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Shadow of Dark. VOL 2

Short story By: Factxzrx

Dogs day. X Adult Subject Material HORROR

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She has seen him once before; eyeballing her, looking her up and down and staring in to the ring line from on her finger and his dog; a Doberman pincher. She has treated other dogs its size, but has never come upon one with nails in it; nails still glossing in their wet nail polish. She remembers taking him in and fixing him up. They were the first to appear that morning. Claiming his dog was behaving a little too ruff with one of his girl friends and that was how the scratches worked their way in to his neck and muzzle. Now as she drives her self in to work, from after stopping at the local drive thru for a coffee; a morning fix for her need for caffeine. She then heard about the woman that had been found during the night from off her radio. They were explaining that the unidentified women has been raped and it seemed as if she had been exposed to the likes of a wild animal; a dog. Her only one of thoughts was the Doberman pincher and its owner, but she can't seem to remember if she had documented it from after she had patched him up or if she let it go as another scrape and scratch that she has become a costume to.
As she walks on in to her office after greeting her partner Elena; telling her she could go on home now as she was standing there at the door waiting for her to walk on in. The office now hers; with Elena gone and from having no patients from in during the night, there wasn't any paper work to go over and along with her desk being empty and from not having any appointments on the agenda. She reaches open the top drawer from in the desk, flips thru the recites then pulled out all of the walk ins she has had from in the past month, only to be interrupted by the ring from off her door as a walk in has just stepped on in.
������� The thrills she usually felt when she has been visited from in the past, as she rarely gets any at all, only enough to be making ends meat from the services she provides to all the local pet stores and pounds from in the area. This morning, her face shook into a call for wildness. Her thoughts of this deranged nature that has been playing its rhythm on in to her ears along with giving this guy a benefit from in her doubt, knowing his dog was not the only dog that has come victim to the claws of a women until she stood up to greet them. She then seen the one dog she had been thinking about along side of the man that has been giving her its creeps from in the looks he had been given her along with the radio expressing the same thoughts that stirred into her head from after remembering the nails she had pulled from out of his dog.
������� "Hello" He said as he stepped up to her desk then said, "Hey boy you remember her; it's the lady that tended to ya last time." As he stood there looking on to her, eyeballing her breast as their set in under her green silk blouse. She hummed knowing he was looking on in to her blouse, as its top three buttons are undone; she stood up from off her seat, rubbed her hands down along her black denim skirt, and then held out her hand. "Hi, you guys are back." She said as he locked his hand on to hers for a welcoming shake. She looked on to his eyes then turned away, looks at the Doberman pincher then says. "Are you here for a check up? Shots? Or is he's not feeling too good?" Wagging his tail as his snout pointed up in to the air then she seen from in under his back legs; he was becoming aroused and looking onto her body the same way she has just noticed its master looking on to her.
"He's been out in the wild. He got loose then came back with scratches in under his neck and around his ribs. You done such a good job on cleaning him up last time and I know he like's you." He said to her as she stood there, looking on to the dog and pin pointing all the scratches in and around its eyes before saying. "Well take a seat, help your self to a coffee and I'll be ready for ya in a minute."
������� A creeping shiver rose in along her legs as she stepped out from in behind her desk and walked out in to the hall and on in to her medical room. Knowing her medical room has no windows and only the one door as an exit. She rolled the examination table over to the back wall and set it there. Her sedation shots; the ones she uses to sedate any of her untamed patience are now in her over coat front pocket.
������� After getting everything in its place, she, then steps out in to the hall and called them in by saying. "Alright you two." Then stepped back in to the medical room. As he approached the door, he leaned over and undid the dogs leash then together they stepped in.
"You know the routine, let's get him up here." She said as she rubbed her hand along the top of the examining table. The dog steps forward, gives her a sniff, holds his head up in-between her legs than takes in another whiff as she patted the top of the examine table then said. "Come on, up, here up we go." Holding a smirk on his face, he stepped in, grabbed his dog by the hind legs as it stepped up, and then placed him on as he stared in to her eyes.
From being stuck eye to eye with the man that she knows is some what of a pervert and with the dog laying there on her table and from after helping it self to the erotic senses from in under her skirt. She begins to move in towards him, looking into his eyes then taking a quick look over on to the dog as it laid there in a lust with in its own aerosols and beginning to drawl as he looks on to her skirt. She step's back as the man was just about to move in for a breath leading for a kiss and only to be feeling the prick from the needle she stuck into his leg then pushed him aside and ran out of the room as the dog begins to run in after her. She closed the door and stood her back against the wall as the door shook from in the growls that the dog has him self-pushing in to it with.
������� Before she could get to the phone from in her front desk, the doorbell went off then in walked a woman and along side of her a French poodle that stood a few inches higher then the Doberman pincher she had closed in the medical room. "Have you seen my husband?" The women asked and she stood from in behind her desk not knowing if the man she had under sedation was her husband or not then as she notices the scratches from on the poodles neck and the fur that had been scratched out, she stood back and said. "Can you wait for just one minute please I have something I need to be tending to." Then walked out from in behind her desk, in to the hallway, passing the one room with her patience's and straight into the back as she began to express a smirk on her face then knocked onto the back door, calling out for her Leonardo. "Leonardo, we have company and I think your going to like these." Then opened the door for her once sane and quite the cleaver dog as it busted�on out then down the hall like a bat out of hell, running down into the lobby then jumping on to the women.
�After leaving her in shock, it bit on to the back leg of the poodle and tore it off before the doctor could have called him off. With the poodle there lying in the blood as it drips from out of its backside. She grabbed a hold of the women then dragged her on down the hall, setting her in front of the medical room then opened it. With her mad dog Leonardo by her side, she pulls up the women, standing her to her feet as she limped in her weakened breaths. She stepped in as the Doberman began to step back then thru the women next to her husband as he lay's sedated �with only his sight to be sensed. She looks him strait in the eye, knowing he could not move and was left there with only his winks. "Go get him Leonardo" She said then watched her Leonardo attack the Doberman. She looked on in to his eyes and watched the rest of the attack from in them as he laid there helpless, watching the blood from in his dog being spilled onto the walls and then as it laid there in the corner of the room lifeless.
������� After setting, the mans wife up on to the examination table then sitting her husband up into the one chair. She gives her Leonardo a good rub down, then told him to sit wile she spilled the oily lubricant onto her hands then rubbed it onto the women, as she laid there incautious. She pills the lubricants on to her breast and in-between her legs from after taking down her pants then rubbing it in around her backside. Leonardo sat there from after the arousal of rubs he had received from his master, and now waiting for her to give him the ok to for fill his desires with the women she has been preparing for him.
She stands her self-still in front of the man as he sits there in the chair then tells him. "Is this not why you have come here? She should be regaining cautious any minute now and I know you must like it dry. If not you can watch her slip and slide before my Leonardo has his ways with you." Then steps back over to his wife lying on the examination table and slap her in the face then said. "Well she's back." As the women awoke to the slap that the doctor has laid onto her. She then seen the blood as it had sprinkled along the doctors chest, then after she seen her husband sitting there in the corner from in behind the women that had once been in behind the front desk before the dogs got into a hustle. She's see's the dog that had been set loose as it sits there next to her husbands Doberman laying in a puddle from in his own blood as it continued to spill from off its neck. Leonardo sat there with his tail wagging and from what she seen from in between his legs and what she knew; was its means of arousal as it throbbed there right before her very eye, as once did her husbands Doberman and then attempts to sit her self up. As the women sat her self up, looking onto her husband and then to the woman she once seen from in the front office of this Animal clinic as she now stepped her self to the door and was now turning around to face her, them both then said. "Go get em Leonardo." and closed the door on her and her husband; leaving them both to the tears and pulls from in the beast of dog as it begins to work its means and now leaving the one examination room to a howling scream as he had been ordered and fulfills it from in his lust seeking means from in the lust he has now been left in.


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