her face and into the sink as he could feel her arguing with it, wanting to fulfill her lust and not giving any concern to the blood slicing pain from in her eye.

With only one eye to look into as he pumped his humping lust in to her, the emotions he was getting from out of her were not as he planed. He was expecting more blood, torched screams from in her breath as he rubbed his hand along her chest and mixing the lust juice from in his mouth with the licks of tears from of her face. She began to pump her hips in to his humps, looking over on to her dead boy friend then staring in to the blade as she tilted her back and lifted her head up and moaned for more.

������ He had himself no choice but to let her lust onto him, giving him all and full treatment like she did to her dates from off the corner. Leaving him in a lust and ready to bring forth his one strive from in the pumps she has been setting him into then looks into his face from in the mirror as he turned and looked out the window into a light as the night had once again set for its breaking day.

Leaving him in depressing state, as he let her pump the lusting pressures from out of him only to be left staring into the side of his blade from in the corner of his right eye as it stuck into his left then felt the blood gushing from out of it�as she pulled it back out. "Well what do you know. Right on time. Like a dime. And this sick fuck here bleeding all over my toilet. What a waist of time and worth it. In all its way. Of me being paid that is." He heard coming from out of her mouth as he dropped onto the sink then felt the slicing split run up into his groin as she said. "I always wanted to do that." �



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