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Shadow of Dark VOL 3

Short story By: Factxzrx

X Adult Subject Material HORROR

Submitted:Jul 15, 2007    Reads: 130    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

A hansom man, healthy, strong and he knows for a man his age he's as healthy and as handsome as one can be. He sits to him self on his front porch, sipping his wine from out of a frosted glass. His own personal wine, grapes he had nurtured and squeezed from himself. After along week of hard work from in under the sun as he had just added the final touch to his home from after painting it, being up from in the first calls of its risen sun then polishing off his paint job with the splash from his hose as windows now provide the last of the suns shine as the new paint glares along side from in it as the sun has yet to be set.�

Aside of his new spring textured smell and glitter that has had him in his days for a lead into his retiremt is the house next door. Since the government had bought it out from under him after his wife had passed away. It now has its means for survival from in the years it had stood still, letting the winds take their toll on it, being left there to rot and rot it did until the day the for sale sing had made its appearance on its front yard. Knowing the house was going to be sold from after seeing it in the weekly news paper.

He had decided to add some changes to the area. Being in the country setting from where a street was a road and a neighbor's lot was more like a street of its own. A new paint job on his house was what took place for him as that for sale sing blew in the long summers wind. The house that once belonged to his wife. Once his wife, before she began to go ill then settled for the common law relationship as she tended to her self from in the house they had as their guest house next door as he stood his ground and remained in the house he had well�worked his hands to the bone for.

������� He sits on his porch, letting the cushions from in his leather chair comfort his tiring soul, along with the cold slurps from his wine as they have already begun to take their effect on him. He knows he shouldn't be drinking, when he drinks he begins to grow old. Old and tired but he sips on, waiting for that tiredness to once again soak in. He has been waiting for this day, leaving behind any memories from in the days his wife was alive. The time when he had no reasoning for her being. Only the darkened days as he was tied down and used for only for the means of seduction from her.

The nights when he had been awakened to the pricks and pokes from her working her seductive manner onto him, as he was asleep. The thoughts of her leaving him in his bed, tied up as the candle she placed on to him dripped its hot wax onto his flesh as she sat her self in the corner and watched until it soaked with in its last breath of light.

The wine sets in a shivering slurp as his lips quivered along the rim of its glass, then as he struggled to wash it down the thought of when he was set for her one night of amusement. Strapped to the dinning room chair and seated onto the handle of a screwdriver as she sat across from him at the table, eating her meal as he sat there for her to enjoy the pleasures of his torturing lust from being in its tensed being from in the pain it indulged into him as she watched on.

The next morning he had woken to her gentle of touch as he sat there still from after being left in the chair for the night as she finished her self off from in the sexual needs she had needed from him then left him there to only fall to a sleep of death before he felt her hands tingle along his face and bringing in once again the awakening from death as it once again had him in its seat for her pleasures as they began to take place as he regained his caution's from in on the chair as she helped her self to an erotic arousal then once again sat at the table from across of him and finished her breakfast then told him she had something special planned for lunch. �

As the Wine splashed up from off the wooden floor of his porch, up into his face and it soaked into his legs. He took for him self a deep breath of fresh air only to be letting the quivers from in him as it left from out of the breath of air leading his eyes over to the truck as its being backed into the drive of the house next door. A young woman had stood out in front of the back end of the truck as the other young lady maneuvered the truck in to its place.

After setting the truck in place, the young women from behind the wheel; A lean women, athletic build, dark brown hair and short, cut up above her neck, warring a tank top and cut off jeans for shorts as her skinned was toned in a bronze. She stepped out from in the truck, walked around to the front, over to the for sale sing then ripped it out saying. "Hey we should frame this then send it back home. Tell the guys to hang it up over their fire place."

She then stepped into the center of the front lawn as her girlfriend; a petit young women, long blond hair, red t shirt and track pants and a fragile physic; walked in to wards her to the center of the lawn from in their new home and together they hugged into a cheering chant of freedom.� From seeing the two young girls in their one time of� a welcoming that his once served as guest house that is now no longer his and now the propriety of the two girls he's been watching since they have pulled in then removed the one sing that had always kept the house in its place. He decided to walk on over and introduce him self to his new found neighbors. The girls watch as this strange old man begins to walk in towards their lawn from off the property next to theirs.

Holding out his hand, waving it and saying. "Hello there." As he begins to step in on the lawn then says. "Hi, I'm Mr.Solvistein. You can call me Mack thou. You two must be the new people in town. Well not much of a town around here, but I'm sure you'll stand out in a crowd from in town. I'm your neighbor from next door." The girl in the red shirt set out her hand and he expected her greeting as she said. "I'm Carly and this is Simone." Then stepped back from after her shake and greet had been introduced so her friend could step in and shake the old mans hand.

"I'm Simone, nice to meet ya." She said as he held onto her hand then together they stepped back from after the shake and he asks "Any kids? Are two alone here in this big house?" Simone looked back on to Carly then as she noticed Carly wasn't going to explain anything she said. "No, no kids just the two of us. We have been collecting our money to one day be free and to be living out here along the country side." "Well that's a wise choice and listen if you girls need anything you just come on by and let me know. I've been around here all my life and there's not a nit or cranny I don't know about in along this here country side." Mack tells them as he stepped back then continued to be on his way. "We will Mack," The girls yelled out as he stepped on over and into his yard.

������� After having his supper; a plate of pot roast he had been rousting along during his hard days at work; panting his house. He finished of the one bottle of wine he had been started off from in the day as he lays back in his bed, reading thru the weekly paper and burning his self-made roll of tobacco leaves he rolls in to a cigar of his own from the leaves he has set in a dry from in his basement. He continues to puff on and read thru the paper until he came to relies a scream followed by a gasping squeal from out side of his window. He stood up, sucked back the rest of his wine as he placed his cigar into the ashtray from on his side table then stepped over to his window.

From across the small darkened field of wild grass he could see directly into the top floor bedroom window of his once guest house, the room that had once set its place for his sick and deranged wife. A glooming glow of candle light set glow as what he seen appeared to be the brown haired girl who called her self Carly, kneeling on the edge of the bed and inserting a shaft into the vagina of the blond girl as she lays there with her back side up off of the bed. Screams and moans wisp in to the winds from between the two houses, creeping up into his face as he watches on.

He gives his head a shake, thinking to him self that it's the wine and that he should have never started with it this morning. The thoughts of his dead wife begin to soak in onto his mind, once alive she had been and from after her death it seemed like she had found her ways from up out of her grave that lays it self only a few feet away from the two houses, sitting in a seven foot hole along side of the old watering well that has now been crumbled in to its ground.

He looks on as the screams become louder then they first where and it seems as if the brown hair girl has now managed to knee her self up onto the edge of the bed as the blond girl begins to use the shaft in to her as her back side glows in a sweat as her movements show in shadow and the screams become a means from in a wildness. He turns away from the window, wipes his head from the sweat then holds his hand up along the wall as it holds him onto his feet while he try' to catch a wind of a relief from in its air. Not knowing if he was sleeping or if his drunkenness has finally caught up with the chants and calls from in the grave of his wife as she continues to scream and rave on about his drunkenness the way she has before she fell to her death.

������� Carly and Simone continue to pleasure them selves in to the erotica of the lesbian nature they have come a custom to. Carly had mentioned the old man and was wanting to close the window to keep in the wildness that they had been seducing each other in. Simone told her that he could watch if he wanted to and that they did not move from out of the city so they could be here in the country trapped and poisoned from in their own home. Simone continues to set her backside up in to the center above the bed while Carly works the erotic pleasures and continues to handle the tool in to Simone's lusting meat. As Simone begins to give her signs of erotica, letting Carly know her moment was about to be up and the lusting pleasure was about to set forth.

Carly as she works in to Simone's desires kneeled in behind her and said. "You like that old dude, he looks kind of strong. Large, thick, juicy, and stiff." Then from in the release of a breath that Simone had held in from after giving her warning, she released it into a spilling slur as it ended in a scream and leaked its lust down along her legs as Carly begins to kiss and lick the juices that she had been seeking from in Simone's lusting meat. "The old dude hu, big, strong." Simone said as she turned around and stood to her feet.

Carly sat there in the canter of the bed as Simone went for the box in the door way then reached in side and grabbed out a belt. She strapped the belt around her waist as she stepped back over to the bed. Carly begins to move her self into position as Simone handles the rubber penus that's attached to her belt fromoff her waist. "Bring that little booty up to me, I want that ass and I'm going to cream it like its never been creamed before, I'll give it to ya missy." Simone said. Carly got on to her all for and set her self back on to the edge of the bed. Simone set her hands onto Carly's hips, pushed her in towards her then slapped her ass as Carly whelped in the screams from under her breath. Simone continued to slap her on her backside, each side of her ass until it throbbed in her reddened hand prints then gave it a good rub, both sides with both hands before she slid the rubber penus up in-between her slit and began to work it into Carly slowly.

������� "You want that old man hu? You want�him to give it too ya, can ya feel it." Simone says as Carly took in the penus and yelped for more. Simone seen that Carly was about to settle for a lust but she wasn't satisfied with her yet. Having Carly whispering about the old man while she was about to set for a lust from herself and she had warned Carly about wanting to cream her ass, so she does. "You ready for big daddy ha," Simone says as she set the rubber penus into Carlys anus then begins to work a rhythm on in to her by saying. "You like big daddy, Mack, Mr. Mack, Yes Mack."

Carly let Simone work her wonders as she set her head down on to the bed and filled her mouth with its sheets as she gasped with in her screaming air as it set soak in to the sheets she has in her mouth�and bite's down in to them. "Big dady, Mack, Mack" Simone continues to pump his name out along with the pump's from the Penus. She�then began to see drips of blood beginning to leak down from out of Carly hole, so she reinserted�the ruber penus�into her vagina and that's when Carly reales her screaming tears in to the air from in the relief of feeling from the burns she had from in her anus to the seducing lust as it continues to for fill her erotic of desires.

������� Simone continued to chant until she lost her winds from in the dryness of her breath and as she comes up for an air, staring in to the ceiling as the steam rises up off of her waist and from off of Carly's back side. She see's a wire dandling up from above her head, then down in front of her as she then noticed it as a cheese cutter and before she could scream from seeing the hands reaching out from around her neck; her scream was mixed in to the spill of blood as her head rolled from off her neck then was gently placed onto the floor. Carly has her self a second of breath as her lust became numb then feeling the light pricks scratching along her inner leg, she thinks Simone has now decided to use her mouth for pleasures as she nibbles her teeth in around her inner leg.

"Oh big daddy lick me, ooh suck that puss." She says as she begins to feel it sliding in around her vagina then once more she says. "Oh ya Mack come on stick to me good, you old fucker, suck it good. Come on Mack. Oh you old fucker don't make me come and spank ya, oh ya." And as she began to feel the whisk feeling of a mans unshaved skin sliding along her leg she raised her back side straight up off the bed�into the air so she could peak in from between her legs. As she moved down her head it dropped on to the bed�in a scream of pain,

she rolled over onto her back, pleading for mercy from in her breath crushing screams as Mack stood there at the foot of her bed, holding the blood dripping wire in one hand and in the other he held the one glass of wine that he had dropped earlier from on his porch when the thoughts of his dead wife lead him in to the hands of the two women that have token over her house only to be using his name from in the torches of ways that has brought him here once again to�confront its pain.

Carly stare on to the broken wine glass; knowing it was what he had shoved up in her then followed the drips of blood from off of the cheese cutting wire as it lead her eyes on to Simone's headless corps as it lays there on the floor. Mack grabs a hold of her foot, swings her up. Whit his other hand he looped her head in to the wire and held her as she gasped from in the blood dripping from off her neck and�onto her breast.

With his head in between her legs and his arm along her chest holding her in on the hold as she feels the wire cutting into her neck and try's to remain still. He bites down in to her vagina; she then�gasped her last of winds as the blood rushed from out of her neck, splattered in rings from around her head onto�the wall and along the room. Mack reached down to the foot of the bed, grabbed his broken wine glass, stood up, reached in between her legs with it and let her blood spill on in as he looked around at the room that has once again fallen to the pleasures in pain. He�stepped back then before he walked out, he looked over the two bodies, around the room, out the window�on into his then sipped on to the blood as it dripped from of his mouth and its glass then tossed it up in to the air only to be hearing the one sound of the only pleasure he has ever been left with as it sparkles in tones in thru his ear.


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