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Shadow of Dark VOL 4

Short story By: Factxzrx

X Adult Subject Material. A naughty little cold room shift not too dark unless you think about closing your eyes. Ha ha.

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Her life passed her by, as it dose every night. The last slurp from in the coffee had always been there for her means of survival. To her its like playing with all she's got, gambling with her life, exposing her one life as a new being and if it where for better or for worse then she could always try for a different read during her next coffee break. Sweetness its bitter sweetness as it passed her tong, quenched in along her back teeth, and swallowed down as she glared in to the lights from in the ceiling wile holding her head back and sucking into the last drops of her coffee's creaming spoon of sugar. Sweetness for her meant she was going to have a fine night ahead of her. It told her that her next break wasn't going to be such a bore and that it didn't matter if the coffee she had during it was sweet or stale. "Back to work." She tells her self, thinking of the pleasures that were to come from in the readings her coffee had told her. With the room colder then ever, and with her leaving her one sweater at home as it sits in her laundry bin. She decided to turn up the heat.

Knowing that the room temperature always had to maintain the chill she had come a custom too yet she turns it up a few clicks above the temperature that she was aloud to set on and only for no more then an hour. She didn't seem to mind, she has had her first coffee, the room only had a few bodies and she figured it was just for the night as she reminded her self to set out that sweater for tomorrow. "Well only two bodies tonight." She says as she walks on over to the two bodies, each to a table to them selves as the other three table laid out under the still plain sheets that kept them in cover and letting her know that the morgue could be expecting three more bodies during her night.

She stands over the first body, pulls down the sheet and says. "Why hello and who might we be? Oh no, let me guess. Hum, oh I know. Silly me and I've seen your pitcher in the paper and all over the news. So that must be your wife." She stepped around the table then stood in-between them both for a second as she went over what she had heard in her mind before she pulled down the sheet from on the body then said. "Yes, I knew it. So you're the one and only. Oh well, I'm sure you must have had some fun. It couldn't be that bad, such a pretty creature as your self and your husband." She looks over her shoulder on to the dead mans midsection then turned back and told the dead women. "He is quite the looker, if you know what I mean, hu hu. Well I guess its just the three of us tonight."

������� After setting her cart of interments in-between the two tables as they lay with the two dead bodies and as dead as they were they still seemed to get a deal going on with her as she began to hum, asking them if they had any request.

"Well Ive been with others from in our media and none of them as lively as you two." She said as she pulled of the two sheets then set them aside. She leans over the women and slowly blows onto her face and chest then with the feathered brush she lightly seeped away any hair or fibers that the sheet could have left on her. As she done the same to the man, brushing him off and blowing on to his face she begins to notice a bead of sweat sliding from down his neck. "Moisture." She says as she looks strait into his eye then stepped back saying. "I'm sorry but tonight I happen to forget my sweater so I had to turn up the heat a bit. I'm sure you to wont mind."

Little dose she know that the two dead bodies laying to her sides are indeed the two victims she has heard about but from in the media it was known as a poisoning and from where they had seeped their last motions from life it is known as the one and only ritural of life; the life of a zombie. They couple had token their pleasure in on one of the islands in on the tropics then happen to be struck in the face by the domestic of curses that has been widely spread amongst un welcomed guest who have been taken their fancy to the wrong means of entertainment.

Victor and Cheryl as the clip board reads. Two health practitioners, in their early thirties and had been pronounced dead forty-eight hours ago. Now for Victor as he's met eye to eye and after hearing that he is in a sweat from the one person he knows is about to draw blood from him and his wife then have their organs removed is how he had been explained from when the voodoo doctor watched him and his wife fall into the crippling coma that they are now and have been since the smoke blew in to their face's.

He lays there on the table with only the sight from in around his eyes as they two hold still from in the effects. Listening to the women talking to his wife, going on about how pretty she was and how it is such a pity to be working on a young and talented person such as her self. He begins to wonder if she was going to notice any sweat or moisture in heat coming from out of his Cheryl, begging and pleading with god for a sign that could have them exposed as alive and been zombietised.

She continues to have her self a conversation with who she now refers to as Cheryl. "Mmm you guys must have really been out in the sun. You got your tan lines, a few burns on the neck and shoulder and they look pretty painful." She rubs her hand along Cheryl legs, humming, and blowing on in to her midsection as the pubic hairs wisp along in the winds. She begins thinking to her self about the last encounter she has had with another women. The girl from upstairs that asked her out for a drink one night. She looks over to the clock and then knew she still had lots of time to play with the bodies before the morning shift came on in.

������� As Cheryl laid there watching this women begin to soak her mouth as she looked on to her body. She begins to have her self a frantic, pleading for god, pleading for any sign she could get, asking for strength and recovery before this women had her ways with her. With her hand on Cheryl's leg and with the new found arousal she has come into touch with, she begins to spread Cheryl's legs, blowing into her vagina then rubbed her hand up along the thigh and stretched out her finger as she continued to move on in to the vagina.

"Ooowhoo." She said as she felt what she knew was not a dead stale vagina. The wetness with in Cheryl's vagina had her on the spot as she continued to caresses her fingers along the vagina thinking to her self that she would had never imagined that a dead women's vagina would still be in moist. "Mmm I'm in need of a good lick. You don't mind do ya? I wont bite. Mmm but those breast of your mmm I don't know." She said then begins to lay Cherls legs along the side of the table as she moves in, setting her self on in between the two dead legs and begins to lick her wonder onto the dead women; Cheryl's moist vagina.

������� Cheryl lays there in grief as the deranged women indulges her self with her dead being for the nature of erotic and not having any regard for its dead means as her grief with god holds its stand from after begging and pleading for mercy from a god or any god. Hearing the licks, slurps, and hums as her body is being exploited to the one person, she had thought could have solved this death defying misunderstanding.

She begins to think of her husband Victor as he lies next to her, wishing that if only her head could be turned into his direction or be moved into a position where she could have one last look at the man who's stubborn suspicious landed them both her on a death bed to the likes of a deranged psychotic women and if she were to snap out of the crippling zombie form that he has landed her in and if he did not then she would be doing the same to him. Only to be seeing him being placed into a pan for cremation as she blew him a breath in to its fire.

������� Victor listens in on the licking and slurps that have been introduced into the lust of his wife and been intriguing a lust for his own. He thinks to him self how this mishap couldn't get any better from in the worse that it it's been. He thinks about how his wife always wanted to have her self a little threesome with another women and she just happen to be planning on having one the night they were introduced into the underground from in the city before they fell under this crippling attack.

He knows he's going to be observing this women cutting in to his chest and watching her pull apart his insides until she hits something that would put an end to his zombie being. That and along with hearing his wife's vagina being licked and chewed by a professional from in the field he had studied in is beginning to have him questioning his metal being as the licks he now hears are mixing in with the thoughts of seeing her rip into his stomach.

������� Cheryl lays there and try's to except the fact that she is being lusted upon by a women that is taking pleasure in seducing her self with a dead corps. "Mmm" She says as she licks her tong along the stomach, licking her lips for any of hairs that might have been stuck on to her tong from when she had then sucking the juices from out of the vagina. "Mmm, mmm, Now I see why the day shift guys argue over the all the girls that come in here." She said as she positioned her self in on to the breast then begins to lick them as she rubs the tips of her fingers on to the nipples.

She slides her hand down in to her pants, undoes the button and zipper, begins to work her hand in to her lusting flesh as she works her fingers in to the dead of vaginas along to rhythm of her lusting needs for arousal. Cheryl watches as the women's hair wisps back and forth as her breast play host to her sickening taste for their flesh. Thinking to her self if she could only have the one opportunity to move then she would reach over onto the cart that she knows has been set in-between her and her husband then grab a tool and stick it into this women's eye.

������� "Ooow ya. Oowho baby, ya Oowho heeya." �Is what's been said as it shook the table then stared it self right into Cheryl's eye as the breaths begin to fill her face and Cheryl knows that the lust this women has had in side has now been leaked onto and in-between her legs. "That was unbelievable." She said then stepped her self of the table, looked over onto the clock, thought of her break and begins thinking about taking it a bit early then looked on to Cheryl and said. "You really worked me in tonight."

Cheryl watched as the women who is going to be cutting into her body has just left her a means from in this life of witnessing a death from in the eyes of its witness then heard the screams along with the cluttering noises from on the cart as the women grabbed a cutting blade from off of it after she seen the dead man, Victor laying there lifeless with only his erected penis as a means from his life. She swung the knife into it and cut it off.

"This life sure dose have its ways, hu." She said from after watching the last of the blood drip from out of the penus that had left her in shock as she was doing up her pants. She held it up over the cart, stood in-between Victor and Cheryl then says. "Well you won't be needing that any more, hu Cheryl. What do ya know these things keep on ticking. Oh well, I'm going to go set the burner on now, leave you two to your selves before I roll ya on in."



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